The Decline and Fall of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, Post-Career

The last time Jim Carrey starred in a live action hit movie was 2003 with Bruce Almighty. The closest thing to that since was Yes Man in 2008 which didn’t even cross the 100 million dollar mark at the American box office. Fun With Dick and Jane barely made it across the domestic 100 million mark and that was back in 2005.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events did make it to 118 million dollars, but unfortunately its production budget was 140 million dollars.

Jim Carrey skipped the sequel to Bruce Almighty, his biggest hit, and the job was handed over to Steve Carell. Now instead of Steve Carell taking Jim Carrey’s leftovers, it’s the other way around, with Carrey appearing in a supporting role in Steve Carell’s The Amazing Burt Wonderstone. And that bombed too.

Carrey’s career has been sliding since 2003. His few successes are in cartoons where no one has to look at his actual face. And even well-known properties like A Christmas Carol (domestic box office 140 million, production budget 200 million) seem to wither at his touch.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins, his last actual starring role,  had a modest budget of 55 million and didn’t take in much above that. And that was in 2011. Whatever his salary was for walking around talking to some penguins, it was probably a good deal less than the 20 mil he was taking in during his prime career days.

So if you want to understand why Jim Carrey is arguing about you with gun control on Twitter, it’s because his career and personal life have been in decline for a while and he’s looking for attention.

It’s rarely celebrities on the way up who spend their time trolling for attention. They may show up to make faux sincere ‘demand a plan’ videos, but they don’t throw semi-literate tantrums on Twitter. Usually. It’s usually those who are on the way down, like Jason Biggs, who went from starring in annual comedy releases to doing the voice of one of the Ninja Turtles, who seek out that kind of attention, hoping to score some points and get some attention by bashing Republicans.

Paying attention to them should go under the same rules as paying attention to any troll. You may be scoring points, but you’re also feeding the trolls. Some points may be worth feeding the troll. Some trolls may not be worth feeding under any circumstances.

Jim Carrey is pushing 50 and trying to be relevant to a new generation. And so far he has failed very badly. The old Jim Carrey talked out of his ass. The new Jim Carrey launches liberal political diatribes on Twitter and stars in political videos for Will Ferrell. You can respond to it, but just remember that you’re helping the “reinvention” of Jim Carrey’s image. And if that reinvention fails, look for him to show up as the wacky neighbor on a Canadian sitcom near you.

  • BLJ

    Washed up liberal loser.

    • AdinaK

      Washed up, yes. But more than that he is part of Hollyweird and their leftist dogma. It is their religion. Nevertheless, he is a leftist going postal, also seeking to restart his career via their main bugaboo, gun control –

      Let's give him a thumbs down!!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • timmysfriend

    Bye bye Jimmy.

    • whatever

      no go away

  • tagalog

    In the photo, I can't help speculating if he thinks the beard and glasses make him look as if he's more intelligent.

    • gee59

      Wait a second I have a much longer beard and wear glasses when I am on the computer (getting old is no fun)

  • mah29001

    If Jim Carrey made fun of the following people: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Chris Dorner, Mumia Abu-Jamal, non-whites on death row, he'd end up being labeled as a "racist" and an "Islamophobe".

    Charlton Heston was just an easy PC target for Carrey who never even used a gun to murder anyone but to say the same things about anyone else who actually did use a gun to hurt someone on purpose, well that would be "Islamophobic" and "racist" people.

    • BBHs

      You are so correct on that. I don't identify as a conservative, but I find myself leaning more and more toward it.

    • spencer

      try not to try thinking so hard. youre gona end up with a brain aneurysm.

      • mah29001

        Wow, so "mature".

  • Todd

    Funny that the right offers fervent support for the 2nd, but routinely forgets about the 1st. Move on.

    • RebeccaJean

      The 1st amendment does not insulate someone from criticism when they say something stupid.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "The 1st amendment does not insulate someone from criticism when they say something stupid."

        I find it amazing that would ever have to be explained. Thanks to the communists we do.

    • Gabrielle

      No one is preventing him from speaking, but his right to free speech does not bar our right to criticize that speech.

      That said, I have always found him to be repulsive on and off the screen.

    • gee59

      Actually it's the left that wants to block the 1st.

      I and millions like me served this country in the military to protect ALL of rights of our citizens. What did you ever do?

