The Great Race Card Getaway

morehouseIn his second term, as scandals were exploding all around him, President William Jefferson Clinton boarded Air Force One along with a few close personal friends, like BET CEO and richest black man in America Robert Johnson, and a bunch of other businessmen and politicians, along with the ubiquitous Jesse Jackson, for a jaunt to Africa.

The trip cost a mere $42.8 million, which would have been enough to feed a sizable chunk of Africa, and featured an entourage that would have shamed Alexander the Great or Jay-Z. It took 1,300 people to make Clinton’s Great African Getaway possible including 205 personnel from the Office of the President, 60 from the State Department, 9 from the Department of Transportation and 1 from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Somehow Fish and Wildlife stayed at home.

The Department of Defense flew 98 airlift missions and 110 refueling missions. It might have been simpler to just invade and get it over with.

Despite the mass mobilization, Clinton wasn’t going to Africa so much as he was getting away from Washington, D.C. where every television news show was full of women accusing him of a One Man War on Women.

Two months earlier, Bill Clinton had wagged his finger at America and Hillary Clinton had blamed a vast right-wing conspiracy for her husband’s inability to keep his pants on.  Now as Lewinsky’s lawyers were discussing immunity agreements, President Clinton invoked executive privilege, in more ways than one, and flew off to Africa.

It was the first black president’s first trip to Africa where he hoped to use the horrors of slavery to put his peccadilloes in perspective. Sure, the victim of the vast right-wing conspiracy might have actually had sexual relations with that woman and tried to force himself on countless other women, but who can attach any importance to that when contemplating the thousands chained up and dragged away to a life of slavery?

In Uganda, Clinton made history by apologizing for the slave trade. Uganda, however, was in East Africa and no slaves had gone to America from there. It was a case of, “I did not engage in slave trade with that part of the continent.”

None of the 1,300 people involved in the Great Apology Safari had bothered to research where the slaves came from because it didn’t matter. Bill Clinton was using Africa as a morality prop, the way that liberals so often use black people as props in their morality plays. In the little picture, he might be immoral for cheating on his wife, but in the big picture he was morally superior because he apologized for slavery.

Now as congressional Republicans were trying to figure out which scandal to investigate first, Barack Obama headed off to Morehouse, a historically black college, to offer some condescending words of wisdom, telling graduates, “It betrays a poverty of ambition if all you think about is what goods you can buy instead of what good you can do.” Far be it from the Morehouse Men to follow his example.

Obama cheerfully declared that he was an “Honorary Morehouse Man”; an honor that the Harvard and Columbia alum, who would never have been caught dead at Morehouse, prizes nearly as dearly as Clinton prized the lives of all the East Africans who were never enslaved.

“We know that too many young men in our community continue to make bad choices,” Obama told Morehouse grads, even as Congress was busy investigating the bad choices that he had made with the IRS and Benghazi. “Growing up, I made a few myself. And I have to confess, sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down.”

Fortunately that is a lapse that Obama has grown out of. It’s probably been an entire week since one of his surrogates compared the Republican Party to the KKK and declared that any investigation of his crimes and misdemeanors is another lynching.

But aside from the usual ObamaCare pitch, the race card was what the appearance was largely about. In 2012, Obama went to Barnard College, an elite women’s liberal arts school affiliated with his Columbia alma mater where the tuition it is double what it is at Morehouse, in keeping with his theme of a War on Women. (A war that history records Bill Clinton successfully winning when he dodged impeachment.)

In 2013, Obama needed to suddenly remind everyone that the world was trying to keep a half-black man down after twice selecting him for the highest office in the world. At Morehouse, Obama praised grads for their critical race theory awareness in being able to recognize “the burdens you carry with you, but to resist the temptation to use them as excuses.”

Obama, who has never carried a burden heavier than a golf club bag, has exploited their burdens as his excuse for everything. He got elected by exploiting the guilt and anger over a history of slavery that he had as much to do with as the Ugandans did. And he stayed in office by flipping open his wallet and flashing his race card every time he was pulled over because the taillight of national defense was out and the muffler of the economy was dragging a hail of sparks along the road.

Instead of going to Africa, where he actually has some relevant history, Obama went to Morehouse, where he has none.

Obama’s roots aren’t African-American. They have as little to do with the country’s tangled past as Uganda does. The son of a diplomat and the grandson of the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii, he lived a privileged life that had little in common with the “brothers who have been left behind” mentioned in his speech.

“The brothers who have been left behind – who haven’t had the same opportunities we have – they need to hear from us. We’ve got to be in the barbershops with them, at church with them, spending time and energy and presence helping pull them up, exposing them to new opportunities, and supporting their dreams,” Obama told them.

