The Death of American Medicine


This American Interest post by Adam Garfinkle seems a bit befuddled to find that ObamaCare actually tightens health care triage based on class. Or income at any rate.

While Garfinkle’s doctor retreats into a fee-based private practice model, he notes that ObamaCare plans will be structured to limit patient options.

And no one seems willing to call what is going on by its real name: class-based triage, or rationing, of medical care.

We can see this more clearly if we put these two data points together: We are slowly (or not-so-slowly) but surely moving toward a much more finely gradated class-based system of healthcare. Compared to where we were before Obamacare passed, the top is moving up and the bottom is moving down faster than ever, leaving a thinner middle where most Americans with employer-provided health insurance have typically been—somewhere in the murk between HMOs and PPOs of various descriptions. Now, those who can afford it will increasingly pay more and get more. Those who cannot afford it will pay less and get less.

Actually they will pay more and get less. When they do pay less, they will be paying more for less services. It may not be obvious to them, but the insurers will have done the math.

The problem is that triage of this sort is inevitable.

The market naturally rations products and services. There’s no way to get around that. Even in a totalitarian state with a planned economy, national health care and price controls, professionals will just go to the most rewarding fields.

And there’s always a class structure. Soviet academics lived much better than their colleagues lower down on the ladder. Meanwhile Soviet medicine was pretty terrible. The smart people were going into research and then not doing any research because the entire system was too far behind to catch up.

The more the system is tampered with, the more the middle, which is a product of the free market collapses, reverting everything back to the 99 percent and 1 percent model that the left pretends we have now. Except it’s really more like a 67%, 9% and 24% model.

ObamaCare forces more doctors to become completely inaccessible to anyone other than the wealthy. The process began with HMOs, that original ingenious plan to solve the health care problem, which instead made it more expensive and less rewarding for doctors to do business. Costs kept going up and so did health care.

This is just one of the final steps on the rung before we end up with no middle ground. This won’t just have an impact on the people in the middle, it will eventually destroy the quality of medicine in general.

There’s only so much room at the top. If the only way to really make money is by treating the rich, that requires far fewer doctors and that means there’s much less room in medicine.

Medical schools will turn out more mediocrities, Third World students who excel at rote memorization but have no interest in patient care, and the top tier of medicine will continue shrinking down. There will be some good people at the top, but their numbers will diminish with each generation.

And then American medicine will die. But you’ll always be able to go and see a Nurse Practitioner for some obesity counseling.

  • A Z

    France is already this way.

    They have universal care. Yet the rich and the upper middle class pay for private care. A 2-tier model.

    The fracking Obamites and Democrat party faithful cannot figure this out even though they could read about it if they cared to know the facts.

  • A Z

    ” The process began with HMOs”

    Good God, I remember Ted Kennedy pushing HMOs. Ted has contradictory quotes on the efficacy of HMOs.

    Good ole Ted kept tinkering until the system broke.

    Well Ted’s gone but at least the waitresses in Washington D.C. are safe now.

  • Chris Behme

    Obama, like all good totalitarians, knows that he has to destroy healthcare before he can “fix” it.

  • pupsncats

    The decline of medicine began with the legalization of abortion which killed all ideas that human life has dignity or is sacred, which led to the push for assisted suicide, again human life has no purpose if one is suffering, which will lead to the involuntary extermination of those whom the government refuse to keep alive because it won’t be cost effective. The suffering, whether it is financial, emotional, physical or mental will be convinced that their lives are worthless and for the good of others (the collective), they need to get out of the way.

    It also declined when homosexuality was taken off the mental disorder list since there is absolutely no medical or scientific proof that one is born with these tendencies and cannot grow out of them.

    But many in the medical and scientific professions have long been advocates of not providing care for the less than perfect. I believe it was our support of eugenics that led Hitler to exterminate the Jews and all of the people he thought weren’t pure enough, i.e., of the Aryan race.

  • lyndaaquarius

    having grown up in an America with hope,expansion and booming vitality,I’m horrified at what the repulsive vision of the Left is going to impose on us. It is truly nihilistic and full of deceit. I’m hopeful the people will vote them out.I heard with my own ears Obama tell that woman her 101 year old mother
    “might be better off taking the pill”.Never forget Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated “Rules for radicals” to Lucifer. What does that tell you??