      Leftists routine demand that anybody that disagrees with them to be silenced. I do not see anybody on the right EVER doing that

      • Craig Marks

        Amen and thank you for your service to our country as that service has and always will give ALL of us the ability for freedom that includes free speech even if it takes a CHEAP shot at a dead patriot. Too bad Mr. Carrey could not find a living person to spar with but that is because he is loser with mental necrophilia.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Funny that the right offers fervent support for the 2nd, but routinely forgets about the 1st. Move on."

      That's a very dim-witted comment. Nobody is lobbying to change the first amendment except the people we also fight that the left is aligned with.

      Leftists want to change both.

      "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

      Was that Reagan who said that when he spoke at an NRA rally?

    • Infidel

      Funny how death worshipping libtards off fervent support of women's rights, but routinely forgets about their jihadist friends in the Moslem Brotherhood. Move off the planet earth

    • Zebowillis

      Jim Carrey interjected himself into a real debate that we as a country should be having. He did so with a rather ridiculous video that essentially made fun of law abiding people calling them heartless Motherf***ers because they are defending a right they believe is important. He has an armed Bodyguard, something that the people he is calling heartless Motherf***ers do not have, instead they have armed themselves. In a world where two teenagers can and will shoot a 13 month old kid in the face doesn't it make sense to have some kind of protection. i believe Jim Carrey quite lives in a bubble in Hollywood. He doesn't live in flyover country. So calling the people who do Heartless Motherf***ers should have a price. I am boycotting Jim Carrey movies by downloading his movies and not paying a dime for them. I believe that he should pay a price for offending me and other people who believe in the 2nd amendment. Because without the 2nd the 1st amendment means nothing

      • John Cabot

        Are you serious? Do you even know what boycotting is? Why would you download his movies if you don't agree with him so much?….I can't even….the hypocrisy…is astounding. I'm off to "boycott" a gun and give it to two teenagers to shoot me in the face with because I don't want to share the planet with you anymore.

    • Mark

      The first amendment prevents the goverment from censoring Jim Carrey. It doesn't prevent private citizens from telling Carrey he's an idiot.

      Perhaps you should understand the Bill of Rights before you use it to criticize someone else.

  • BS77

    Hey, I am a big Jim Carey fan…he was fantastic in the Pet Detective films, great in the Mask and Dumb and Dumber….and Liar Liar…..However, his recent efforts have been pretty dismal. Sorry about that….Get out of liberal politics and make some great comedy again!!!

  • Todd

    I find it an odd piece to write. Why would Carrey's current career trajectory matter? It's one man's opinion. I'm curious where Greenfield's argument goes if Brad Pitt or another actor at the peak of his career created the same video…?

    • RebeccaJean

      Mr Greenfield answers your question in paragraph 7.

      • John Wayne

        No it doesn't.

        • gee59

          Lack of understanding on your part – does not constitute lack of an answer

        • objectivefactsmatter

          It’s rarely celebrities on the way up who spend their time trolling for attention. They may show up to make faux sincere ‘demand a plan’ videos, but they don’t throw semi-literate tantrums on Twitter. Usually. It’s usually those who are on the way down, like Jason Biggs, who went from starring in annual comedy releases to doing the voice of one of the Ninja Turtles, who seek out that kind of attention, hoping to score some points and get some attention by bashing Republicans.

          • Catfish Plenty

            Yeah, except Jason Biggs was NEVER EVEN CLOSE to being as big as Jim Carrey, even at the peak of his career. The two aren't comparable, so Todd raises a valid point.

  • JacksonPearson

    Jim Carrey picked on the wrong people to mock, and instead, talked himself into liberal hell.

    • Richard Malley

      Is liberal hell filled with conservatives? If yes, how did the conservatives get to hell?
      Were they spawned from Satan himself? If yes, did Satan create conservatives?
      Whats conservative hell like? Am I going there?

      • JacksonPearson

        Who Created Satan?
        "Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee"
        — (Ezekiel 28:12-15 KJV)

        God Created Righteous Lucifer; Lucifer Created Wicked Satan
        The horrendously wicked spirit-being that we now know as Satan has not always existed. Lucifer, the one who became Satan, was created by God, not as the evil loser that he is now, but as the above Scripture describes, created "full of wisdom and perfect in beauty." Satan was, at a time long ago, when he was known as Lucifer (Lucifer, meaning light bringer, is how his name was rendered in translation; his actual name, as it was written in the Scriptures, is pronounced in Hebrew as hay-ale, which means brightness), perfectly righteous and obedient before God. But Satan went bad, very bad:

        "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High"
        –(Isaiah 14:12-14 KJV)

        Satan was defeated at the time of his rebellion. But he chose to remain evil. He will be defeated again and locked up at the time of Christ's return, but as stated in the verses above, he will be released a thousand years later. Will Satan repent after all of that? Or will he again choose to remain evil?

