Somalia and the Hyena Cure

0_1_2_3_somalia3The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 Somalis are mentally ill due to their country’s constant violence and abuse of the Khat narcotic. Somali science however came up with a surefire cure for the crazies. Lock the patient up in a room with a hyena and wait for the ugly beast to see the demons causing the madness and drive them out.

Somali medicine, like American medicine, however suffers from rising health care costs. A session with a trained psychiatric hyena costs 560 dollars in a country where the average national salary is 190 bucks putting a Mogadishu trained hyena on par with a Harvard trained psychiatrist.

Somalis who can’t afford to blow a three month salary to spend time on the couch with a hyena have a more practical solution. They tie the affected person to a tree and leave. The hyenas usually find the patient sooner or later and snack on him pro bono, while his kin head off to the welfare office in Lewiston, Maine.

Like the joke about the mental patient and the driver with the broken wheel, the Somalis may be nuts, but they aren’t stupid.

Somalia only has half the Somali population. Kenya has almost a million. The United Kingdom has over 100,000 and Canada may have as many as 150,000. The United States has quite a few and Minnesota alone has may have 80,000 to 125,000 of them.

American politicians, who can give any Khat-chewing Somali pirate a run for his money in the insanity department, dumped thousands of Somalis into Lewiston, Maine where they now make up a seventh of the population.

The average low in Lewiston in January is near zero. Meanwhile January in Mogadishu is a balmy 86 degrees with occasional flurries of machine gun fire.

Despite its chilly weather, Lewiston did have some warm welfare and the Somalis ignored the cold and flocked to the cold cash. The WHO may consider them crazy, but unlike the politicians who welcomed them in, they aren’t stupid.

The Somali gangs that tore apart their homeland have been reborn in the frigid Midwest. Ten percent of the gang members in the Minneapolis Police Department’s system are Somalis. The Somali Outlaws, the Somali Hot Boyz and the Somali Assault Unit go from welfare to crime. Like the gangs at home, Somali migrant gangs scale up from street crime, drug trafficking, robberies, sex trafficking and protection rackets to international terrorism.

Lewiston, Maine, a place as traditionally synonymous with gangs as Mogadishu is with snow, now has concerns about gang violence.

Maine has gone from having no gang members a few years ago to having 4,000 of them. Mainahs have gone from thinking of gang members as something they saw on COPS to something they see when they look out the window.

Vacationland now hosts the True Somali Bloods and the True Sudanese Bloods who spill each other’s blood to find out who has the truest blood of them all. In Lewiston, Somali flash mobs attack natives. In Bangor, a Somali gang is at the heart of local crime.

Gangs are still the closest thing to a rule of law in Somalia. There was every reason to expect the Somali migrants in the United States to fall back into that pattern, clusters of young men building families around gangs and making their own law the way they did back home. Nietzsche said that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you. When you stare at a hyena, the hyena stares back at you. When you stare into Somalia, Somalia stares back at you.

The Somali migrants are not becoming Americanized. Maine and Minneapolis are becoming Somalized.

The American hyena became extinct as the march of civilization drove it back. Where there is civilization, carrion eaters no longer eat well unless they learn to be small and quiet. In Somalia, hyenas thrive because there isn’t civilization and so there is good eating for their kind.

Hyenas don’t destroy civilization. They are a symptom of its collapse. They are a sign that the city is giving way to the desert, the town to the village and the village to a handful of burnt out shacks. Carrion eaters go where civilization falls, where men no longer work shoulder to shoulder and where nothing bigger than a gang can endure. They go where there are bodies and no one to bury them.

In Somalia, the hyenas that aren’t in private practice carry on a battle of wits with the Islamic terrorists of Al-Shabaab responsible for the Westgate Massacre in Kenya.

The hyenas have been known to taste the occasional Al-Shabaab fighter who falls asleep in a Khat induced trance in the sun. And Al-Shabaab hunts and kills hyenas and sells their meat to finance terrorism. Hyenas, like most dog-like animals, are considered unclean in Islam, but Al-Shabaab overcame its Islamic scruples to sell hyena flesh and even market its consumption as effective at fighting off evil spells.

Al-Shabaab, which keeps killing people in order to impose Islamic law on a country that already runs on Islamic law, has to use black magic to convince people to buy the meat of an animal that eats corpses.

Including human corpses.

The Islamic terrorist group is coming rather close to cannibalism in the name of imposing Islamic law. But American liberals are coming even closer to cannibalism in the name of imposing tolerance.

