The Chicagoization of America

The urban political machine was born in New York but died in Chicago. It’s no longer a separate entity from the rest of the country; one of the inconveniences of urban life along with smog, muggings and excessive regulation. The urban political machine has gone national. It’s here. It’s there. It’s everywhere.

You may disapprove of New York’s soda ban or Chicago’s love affair with gun control or Los Angeles’ pandering to illegal aliens; but what happens in the country’s blighted metropolises no longer stays there. You can live surrounded by ten thousand acres of wilderness on one side and the deep blue sea on the other and it will still find you because the urban political machine has gone national.

The last election was the triumph of the urban political machine. In 2008, Obama ran as a national candidate. In 2012, he ran as the figurehead for the urban political machines and let their voter turnout and voter fraud efforts carry the day. In 2008, he tried inspiring people. In 2012, he ran the same tired campaign run by a hundred corrupt mayors in a hundred cities who know that they can’t lose because the game is rigged and the voters have no choice.

The urban political machine went national in 2012. The old paeans to unity were drowned in a sack. In their place was the usual urban coalition between wealthy liberal elites and poor minorities that has been running major cities into the ground for much of the old 20th and is finishing the job in the 21st. Chicago had thrown presidential elections before; but this was the first time that Chicago found itself running America.

The machine doesn’t care about individuals. It only counts bloc votes. It doesn’t care about making life better for people. Its genius is for finding ways to make life worse because it knows that it has more leverage over people looking for the next meal than over people looking to buy a house in the suburbs. The political machine doesn’t budget; it loots. It breaks the bank, raises taxes, drives out industries and rules over war zones divided between the rich and the poor.

Reborn in fragmented cities that were multicultural before it was even a word, let alone a buzzword, the machine feeds off misery and conflict. During the 1860s, the machine sent German and Irish immigrants to riot and kill African-Americans to protest the Civil War. During the 1960s, it sent African-American mobs to riot and kill to protest the Vietnam War. The machine does not care about black or white. It only cares about power.

Power, the machine understands, is division. The machine plots out segregated neighborhoods the way that generals deploy battalions. It promotes violence and suspicion and then meets with both sides to offer them a truce. It got big again as the frontier got small and a thousand peoples crowded into overcrowded cities speaking a babble of different languages and knowing nothing except the transplanted micro-communities that they had brought with them.

The machine built on that. It took as their leaders anyone who could deliver a bloc vote. And it traded entitlements for votes. The community leaders became barons, the machine operators became kings and everyone else living in narrow streets, meeting in bursts of gang violence at the boundaries, and voting in blocs to keep the other side from getting better access to the goodies offered by the machine, got to be the peasants.

In 2012, tribal politics became national politics. The country was divided and conquered. A campaign run on convincing a dozen separate groups to be afraid of each other and of the majority made all the difference, not in some urban slum, but from sea to shining sea. The country had at last become the city.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is the natural next step for the machine. The urban machines always wanted their cities to be big. They never cared if the people could feed themselves or if they could feed them. More people meant more votes. More votes meant more money.

The bigger the big cities get, the more micro-districts can be carved out, gerrymandered by race, divided by language, and capable of carrying more and more of the treasury back home to the machine. And if the cities can get big enough, fast enough, then they can outrace their own inevitable bankruptcies to seize control of the wealth of a nation. It’s the only hope of municipalities bulging with unfunded pensions, unfundable social welfare and a next generation of workers that doesn’t exist.

Money is not the issue. Urban political machines have always spent money like water, counting on their cities being too big to fail. Right off City Hall in New York City sits the Tweed Courthouse, named after one of the most infamous bosses of the Tammany Hall political machine. Despite being a modest building, it cost more four times more to build than London’s Houses of Parliament. Today it houses the headquarters of the Department of Education which is spending the city deep into debt. That just goes to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Obama’s crazed spending spree is nothing new in big cities where the debt is sky high and there is no way to cover it. Detroit is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Chicago is facing a frightening pile of debt. California’s municipalities are taking the entire state down with them and Bloomberg doubled New York’s debt during his time as mayor.

