The Democratic Party is a Cult Worthy of Jonestown


Center for American Progress boss and new Obama adviser John Podesta compared the Republican Party to the “Jonestown Cult“.

Podesta, whose official mandate includes enforcement of numerous executive orders on emissions and the environment, suggested as much when he spoke with me earlier this fall about Obama’s team. “They need to focus on executive action given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress,” he told me.

If Jim Jones were around today, there’s little doubt that he and his cult would still be campaigning for Democrats just like they used to.

“What you had here was a ready-made volunteer workforce,” said Agar Jaicks, who was chairman of the county Democratic Central Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party in San Francisco. “And you also had in Jones a man who touched a component of the consensus power forces in the city, such as labor and ethnicity groups, and he was very strong in the Western Addition. So here was a guy who could provide workers for causes progressives cared about.”

Do tell.

Democratic San Francisco Mayor George Moscone appointed Jim Jones to the city’s housing authority. Willie Brown, who later served as Democratic Speaker of the California Assembly, in 1976 introduced Jones as a combination Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein and Chairman Mao.

That same year Senator Walter Mondale, later elected vice president, invited Jones to meet with him on his campaign plane. The People’s Temple chief also had a personal meeting with Jimmy Carter’s wife, Rosalynn.

Wrote Walter Mondale: “Knowing of your congregation’s deep involvement in the major social and constitutional issues of our country is a great inspiration to me.”

Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey said that Jones’ work “is testimony to the positive and truly Christian approach to dealing with the myriad problems confronting our society today.”

California Congressman Don Edwards expressed the wish that “there were more like the people of the People’s Temple Christian Church.”

And let’s go to Jim Jones’ scene of the crime. The ceremonial drinking of the progressive Kool Aid.

“This is not the way for people who are Socialists or Communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity. We must die with some dignity,” Jim Jones said.

“Everything we could have ever done, most loving thing all of us could have done, and it’s been a pleasure walking with all of you in this revolutionary struggle. No other way I would rather go to give my life for socialism, communism, and I thank Dad very, very much,” a woman said.

This was Podesta’s cult all-right. And he should own it.

  • JDinSTL

    Who would have ever guessed that Jones was progressive? I remember as a young man the horror I felt on seeing all those bodies piled up on the beach. But, to make omelettes, you have to break a few eggs. That’s why all the murder and mayhem is always forgiven.

  • A Z

    Podesta engaged in a blood libel against 60 to 120 million people. Blood libels are serious sh_t that the recipients of said libel need to take seriously.

    When the accusers using a blood libel gain power, we know what they do from history.

  • Eric Paddon

    Don’t forget the fawning admiration Jones got from leftist cult hero Harvey Milk. HIs association with Jones was one thing totally zapped out of the hero worship movie about his life.

    • A Z

      I have looked at Jones’ biography before, which was a mistake. It means I read some, skimmed some, … you get the picture.

      It never hit me how connected Jim Jones was connected to the Left until you mentioned Harvey Milk.

      So many of the people that have made the news over the last year in FPM & other outlets met and politicked with Jim Jones from Democrat Governor Brown, to Harvey Milk to Angela Davis to Democrat Vice President Walter Mondale to First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

      Of course the LEFT has to lie a very BIG LIE

      • UCSPanther

        I have seen Democrats laughing at the Republicans for letting themselves get taken by the Moonies, but they have no leg to stand on because the San Francisco dems got taken by the People’s Temple.

        They swiftly hid it when Jonestown went down…

  • A Z

    Jim Jones attends communist party meetings, shills for Democrat politicians, and somehow this makes him Republican according to Podesta.

    This proves Podesta is a moron or a liar.


      He’s a Leftist, which means he’s both a moron and a liar.

  • A Z

    ‘Jones had long been critical of the United States’ opposition to communist leader Kim Il-Sung’s 1950 invasion of South Korea, calling it the “war of liberation” and stating that “the south is a living example of all that socialism in the north has overcome.”‘

    – wiki

  • glpage

    Podesta’s statement should eliminate any doubt that leftist ideologues have severe mental issues. That statement was a classic example of projection.

    • A Z

      He does have severe mental issues. He is willing to tell the basest lies to gain his objectives, political power. The ends justifies the means in his moral universe.

      The modus of operation of the Left is to tell a lie to slander their opponents. If it sticks, fine. If it does not stick, claim it is no big deal and tell everyone to MOVE ON!

      Their claim is either they half way apologized or it is old news. In Podesta’s case per Rush’s show today is that it is from an interview a few weeks ago so what is the problem!

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Old interview? It wasn’t broadcast live so it’s old.

        They are insane liars.

        • A Z

          I read part of the Politico story including the part where the comment was made.

          They do not say when the interview was. I’ll assume is was in the last 3 or 4 weeks and no more than the last 3 or 4 months.

          This is one of those OMISSIONS, where the MSM tries to edit the news and shape public opinion.

          So yes they they put it out there. But we are going into a very down week the week around Xmas & New years. that is when they deemed ObamaCare passed. It was dumped on Wed or Thursday but given the time of year it might as well been a Friday.

