The Dishonest Campaign Against Richard Littlejohn

Nathan Upton, left


Nathan Upton, a troubled man who taught school at St Mary Magdalen’s Church of England Primary School while insisting that everyone refer to him as Lucy Meadows, committed suicide.

Upton’s suicide is unfortunate, but not surprising. People who struggle with mental illness do take their own lives. And Nathan Upton was denied the psychiatric help that he clearly needed by a leftist agitprop community that saw him as a political trophy in the war against gender, rather than a man with severe problems who attempted to deal with them through medical self-mutilation followed by suicide.

Even less surprising is that the left, instead of taking responsibility for pandering to Nathan Upton’s delusions that he was really a woman, chose to target Richard Littlejohn, a talented conservative columnist in the UK with a campaign to get him fired from the Daily Mail for, what else, causing Nathan Upton’s death.

Upton first came to Littlejohn’s attention when the male teacher insisted on parading about in women’s clothing. Then the school told the children that Nathan Upton would now be turning into Miss Lucy Meadows.

Confirmation came in the school’s Christmas newsletter. “Mr Upton has made a significant change in his life and will be transitioning to live as a woman after the Christmas  break. She will return to work as Miss Meadows.”

It went on to stress that the school is ‘proud of our commitment to equality and diversity’.

Teachers told them that Mr Upton felt he had been ‘born with a girl’s brain in a boy’s body’ and would henceforth be living as a woman.

Richard Littlejohn expressed some proper skepticism about the impact of imposing Upton’s issues with his body on the children. Littlejohn went overboard to be sensitive to Upton, even saying that he supported the NHS carrying out sex change operations. What he didn’t support was the school and Nathan Upton traumatizing children for their own selfish need to put diversity over their welfare.

After Nathan Upton’s suicide (not altogether unusual in someone so mentally troubled as to seek to destroy his entire identity right down to his name and gender), Littlejohn is being blamed for a fairly mild column and there are calls for his firing.

As with the Julie Burchill witch hunt, this is about the left asserting its power to crush common sense journalistic dissent. In this case, Nathan Upton’s suicide has given them a martyr. But it wasn’t Richard Littlejohn who killed Nathan Upton. It wasn’t even Nathan Upton. It was the myth that Upton could solve his problems by destroying his body rather than by healing his mind.

Brendan O’Neil at the Telegraph says much of what needs to be said about the cynicism of gay rights martyrs.

There’s a nauseating new trend in campaigning circles: the exploitation of suicides for political gain. All sorts of activists are indulging in this most ghoulish political behaviour. They’re claiming that the thing they hate and campaign against – whether it cuts to welfare benefits, student debt, or Daily Mail articles – is causing people to kill themselves and therefore it must be brought to an immediate end. They think their suicide exploitation adds weight to their arguments, but really it exposes their intellectual cowardice and their barrel-scraping morals.

The milkers of Ms Meadows’s death have now launched a petition to get Littlejohn sacked, and more broadly are campaigning to tame the allegedly feral tabloids. It all brings to mind the similarly opportunistic exploitation of the suicide of the nurse Jacintha Saldanha after she was duped by two Aussie DJs pretending to be Prince Charles. Then, too, liberal observers grotesquely use the late Ms Saldanha to mouth their concerns about low-rent media outlets. They went very quiet when it was later revealed that Ms Saldanha had suffered from deep, dark, suicidal depression for years, and had attempted suicide in the past.

Also, consider how internet activists have held up the suicide of hacker of Aaron Swartz as a cut-and-dried case of government “murder”: it was the authorities’ decision to threaten Swartz with a prison sentence that drove him to suicide, they say, and now there must be reform of how hackers are dealt with by the police and courts.

In each of these cases, the spectre of suicide takes the place of clear-headed or decent political arguments. Having failed to win the living over to their political causes, campaigners seek to stir up the dead instead. This isn’t politics: it’s emotional blackmail. Stop cutting welfare or people will die. Stop publishing Richard Littlejohn or vulnerable people will perish. Stop arresting hackers or genius webby people will kill themselves.


  • Ar'nun

    This all started in Massachusetts, go figure. And it instantly spread around the world because of the case. Phoebe Prince, the first major politicized suicide case. A young girl was bullied, and she killed her self. She was born in Ireland, so the story spread to Europe. Of course this influenced anti-bully legislation in every single state and has even gone Federal and International. I believe the UN took up an anti-bully resolution named after her.

    I and many others warned that it may feel good to pass this legislation, but it will hurt and ruin the lives of many that don't deserve it. We have seen this already happen. A boy in Massachusetts was expelled from school for calling another kid a name. They were 6 years old.

    We saw a Jihadist attempt to use bully laws as defacto anti-blasphemy law.

    • JJS

      It didn't start in Massachusetts. Hey – news just in – not everything that happens in the world is because of what's going on in the US. The UK tabloid press has been doing this stuff for years, destroying lives of innocent people, without any help from the US.