Meanwhile under Obama, the unemployment rate for the “brothers” stands at 14 percent. For teen brothers, it’s 43 percent. Brothers with college degrees, like those coming out of Morehouse, have double the unemployment rate of white college graduates.

Bob Johnson, who went on the Great African Lewinsky Escape safari with Bill Clinton, said, “This country would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent. No one would ever stay in office at 14 or 15 percent unemployment in this nation.”

But Johnson is wrong. If unemployment ever hits 15 percent or it it’s revealed that the IRS will allot kidney transplants based on the contents of your prayers and four embassies are destroyed in a single day, Obama will just head back to Morehouse to impress white liberal supporters with another one of his inspirational speeches about not using race as an excuse.

And if that doesn’t work, he can always try Uganda.

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  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Brilliant essay.

  • truebearing

    Wow! The persecution Obama has endured. He barely escaped the slave traders. He was only one ocean and several centuries away! Whew! That was close. And look how his noble suffering has chiseled him into the heroic man that he pretends he is today….

    What a nauseating slimebag. Go ahead and search your thesaurus for the appropriate invective. It won't be enough to characterize Obama.

    • Larry

      Barely escaped the slave traders?

      As an East African with a muslim name it means his ancestors WERE the slave traders, and slave takers who actively went out and snatched them, before shipping them to Zanzibar where all the males were castrated with a 90% death rate resulting.

      Consider that most years Zanzibar shipped 15,000+ eunuchs north and did so for centuries and it puts the trans Atlantic slave trade in the shadows.

      • Dadmar

        I have never read anywhere about male slaves being castrated. 90% death rate? The slaves were property, who destroys 90% of their property?

        • Chiggles

          Read again, carefully, what Larry has written. He does not refer to the trans-Atlantic slave trade -he plainly says so- but the slave trade with Arabia.

        • candy

          Muslims did the same with boys in India. Survival rate of castration was around 10%
          They needed eunuchs for harems,their armies and as guards in Mecca. The last eunuch Mecca guard retired around 1990.

  • Anamah

    And if that doesn’t work, he can always try Uganda. Then if even there success contention still is elusive,…he could try to stay there…

  • S.Smith

    LOL Daniel , priceless !
    None of the sane amongst us could fail to fall off their chairs laughing at this brilliantly humorous expose of the Dem. clowns, especially over the Ugandan blooper.
    Reminding us once more how ignorant leftists can always be trusted to mess up, especially when they lack even the most basic knowledge in their country's history. (.Too much KKK in their own maybe?)
    And dear Hillary is such a hoot, with her "right-wing conspiracy " forcing hubby to " not have sex with that woman"

    • braddocksgold

      I have not generally been amused by Daniel Greenfield's insight. Maybe I'm missing something because this is dead serious stuff.

  • sekoci

    freed slaves,,,,,! slavery should not exist because men have a right for itself … if anyone agrees with me please visit my website at Mesin Jahit </ a>

  • Michael Copeland

    That ideology that None May Name which Obama keeps praising has never abolished slavery. The Unnameable slave takers continue their predatory slave-taking in many African states today, selling the stolen victims to Saudis, amongst others.

  • PAthena

    President Barack Hussein Obama is not a descendant of slaves, as most Negroes in the United States are. His father was from Kenya.

  • Cassandra

    Great article Mr.Greenfield. Obama is such a fake and a dangerous one.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    …but I don't see Robert Johnson calling for Zero's I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T. According to Lawrence Kotlikoff, the REAL unemployment rate is now 23 percent. When are we going to I-M-P-E-A-C-H Obama?
    Call John Boehner to find out.

  • kafir4life

    Interestingly……President Stinky (BO) Benghazi's family was on the "other" side of the slave equation. It turns out that Stinky's great great great great grandpappy worked as a HR manager in the old country, assisting others find transportation and employment in the New World. He was trying to find a position for Michelle's great great great great great grandmother, and during the interview, he managed to combine DNA between himself and her. So it turns out that Stinks and the Mooch queen are more related than by marriage.

    • A Skeptical Guest

      What the hell are you talking about? Other than racist blather, that is. (Greenfield, are you proud of your readers?)

  • kafir4life

    The Democrats would NEVER allow a descendent of slaves to be their leader. It's their racism that shows when they lambast the likes of Herman Cain, Ben Carsen, and Allen West. Remember when Harry Reid pointed out that Obama was "light skinned enough" and "didn't speak with a Negro dialect unless he wanted to". Democrats like their "Negros" DNA to be "tempered" with white DNA, thinking it makes them more palatable.

