The Colonization of Syria


The Syrian Civil War stopped being a civil war last year, to the extent that it ever was. It is now largely a Sunni and Shiite regional war fought with foreign fighters.

Despite what the Washington Post and the Obama Inc. mouthpieces keep claiming, the war will not end if Assad falls. Assad stopped being the issue some time ago. Sure all the propaganda Twitter feeds and Al Jazeera’s daily coverage is full of regime atrocities, but Assad is now just a counter in a game between Iran, Turkey and Qatar.

The Assad family opened the door to this particular hell by climbing too far into bed with Iran. To the extent that the mess in Syria is their fault, it’s because they allowed Iran to turn Syria into an extension of Iranian foreign policy. And that made the Turkish response nearly inevitable.

Assad can’t turn off the war. Not even by getting on a fleet of jets with as much of the elite and their loot as they can carry.

Iran is reportedly planning for the Post-Assad era with a 150,000 strong army trained by Hezbollah and drawn from Shiite and Neo-Shiite populations. Qatar has already helped finance and fill Syria with foreign Sunni Jihadis from around the world. This is a holy war, an ethnic war and a tribal war that isn’t going anywhere no matter how many Muslim Brotherhood front groups, Obama Inc. endorses as the secular moderate solution.

Syria is being colonized by both sides,with Islamist groups like the Al Nusra Front carving out their Sharia spheres and digging in for the long haul, while Hezbollah prepares to fight for the Alawite populations.

Neither side can afford to back down now. An unstable Syria dominated by Sunni militias will be a serious danger to Iran and Iraq. And likewise an unstable Syria dominated by Shiite militias will be a danger to Turkey.

Both sides are riding the beast and neither side can afford to get off.

  • cjk

    I think it's inevitable that Syria will eventually become a Turkish satellite. It's conversion will correspond to Turkey's conversion from a modern secular state into an Islamic based, Neo-Ottoman, expansionist, empire which Turkey is well on the way to becoming.

  • ziggy zoggy

    I think the proxy forces have grown beyond control.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Though Obama is backing Turkey.

  • Indioviejo

    Someone please explain to me why should I care about Muslims killing Muslims? We have nothing to be doing there unless Assad's weapons of mass destruction are in danger of falling into the hands terrorist, then we should punish the audacious punks severely and destroy the weapons in "Situ".Indioviejo

  • Gee59

    Syria is going to splinter into about 4 or 5 enclaves – each of one religion or sect

  • aviefar

    The best solution to the Syrian problem would be the defeat of President Assad and making him to escape from Damascus to his hometown Qardahah on the mountain ridge over the northern coast and the 3 main city-ports (Latakia, Banyas and Tartus). Assad and his Alawite entrench themself there in their country and establish their Alawite state. Alawite state was existed in the twenties under French imperial occupation. Syrian Kurds have already extended their rule in the north – eastern Syria and are in close contact with their fellow Iraqi Kurds. Most likely that they will establish their own state some day and most probably they will unite with Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. Such situation may also increase the resorection of the Druze state that was also existed in twenties in the now day’s Syrian Golan and Jabal Druze. Its Capitol was and is Suwayda. Israel can secretly help the Druze because of the common border. The Druze state will stand in the middle between Israel and the Sunni state that will dwell in the rest of the Syrian soil. It will be less wide and less strong country. It reasonable that after Assad era Alawite, and of course the Kurds and Druze states will development friendly relations with Israel part of their strategic interests and keeping the Sunni state un threathening.
    Arab Spring proves once again that there are no real Arab nations, except the Egyptian people that existed before the birth of Islam. Boundaries of the Arab states over the last century were sliced and cut by the British and French colonialist officers from their own interests without giving real consideration to social stratification, religiousness of Arab tribes and other minorities living there. Present uprisings enable to recover what imperialism ruined and to set a new policy framework appropriate to the composition of the population diversity in the Arab states. We see something similar in Iraq, where Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds show trends of separation and independence.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Allowing competing islamopithecine factions to divide Syria into individual terrorist territories is a terrible idea because it is WAY too hard to hold so many factions accountable for ANYTHING they will do once they receive sovereign status.

  • Matt

    He started the sectarian massacres early on in the uprising and it spread from that point. That was before arms started going to the opposition. In fact that was one of the reasons the decision was made to arm the opposition. And the regime, the Iranians, Hizbullah and Russia are right in this sectarian war. They all take about foreign intervention, they are deeply involved, sending weapons, directly fighting and advising. it is a double standard of the highest level. Now they can say Assad is the sovereign leaders of a sovereign government. But the AL gave the Syrian seat to the opposition, you keep hearing the west say Assad is not the sovereign representative of the Syrian people. There is a big double standard going on here.

    With the US Admin they always got an easy run with the media and they are not use too getting bad PR from the general mainstream press. And they don't know how to handle it and they did themselves in deeper. That is how you get these back grounding statements "who cares if Assad use Sarin". "The President went off script", on the red lines. He was a Harvard Law Professor I am sure he can speak for himself without some little PR worm scripting everything like he is a Muppet.