Somalia is what happens when a country goes mad. And it would be foolish to believe that the same thing couldn’t happen here.

If we could lock up the advocates of open borders in a room with a hyena for three days and hope the scavenger eats the evil spirits in their minds, it would be worth the 560 dollars.

But lock an American politician in a room with a hyena and the laughing beast will not see evil spirits in his eyes, just a weak creature waiting to be eaten. That is the same thing that Somali thugs and terrorists see when those cheerful politicians welcome them to America.

The Hyena Cure doesn’t work by eating evil spirits. Being locked in a room for three days with a predator that eats human flesh is the ultimate reality check. Either you put aside whatever illness has made it impossible for you to function in civilization. Or the hyena eats you.

America, Canada, Europe and Australia all face the Hyena Cure. Either being locked in cities and towns with migrating predators wakes them from their madness.

Or the hyenas eat them.


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  • Mullah Lodabullah

    I wonder if Medicare will cover sessions with trained hyenas.

    • Biff Henderson

      I’m confused. Aren’t the volunteers that explain Obamacare the trained hyenas of the Left?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Only if they’re SEIU members

      • Roble

        What do u mean SEIU explain please

        • A Z

          Service Employees International Union.

          People who take a percentage of your paycheck and do very little.

          I use to have a percentage of my paycheck confiscated by AFSCME.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Modern America has become so insane that the only way to cope with it is through Juvenalian satire.

    • defcon 4

      LOL, would that be relative to the sorcery and witchcraft being practiced in Soddy Barbaria? Or the head chopping punishment for same? Or relative to the Hyena therapy being practiced in Somalia?

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        Relative to the Somalis being imported into America.

        • defcon 4

          I think I missed the sarcasm of your remark, or perhaps read Juvenalian satire as juvenile. I apologize.

          • Naresh Krishnamoorti

            No worries!

    • defcon 4

      I didn’t know Juvenal was responsible for the quote:

      of who can be trusted with power—“who will
      watch the watchers?” or “who will guard the guardians themselves?” (quis custodiet ipsos custodes

  • truebearing

    That idea of locking politicians in a room with a hyena has a certain appeal. Why not include cable news hosts, environmentalists, and members of academia?

    The entire Democratic leadership in Minnesota should be forced to face the hyenas. They continue with their idiocy, despite the obvious degradation of Minneapolis. It used to be a nice place to visit or do business.

    • Well Done

      yes, true, the list of people who are truly, provably, attempting to dismantle our society includes much of the modern media and most of the so-called environmentalists. That is a fact because of decades of corruption and invasion of our academic institutions. We see some of the worst of those – Bill Ayers, for example – at he President’s right hand. And, much of his cabinet are equally non-American, or have a history of siding very much with the aforesaid environmentalists and the academic, hard left.

    • Drakken

      I’ll get the bourbon and cigars, now that is something I could watch live. It would be a real shame for that Hyena to get a democrat stuck in their teeth though.

      • truebearing

        Not likely to happen. Democrats are invertebrates. Not much there to stick in the teeth.

      • Robert Lande

        Maybe it could be on pay TV and the net proceeds could be used to pay down the national debt. Politicians could be our modern gladiators. The could fight lions and tigers and participate in the hunger games.

        • Drakken

          Frankly I would love to feed the pols to the lions, tigers and bears. I don’t want the PETA folks after me for hurting the animals ya know?

          • Robert Lande

            Point well taken!

      • Greg

        May I join you? I’m particularly fond of bourbon and an occasional cigar. demorats? NO!

    • A Z

      Minneapolis was clean and safe city. I remember all the statues of all the Charles Schultz Peanut characters.

      I wonder what the Muslims think of them. After all Snoopy is a dog and Lucy does not wear a burka.

      Went there in the mid to late 1990s. I wonder if it is just as safe over a decade later?

      • Drakken

        With over 150,000 skinnies and Nort Mpls on the war path downtown, not good, even the mall of Africa isn’t safe anymore.

        • adam

          Doesn’t matter what you say. In this country we are equal all the bashing you do; you can only do over a computer because that is the only way you can voice your opinion.I know for a fact you wouldn’t go to north minneapolis and say anything rude to the black people nor would you say anything rude to a somali person’s face. You talk as if you understand their culture or anything about them and act as if you are bigger then them, but they are driving better cars and better homes than most other groups of minorities only in their first generation. You can go ahead and keep the petty name calling and slander up, but what do you get out of it?
          -just my 2 cents..