The urban political machines don’t fear bankruptcy. They embrace it. Crises create more opportunities. When people are hungry, it’s childishly easy to get them to march round demanding this and that and then using this and that as cover for even bigger thefts. Bailouts and recovery programs are rich wells full of money that can be plundered.

The score was never as big and rich as it was during the first heady days of Hope and Change. The machine operators are no longer playing around with a few billion here or there for urban recovery programs. Instead they’re juggling trillions. The amount of money at their disposal is mind boggling and so is their thievery.

Paying it back is not their problem. America, like Chicago, is too big to fail.

The machine operators live in a world where the people and the cities are collateral to be borrowed against. As long as they control governments, they imagine that there will always be greedy suckers ponying up a few trillion which the next generation will pay off and the one after that.

It never occurs to them that the rest of the world is filled with starving human collateral and the ruins of old cities. It never occurs to them that Chicago, Detroit and New York are just places where people made things and earned a living. And that a city without an economy is just Somalia or El Salvador with a lot of tall buildings.

America is now being run by the logic of the urban machine. The rules on which the cities run are being applied to the rest of the country when it comes to gun control, health care and race. The rules broke the cities and they are breaking the country. And there is no escaping the rules without breaking the power of the urban political machine that now controls the country.

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  • Michael Copeland

    So true. Another excellent perceptive analysis. Thank you.

  • AdinaK

    Machine politics, with Chicago as its poster boy, is emblematic of what happens when domestic terrorists become the main muscle, even if some maintain six degrees of separation. How can anyone in their rational mind, not connect Obama's Chicago roots (even "Uncle Frank" made "his bones" in Chicago), which led him to start his political career in Bill Ayer's living room, with what is transpiring all over America –

    Most significantly, Obama Inc. is played out in cities, big and small, and they are becoming more brazen with their display of Mafia-like tactics.

    Folks, welcome to Obama's Amerika! It is no longer the land of the free…the home of the brave.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Questions

      Preposterous. And Greenfield writes as though he's never been to Chicago. Political "machines" are about winning votes through favoritism, but they were anything but about crime. If anything, the machines, especially the Chicago version, was very effective in stopping crime. Believe it — if a ward boss told the cops to crack down on crooks in his neighborhoods, it would get done.

      As for Bill Ayers, he's a bit player. His type had nothing to do with the Daley machine of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. Indeed, the old man hated Lefties with a passion. How do you think the cops whacked some heads at the 1968 Democratic convention? Ayers and his ilk were demonstrating AGAINST Daley, not for him.

      I cannot believe the intellectual level of people who post here.

      • flyingtiger

        Tom Ayers (Bill's daddy) ran the power company when that was a monopoly. He was one of Daley's closest allies and a close personal friend.. Tom Ayers negotiated with Martin Luther King and produced the first open housing bill. Because of these close connections, the mad bomber and his wife were able to get good jobs in one of the largest law firms and college.

        • Roger

          Facts will just confuse and anger him. If he's anything like the typical liberal hack.

          • Questions

            It's a contempt for facts that irritate me, not facts themselves. And like all fanatics, Right or Left, you're pretty quick to brand someone enemy for trying to provide a reality check.

          • Roger
        • Questions

          In the case of Bill Ayers, then, the apple really did fall far from the tree.

          • Roger

            Not really, just one scale.
            Bill ayers hid in Canada for the actions he may or may not have been involved with – but proudly supported.

            Obama hates the country as it is, thinks it needs to be taken down and transformed. He just does it on a global scale instead of one building at a time.


        You mistake the Democratic machine of the past for the one of the present. The old-time Democrats like Richard J. Daley were corrupt in the sense they used welfare programs to buy votes, but they weren't members of the New Left because the New Left didn't exist yet. Daley and other old-time Democrats fought the New Left and ultimately lost – remember that Daley and the Illinois delegation were unseated at the 1972 Democratic Convention.