        BTW, liberals voted God out, and down, at the last DNC convention…so you can let your mind wonder from there!!!

        • Richard Malley

          Those were all sarcastic questions, they were meant to be silly and rhetorical.
          I don't know how you missed that…
          …even so you didn't answer any of them with that wall of text.
          and yes, I've read the Silmarillion, I know all about the Valar.

  • figment newton

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Carey's proclivity to push junk science and contribute to the anti-vaccine movement which has led to preventable deaths and disease in children.

    He and Jenny McCarthy have pushed the' vaccine causes autism scarefest' which was shown to be a completely falsified, fabricated mess compiled by a doctor that has since lost his medical license due to his grossly negligent actions in fabricating data.

  • Edward Cline

    That photo of Jim Carrey can mean only one of two things: He'll star in a remake of "The Ten Commandments" as Moses; or, he's preparing for a role in a big screen survivor movie about a guy whose plane crashes in the Alaskan wilds and he must fight off bears and wolves and other predators with a stick, and for ten months, because no one was really looking to search for and rescue him.

  • mike mathers

    another right wing hit piece –
    if you can't see this you are either ignorant or you drink the kool-aid so much you like to read hate-filled speech and lies as long as it pushes your agenda.

    so should we hang jim carrey ?
    did he do anything a saturday night live sketch would have done or a Fox news parody when glenn beck had his show or that piece of junk on Fox called "red light" or whatever.

    yeah, disagree with him or not….. you don't have to say what this idiot in this article says. greenfield is a hit-man for the GOP right. to do an article that focuses on his career in such a way as to dismantle and diminish it makes the writer's angle obvious. if you don't see it… once again you are blind or blind with anger for your cause no mater what kind of hate and lies are spewed.

    example, the writer says he hasn't done a "live action hit" since bruce almighty. well if you are talking about action movies, this is not his forte' but if you talk movies plain and simple…. what about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which got good reviews and has great cable ratings. IMDB gives (and this is from users) an 8.4 out of 10 rating. so he HAS done good movies since 2003.

    greenfield quite frankly is a jerk. to dedicate your life to being a slimy hit man for a political party or worse yet, for a lobbyist group is disgusting. and i am a gun rights advocate but the NRA is a gun lobby plain and simple.

    what carrey did wasn't really that funny but it wasn't anything that deserves the hit piece that this writer did. and to agree with it in your comments that i see shows me that this country is easily fooled by political hacks such as the people who push and pull greenfield's strings and more upsetting is that you sheep follow along and react just like they want you to.

    congratulations. you're a sheep.

    • Rick

      Better being a sheep than a ASS

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…example, the writer says he hasn't done a "live action hit" since bruce almighty. well if you are talking about action movies, this is not his forte' but if you talk movies plain and simple…. what about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which got good reviews and has great cable ratings. IMDB gives (and this is from users) an 8.4 out of 10 rating. so he HAS done good movies since 2003. "

      You can't read well. His thesis is that the actor is desperate for attention because he's slipping. The degree to which he's slipping is somewhat subjective but not crucial to the thesis. Does he demand the same salaries today that he once enjoyed in the past? Is there an ulterior motive for his attack on Heston?

      "congratulations. you're a sheep."

      If you've got a hammer a lot of things look like nails. When you're a leftist sheep, everyone who disagrees with you looks like a sheep. You're projecting.

      • Richard Malley

        I don't know what either of you are on about, Jim Carrey is a huge star. He hasn't filled his career with tons of roles, because he's not a greedy twat and he doesn't take every role he's offered.
        Maybe he's just got enough money and doesn't feel the need to ask for huge salaries.
        I've found that when I have a hammer, I can usually figure out what's not a nail. Books, for instance, are not nails. Neither are televisions, but I digress.
        Sheep or no sheep I honestly believe you are wrong about Jim Carrey and urge you to delve further into his career details to remain educated about this topic.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Live action is not the same as action movie.

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was an obscure indie movie from 9 years ago.

      • Richard_Malley

        Have you ever seen it? Its cast is anything but obscure.
        It even won an academy award.
        In fact, its considered by many (critics and film buffs alike) one of the best films of the 00's

  • Guest

    Poor Jim Carrey. Even a circus dog knows when to get off his hind legs when the show is over.

