The Egyptian Pyramid Scheme

ObamaPDeserts are funny things. A big wide open space in which nothing moves can play tricks on the mind. Spend enough time looking at a desert and you will see things moving in it because your mind needs to believe that there is life in it. Look hard enough and you will see democracy, progress and change.

But when you close your eyes and open them again, you will see that there is only a desert. And that there only ever was a desert.

Everything else was a mirage.

Egypt has gone back to what it was before the Arab Spring. It is now once again a country ruled by the military and bureaucratic institutions that are the legacy of British colonialism. Mubarak will not return to power again, but there are plenty of other military men to squat on top of a bankrupt oligarchy that lives on foreign aid and pride.

The mirage of Tahrir Square, the fireworks, fires and social media protesters brandishing smartphones and throwing down with riot police, is fading away. There will be more riots and fires and rapes. But that false sense of history being made will never return.

The truth about the Arab Spring is that it never existed. The term was coined by Marc Lynch, a George Washington University professor, who had spent years urging engagement with Hamas and championing the role of the Muslim Brotherhood as a “firewall” against Al-Qaeda “radicalism.”

This Arab Spring had nothing to do with democracy or freedom. It was a scheme to split the Islamist ranks by turning over the Middle East to political Islamists. It was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Green Belt strategy practiced on a grander scale than Iran. Instead of Jimmy Carter hoping that the Ayatollah Khomeini would checkmate the USSR, there was Barack Obama counting on Muslim Brotherhood election victories to make the practice of international terrorism passé.

The Arab Spring was a cheerful brand, a shiny media package, covering up an ugly truth. The optimistic implications of its name kept many from looking at the list of ingredients and finding out that the only things inside were Islamists and more Islamists.

The pyramid scheme would keep investing in new Islamist governments and they would pay us back by discrediting Al Qaeda’s campaign of terror and that, the liberal foreign policy mavens insisted, would allow us to bring an end to the War on Terror.

Egypt was where it was all supposed to come together. It was the most powerful Arab country standing and its political system was a legacy of European colonialism. The Muslim Brotherhood had been born there and Al Qaeda, in its own way as well, with ambitious Egyptian Brotherhood members like Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s current leader and former grey eminence, using Bin Laden as a hand puppet.

That was why Obama went to Cairo. His new beginning had its biggest implications for Egypt. This was where the Muslim Brotherhood was supposed to turn his Post-American foreign policy into a success.

Not only didn’t the Arab Spring do what it falsely promised; open up closed societies, expand freedom and reform the region; but it didn’t even do what its backers wanted.

The Arab Spring was supposed to bring stability, but it made Egypt more unstable. It was supposed to work economic miracles by fusing devout Islam with free market capitalism. Western useful idiots told Morsi to use Turkey as a model. He did. The real Turkey is a paranoid oligarchy in debt up to its eyeballs.

Finally, it was supposed to neuter Al Qaeda. Instead it only encouraged it. Islamists taking power by winning elections was supposed to convince Al Qaeda members that it was time to trade in the bomb for the ballot box. Instead the Muslim Brotherhood used Al Qaeda to play a game of “Good Terrorist” and “Bad Terrorist” with the United States the way most Muslim countries do.

The traditional Egyptian authorities, the old oligarchy, disliked the Muslim Brotherhood businessmen financed by Qatari cash and propagandized by its Al Jazeera megaphone, even more than Mubarak’s son. They knew that given time, Morsi would take their posts and business monopolies and hand them over to his supporters. The issue for them wasn’t Islam; it was power and money.

They knew that there was no Arab Spring. This was a regime change operation. Washington had decided that its old allies were no longer getting the job done and decided to trade them in for the Brotherhood. And they waited, giving the Brotherhood and Obama enough rope to hang themselves with. The same type of manipulated popular revolt that had brought them down would bring Morsi down too. And did.

The Muslim Brotherhood went down, denounced as thieves, murderers, terrorists, Zionists and American puppets. Only 3 out of 5 of those charges are actually true, but the other two are the only ones that matter.

Assassinating Sadat was a minor matter. That sort of thing happens in the Middle East. But becoming a tool of American regime change is treason.

Mubarak had kept the Muslim Brotherhood around to demonstrate to the United States that pushing him to democratize was too dangerous; stepping on it just enough to keep it down, but not wipe it out. It took him too long to realize that Obama not only would not stop pushing for elections out of fear of a Muslim Brotherhood victory, but would actually welcome a Muslim Brotherhood victory.

Egypt, like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many Muslim countries, had used Islamic terrorism as a counter. Either the United States would support the “moderate” and “responsible” authorities committed to occasionally fighting terrorism or the terrorists would take over. It didn’t expect an America insane enough to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood was the moderate and responsible alternative.

The fury and hate directed at the Muslim Brotherhood comes out that deep sense of betrayal. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political judo trick of flipping its dreaded image as a threat of violence into a gatekeeper of violence should have been anticipated, especially since that is the whole purpose of terrorism, but change comes slowly to the region. And it usually comes from outside.