        Today's Democrat Party is owned by the New Left (not so new any more as it's over 50 years old) and it uses the tactics of the Left. Bill Ayers may have had nothing to do with the old Daley Machine, but he had a lot to do with today's Obama Machine – he gave Obama his political start, for God's sake. Do you really think that's nothing?

        You also seem to know nothing of Chicago's long and shameful association with socialism, but space doesn't permit me to enlighten you here.

      • Anonymous

        Your sentence beginning "Political machines…" is incoherent. What are you attempting to suggest? That political machines are not about crime? If that is what you are suggesting (i.e. a "political machine" is just about getting votes), then you're clearly uninformed and ignorant. Both Daley's were deeply involved in corruption, bribery, fraud, (including mob connections) and they were ardent Democrats. Both Daley's were also tight with the Chicago cops — can you figure out why that might be or is it just too puzzling for you to grasp? The Chicago Sun-Times published an article on the nefarious antics of Daley junior for a single year — 2004 — in an article titled, "Hired Trucks to Homicide: Much that Daley faced in 2004 took years to surface".

        • Roger

          It was? Perhaps your reading skills are suspect.

          • Anonymous

            The poster "Questions" is apparently suggesting that the Chicago political machine was (I am quoting) "effective in stopping crime." Now that is a most laughable suggestion. Rather the Daley's had the Chicago cops in their pocket, if you get my drift. And if you read the Chicago Sun Times article (it is available on the Internet), one discovers that the only force putting a slight damper on the criminal activities of the corrupt officials were The Feds. And if America is now experiencing a "Chicagoization" under Obama — who will stop the corruption? If the Feds become corrupt, what then?

          • Roger

            As a liberal you forget history and think events start at the beginning of your talking points.

            The mob controlled the streets and provided protection historically, at a price. Protection money was called a racket, but it was still someone you could turn to when the cops were either too busy or spread too thin. Was it legal? Of course not. But it was a fact of life in the history of Chicago.

            And Obama is at the center of corruption, republican opposition has been neutered. The propagandist press is in bed with it all. The tea party is our last hope.

          • Anonymous

            A liberal? Just where do you come up with that? The topic is about the Chicago Mayors Daley, senior and junior, father and son, who were corrupt Democrats.

          • Roger

            And liberals every single one.

            There you go again, trying to pretend history started at the beginning of your talking points. It doesn't wash outside of the MSM.

          • Anonymous

            Ok. So you believe you are being logically consistent when you defend a corrupt Mayor Daley while simultaneously condemning Obama for corruption? Hmm. Now that sounds just like a Liberal "thought process!"

          • Roger

            Of course I'm being as consistent as you are.

            Only I didn't defend Mayor Daley, I consider calling him a liberal is an insult.
            And I consider they were a result of the same corrupt machine, you did read the story haven't you?

            Hmmm…. now that sounds like a drive by troll trying to toss mud since you have nothing else.

          • Questions

            "Liberal" and Democrat" aren't synonymous any more than "Conservative" and "Republican" are. Old Man Daley was a highly successful Irish ethnic ward heeler who played his cards right. In terms of national politics, he was a Humphrey/AFL-CIO Old Style Democrat all the way. He and his people absolutely loathed the McGovern New Democrats. Read your history books.

          • Roger

            Liberal and democrat are synonymous just as RNO and liberal are synonymous.

            And if you're denying Daily was a big government kind of democrat you're nuts.


        You seem to accustomed to the wild eyed, goose stepping drooling socialist websites.

        Glad to see you take a short trip out of the gutter.

  • alpha_1

    Terrific article, thanks. You've hit the nail on the head. Woe is America, Canada, Europe and Western Civilization as we knew it. What a mess.