  • Ar'nun

    The Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings are used in a similar despicable manner. Still even months latter, Liberal outlets post pictures daily of the victims. So we are supposed to cave and accept the abolishment of the Second Amendment as a result.

    The Left has no shame. Look at Giffords and her Sea Lion murdering husband. They parade this poor women around the country. She can barely stand or speak and they are making a fool out of a brain injury victim just to push an illogical agenda. They took advantage of Cindy Sheehan who is barely literate. They don't care, Sol Alinsky taught them "Whatever it takes, never let a tragedy go to waste."

    • Ausrob

      What so a massacre takes place in a school and no-one is allowed to call for sensible gun policies. You must be joking to call that despicable. Where is your logic? Buried in your prejudice I reckon.

    • valdemar

      'They parade this poor women around the country. She can barely stand or speak and they are making a fool out of a brain injury victim just to push an illogical agenda.'


  • TomReeves1

    Calling Richard Littlejohn a "talented conservative columnist in the UK" is mistaken in several ways.

    Richard Littlejohn is not a serious columnist. He has made a career out of being provocative. Although most of his targets are on the left, that does not make him a conservative per se. Indeed, as a British conservative, I resent my principles and philosophy being connected to a man who is, basically,a well paid troll.

    He has also made a couple of attempts at writing novels. Gratituously offensive is the mildest way to describe them. Again, nothing conservative about that.

    His columns are often poorly researched, more cliched invective ("elf and safety" for "health and safety" and so on) than crafted reporting. He is often called out on points of fact by institutions and individuals alike but, as until recently his editor was also the head of the press watchdog, he is rarely held to account.

    In short, he makes Glenn Beck look like F William Buckley. Please don;t tar British conservatives with the Littlejohn brush.

    Oh, and his columns may appear in a UK newspaper but Littlejohn lives in Florida.

  • George

    What a ridiculously ignorant and thin article. Reads like a joke, to be perfectly honest. You refer to Ms Meadows as having a "mental illness", Littlejohn as a "talented columnist." How on earth do you expect to be taken seriously with such outlandish and conservative views? This is the 21st century, get a grip.

    • Ar'nun

      Gender Identity Disorder. Ever hear that. Do I need to give you the Websters definition of disorder? Anyone willing to have their genitals removed has bigger issues than being in the wrong body. This isn't a Conservative view this is psychology 101.

      • Informer

        Gender Identity Disorder is very real. Some people have a 'male' brain but female body and vice versa. You seem to have a reptilian brain trapped in a human body….

  • JJS

    Wow, that's about as much misinformed hate as I think I have ever seen in one column. Congratulations, you really broke some new ground here, in a territory pretty heavily populated by bigoted morons. Uninformed, ignorant, shameful and insulting.

    • JJS

      And from whom did you get permission to publish this photo?

      • Informer

        Who did give permission to publish that photo???????

  • Linda

    Gender identity disorder (GID) is not a psychiatric illness. In the UK it is a recognised medical condition, for which treatment is available on the NHS. And I agree with JJS – you have written a load of misinformed hate – do you fear transsexual people that much? Why? What do tyou think they might do to you that no-one else could ?

  • Cat

    So Mr Greenfield, did you just wake up and think "Imma just write an article about something i know next to nothing about"?

  • Red Bog Rascal

    Usual lefty drivel in the comments.

    • Matt J.

      Typical righty blind dismissal in response as well.

  • LordLeveson

    "Upton’s suicide is unfortunate, but not surprising".

    Daniel, you are a true Prince amongst affectionless psychopaths. This sub-human teaching unit, he was just a bit of collateral damage eh? Priceless.

    What an unpleasant, pitiless man you are, a Shill man indeed. I'll bet your work on radical Islam will turn out to be a balanced thing of loveliness.

  • Angry Bird

    By all that's holy. Did you get paid to write this? If so, your publication and readership have all been robbed. There are so few facts in here as to make it effectively up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

    Gender Identity Dismorphia has been recently de-pathologised, meaning it is no longer viewed as a mental health problem (this has been done by a group of people who are VERY well versed in the realm of psychiatry and psychology and are in no way 'left-wing nutjobs').

    Richard Littlejohn is NOT a talented journalist, he is a very well paid troll. His remit is to write provocative op-eds in order to generate hits for the Daily Mail's website. He is not interested in research or facts. He just writes a hate-filled bigoted diatribe and watches the money roll in.

    Lucy Meadows was a real person, with genuine pain in her life. She was loved by those that knew her and unfortunately reviled by a few who didn't – the kind of people who would be proud to have you in their number. People who feel qualified to judge somebody else without taking the smallest amount of time to educate themselves on an issue or to listen to those who do actually know something. Thyat's fine when it's about sport or something unimportant but when it screws someone's entire existence, it is nothing short of shameful.