  • Tim

    Jim Carrey is over 50 years old. Yes Man was a WORLD WIDE hit, Poppers Penguin made more than it's budget, and animated films still count, last I checked. Jim Carrey has how many followers on twitter? Had a video with 2 million hits in a week, got rave reviews in Burt Wonderstone (even with a decent movie, everyone loved Jim), has a role in Kick Ass 2, is starring in two more comedies in production. He's doing pretty damn well…

  • pinnie

    Jim Carrey >…………… Lucky big mouth

  • Toni_Pereira

    At least, Tom Cruise sticked only to the couch.

    • Richard Malley

      Tom Cruise JUMPED on a couch. If I had to guess the opposite of sticking, I would say it was JUMPING.
      Also, Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise aren't even close to similar…in personality or acting roles.

  • Edward Cox

    Like Travolta, Carrey will adapt the gay lifestyle or watch his career end. Homosexuals in every industry convert thousands to their perverted lifestyle every year by denying talented people opportunity unless they "convert". In industry we had a saying regarding promotions. "It is not who you know, it is who you blow".

    • Glen2Gs

      People I know in the entertainment Industry say that's how Carrey got his early jobs in the business….So it goes full circle.

      • Not A Liar

        people i know in your neighbourhood told me sucking dick is how you pay rent

  • jarrod Lipman

    Jim carrey is really the biggest actor in hollywood. Even though he has not done well for the past four years but most of his movies are successes. His only flops were Man on the Moon , The majestic, Lemony Snickets A series of Unfortunate Events, Disneys A christmas Carol , I Love You Phillip Morris , Mr. Poppers Penguins , and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. but that wasnt his fault because he was very funny there . Its not Jim Carreys fault the loser Steve Carrell cant carry an movie thats why it lost money He is coming out with Kick Ass 2 Aug 16, 2013 and Then Loomis Fargo in the fall of 2013 . Then 2014 Jim Carrey will be playing Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber 2 in either May or June of 2014 Then Jim Carrey will be playing in Guardians of the Galaxy with Adam Sandler in August in 2014. So dont tell me Jim Carrey cant act . He has already made 23 movies so far where hes known for already. I sggest you to go watch The Incredible Burtwonderstone just for jim Carrey if your an fan of his because he makes the movie very funny . Forget about the loser Steve Carrell.

  • garyfouse

    Carrey is just as dopey as that neurotic guy named Ace Ventura. They picked the perfect actor for that role.

  • Richard Malley

    1. Series of Unfortunate Events made $209,000,000, not $118,000,000
    2. A Christmas Carol made $325,000,000 international, wayyyy more than the $140,000,000 the author wishes it made.
    3. Mr. Poppers Penguins made $187,000,000
    4. He's not a troll, he's right, and responding to him by doing anything other than agreeing with him isn't "feeding the troll", its clinging onto yesterday's politics.
    5. The reason Jim Carrey is more successful than you is probably because he knows what he's doing and saying.
    6. The Times, They Are A-Changin'
    7. Wow this website's title doesn't lend itself to how biased it is. We should really stop being so biased…and stop reading biased material and think for ourselves…huh.
    I'm 12

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Domestic box office. Not international.

      • Richard Malley

        Yes, I understand that you said domestic. I assumed it was a tactic to make it seem that his movies were making much less than they actually are.
        Maybe I'm just paranoid.
        Am I paranoid?
        By the way, thanks for the response…

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Domestic box office provides more than twice the percentage of foreign box office.

          • Richard_Malley

            Right, and some of these made more than twice what they did domestically.

          • jarrod

            No they said these movies were considered flops.

          • jarrod

            they said these movies were considered flops.

  • Rev. Allen Sagjaw

    I don't hate Jim Carrey, I hate myself.

  • Ghostwriter

    Jim Carrey can be funny. He certainly was on "In Living Color." But that video he made WASN'T funny,it was stupid and beneath him. From what I've seen of the video,it was awful. Jim Carrey wasn't funny in that one,he was being stupid.

  • C. Shell

    Just another so called star that will never get another dime of my money. Why is it that movie people think they know what is best for everyone else, yet, like with the gun issue, they all have armed bodyguards? I haven't seen his video and I don't need to see it. He is now an insignificant speck on my horizon.

    • Mr. Byrds

      How poetic.
      You'll go see another Jim Carrey movie, you know it.
      You all will.
      See you soon.

      • Lorraine M.

        No Mr. Byrds, I too will not ever pay another of my hard earned taxable dollars on Jim Carrey again. Nor will a great deal of hard working law-abiding US citizens whom he referred to as "heartless motherf**kers" just because we believe in the Right to Bear Arms.