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      This administration is an Extreme Makeover of a man who is a fraud and a criminal. Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Barack Obama Soebarackah, Barack Soetoro, he has used all of these at one time or another – red flag please) has been flaunting a forged birth certificate and Frontpage doesn't give a crap. His fraudulent SS# has been flagged several times by E-Verify as fraudulent and Frontpage doesn't give a crap. His Selective Service registration was fraudulent, most easy of all crimes he has committed to prove and Frontpage does not give a crap. Articles like this are fine but they are like pin picks to these criminals in the WH. It is time to "move that bus" and expose this fraud and criminal so that America can see who the hell they are. Hell, even Diana West sees this has the "biggest fraud ever committed upon the United States", where the hell are the contributors here at Frontpage?

  • Christian

    That was hitting the nail on the head Greenfield, A+

  • Chanameel

    Far Left is the Fifth Column of Islam.

    Our country is soon to be Islamisized.

    G-d Forbid…


      The far left has a history of embracing totalitarian forces.

      Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact AKA Hitler-Stalin Pact

    • Drakken

      Maybe on the east and left coasts, but in fly over country the rugged individual won't tolerate it.

      • Roger

        The problem is that when socialist policies fail people flee the failed states and infect the hosts that accept them, like Colorado.

        • beez

          Same thing is going on here in Florida. You see some of the most expensive cars in the world in my little town here, and they have Obama2012 stickers on them. `

  • Mark Gullick

    Shoots, scores. I'm a Brit, and you managed to throw us off. When is the USA going to man up and get rid of the technocratic, minority fetishising, mea culpist, ethno-masochistic, self-hating fifth column you voted in? Much more of this nonsense, and you'll want British rule back again. Um, on the other hand, maybe not…

    • Spider

      Mark I don't know when we will get rid of this bloody fool. Unless he is impeached we are stuck with the Chicago Gangster for 4 more long years. But I think people are waking up to this monumental disaster I like to call the Obama regime. Thanks for being concerned about us, we are definitely in serious trouble.

    • LibertarianToo

      We didn't "vote him in" the second time. He did not win in any state where ID is required to vote. And in every swing state, Obama voters -some of whom admit voting 8 times -were deployed to steal the election. Meanwhile the supine republicans act like "immigration reform" is the big pressing problem in our country.

      • Roger

        Another example of the story's point.


      MG, West Pakistan js doomed.

    • beez

      Obama got a lot of white women's votes although less than last time: the school teachers, white lesbians (who seem to be coming out of the wood work recently), and particularly single young women (IOWs, young dumb but arrogant ding-bats who know NOTHING about an economy). He got almost all the black vote again, and he got a lot of Hispanic vote including the illegals. I have no doubt at all that Obama engaged in massive voter fraud, especially in Ohio and other critical states. He also got a lot of union support, of course. It wasn't really that Obama won, it's that Romney lost because the Demonrats painted him as a rich "out of touch white guy" and "white guys" are currently being demonized and blamed for virtually everything since Eve bit into the apple. Anyway, it was basically a testament to how widespread ignorance is in this country and ignorance about Obama himself. The truth is that Obama is FREAK who has NO CLUE what he's doing or talking about, a gay narcissist that as yet has not been unmasked by the majority of the public. The Obama people own 85% of the media here so … it makes sense if you understand that.

    • Glennd1

      Yeah, cuz it will just get all better when Obama is gone, lol. The problem is much bigger than the Democrats.

    • DonaldYoungsRevenge

      Lord Christopher Monckton declared that there is NO DOUBT that the April 27th, 2011 birth record that Obama has been flaunting is a forgery, an easy forgery to prove to boot. Not only is the birth record a forgery but he has been using a fraudulent SS# that was flagged several times by E-verify. His Selective Service registration was fraudulent. Connect the dots. Monckton is a brilliant man and he would not make such a claim if he were not completely convinced that Obama is a fraud and a criminal.

      • mlcblog

        OK. so….everybody knows that. Now what?

    • mlcblog

      Um, on the other hand, maybe not…

      Thank you for that. I share you dilemma here. What solutions may once have seemed good, are suddenly questionable in the wake of this current onslaught.

