The Hispanic Values Issue


At The Corner, Heather Mac Donald raises an interesting point.

It has already been repeatedly pointed out that if Republicans want to get on the right side of Hispanic political values, they will have to junk their opposition to Obamacare (Hispanic support for Obamacare: 62 percent), big government (Hispanic support for big government: 75 percent), and racial preferences (the Latino Caucus in California is close to its longstanding goal of overturning Proposition 209’s ban on racial preferences in public higher education), as well as their positive view of capitalism (55 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of capitalism, the most of all groups surveyed by the Pew Research Center).

Now we can add a new stumbling block to the post-amnesty Hispanic-Republican embrace: Republican enthusiasm for fracking. In a recent poll, 55 percent of Hispanic voters in California “favored an immediate and outright ban on fracking that could be lifted only by the Legislature — a view shared by only 42 percent of whites,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “Sixty-four percent of Latinos sanctioned a moratorium that could be lifted only after an environmental study; a lesser 56 percent of whites shared that view.”

So are Latinos fanatical environmentalists? Is opposition to fracking a basic part of their value system?

Their skepticism toward capitalism, is not surprising considering that capitalism in Mexico means about what it does in Moscow, and is often indistinguishable from crony capitalism and organized crime. But the bigger issue is that they oppose fracking because they are knowingly or unknowingly part of a liberal coalition.

Their media and their community leaders, who live off liberal cash funneled to them, tell them that fracking is bad. So they oppose it. It’s less of a value system than it is a political system.

Republicans have failed to reach those voters. Adding millions more of them to the rolls will not change that. The voting shift didn’t happen because of the Republican position on illegal immigration, but because the Democrats have gotten better at organizing exactly the kind of immigrants who are dependent on them for their point of view.

Values are not really an absolute. They’re taught. And liberal coalitions are teaching their own values lessons to Latinos and everyone else. That’s the culture war we’re stuck with.

Republicans haven’t been that great at winning the culture war with younger white voters. What chance do they stand with young Latino voters? Amnesty is putting the cart before the horse. First win the culture war. Then talk about legalizing them.

  • onecornpone

    Now we know why she is called J-lo. J-lo-info voter…

    You managed to avoid mentioning one very important influence on the Hispanic community – The Catholic Church.

    Please give the collectivist, liberal padres their due.

    • ziggy zoggy

      You’re right about the Church, and the Latin Dioceses are the most Marxist of all.

  • Bill Redd

    Sounds just like the kind of values America needs more of. Lets just throw away any citizenship requirements and bring in the rest of them so we will have a real mexican-America and we can all live by the high moral and political standards they have been taught from birth. We need a new America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    A long time ago California used to be a staunch very reliable Republican stronghold for the Republican Party, that is up until the 1986 amnesty. Today more money enters Democrat coffers from California by far than from any other state. Meanwhile, the establishment Republican Party is proposing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens so they can turn the rest of the country into California as well.

    It’s time for a new right wing conservative political party, because the delusional left has stolen the Republican Party away.

  • ziggy zoggy

    “Latinos” tend to want as much from the government as they can possibly get and absolute corruption is the norm for them.
    Republicans will NEVER win them over. Just one more reason to get rid of the illegals.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Latinos , they come north to escape the dung hole they couldn’t get a break in and then try to change America into the dung hole they abandoned.
    Why didn’t they start LaRaza and MecHa and all those “Hate America” groups in the dung hole they abandoned ?

  • Porkys2istan

    I usually confine myself to the muslim stories but I was bored, I live in California, and half my family is hispanic.

    Republicans love illegal immigration just as much as Democrats.

    You know why Democrats love illegals (demographic shifts, more benefit receiving voters (eventually), increasing ‘non-white’ voters), but republicans love illegal immigrants too. Illegal immigrants depress wages in every industry they can work in. Jobs that used to pay $18/hr now pay $8/hr because of illegals and the ONLY industry in the US that is EXEMPT from the minimum wage is farm work. Illegals can’t complain about working conditions, and they can’t form labor unions. These business (who contribute to REPUBLICANS) also love shifting the social costs of the workers onto the state. They get dirt cheap labor and the rest of us get stuck with their health care and uninsured drivers. If there were no jobs here THEY WOULD NOT COME, and REPUBLICANS own businesses not Democrats.

    The hole in the Republican strategy is the 4th amendment. All those illegals have children who are automatically citizens, so they have to CONSTANTLY import more and more hispanics to replace the ones born here.

    If Mexico (or any non-muslim nation) want’s to send us 30 million doctors, engineers, professors, accountants, and scientists, then I’m all for it, but you can’t take 30 million poor people into your country and expect to be better for it.

    If you conservatives want to end the illegal problem, GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER. Get your Republicans Congressmen/Senators out of the pocket of Tyson foods and other big agribusiness. You might have to pay an extra 2% for your food, but not having to pay for 30 million extra poor people’s benefits would make that up easily.

    Or you can go back to blaming the Democrats for being Democrats and never solve the problem. :P