    • A Skeptical Guest

      I think this comment would read better if it went on for 30 more pages. Single-spaced typewritten, natch.

  • Edward Cline

    It's interesting to note that the East African slave trade was dominated by the Arabs, and still is. (Yes, there still is a market in the Mideast oil fiefdoms for black slaves.) If anyone recalls certain scenes in "Lawrence of Arabia," key characters played by Alec Guinness as Prince Feisal and Omar Sharif as Sherif Ali both had black slaves in tow. This movie is set during WWI. The East and West African slave trade was dominated, not by whites, but by other African tribes, who would raid other tribes for slaves to sell to buyers, who were either white slavers or Arab slavers. Whether it was the "Passage" by ship to North America or the forced march from the interior of Africa to North Africa and beyond, captive slaves suffered a horrific 50% casualty rate. Survivors were put up for auction. It's also interesting to note that in colonial America there were many black freemen and plantation owners who also bought black slaves at auction, but politically correct history courses rarely mention it. It's also estimated that the number of European slaves collected by Moslem raiders of European coasts over about 1,000 years exceeded the number of black slaves sent to North America.

  • Michael Copeland

    Only a few weeks ago a Saudi offered his slave, thoughtfully neutered, for sale on the internet. Who says they do not move with the times?

    • candy

      Almost all muslim countries use slaves.Some prefer people from India or Asians.
      There is a Saudi with a harem of 50 women,including white women he purchased . muslim – Cyprus is a hub for white slave trading.
      muslims would never have taken the holy land or defeated the crusaders if it wasn't for their slave armies like the Janissary.
      One of the main reasons islam has so many members is because slaves were forced to convert . They freed themselves of slavery but not islam .

  • vladtepes2

    Real black people should be dying of shame to see their brothers and sisters being played for fools by this charlatan.
    Instead the brothers keep eating everything this player keeps dishing out.
    "the taillight of national defense was out and the muffler of the economy was dragging a hail of sparks along the road."

    • Dennis X

      It's always funny when white people try and tell Black people how they should feel. white people ALWAYS judge others in groups. Please!

      • Drakken

        It is always funny when black people who have zero impulse control go around and beat up whites for kicks.

      • Lan Astaslem

        it's always funny when black a$&holes embrace islam – a 'religion' that would sell them into slavery



    African slaves were brought here "to do the jobs Americans won't do" and now Obama is allowing ILLEGALS from all over the world, but most Latin America/Mexico, to come here "to do the jobs Americans won't do." We all know it's also to breed a new generation of Democrats by addicting them, and us, with heroin and when WE ALL BECOME JUNKIES, we have to vote for Democrats in order TO GET OUR FIX!

    Yes, Mexicans are willingly coming here but they live in squalid conditions with numerous people in one apartment and most of the time, with no utilities. They work harder, they are underpaid, work for cash paying no taxes, and all done by mostly DEMOCRATS. They also have no workplace recourse and are told "if you don't like it, go back to Mexico" which is the most demoralizing comment that could be made!

    NEW MEXICO'S HISPANICS DO NOT SUPPORT ILLEGALS. We all know that HISPANICS ARE BORN DEMOCRATS and still, they are very against Obama on this issue. We see first hand the murders, rapes, their heroin rings addicting our children, robberies, and countless other crimes THAT THEY GET AWAY WITH since they disappear in their communities BUT THEY ALSO USE FRAUDULENT ID'S. They can also just go home to LITERALLY GET AWAY WITH MURDER!


    • Dennis X

      Maybe you should go pick something for those republican farmers that are now crying about lack of cheap labor. Africans were brought here to do work that the whites and Indians couldn't do.

      • Rob

        Maybe you should grow up, child.

  • kafirman

    FPM should thank its stars Mr. Greenfield writes for them.

  • Asher

    The above picture of Hussein Obama shows the arrogance, intimidation, and attitude of this President. He gets his way no matter what, and the little peoples can just go away and shut up.

    • A Skeptical Guest

      The word you're looking for is "uppity"

  • Asher

    Deception is used on uninformed voters…first they are bought off and promised grand things, then they are duped. Their calamity under this President will never change, only worsen. Too bad people thought that this black President would change their lives for the better.

  • clarespark

    I write about racism and the race card constantly, thanks in part to the example of David Horowitz, whose Hating Whitey is an underread classic in the field. For my own effort see "The Race Card."

  • Looking4Sanity

    I do not judge a man by the color of his skin. I judge him by the content of his character. Obama has failed that test miserably.

    In point of fact, I've met so many men (and women) of the darker persuasion who have demonstrated lack of character that it has become a safe bet statistically that those two attributes go together more often than not. If blacks find that fact offensive, then I suggest they start policing their own ranks or learn to live with it. The rest of us certainly have to!