  • Robin

    A mention of the Curley Effect would be helpful here too as the cities that are near bankruptcy because of their pursuit of the political power that comes from division and driving away the producers who are not supporters are now using Regional Equity and new federal revenue sharing for a stealth bail out. I explained it here….

    I stumbled across this so-called Inclusive Competitiveness that looks a great deal like reparations while following up on announcements of plans made at that SXSWedu conference in March. This urban agenda is also found in the Global Cities Initiative that interestingly enough former Chicago mayor Daley is heading up. With JP Morgan Chase as the TBTF representative sponsor along with Brookings.

    Really hitting high gear but not being covered. Surprise. It's Rule #3 in how to get a fait accompli I suppose.

  • Dennis

    How does One and All, seriously concerned about being washed away in a cascade of Urban / National Political Machinery control, change the national perspective such that the potential disaster can be avoided?

    If individual Human Nature is so structured such that Power and Wealth and the seeking of same is so ingrained, then that will ultimately win. For years, Libertarians / libertarians have been encouraging followers to move to New Hampshire – has it worked? I think not so much.

    There will always be politicians, rulers, and community activists. It all boils down to which ones can be bought for what purpose. Cynicism? Yes.

    So, what are the solution options? What are the geographical location options? What are the financial factors? Political options? Can an Internet Group become a Sovereign Nation existing in cyberspace and exert its political influence over the more Earthly bound nations?

    I believe it is possible if the movement starts small and grows quickly.


  • LindaRivera

    Excellent article, Daniel! Can you write an article on the latest horrifying, frightening attack on America?

    WND.COM: Obama orders same policy that sparked mortgage meltdown
    Government: Lend to less qualified or face discrimination lawsuits

    Undaunted by the housing market collapse that crashed mortgage banks, cut the rug from underneath homeowner equity and slammed taxpayers for billions in bad loans, the Obama administration now has launched a major push for banks to hand out mortgages to those with “weaker credit,” including some on public assistance…

    One of champagne socialist Obama's determined goals is to UTTERLY DESTROY the American economy, and along with it, the WORLD economy.

    Are there no patriotic people in government that will put a stop to the total DESTRUCTION of our country?

    Champagne socialist is a term originating in the UK to describe some of their DISGUSTING leftist politicians. One definition of a 'champagne socialist': Someone who purports to empathize with the lower class whilst enjoying an upper class, millionaire lifestyle.

    Another definition: A champagne socialist is a derogatory label for a person who vocally and ideologically expresses support for democratic or radical socialist belief…

    • beez

      Hardly anyone knows that Ogaybo is planning on reviving the two evil twins: Fannie and Freddie. He WANTS another mortgage meltdown.

  • clarespark

    The urban riots of the middle to late 1960s incited this coalition that Greenfield writes about with alarm. It ws a pathetic, well-meaning intention to co-opt and tame what were considered to be irrational creatures. See…. "White Enabling of Black Power," and…. "Getting Down with Tom Wolfe." Call it opportunism, call it primitivism, it is, as Greenfield writes, a big mess that is of national significance.

  • BS77

    Hard to believe last year in Chicago there were the equivalent of nearly twenty Sandy Hooks….some 500 people shot dead in the mean streets of CHICAGO…..what a hellish place.

    • Questions

      Yes, and it's blacks, not "Democrats," who are to blame. Blacks were either the perpetrator of prime suspect in roughly 95 percent of all murders in the city. The white neighborhoods, what's left of them, on the other hand, are still in good shape, especially the gentrified area on the North Side in the rough vicinity of Wrigley Field.

      Here's a thought: If you're gonna write about a city, it would be a nice idea to live there or at least spend some quality time exploring it. Daniel Greenfield writes as though he's literally never been to Chicago, a truly great American city, despite all its problems. It's far from "destroyed." All you Chicago- haters out there: Go jump in the lake.