        The entire country, liberals, Democrats, conservatives, Republicans alike, abhor the loss of those precious children in Newtown. However, there is nothing currently being considered by the anti-gun faction that would have changed one thing in Newtown short of confiscation. And if you believe that all legal gun owners will turn over their firearms to the US government (which is the jux of the 2nd Amendment to protect citizens from government tyranny), just how will the US government go about confiscating every ILLEGAL gun?

        Jim Carrey is certainly entitled to his opinion about guns but that is where it should end. His juvenile and vitiolic rants (including openly denegating the "colostomy" as if that were a lifestyle choice any person who want to live with). Mr. Carrey is a very small man. However, I too am also entitled to my opinion. Since I don't command the attention of Hollywood or media pundits, my way of protesting his asinine, cruel and unjustified behavior, is to boycott his services (films). Please understand that my dollars helped make him a Hollywood star (no matter how small) and, therefore, will play a part in the reversal of his good fortune.

        • Richard Malley

          I don't need a gun to protect myself because I'm not afraid of being shot. I'm not afraid of dying and I understand the difference between living and surviving. The heart of the gun issue is a much more philosophical issue that would be impossible to explain to most people because most people are simple.
          Do I think I will be shot?
          I dunno, maybe I do.
          Prepare thyself for death now, before it comes and you will have no anxiety when it is near.
          We as a nation are hasty on the trigger and too slow to consider collateral damage. Not sure where that should be taught in schools. (Physics? Not sure.)

          Jim Carrey needs armed bodyguards because there are armed people that dislike him; now more than ever.

          I only wish I was an important man, maybe then I'd view this on a less than metaphysical level.

          • Lorraine M.

            Your air of pretension is astonishing (besides your apparent devotion to falling star Carrey).

            You are incorrect, This most certainly is a philosophical debate about political philosophy. I do not hunt and I do not fear death (but that is a religious debate). Our Constitution is not a "pick & choose" or living document subject to taking/limiting individual rights. If I believe in your right to free speech, so the same courtesy must be afforded to me. Period. If you choose not to own a firearm, then that is your right. However, you and Mr. Carrey cannot deny me the right I am guaranteed to own one. I live in an area where hurricanes and tornadoes are devastating. Potential harm and looting, despite martial law, are possibilities (refer to post Katrina and Joplin, MO stories). Have no doubt, I would protect my family from injury.

            Hasty on the trigger? The recent events were clearly committed by individuals with significant psychiatric disorders. I would venture, based on their age and gender, schizophrenia. In your world of no guns, please tell me how these impaired individuals will be kept from any instruments of mass killing? I would venture, based on their intelligence, they each had valid driver's licenses. Wouldn't a 2K car speeding into a playground, school bus, storefront, etc. cause as much pain and suffering? There is no mental examination for a potentially as deadly driver's license (at least yet). And driving is not a right guaranteed under the Constitution (unless stretching it to pursuit of happiness-again another debate). Lanza walked away from a sporting goods store in an attempt to purchase a gun because he did not want to wait 3 days (interesting he attempted to buy a gun when his mother, the legal gun owner whom he murdered and stole the guns from, had multiple guns in their home). The laws did work, however, Lanza broke the law (murder, stealing) before heading to the school. Enforce the laws we do have. Gun owners, as a whole, are responsible individuals who do mind safety. Lanza's mother did have a gun safe in the home. I don't know if her son had keys/combination or killed her for it (again why did he attempt to buy a gun?). If Lanza did not have access to a guns, I go to my scenario of a speeding car driven with deadly intent.

            Carrey is a juvenile insulting vile little hypocrite. Personally, I don't care if he has bodyguards. I do care that he is trying to infringe upon my right as a US citizen. Therefore, I reiterate I will not spend one dime to support any of his future acting enterprises as my way of protesting his doltish and offensive behavior/opinions.

          • Lorraine M.

            Note it should read "2K lbs. car".

