The Center for American Progress and Islamist Influences over the White House

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Over the last four years, the United States has suffered a series of comprehensive intelligence failures. These intelligence failures ranged from a lack of preparation for the attacks of September 11, 2012, the misguided assessment that there was a moderate group of Taliban willing to form a government and the refusal to believe that the Arab Spring would lead to Islamist takeovers, rather than liberal open societies.

The Obama Administration’s foreign policy has been one disaster after another and it has been quick to blame intelligence failures for its own mistakes. When accounting for its lies about a YouTube trailer leading to the attack on the Benghazi mission, Obama blamed the intelligence. But it turned out that the intelligence had been edited and censored for political reasons. What appeared to be an intelligence failure in Benghazi was actually political manipulation. And the same may well be true of the entire Arab Spring, of Afghanistan and the entire spectrum of attacks on September 11, 2012.

As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was proven correct in all the areas where the Obama Administration and its political allies suffered from intelligence failures.

In September 2011, one year before the attacks, Michele Bachmann warned that the Arab Spring was a disaster that would lead to the rise of radical elements across the Middle East. Widely ridiculed for it at the time, she was demonstrating the insight and foresight that a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is supposed to have.

Where Obama was proven wrong; Bachmann was proven right. When Michele Bachmann first warned about the Muslim Brotherhood, it was an obscure organization to most people in Washington D.C. After its successful seizure of power in Egypt however, Bachmann’s critics no longer have any excuse for pretending that condemning the group’s ruthless manipulations is a conspiracy theory. Not when Egyptian liberals are among the loudest voices warning about the Muslim Brotherhood threat; not just to Egypt or the Middle East, but to America as well.

A recent article in the Egyptian magazine, Rose El-Youssef listed some of the prominent and influential Muslim Brotherhood figures with access to the policymaking apparatus of the Obama Administration. Two of those figures were in the Department of Homeland Security. This article was another piece of evidence in a mountain of evidence, much of it collected by the FBI, about the conspiratorial activities of the Brotherhood and its front groups in the United States.

It wasn’t the intelligence that failed. It was the political operation that allowed Muslim Brotherhood operatives close access to the policymaking apparatus of the United States government that led to the politicized intelligence and the policy failures. Those policy failures led to the ascendance of Al Qaeda in North Africa and the Middle East, the triumph of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the attacks of September 11, 2012.

Nevertheless liberal organizations have launched a petition demanding that she be removed from the intelligence committee for spreading “conspiracy theories” and attacking “dedicated public servants”. After the complete implosion of Obama’s foreign policy, such attacks should be seen for what they are; an attempt to silence one of their critics who had been right all along while covering up their own lies.

To understand the source of the politicized environment that led to the foreign policy disasters, we need look no further than the Center for American Progress and its tentacle, Think Progress.

The Center for American Progress is a secretive think tank funded by covert donors which was described by Time Magazine as Obama’s idea factory and the single greatest influence on his administration. For all intents and purposes, CAP was the criminal brain in the Frankenstein of old Clinton staffers that would become the Obama Administration.

Faiz R. Shakir, the Editor of Think Progress and a Vice President at the Center for American Progress, led the charge against Bachmann. And the one issue that Shakir appeared obsessed with was Bachmann’s warnings about Muslim Brotherhood influence in the Obama Administration. One of Shakir’s videos, since taken down, had the revealing title, “In final debate, Bachmann stands by her Muslim Brotherhood smears.”

Under Shakir, the Center for American Progress attempted to silence terrorism investigators by issuing a report titled, “Fear Inc.” which claimed that all suspicions about Islamist activities in America were really the bigoted products of a Jewish conspiracy. Besides Shakir, the report’s authors included members of Muslim Brotherhood front groups. During his time at Harvard, Shakir had been a member of the Harvard Islamic Society and served as the co-chair for a week of events that included an attempt to raise money for a Hamas front group.

Shakir has since gone on to bigger and better things, as a senior adviser to Nancy Pelosi, moving higher in the political echelons of a Democratic Party that has refused to accept any accountability for four years of foreign policy disasters. Accepting responsibility would require accountability. It would force the political leadership to take a close look at the Center for American Progress’ influence over the policymaking apparatus of the White House and at the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence over the White House, the State Department and the Center for American Progress.

Had the Arab Spring really led to liberalization and freedom, had the Taliban proven willing to make a deal and had the accusations of Muslim Brotherhood influence proven unfounded, then the left might have some cause for criticizing Bachmann. But when Bachmann has been proven to be correct, then a petition to remove her is nothing more than a cover up by a leftist club that is desperate to conceal its complicity in the murder of Americans and the chaos and violence spreading across the Middle East.

In the 20th Century, Communist infiltrators used their positions to influence American foreign policy in the direction that Moscow wanted it to go, while the left did its best to shout down and ridicule any suggestion of espionage or infiltration.

Now in the 21st Century, the century of the Islamist infiltrator, the left is still up to its old tricks, still leading America to disaster abroad while covering up its destructive activities as intelligence failures at home.