      • UraFecalLiberal

        Even a commode has a dry area above the dirty water-until the next flush. You can have Chicago, my kind of Congo.

      • Neils60

        When Rahm decided to embrace the Rev. Louis Farrakhan's offer to reign in the gangs last year said everything one needs to know about Chicago. (By the way, since that embrace, the gang problem, a.k.a. murders, got worse.)


          rahm emmanual is not up to the job of mayor.

          He is INCOMPETENT should RESIGN.

          Bring in an outsider with a record of accomplishment like the great Rudy Giuliani.

          • Roger

            He was the result of the Chicago machine from the beginning, probably a reward given by Obama for his work in congressional showers for obamacare. The media would have us forget about that incident.

            Another example of why this story is so spot on. A non resident is ruled to be a resident due to boxes unknowingly stored under a home that didn't belong to him…?

  • LindaRivera

    I spent some time making a comment. The comment then disappeared and I got a message that my comment had to be approved by the moderator. I did not violate any guidelines.

    • tagalog

      I had the same issue arise when I published the Connecticut gun-control bill list of prohibited firearms. For some reason, I couldn't post the list of the first 24 prohibited firearms (but could post the remaining list of guns), even though it was just a list, with no wording that could be interpreted as violating the website's guidelines.

      Go figure.


      Same thing happened to me – maybe FPM has gone to moderation now.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's likely false spam fighting triggers

    • beez

      It happens now and then.

    • Horace

      After you write a post, but before you attempt to post it, highlight it all and do a control c, and paste it to a notepad file or other word processor file so your efforts are not wasted. If this site isn't interested, post on one of the other fine websites out there

  • misternatural13

    To the tune of "Car 54, where are you?":

    There's a holdup in Detroit

    Newark's broken out in fights

    Double murder up in Harlem,

    Why no Revs?

    the perp's not white

    "Youths" just shot another child

    Chi-town ne-groes running wild

    Ba-rack O-ba-ma , where are you?

  • bobh

    "The mobs of great cities add just so much to the support of pure government, as sores do to the strength of the human body. It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution".
    Thomas Jefferson

  • sharpsrifle

    A truly excellent article, Dan!

  • UraFecalLiberal

    The poor want to be taken care of, and never have to answer for their folly or ennui. The wealthy elites know that a government they control is a government that will help make them even more wealthier, provide legal cover and protection, and to be operated by remote control like a video game. There is only one party that is for sale on a grand scale.

  • Brujo Blanco

    We have too many "leaders" that feel if you do not get caught then you have done nothing wrong.

  • marios

    MSM keep silence about even much more dramatical gun violence death rate in Chicago than in any another city in USA. Dem's destroy time ago great American culture of independent people. Instead they lift up gangsters in (by statistic) mostly black or Latinos community. Their goal to disarm law abiding citizens in now enough secure suburbs and bring there those gangsters. Gangsters including Black Panthers are their voters and their important weapon agains us.

  • civicus

    Great text. I am French, and what you describe about America is happening more and more in my own country. Urban politics, urban technocracy and urban political , administrative and intellectuel mafias are day after day designing the future of the entire country, and destroying what used to be a ( more or less) balanced way of life. All this with the help of the media, who are also a byproduct of the urban mob…

  • watsa46

    The non-left needs to do a better Job. Complaining is not the solution. Moderation and reason should prevail. Money should be removed from any election process at every level of the nation.

    • beez

      The US Senate was better off before 1913. Read the 17th Amendment then wonder why we've never repealed it. The was Woodrow Wilson's second turd in the national punchbowl. Because he thought he was just so much smarter than everyone else. The "progressives" have been killing us slowly for 100 years.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "America is now being run by the logic of the urban machine. The rules on which the cities run are being applied to the rest of the country when it comes to gun control, health care and race. The rules broke the cities and they are breaking the country. And there is no escaping the rules without breaking the power of the urban political machine that now controls the country."