  • Enjais

    Richard Littlejohn is rightly regarded by the average Briton as a disgrace to journalism. His extreme right-wing views are peddled as fact, when in fact most decent people find them offensive in the utmost. I am mystified that this site would endorse this objectionable fascist when he has previously made headline statements along the lines of; "Don't expect me to cry tears over the holocaust" amongst other anti-Semitic spew.

  • Lodestar

    Lucy died. Some impact on the children that will be. Littlejohn survives to influence the lives of our kids. Yep. We're in trouble. At least sign the petition to get Littlejohn out of the Daily Fail, he ll be fine. Got it made in Florida….

  • Len

    Take a look at this article again people. It is full of cartoon monsters and straw men and it appears to have been written by a freshman comp student. The article is mostly a quote from some other second-rate author at the Telegraph. The only crime here is that so many of us have pandered to Mr. Greenfield's delusions of journalism.

  • Angry

    Daniel Greenfield, you are a cowardly scum little excuse for a human. To hell with you, you evil rat. Littlejohn is as bad as you. You both don't deserve to live. Lucy Meadows was a transgender woman. You don't deserve to claim yourself as a journalist.

  • belbylafarge

    It is likely that littlejohn was responsible for uptons death and it is also likely that a few people have killed themselves as benefits have been reduced. Greenfield just doesnt want to face this so he denies it and blamesthe left. He is a nauseating little turd and I would rather it had been his death than nathan uptons.

  • sally kate taylor

    Looking at the cliché ridden garbage Littlejohn writes I just thought I’d save him the effort and write his next so predictable column; of course I had to try and think like a moron to do so. However after reading some of his columns it became a quite easy task. It took me 5 minutes. What an easy job Littlejohn has. So overpaid I reckon.

    The good thing is however, with every Littlejohn’ cliché used in one article, he can now retire, wear his KKK uniform when he wants and constantly waffle on about the wonders of ‘Good Awld Blighty in ‘The Days of Corporal Jones Punishment ’ from his ‘holiday home in the USA to any Red Neck serial killer that is willing to listen.

    Rest in peace Lucy Meadows. You did nothing wrong but want to be yourself.

    Call me Dave but you couldn’t make it up. I Mean I’m all for ‘diversity’ but the Yuman Rites brigade in the Guardianista seem to be obsessed with the loony Liberal agenda.

    Take ‘multi culturism’ for instance. Not content with allowing illegal immigrants and benefit scroungers to spread Aids they insist, along with the elf and safety Nazis, that Muslims and Terrorist should get com – pen – say – shun for being murdered. What next? Right Wing bigoted journo’s being sued for murdering trannies?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for freedom of expression, so long it has a right wing bent, no pun intended, but before long we’ all be wearing frocks and peeing in single gender loos. It’s not the natural order. Although I prefer the New World Order to be honest.

    It seems everywhere you look, well everywhere I look through my blinkered pork pies, the Traffic Taliban with their obsession with speed cameras have taken over the asylum. I mean what ever happened to freedom of speech and the right to kill a gay, foreign or ‘effnic’ child while doing 90mph in your Bentley after a few bevies. I mean it is a British tradition. The world’s gone mad I tell you.

    Then there’s the Eco Loonies and the Loony left in the ‘cawncils’ that moan about the Bedroom Tax’. Benders everyone. Mind how you go I say. Before long it will be compulsory for us all to indulge in cottaging with the rest of the ‘poovters’ that want to get married to other blokes instead of women. Not that I’ve any objection to that; well I do but you have to beware the bin police.

    Personally I blame those that work in the public sector: although I say work lightly. I mean what have nurses, doctors, soldiers, fire fighters, the police, teachers and the rest of the over paid lazy rabble ever done for the country in comparisons to idiots like me that use clichés in every column I write to espouse bile and cover up my rather ‘worrying’ ‘personal’ obsession with homosexuality and gender dysphoria. Nothing I say. I’d sack the lot of them and make them get a real job in the real world, like banking, lobbying Tory MP’s with cash for questions, espousing shit on Fox or working for the Daily Fail.

    I mean where’s it all heading? Up the swaneee I reckon. They’ll be making racism illegal next. I am reliably informed by a mate of mine, but as usual I won’t say who because I made it up, that this left wing ConDem Government of ‘tolerance’ fascist are thinking of making hate crimes ‘wrong’. Why don’t they get it: my rantings aren’t hate crimes; it’s self loathing for the real me?

    Okay so I drive innocent so called ‘decent’ people to suicide by subjecting them to scorn and ridicule in the national press. Okay I abuse my position for my own ‘devices’. But that’s what the Daily Fail pay me for – who cares? I don’t.

    No matter what you all say I’ll just carry on pretending to support the ‘Come on You Spurs’ – “Great Goal Ossie pity you’re an Argie” from a distance. It gives me ‘street cred’ you see. Without it I’m just another tap room bigot with a limited vocabulary.

  • Ian C.R. James

    Once upon a time a group of V.D. riddled whores were gang raped anally by a heard of rabid hyenas. The issue of these couplings went on to write for the Daily Mail..