Egypt’s ruling authorities were shaped by a British colonial patronage whose roots were in a former century. The Muslim Brotherhood was politically influenced by modern transnational movements like Nazism and is far more flexible and light on its feet. And unlike its leftist opposition, which is mainly clever when it comes to making memes, it understands how to seize power.

Obama’s Cairo pivot gave the Muslim Brotherhood its best shot at power in Egypt, but it may have also destroyed it. The Muslim Brotherhood’s continued existence is no longer an asset that keeps American calls for democracy at bay. It has become a Damocles sword of regime change hanging over their necks. And that means it may have to be destroyed. In the peculiar politics of the region, success may be the only thing that can destroy terrorists.

But destroying the Brotherhood is a big job. The authorities would prefer that the Muslim Brotherhood accept its place and return to the way things were.  And that is what everyone really wants. Not hope, change or revolution. Only the past. Even the Islamists only long for a return to an ancient status quo.

The desert is a barren place. It’s not a place of life, growth or change. Western travelers, bored with the lifelessness, squint and think that they can see a revolution coming that will transform the region.

And then they open their eyes and see that there is nothing there.

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  • truebearing

    “The fury and hate …” That could be the description of just about anything Muslims have ever been involved with.

    Obama and the American Left have no moral compass and infinite hubris. They figured that if Bush worked with Mubarak, doing the opposite and overthrowing him would prove their superiority. Obama wanted the Muslim Brotherhood in power because of his deep connection to his “Muslim faith” and the Left likes anyone who hates Jews and Christians. The failure of their simplistic scheme comes as a great shock. When has the Left ever failed before?

    • Arf

      You’re right on many points but I think the Left loved the Muslim Brotherhood because it was one of them. Totalitarian thugs parading around as the voice of the people. Fortunately, they are either eaten by others or they devour each other. The Soviets were famous for that. And the American Left, a pathetic bunch of misanthropic idiots ready to kill anyone who disagrees with their “social justice” nonsense (or rather hate the world temper tantrums) until the entire world is dead. these people would kill millions, happily under the guise of making the world better. The Muslim Brotherhood is just another brand of the same old crap.

  • davarino

    The muslim in chief saw to it that Iran didnt get free either.

  • Lanna

    After the Egyptians said NO to the Brotherhood, Obama tries to change regimes in Syria, but Putin outmaneuvered him!

    • Arf

      Putin is a lot smarter than Obama and has had more practice as head of the KGB than Stinky did as a community organizer for ACORN. Putin could wipe his a$$ with Obama, and I wish he would.

      • Lanna

        Putin is smarter, and more open. Stinky, now that is a good name, fits right in with Os deads.

  • Mark K

    As Daniel said in an earlier post, Obama’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood, tarred them as western sympathizers and is giving the military the popular support to sustain their crackdown. It will be interesting to see if the Egyptian goverment follows through on its action to pull the preaching certificates of the thousands of unlicensed Imans around the country and monitor all the sermons.

  • Nan Brall

    Excellent summation of the truth….

  • Johnnnyboy

    An interesting article, but it has the feel of speculation. The human mind searches for patterns in the chaos of reality, and at times will find patterns that are only the product of imagination. The one certain thing is that Islam does not encourage democracy, and that commonly leaves these Islamic countries going from one oppressive ruling elite to another. Perhaps who ends up on top is just chance event.

  • Solo712

    It is clear from Huma Abedin’s career at Hillary’s SD the the Obama admin considers the MB as an ideological ally. Whether this is simply stupidity or something else, history will judge. What matters now is that people realize that the “moderate” rebels the US supports and supplies with weapons in Syria are essentially the twin organization of the Brotherhood in Egypt. The armed uprising and its political front has been led by them despite the nonsense about their supposedly secular and democratic aims.

    • lori

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  • al_kidya

    I don’ feel any pain in my heart when I hear of Muslims being gassed to death. I realize that Muslims love death more than they love life and so they must be mush happier in their paradise. I also realize that Islam will never work in the West and therefore it should remain in the Middle East and Asia…let them fight it out over who wins, … Shiite or Sunni.

    • Gee

      I have fought the Arabs most of my life – but I do not hate the people. Nobody deserved to be gassed – and no civilians should ever be targeted.

      As for the Arabs fighting among themselves – anybody getting in the middle loses

      • Drakken

        That is exactly why you Israeli’s fail to finish what the arabs start.

  • Ritch Ritch

    The article repeatedly makes out that the military tyranny was based on British colonial governance. No, it wasn’t. It was based on Nazi-style tyranny – you know, the enemies of Britain and the ideas of the English and Scottish Enlightenment.

    • Gee

      The British have very few differences between them and Nazi Germany.

    • defcon 4

      The English conquest of the Indian sub-continent ended slavery there. That’s a good thing right?