    BUT when they find out where the rich people are hiding their money trees and productivity machines, all of that wealth will be distributed under the principals of social justice and the communists will be proved right all along. Then Sharia law will be implemented so that we can avoid hurt feelings and we'll all celebrate with a parade led by unicorns with golden bridles.

    I can't wait for that day.

  • MeSoHornish

    He's been unable to do anything worthwhile because of who he is…his lack of character, collaborative and political skills, lack of relevant work experience, his massive and non-proportional ego, his questionable taste in supporters, his lack of judgment and temperance, his disregard for the Constitution and lack of morality.

  • onecornpone

    Refreshingly thoughtful article, Mr Greenfield.

    Urban Political Machine, huh?

    They're not quite "everywhere". Some of us are still fighting their influence, for the time being.
    If they take Texas, in 2016, which is one of their major long-term goals, our constitutional republic is a goner.

    • Haditwgov & Progs!

      Hope that came through and I hope to hear from you soon.

      • onecornpone

        Are you lost kiddo? ;) I think this is the guy whose pieces used to appear some on another site we commented on some. I like the way this Greenfield guy thinks.

        See ya in the funnies!

        • chopper

          hi honey……………….I just wanted to wish you well.

          and tell you that I miss ya. I hope all is well.

  • Smokey

    The Left's hatred is fostered by our own President, who constantly stirs the pot of racism and hate, even as he works to put more and more people on the government's initiative-sapping dole.

    And from being on the government's dole, it is but a short step to threatening: "See this knob I have my hand on? I can turn it, and you will stop getting your free EBT cards, your free food stamps, your Section 8 housing vouchers, your Social Security raises. If you complain about my anti-American Agenda, I shall turn that knob. Is that what you want?"

    Obama's sequester threats were an early form of this. Pick a group, then threaten their funding. They fall into line like tame sheep.

    So look for this tactic to be used more [along with the tactic of using every crisis to accumulate more federal power and control]. The vast federal bureaucracy can be threatened the easiest; most of them are in agreement with the expansion of government, since it means their own job security.

    With at least half the country on the dole, and the same half paying zero income tax, even a vague threat to lower EBT card top-ups will be very effective. Thus, the working population's own tax payments are being spent to make them into the perceived enemies of those non-taxpayers on the dole.

    This is all a deliberate agenda. How could it not be?? These are devious people — but they are far from stupid. America is being destroyed from within, on purpose, by thoroughly anti-American forces. We cannot add more than 1.2 $Trillion to our debts EVERY YEAR without major repercussions.

    And, per their anti-American agenda, that crisis will once again be blamed on fiscal conservatives — with the totally dumbed-down Idiocracy voters nodding their government-educated heads in mouth breathing agreement.

    Face it, the end game is dictatorship. Is there any doubt?

  • Mr. Lucky

    There is only one political machine in America…… is the Democrat/Republican machine.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    As they, the left, destroy the economy, blame conservatives, partition voters in urban ghettoes, and gerrymander the districts to insure a rigged vote, their power enhanced because jobless/hopeless folks are "looking for the next meal, not a house in the 'burbs"….
    'Bout the size of it….

    • Looking4Sanity

      Isn't it ironic? The larger and more powerful the government becomes, the more paranoid and frightened they become. It doesn't seem rational, does it?

      • HiPlainsDrifter

        Like all totalitarian regimes throughout history, like the NAZIs and Soviets, they know their reign can only be temporary. Hence the paranoid secrecy and obfuscation, blaming their opponents for the misery, while looting the treasury, destroying the foundational societal underpinnings, and hoping the verminous media remains solidly on their side to facilitate and cover their tenuous facade of competence….
        Good to see you L4S…

  • Keshet

    so what are you going to do about it..Americans?..what happened to you are you all so numb and dumb and lazy that you won't take to the streets and protest? This would not have happened if it was the 60's..we were active then but war doesn't do it any more, body bags don't do anything, huge debt and nobody does anything..I have lost faith in America