The End of Journalism Summed Up In One Picture

upi 100 years of journalistic excellence

This is what UPI’s 100 years of journalistic excellence has pathetically come down to.

4 of its top stories are about misbehaving celebrities. The other is about whether a naked photo that went viral was staged.

4 of its top stories are about naked people

2 of its top stories contradict each other. And considering that the 5th story could have been fact-checked by just watching the video in question, that means UPI ran a story for hits without even watching the video.

3 of the stories are not even about Miley Cyrus, they’re about celebrity reactions to her routine.

This is what the news media is now. Journalism is dead in the mainstream media. It lives on only outside it.

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  • Veracious_one

    Don’t forget about news regarding any of those asinine housewives reality shows…

  • Gordon

    I don’t blame the UPI. Know why those are the top stories. Because we morons keep clicking on the links.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a cycle. The media acts as a weapon of mass distraction and then blames people for making them do it.

    • bcbingram

      …and they get paid by advertisers for every ‘click’. Whether You agree. disagree or don’t really care, a ‘click’ is a ‘click’.

      I have a theory that folks click more often when they really truly disagree.
      Why else would media news head line so much with messages crafted to Upset folks ?

    • vladdy1

      What do you mean “we” (and I won’t quote the rest of it.)

  • bluffcreek1967

    This sort of deviancy and gossip is what the West has wanted – and now we’re all choking on it!

  • ReyR

    Neil Postman tried to warn us, didn’t he? The year was 1984, if I remember right. We’ve had some progress since then. Or should I say regress?
    “Amusing ourselves to death”.

  • rangerrebew

    Does anyone see Rome burning? TV has become the Colosseum , half naked little cherubs running around and dancing for entertainment, a government in disarray, a national leader interested only in self-aggrandizement. Burn, baby, burn.

    • Michele L Clark

      Well said!

    • Moose

      Hey get outta my way, I’m trying to roast some marshmallows here.

  • tagalog

    Hey, it’s August, a bad month for news stories. Don’t get all apocalyptic.

  • glpage

    What else should we expect from the new Pravda?

    • defcon 4

      IN some respects it’s more like PressTV.

  • Tom Foremski

    This doesn’t mean anything about the end of journalism. It’s what is popular, that’s all it is. The end of journalism will come when there’s incredible breaking news dug out by reporters and their sources and no one cares. NSA revelations are a better example, imho.

  • 41555

    You must admit, the education of people has a direct link to what they read, and what they are interested in. The US department of education has been “dumbing down” us and our children for a very long time. Why else would liberals be so angry over private schools, home schooling, parochial schools, and the upgrading of elementary education for all children- especially minority kids? This “end of journalism” issue IS multi-layered.

  • Willem Steenkamp

    People, please. Media dish up this rubbish because their audiences love it. So while all the criticism of media is justified, we also all need to think about our personal consumption patterns and preferences. If you don’t care for Miley Cyrus and her banal behaviour, support a media outlet that better suits your tastes.