          • Richard_Malley

            Pretentiousness? Cool, but I never said I think we should take away guns entirely, they serve a purpose, however that purpose should be recreation.
            Nobody fugging needs an assault rifle, extended mags…ANY OF THAT.
            Currently, we cannot cure all psychological illness anymore than we can confiscate all illegal guns.
            About your car analogy, I would venture to say its a lot more difficult to kill 26 people with a car than it is with a rifle.
            That's speculation…most people aren't F1 drivers and would have a tough time maneuvering around a playground like that…especially one filled with sand, as mine was in childhood.
            Your stories of looting and protecting your family are Ethics 101. Move out of such a devastating area if you're that worried.
            The brain is an instrument of mass killing. The gun allows that mass killing to be carried out very effectively.
            Its a mental health issue AND a gun issue, not one or the other.
            If somebody stole a tank and ran over a bunch of kids I wouldn't call for banning tanks, but then again…we don't sell tanks to the public (as far as I know)
            All you did was tell me that you didn't understand the argument I was making, or refuse to believe it for whatever reason (I'm guessing religious) which is fine. I'm not here to bash beliefs, I'm just clarifying that if you weren't afraid to die, you wouldn't feel the need to shoot somebody in order to survive.
            I think I could beat somebody to death with a book if I wanted. I think I could beat 26 school children to death with a book…but would I? No, because shooting them would be much easier. There's a reason Lanza went for a gun and not for a car (or a book), and that's because its much easier to kill a lot of people with guns. We should take steps to cut down on the ease of murder, and that should include reducing the numbers of high capacity rifles yaddayaddayaddai'mbored

          • Lorraine M.

            As I said this is solely a political philosophy debate (not religious by any means). If you clearly remember on the same day as the Newtown shooting, 20+ elementary school children were stabbed by a crazed individual in China. None died but the intent and potential were there. High capacity magazines are not the problem. Clearly, you do not own or shoot because if you did, you would understand how quickly even lower capacity clips can be dropped and with fresh clips reloaded. In addition, many of the "assault" type rifles are labeled as such due to cosmetic features only that do not make them any more lethal.

            The issue is a matter of infringement of the Constutional right of law-abiding US citizens. So how can those with mental illness be weeded out without infringing on my right (and yours)? Again, enforce the laws already on the books. Maybe also the issue of PC should be looked at as the CO Batman shooter was problematic at the U of CO to the point he was being dismissed because of his erratic behavior.

            No thanks to the move as there is no rhyme or reason to where Mother Nature's wrath will land next. So I will stay put, hope for the best and be prepared for the worse.

            I, however, am not a "heartless motherf**ker" as Jim Carrey stated and my original position stands to no longer support any of his future endeavors.

          • Richard_Malley

            That's right, 20+ were stabbed, none died. Its almost like you're agreeing with me. Or are you implying that the Chinese are just hardier than us?
            Actually, I have been shooting and know quite a few people that shoot regularly. But you're right, I haven't trained myself to reload magazines extremely quickly, as bullets aren't free.
            You mentioned the Aurora shooter; you do realize he had a 100 round drum with his S&W, and the only reason he stopped using that weapon was because the drum malfunctioned after about 30 shots. That's just good fortune I guess.
            I've read about many school shootings, the topic interests me. A lot of these shootings were ended when the shooter was forced to reload.
            I think it would be humorously effective if people were allowed like 6 bullets per gun to keep at a house, if you need more ammo than that you're either a bad shot or have made too many enemies.

          • Lorraine M.

            For 12 years old, you are very precocious. And the topic of school shootings interests you? Ah well, to each their own. I would suggest that, if you haven't already seen it, you watch We Need to Talk About Kevin. I brought the Chinese attack up to support my point that when there is a will, there will be a way. McVeigh was inventive enough to use ordinary fertilizer to commit mass murder (large purchases are now monitored). So ban it all-knives, cars, fertilizer, arrows, books? Who gets to make that call? Outraged Hollywood actors influencing low info voters and low info politicians? What about our rights (presuming you are a US CITIZEN) guaranteed under the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

            Which brings us full circle, do you believe that one set of standards for "important" people like Jim Carrey trump my right because, let's face it, Carrey will have his bodyguards permitted to carry. And, if I disagree with Hollywood-types voicing their opinions which are politically contrary to my beliefs and who have the ear of the media, how do you suggest I go about expressing my discontent? Or do you suggest that this US citizen (and military vet) should go silently into the night?

    • D. Smol

      I completely agree! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you can't mock people and our rights and think this won't piss people off. If he is using his celebrity status to make a statement, he must remember it works both ways (remember Jane Fonda's comments during the Vietnam War). This could also hurt his career too. This really will make me stop watching his movies, and I'm sure a lot of others as well.

  • bill salvatore

    damn,why is this world full of haters, if someone i enjoyed wasn't doing too good and was any kind of a fan at all' I would be supportive..and wish him the best.
    by the way , when is the last time you checked to see if your doing as good as you wished to be doing….? allright then…I like jim carrey and allways will…

    • teddy1

      yeah lost of people liked jim jones………..I still ain't drinking the koolaid!