    • Dennis X

      Group judgement. So white men are mad bombers. Ok City , boston etc. Maybe you need to police your ranks!

      • Massa Pelosi

        judging by your postings, YOU are definitely a contributing factor to what's wrong in the black community…but keep on being afraid to have that open, honest discussion about race relations in this country. It just goes to show blacks are embracing racism now that they THINK they can get away with it…ya'll are truly pathetic

        • AllenWest

          YOU are definitely a contributing factor to what's wrong in the black plantation community..
          but keep on being afraid to have that open, honest discussion about race relations in this country.
          It just goes to show blacks are embracing racism now that they THINK they can get away with it…ya'll is truly pathetic…

          We is having dat discussion…only you people don't want to hear the actual facts of life…
          Obama has f*^ked you, yet ya'll take it like a good little Kunta Kintay….dem ankle bracelets sho' be tight..!

      • Looking4Sanity

        We do. They even have a name for those responsible for that chore…POLICE. And in case you didn't notice, the Boston bombers were NOT white. At best they were misegenated.At any rate, I'll put you down for “live with it”.

    • Looking4Sanity

      My rule of thumb is don't trust ANY of them as far as you can throw them. The first time you have a problem with another of their kind, you will find out exactly where their loyalties really lie.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Truth and justice don't even enter the equation for them. It's ALL about race with them, and if they have to perjure themselves in the name of racial solidarity they aren't going to lose one second of sleep over it.

        • HiPlainsDrifter

          I had a dream….

          • Looking4Sanity

            “I dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me””I slept and dreamed that life was beauty. I woke and found that life was duty.”

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            "I dreamt corn had on little galtie's SFslippers…."

            That us soooo funny cowboy…that's why you have 210 followers!
            But to me, that would be a nightmare …!

          • Kevin Stowell

            Oh man, I'm gonna fall off the chair! Stop already! :o)

          • Cowboylogic

            Thankfully it was only a dream…,
            Ya think L4S really didn't get that? Or is he pullin' my ear? Eh?

          • Looking4Sanity

            Thankfully, I have no idea what any of that means.

          • HiPlainsDrifter

            'Prolly better that way…I hate explaining jokes….

  • candy

    Barry's momma's family owned slaves and his daddy's sold them. He's as fake as Farrakhan – who's parents were immigrants.

    Blacks in the US don't want you to know the truth about African slavery ; it has been an ongoing business for 2000 years .Parents sell their children ,only 5% of slaves came from Africa ,there were 3 times as many European – indentured ,political,military and religious prisoners , and victims of poverty and dissidents brought to America as slaves than Africans, the 1st American slave owner was from Africa ,blacks and Indians owned a large population of the slaves and African Americans could care less that Africans are still enslaved every single day.

    The facts make African American claims of slavery victimhood for 200 years after the fact look petty and ridiculous. And it ain't racism when it's your own parents ,religion and government entity is selling and buying you .

    • ffortnightly

      Slavery is indeed just a convenient, perpetual excuse to justify racial hatred of white Americans. The entire issue is based on color after all. How many modern-day white Americans can claim to have slave ancestry without being laughed out of town. Sure it may be true, but truth is not at issue here. The simple fact of it all is this; white = evil. Nothing else matters and every white American is seen through that racist lens (though most will deny that black Americans even can be racists).

  • oldschooltwentysix

    I wonder the cost of the many impeachment proceedings and if this, too, was an example of political theater and waste.

    In any event, it is apparent that Obama cynically uses the race card both as a sword and shield, not to mention his supporters.

    Seems to me that blacks don't fare too well no matter who is in charge and neither side has answers that work in reality.

  • FreeMumia3223

    Yeah, like Jews on here don't cry "anti-Semitism" at every turn. Please.

    • Rob

      Says the Leftist troll whose UserName advocates for a cop-killer.


    • Lan Astaslem

      how's that turd mumia? – with those long dreadlocks he'd make a nice prison wife!

  • Blithe Stillerstein

    Did you hear yet? Holder lied after he took, The oath of congress. This will force the president to release him from his post as attorney en generale of the united states. Yummy!

    • Johnconrad

      Sure it will.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I can not think of anything Obama and Holder are good for…………………….William

  • drew

    Y'all hatin on my boy hmmm hmmm hmmm BARRAK HUSSEIN OBAMA…
    Haters aint doin nuthin but hatin. My boy Barry can DO NO WRONG,

  • EarlyBird

    Danny Greenfield, you are a very sick, ugly man.

    • Drakken

      Sounds like you still have that chip on your shoulder.