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  • AdinaK

    Within the court of public opinion, as well as a court of law, the proofs of the infiltration/penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia are a sealed indictment.

    They are contained within these links –

    CAP is their red foil, manifested herein –

    Case closed.
    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

  • Larry

    The enemies of the USA are trying to McCarthy Michelle Bachmann.

    McCarthyism as a term should be applied to the technique of smearing and personal attacks on those who try to point out the truth, rather than trying to point out the truth.

    • Joel
    • warren raymond

      McCarthy was right.

      When Allen West made the claim that there are more than 80 commie infiltraitors in congress the shriekers went apes#*t, but everyone knows that its true.

      And Michelle Bachmann is not the only one who knows that Obama surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood operatives; Huma Abedin is by far not the only one.

      Its infuriating that so many RINO's are in the Obama camp and turn against Bachmann and the truth-tellers.

  • pierce

    It is most interesting that the name McCarthy be mentioned here. Not many Americans can recall the witch hunts of the late 40's and most of the 50's when a certain US Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin ruined life after life in hunts for Communists. Well that is just what is going on now with regards to Michele Bachmann. This time it is under the guise of Islam, but is Islam a misnomer for the Muslim Brotherhood. I think yes it is.
    Until Barack Obama became President, and went on his apology tour, not mush was known about it. Well now there is a whole lot known, and it is not love and roses.
    Those that oppose what Michele is all about, are un-American, and deserve to be scorned. She is more American than most Americans.

    • Joe

      As I recall it recently emerged that McCarthy was actually not far out in his belief regarding communist influence and infiltration. Several individuals accused of being communist plants have emerged as just that. A similar situation emerged in the UK where leading leftwingers and trade unionists have been revealed as active agents for, or dupes of, the USSR!

      • Joel
        • john spielman

          You're right. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the NKVD/KGB files opened, good ole Algier Hiss was found to a Soviet agent after all!

      • pierce

        You may be correct on Joe McCarthy, but my point is Michele is being smeared, and/or scorned by Islamist, and does not deserve it. They, the Islamist, and the Muslim Brotherhood deserve the scorn, and to be scorned, and not trusted.

  • Chanameel

    Nothing happens by chance.

  • gaiusiunius

    The famous blog "Gates of Vienna" is lost since this morning. Does anyone know more???

    • Socrates

      Same here. Frustrating!


      • Judenlieber

        GoV had an entry on Facebook this morning, which mentioned but didn't offer an explanation for the shutdown, but promised that the Baron is on the case. It seems that you can cause a shutdown by way of multiple complaints. And by offending Muslims and liberals…

      • Cat K

        On his twitter account it says he was removed by Blogger with no reason given to him.
        I hope he recreates his blog elsewhere…. We need our own tech people & platforms!
        And so it begins…..

  • Adam

    The concept of moderate Taliban is as ridiculous as the concept of moderate Nazis. However, AQIM and Ansar al Sharia in North Africa make the Taliban look like moderates. The U.S. policy used to be not to negotiate with terrorists, now U.S. counterterrorism policy is based on delusion, first pretend that Islamist are few and far away and that the wars removed the threat of Al Qaeda, second buy into any propaganda that demonizes republicans and third convince yourself that the global jihad is just a conspiracy theory . The fifth column is here and Islamists are in positions as senior advisers to influential politicians. Once all politicians like Bachmann are silenced then sharia law can be enacted.

  • Edgar Davidson

    You said "In the 20th Century, Communist infiltrators used their positions to influence American foreign policy in the direction that Moscow wanted it to go, while the left did its best to shout down and ridicule any suggestion of espionage or infiltration."

    It is also the case that in the 20th century the Communists of Eastern Europe destroyed their political opponents by murdering them, whereas the leftists now in charge in Washington destroy their political opponents through the lobbying of organizations like the CfAP

  • PAthena

    Michelle Bachmann is right. Why was (Is?) the top aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Huma Abedin, whose family are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and who worked for them herself? (See Andrew McCarthy on this.) Why has President Obama defended Huma Abedin?

    • PQpam

      Obamas defense of Huma Abedin may just have something to do with being raised in southeast asia and living with a Muslim ( the man his Mother married). Not to mention attending a Muslim School for some years.

  • Ghostwriter

    If an Egyptian magazine basically backs up many of Senator Bachmann's charges,shouldn't there BE an investigation? I wonder how her opponents feel about that?

  • Herb Benty

    At what point does the word treason apply to what Obama is doing to America? " Forcing" his country's southern border to be a sieve and taking states to court to stop them from at least checking out whos who. Then fast and furious, ie., giving guns to criminals. Bowing down to Russia- treason. Filling gov"t positions with Muslim Brotherhood affiliated spies- treasonous. Islamification of America – courts and universities siding with muslims while denying Christian rights. The solid base America was built on is being destroyed, because that base was the Holy Bible. Now it is clear to me why so many will not be with the LORD in heaven.

  • KKKK

    Daniel, you are RIGHT on! they want to demonzie Michael ebcuase she is a truth-teller about Jihad, wereas the leftist are so blinded by political correctness they cannot see the truth.