      • Paul Pot

        As a sane person I can assure you that Jim Carrey will never orchestrate a plot to kill hundreds of his fans.
        Source: my non-lopsided brain

  • TommyT

    "You can respond to it, but just remember that you’re helping the “reinvention” of Jim Carrey’s image."

    Like you just did with this article?


    I don't care how many movies he makes in the future, He will NOT be getting any of my money!!!
    This whole gun control issue is total BS!!!
    It's a MENTAL HEALTH issue NOT GUN!!!!
    My best friend has a Autistic son and she can't get ANY help!!!
    If the government wants to get there hands in something they need to
    HELP our mentally ill!!
    And I'm FED UP with dumb ass celebrities!!!!!

  • @RobHoey

    I refuse to comment on this moron's behavior because he deserves no attention. Wait. I just did

  • eddy.canuck

    As a Canadian – I apologize, but he has lots of natural-born company. Hopefully Celine Dion will have a chat with him.

  • James

    I never understood his success at the box office to begin with. I always thought his 'humor' was too sophomoric, aimed at the people who have about an 8th grade education. Fine for kids, too stupid for adults. Now that he's gone off the deep end with the rest of his undereducated supporters, I just figure I'll continue to ignore him as I always have.

  • zorbs

    Carey is a total tool for so many reasons: He's a hypocrite, who has armed bodyguards, yet vilifies law-abiding citizens who want the same protection. Then he goes on to use Freedom of Speech to bash a dead man, Charlston Heston, but cries foul when people use their Freedom of Speech to respond to his childish, pathetic, and cowardly act. He wants to sue Fox for slander? Too bad Mr. Heston can't sue Jimmy Boy for slander, considering he's dearly departed and cannot defend himself. Sorry for the rant,….. screw you Carey. never liked any of your movies .Cant say I will boycott your movies cause i never saw them anyhow….

  • Tom

    I've never seen Jim as political until recently. I don't really know what to make this of it. I don't honestly believe anything he says because I only know him as being a comedian. It is just PR probably.

  • Gotmea Freeone

    Jim Carrey is bad. talk about over rated. i boycott anything associated with him or his freaky friend Jeanne Granofolo . another liberal idiot

  • Jim's Finished

    I think Jim did the only thing he could do since he is no longer desired in Hollywood LOL

  • Stephen

    Still talking out of your &ss huh. You never should of opened your mouth. I already used all you movie cases we had and DVDs as targets and I hope it catches on. Do you actually believe you have the power to take our guns be cause we know you can't but yet you say you weren't trying to like you could. Stop sterio typing gun owners.

  • curry

    go home commie your no longer welcome

    • Tricky


  • crimsonvermilion

    what a fucking moron. don’t bite the hand that feeds you

  • can545

    Jim Carrey? I thought he was dead?

    • Billy Joe

      Jim carrey is very much alive and hes the coolest person ever
      and how would you explain his new movie in 2011??
      i love jim carrey hes one of my favorite actors and i would die just to meet him…. well not literally but u get the point

  • clothos

    Jim Carrey is a slug – like most of those in Hollywood. I haven’t been to one of his movies in years and because of his latest behavior, I won’t attend any in the future either.

    • Tricky
      • clothos

        Using the expressions “awsome” and “Jim Carrey” in the same sentence is an example of an oxymoron.

        • Aamil Keeyan Khan

          YOU are an oxymoron. JIM CARREY is a legend and awesome. I’m sure you are making the world a much better place judging a hard working talented self-made man like him who does a lot for the community than he is. Of course you are. Armchair judgment from people who haven’t achieved half of what he has claiming all that superiority.

          You may not like him or his brand of comedy or his work but he is a self-made legend and you can’t take that away from him.

    • John R.

      I completely agree with you clothos.
      I use to think Jim Carrey was the funniest person I’d ever seen but, he’s gone over the line, mocking Charlton Heston and gun owners is unacceptable. No apology could possibly be sincere after what he’s done. His apologies are no different than a thief apologizing “only” after he was caught. All these actors that are anti-gun are pieces of shit hypocrites since most of them make their living using guns in their shows or movies and to top it off many of these rich actors have armed body guards.
      If it wasn’t for American Citizens guns, we wouldn’t have a Constitution that give these actors the ability to live free, here in America. Anti gun people are clueless and arguing with them would be like arguing while looking into a mirror. I recommend everyone boycott all actors that are anti gun.
      Jim Carrey’s career could be on the rise had he kept his mouth shut about Charlton Heston and gun owners. Plus; Sandy Hook was a production not a killing spree and anyone with half a brain that did their due diligence on the internet would know this.
      Instead most people (otherwise know as sheeple) that believe the news choose to go along to get along by believing anything and everything their T.V. tells them.
      In the day and age of internet, I find it unbelievable the amount of people that believe what they see on the T.V. without question.