        • A Z

          I finally find it. Poltico would not tell. but Newsmax said it was last fall. So we are talking 12 to 14 months ago.

          So this is an inoculation story. Now that Obama is bringing him on board it is newsworthy and his reputation needs inoculation in case it leaked.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “I finally fond it. Poltico would not tell. but news max said it was last fall. So we are talking 12 to 14 months ago.”

            That almost makes it worse. I thought it was a reference to the “shut down” and recent attacks on 0’care.

            These people are truly delusional and dangerous.

  • cathyf

    Um, just sayin, but the Senate IS “one of the houses of Congress” and it just happens to be controlled by Jim Jones’ political party…

  • MJUdall

    It should be noted that many Jones followers did not drink the Kool Aid laced with arsenic voluntarily. Jones knew this so he had some of his strong men fill syringes with the Kool Aid and they ran around shooting up the many men women and children who had reservations about going off into that “white night” as he called it. Podesta’s comment was total left wing projection. This is a great short video compilation on Jones and how utterly frightening it was that such a man could be close to power brokers in politics back in the 60s and 70s. Enjoy.

  • A Z

    From the politico article

    Podesta want to be given broad Latitude on climate change efforts.

    He will recuse himself from the Keystone XL pipeline decision.

    He wants to used executive orders to effect climate change laws/actions.

    I also note that he was a fairly bright guy with a Mark I Mod I computer between his ears that when to Knox college in Galesburg, Illinois studying something or rather, subsequently got a law degree and then has been in Washington D.C. until he founded the Center for American Progress.

    He is not qualified to decide the fate of the nation when it comes to the putative Climate change. He a freaking hack politico & law graduate.

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    The democratic party is just another union. The Soviet Union.

  • Cult buster

    Not only is the party like a cult, but it’s filled with liberal bigots who believe it’s okay to discriminate against decent, moral people (like the bakers who wouldn’t make a wedding cake for a couple of heterophobic homosexuals). You’ll find the dregs of humanity in that party.

  • v

    As far back as I can remember, Democrats/Socialists/Communists, Fascists have always been liars. They have to lie to gain people’s confidence, then screw them with abuse of power. My only consolation with the democratic party’s lies is that people tend to revolt after a while. History is full of tyrants?Democrats and so on, who suffered the consequences of their actions and some of them did not live to talk about it

  • Lanna

    Some of the traditional democrats don’t even recognize these Progressives as sane because they are dysfunctional in everything they do. Obama hired Podesta because the Socialist Progressive movement is exposed and he needs a real hack job!

  • Realist

    Fanatics of the progressive cult-religion behaving like religious fanatics is something of a given, but the unique thing about leftist religious fanatics is that their “religion” is a religion based on imagined fantasies of the grand and glorious self. Or rather, it is a pseudo-religion based on their effusive emotions and grand vision of themselves as enlightened, self-styled “social warriors”, heroically crusading for vague and nebulous notions of “the good” while they mercilessly stomp, burn and destroy what they consider as the current imperfect – and therefore evil – social order.

    One thing I can absolutely guarantee, and that is the Lib Lie Stream Media will NEVER allow any connection to be made between these fanatics/lunatics acting in the name of “progressivism” and the “progressive” ideas and premises which underlie (and for the culprits, excuse) their actions. Look at the most recent Colorado shooter. Have ANY of the Big Media progressive accolytes reported on the shooters hard-core leftist identity and statements? No, not even one. Nor will they. Any and all connections between these fanatics and their progressive ideas will be strigently ignored, excused or flushed down the memory hole as needed.

  • RuralVermont

    It’s incorrect to describe the Democratic party as cult “worthy of Jonestown.” This demonstrates Mr. Greenfield’s profound ignorance of the circumstances of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple, as well as what makes up a destructive personality cult. It’s true that the “lefty” politicians used the members of the Peoples Temple cult to further their interests politically, but they had no idea about what Jim Jones was doing inside his cult, that it was a dangerous cult at all, nor what Jones was capable of at the time, including and especially Jones’s revolutionary suicide in Guyana. To compare Democrats with Jones is a serious misjudgement and inaccurate depiction of history.

    It wasn’t until several inner circle people in Jones’s cult defected and went to the press that Jones escalated his move to Guyana, held his people captive there, and became drug addicted and more paranoid. This article is nothing more than a polemic attempt to compare the Democrats generally, and Podesta specifically to a cult that killed almost 1,000 people.

    To understand what happened really happened in the Jones’s cult, how Jones became the psychopath and megalomaniac that he was, his political aspirations by recruiting many African-Americans to follow him (which lead the Dems in San Francisco to believe he was a good guy, hence his appointment) read, Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People, by Tim Reiterman. Not only is the book well-researched and sourced, Tim Reiterman was at Jonestown, as part of Ryan’s party, when the massacre took place. Reiterman was also shot there on the airstrip.

    It’s not necessary to broad brush on side of a political argument by making misinformed statements like in this article.