          • Drakken

            All cultures are all not all equal period, as for the skinnies, in Nort Mpls or North of Franklin or 34st street, every time I see one of those skinnies, I am always reminded of my time in Somalia and there is one more I missed. I understand their savage bloody culture just fine thank you boy. Funny how they are driving better cars than the native blacks since the criminal trade really is very lucrative to the skinnies. It’s not slander when it is true Sparky.

          • Seek

            I was last in Minneapolis back in 1976, in the Powderhorn area. The neighborhood was livable then. Has the Somali influx changed this?

          • A Z

            Your grammar is poor.

            You can try to lie to us, but we have seen the riots between blacks and Somalis. The film was on the Blaze. You will have to police The Blaze, Breitbart, WND, The American Thinker, National Review, American Spectator, Reason. PJ Media, Fox News, The Telegraph, RT, Epic Times and so many others.

            Cultures are not that mysterious. A person can easily get lost or enthralled in the small detail, but in the end there is are rules that we learn in sociology and anthropology. So quit with the it is an inscrutable mystery BS.

            If Somali Americans were all that good, then why do we have so much grief from them? Between the school riots with blacks, the men going to jihad, the taxi drives telling society what to do and the zex trafficking, what have you done?

          • Frosty_The_No_Man

            Yes, the drug trade will enable people to move up.

          • defcon 4

            Somalia the country, is an islam0fascist misery theme park. It’s only that way because that’s obviously the way the muslimes who run Somalia like it.

        • defcon 4

          Aayan Hirsi is from Somalia, but she would be brave no matter where she was from.

          • fish

            There needs to be a network of safe houses for muslim apostates. Free from christian and athiest proselythizing. Just somewhere you are safe from community violence and social pressure, and where you can get help with finding a job, renting an appartment, making new non-muslim friends and considering options for part time adult continuing education.

  • Well Done

    This article is partly correct. Where it errs is in stating that only Somalis are a menace to our obviously-superior culture. Much of the Islamic world, is, in fact, a threat to us, and dropping millions of them in our midst is nothing short of cultural suicide. But I misspeak, for it isn’t “us” who drop these people in our midst, it’s bureaucrats, and they are committing treason and murder, not suicide.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I have it on good authority that hyena sessions are covered by Obamacare and that the insurance provider of your “choice” must cover their costs regardless of the outcome of a hyena session. Gee, isn’t socialist medicine a hoot! And Nancy Pelosi never clued us in on what else was in Obamacare. Perhaps she didn’t see it, either.

  • The March Hare

    “If we could lock up the advocates of open borders in a room with a hyena for three days and hope the scavenger eats the evil spirits in their minds, it would be worth the 560 dollars.”
    And I would be one of the first to donate to the cause.

    • Anamah

      My friend… after you!

  • James Jeffrey Paul

    I am a Libertarian, and some of my colleagues are intrigued by the idea of doing business in Somalia. Some businesses in Somalia are thriving in a country with no government or infrastructure, and they are intrigued by the idea of business and commerce not needing government to prosper. A few have even monkeyed with the idea of starting a business over there.

    • defcon 4

      LOL, satire?

      • James Jeffrey Paul

        No, they are deadly serious. The fact that some parts of Somalia are apparently doing okay in a society with no government is a big revelation to them.

        • Seek

          This is exactly why purist Rothbardian libertarians cannot be trusted. Their political instincts, along with their lack of real world experience, is appalling.

        • defcon 4

          Maybe they should move there then.

          • James Jeffrey Paul

            One wondered if he could start a business there. Seek–there are many kinds of libertarians, I am a moderate one. But why would fans of Rothbard be particularly rabid? I am afraid I haven’t read him myself.

    • Drakken

      If your white and you go there, you are nothing but a future Darwin Award winner and a target.

  • A Z

    I did not read the entire article yet before wanting to scream.

    I read down to the words Lewiston, Maine. What do we know about Somalis and Lewiston, Maine?

    The Somalis who are in Lewiston, Maine were initially settled in Atlanta. There were initially settled in Atlanta because it was thought that they would blend better and face less hassles in a metro area with a large percentage of African Americans.

    Well there were problems. As my pastor said when two sides fight , one side could be wrong, the other side could be wrong or both sides could be wrong. Not exactly rocket science. But I guess the facts need to be laid out, because stupid people like to say if there is a fight both sides are wrong. usually these people are school administrators or liberals.

    Looks like the problem are the Somalis. the problem is not skin color or genetics. Let is face the issue. the problem is Islam.

    P.S. There is a theory that one locus where agriculture was started was in Eritrea and it spread across the Red Sea to the Arabian Peninsula.
    Of course we really cannot do any archaeological digs because of the twin threats of Communism and Islam.