  • Micah Carey

    Who cares? He’s finished!

  • Micah Carey

    And Jim Carrey isn’t “pushing 50,” he’s already 51! Did the writer even fact check?

    • BonV.Vant

      nit picking

      • Micah Carey

        It’s not “nit picking.” If you don’t have even the simplest facts in order it makes the rest of what you say suspect. It’s just plain lazy. He could have verified his age in about two seconds!

        • bob

          nit picking.

    • gljawi

      He doesn’t need to fact check. It felt truthy.

  • dafunnyone

    Jim Carrey doesn’t stink, it’s the movies he chooses. Nobody blames the horrible writers. They should be sent back to Auschwitz!

  • cjay

    Speaking of movies and television content in the US, it’s not just the fact that most actors are worthless, but their content is so lame that it can only appeal to someone with the taste and IQ of a retarded earthworm, which reflects the majority of most Americans. If the shoe fits……….

  • Tom Emerson

    Man imagine that, You mean Jim Carrey is a human being who has thoughts and opinions not related to acting like a total moron for the amusement of people like this writer? You mean he actually tweets and talks about things other than his comedy? And here I was thinking he was merely a one dimensional posterchild for the American obsession with pidgeonholing people into roles and getting freaked out if they dare step outside of them. Golly gosh!

    • Brandon Johns

      Jim Carrey is an unfunny idiot. He is only amusing anymore to lefties like you.

      • Tom Emerson

        I never said he was amusing. And what makes you think I’m a lefty? Because I don’t agree with you? Thats a pretty unstable argument don’t you think? “Because you don’t agree with me, you must think he’s funny, and you’re a lefty.” Your argument, glib, though refreshingly laconic is unfounded, unformed, and unintelligent. People like you give people like me a bad name. How about this, because you don’t agree with me you’re a pinko-commie Terrorist. There. Now I make just about as much sense as you. Am I speaking your language?

  • Linda Rain

    All I know is that Jim Carrey has made me cry laughing many times, and his life story about his struggles and rising out of poverty has given insight and emotional support to many going through similar struggles. I can’t judge him beyond that, as I don’t know him personally, but that’s more success that many of us have accomplished in life, at least the kind of success that matters on our deathbed.

  • Sue

    Actually I think Jim Carrey is 51…

  • noah

    he is nuts, and finally his handlers let him off the leash, like tom cruise, they gave you a glimpse under the mask – jim was always creepy, he said he never had a good night in a comedy club until he drove everyone out

  • vpc

    Amen to the Comment by Linda Rain 3 months ago. If I “didn’t care” or thought someone was dead, my comment should not waste someone else’s time to read it. Don’t be ignorant, learn about someone or something, before you criticize or judge them or it.

  • Random123

    Yes Man box office $225 million, christmas carol $325 million. Domestic box office means nothing compared to international. As far as I have seen latest numbers, Jim Carrey does really profitable movies still. I don’t know why there hasn’t been so much movies from him lately but maybe he just wants to spend more time with his family

  • JonnyDoes

    Okay,first. Like over 85% percent of your so called facts are inncorrect. Jim Carrey is in the middle of taping Dumb and Dumber Too. So, Suck one. Jim Carrey is a comic genius. You are bad critic. You try to make things look worse than they are. This is your Butler bitch, you just got served.

    • pacyderm

      Um yeah pretty sure nobody was served by your post.

      • Michael Miller


    • Michael Miller

      A for ingenuity though

  • Michael Miller

    If we always based our current success on our greatest accomplishments we’d be very unhappy people most of time. Plus that doesnt even take into consideration what Jim Carrey considers an accomplishment. “Good work” or art isnt always dictated by the monetary value placed upon it.

  • Tricky

    Dear, Daniel Greenfield, you are wrong about him. He is intelligent, funny and wise. Only because he does not have new good movies you make such assumptions… not cool, man, not cool at all. Maybe he has other things on his mind, not only to make money. Here, this is only one example how awesome is he.

  • he’s an articulate and clean

    tricky’s a lib.t.a.r.d

  • htomc42

    He is a talented, funny comic. Which makes it all the more tragic when he goes so far overboard in his personal/political agitation, that you decide never to patronize his productions again. I’m sure he has more great movies in him. He’ll have to do it without me.