  • Suzanne

    For years we have been reading one depressing evaluation of the Islamic world after another. We read as the bodies stack up. The correct conclusion of most knowledgeable people is that Islam is the root of everything that’s wrong in these countries. Islam, we’ve unhappily learned is a violent, fascistic totalitarian ideology that is anti progress, anti democratic and will never, ever tolerate peace. Well, I hate to be simple minded, but, if that’s the case, is there any way that the free nations of the world can destroy Islam? How many adherents does it have anyway, something like a billion and a half? Is it even possible to destroy an ideology held by so many? How could the world go about doing this? The only thing that comforts me as an individual is that the world is still run mostly by non Muslims and all the most powerful nations in the world are still non Muslim. The Organization of Islamic Cooperative (or whatever name this organization now goes by) doesn’t seem to get discouraged that Muslims are in the minority. Instead, however, they’re always planning on how to spread Islam even further. Well, if that’s the case, why don’t we have a counter plan for eradicated Islam? One small example is – some years ago, after 9/11, there was a lot of talk about the Saudis and their spreading of Wahhabism all over the planet. I’ll bet nothing was ever done about this. No, instead, we sit meekly as we import Al Jazera over here and watch, glazy eyed, as the Saudi funded mosques go up. In closing, why hasn’t there been a blueprint for a total war on Islam?

    • defcon 4

      My vote? The US federal government is mostly corrupted by islam0fascist petrodollars. When the FBI was more true to its motto, it had no problems finding corrupt senators willing to take Arab money from faux Sheikhs (viz. ABSCAM).

    • Drakken

      Sooner or later islam no matter the stripe will push us to war whether we like it or not. How it will begin is by a local matter and a native population filled to the back teeth of muslim aggression and finally the locals say enough is enough and give the peaceful or not muslim a very nasty taste of what I like to call the Serbian Option, and it will spread like wildfire from there.

  • edlancey

    The only thing about the Arab Spring that was real were the gang rapes.

    • No RNC

      The Arab Spring was a project of the Cultral Marxist infesting the State Dept, Google and the Black House.

  • tokoloshiman

    imam obama came and saw and concurred, but he never conquered anything except America’s honor.
    he appeased and bowed and scraped and lauded the great” contributions” of the muslims but ignored the west and its achievements in current times.
    his support of the MB and his his support of his half brother Malik in the fomentation of violent jihad and stealth jihad is unbending.
    He aims to destroy america , you know the country according to him that has 57 states, ?? and replace it with a sharia compliant caliphate.
    His muslim roots forbid anything less.
    Universities subsidized by massive funds from the saudis will ensure generations of rabid islamism which will take the place of a christian based country very soon. just as it is happening in europe right now.
    the obama’s hatred of their country america knows no bounds and it is a travesty that people like this are in charge.
    All of obamas appointees are violent anti semites, kerry is a traitor.
    now mccain seems to have lost his mind in his senile support of the obama administration and its most inept bungling in the history of the usa, even worse than peanut farmer carter!

  • Marvin E. Fox

    The Muslim Brotherhood may be down but it isn’t out. We may be lucky enough for the Egyptians to change the MB status to down and out, but maybe not. The MB seems homed in on a new unwilling nation to rule. That is syria. Russia’s Putin seems to have crossed Obama off the MB’s list of helpful idiots to willingly or unknowingly give support to the MB conquest of Syria. With Russian and Iranian support of Syria, the new Caliph makers will not be the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB cannot take Syria away from Russia and Iran. Iran’s star seems to have risen as the central object in the Caliph making sky.
    The Muslim world is never dull.
    Marvin Fox

  • joshuasweet

    You forgot how Obama rearmed Egypt with modern equipment, M1A1 tanks, F-16 fighter bombers and two German Submarines, and all the supporting systems. And all the cash and arms he is flooding the region with. Ignore how Obama’s friends and Allies the Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are gaining positions over the region, and how the “Weapons of massed destruction” that were in Iraq were used in Syria by the “Rebels” that Obama is supporting to over throw Assad with every intent of using US troops to do so.

  • Abe

    “The traditional Egyptian authorities, the old oligarchy, disliked the Muslim Brotherhood businessmen financed by Qatari cash and propagandized by its Al Jazeera megaphone, even more than Mubarak’s son. They knew that given time, Morsi would take their posts and business monopolies and hand them over to his supporters. The issue for them wasn’t Islam; it was power and money.”

    That is a very intelligent observation that most of the so-called experts on the Middle East failed to notice.

  • defcon 4

    Why? Because of the way they administered Palestine?

  • bshade

    Nothing in this article states that Obama’s brother Malik is muslim brotherhood, and he fundraises for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the IRS rapidly approved their exempt status, while obstructing conservatives. In addition, the Egyptian media states that it has documented evidence that Obama himself, is muslim brotherhood. If this is accurate, then the mystery is solved. Obama is committed to deposing the long-standing dictators in the ME — Mubarak, Qhaddafi, and Assad to promote the installation of muslim brotherhood dictators who HATE us. Just why is Obama arming enemies of the US? Rebels in Syria? beheadings, chemical weapons, killing Christians! Selling weapons in Libya– Bengazi to rebels in Syria. Our president’s goal is obvious—arm the brotherhood and install them!! Where is the outrage? Shame on all of us for putting up with this! Arming our enemies seems to be the MO of this administration- fast and furious,–drug cartels, Egypt-muslim brotherhood, Syrian rebels-brutal terrorists also. What is scary are the lies, lies, and more lies from our own president, yet we say nothing.