  • Peter

    Is there anything you *can’t* write about Daniel? It’s just mindboggling how you can come up with these themes and fill them out every couple of days. There’s no one else around that can do that – no one.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

  • logdon

    Quite a few of that 100,000 number of Somalians in Britain were settled in Bristol.

    Local authorities behaving in the way these clueless multiculturalists seem to behave, decided that they’d feel more at home amongst fellow Muslims so plonked them in the centre of another ‘community of asylum seekers’.

    That ‘community’ happened to be Afghans who promptly took umbrage and the violence and killings began. Chaos is gross understatement.

    I once lived in Bristol and a more welcoming and friendly city would be difficult to find. Much of it is also stunningly beautiful adding to the feeling of ambient pleasure as you amble up or down the steep hill of Park Street or wander the honey shaded Georgian streets of Clifton.

    To attempt the vernacular, alroit moy lurve? is the greeting still often used and they mean it.

    So in classic socialist style the Labour or Lib-Dem Council depending on formulaic rotation, decides that this welcome should be extended to the most barbaric, warlike tribes on the face of the earth.

    Pamela Gellar’s ‘savages’ could have been coined just for them and if anyone can argue I’d suggest trying to argue with a faceful of acid.

    These cultural massagers are firm believers in the nurture versus nature side of the argument and thus the old, ‘I’m depraved on account of I’m deprived’ plea holds the high ground.

    So in accordance with the panacea, both groups get the free house, the free medical help, the free everything including the freedom from actually having to work, yet despite this largesse paid by those who do put in their daily toil, it still isn’t enough.

    What ‘enough’ is has to be anybodies guess because as well as all that free stuff they’re mostly free to do whatever they want and as we see, wherever the multitudes of Muslims gather, the ‘multi’ part of the culturalism soon morphs into a definite ‘mono’ and thus they get the Islamic ghetto they purported to be fleeing from in the first place.

    The difference isn’t that we pay for it, (how much Western cash has been sucked into Afghanistan)? but we’ve merely transferred it from lands far away right into the hearts of our societies.

    We are paying a high price for the largesse none of us asked for.

    Rubbing our noses in diversity, as one Labour Party charmer once described this rape of our lands has come about and short of mass deportation is irreversible.

    And if you can imagine transfering the belligerent anti Western attitudes of America’s CAIR to whole swathes of immigrant societies in Britain, you’re in the ball park.

    As Obama looks longingly upon the cultural carnage being perpetrated in Europe so he imports yet more and more and I can tell you that they’re not French Huegenots, Cathars or the intrepid Mayflower voyagers.

    They’re not seeking asylum, rather the opposite, America will soon be seeking asylum from them.

    • Moa

      > “Rubbing our noses in diversity, as one Labour Party charmer ”

      That was British Immigration Minister Barbara Roche n 2001. Decided in secret – never once was the voting public given a choice – because Leftists *hate* the common folk (despite all their utter bs rhetoric about “standing for the common man”). Remember her name. When it comes time to try and hang the traitors remember that she, and her fellow travellers, did it *deliberately*.

      • logdon

        In his column, Mr Neather said that as well as bringing in hundreds of thousands more migrants to plug labour market gaps, there was also a “driving political purpose” behind immigration policy.

        He defended the policy, saying mass immigration has “enriched”
        Britain, and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place.

        But he acknowledged that “nervous” ministers made no mention of the policy at the time for fear of alienating Labour voters.

        “Part by accident, part by design, the Government had created its longed-for immigration boom.

        “But ministers wouldn’t talk about it. In part they probably realised the conservatism of their core voters: while ministers might have been passionately in favour of a more diverse society, it wasn’t necessarily a debate they wanted to have in working men’s clubs in Sheffield or Sunderland.”

        Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: “Now at least the truth is out, and it’s dynamite.

        “Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock up but also a conspiracy. They were right.

        “This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage.”

        The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: “We welcome this statement by an ex-adviser, which the whole country knows to be true.

        “It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the
        immigration issue in Britain.”

  • A Z

    “Like the gangs at home, Somali migrant gangs scale up from street crime, drug trafficking, robberies, zex trafficking and protection rackets to international terrorism.”

    Now that is an interesting and prescient comment. We often talk about whether software is scalable. Depending on the size of your business it is important. scalability. Scalability is a concept that we should all know.

    Pancho Villa was merely a bandit, a criminal (1). Villa was not even his surname. He took the name after the previous gang leader who died to ensure is control over the gang. He went from gang leader to revolutionary to terrorist.

    Look at Chinese history. A lot of the people causing the central government problems and sometimes toppling the governments were bandit gangs that snowballed.

    (1) p 139 Failures of the American Presidents by Thomas J. Craughwell (author of Stealing Lincoln’s Body)

    • A Z

      Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arango.

      Doroteo Arango took the last name of Fransico Villa after the bandit leader “was killed in a shootout in order to establish his leadership of the remmants of the gang thus becoming “Fransisco” Pancho Villa.”

      p 139 Failures of the American Presidents by Thomas J. Craughwell

      Villa teamed up with Carranza to overthrow Huerta. When Carranza overthrew the dictator Huerta but did not give him apiece of power, Pancho was very, very upset.

      Then the U.S. recognized the Caranza government. At that point Pancho Villa felt that it was justification to unannounced cross into America and kill American citizens. (p.141)

      Pancho Villa’s men even killed Mexicans in Mexico while heading to Columbus New Mexico. You never know when those farm hands without guns might cut off your line of retreat.

  • JVR

    “The United Kingdom has over 100,000 and Canada may have as many as 150,000. The United States has quite a few and Minnesota alone has may have 80,000 to 125,000 of them….”
    How did it happen that so many Somalians got to Western Nations?
    Who paid the air-fares?

    • Seek

      A better question would be: Why did the West expect Somali kinship and breeding patterns to change, especially in a country like ours, where life expectancy is far longer? Ethnically, linguistically and religiously, their culture is utterly incompatiable with ours — any honest anthropologist could tell you that. But the multiculturalists, including those running all those contemptible Christian refugee-enabling group, refuse to see reality.
      Once again, I say: Enoch Powell was right!

    • A Z

      Leftist politicians and leftist Christians

  • Abs Yusuf

    I should have checked WHO was publishing this article before spending few minutes of my life reading.

    How racist and factious!

    I feel like strolling through a klan rally.

    • defcon 4

      WHy not the Sudan? You know, the place where black Africans (incl. muslimes) were being murdered and enslaved by Arabic muslimes. Janjaweed militia.

    • iluvisrael

      with your momma’s burka you’ll fit right in!

    • ServosT

      Maybe you can stroll thru Lewiston on a hot summer night. You can voice your solidarity to these Muslims as they bash your head in for the fun of it.

  • Seek

    I suggest the lion cure. Lions, like other felines, are mortal enemies of hyenas. And they’re even hungrier.

    • Frosty_The_No_Man

      The problem is that Hyenas fight in packs just like the Somalis

  • Gee

    Israel has over 40,000 of them and the EU is complaining because Israel is not giving them asylum. This is in a country with 25% of the population that are refugees already (which is twice the highest level of any other country in the world).

    Libya is a huge country with lots of resources, tiny population and Muslim to boot – resettle them there!

    • defcon 4

      Muslime somali refugees in Israel? Yeah, that sounds sane. Insane.

    • Anamah

      Do you know if Israel received these Somalis after they completed their hyena treatment?

      Thats would be a good idea to apply to other nut people, so common in that region…

    • defcon 4

      FU to the EU.

  • Mr. Rachford’s ire

    Mr. Greenfield through me at first the way he entered the conversion in this article. Almost stopped reading. Kept going and never stopped as the point grew on gangs this country is dealing with and using the American system to grow a new form of crime. Thank you Mr. Greenfield well done.

  • MarilynA

    The author has omitted mention of the Somali Muslim “refugees” who are working in Tyson chicken processing plants in west TN, and the over 200,000 Somali Muslim “refugees” who were relocated to Atlanta GA. by Bill Clinton. This was revealed in a news report saying that a Somali Muslim mother had reported to the police that her Somali Muslim husband was a member of a group of 200 other Somali men who were roaming the streets of Atlanta “circumcising” little girls they found who hadn’t already been mutilated, and had “circumcised” his two year old daughter with a pair of scissors.
    Just goes to prove that you can take a hog out of it’s wallow but it will make a wallow of wherever you put him. Ergo: “A hog will always return to his wallow.”

    • A Z

      They practised FGM in Atlanta?

      You should kink the story

      • MarilynA

        Sorry. It’s been over a year since I read that story on either the Drudge Report or WND. And I am too computer illiterate to know how to link a story online. But it is a true story. The mother of the child reported the husband and his roving band for FGMs to the police after he circumcised their two year old daughter with a pair of scissors. She said there was a roving band of about 200 Somali men roaming the streets of Atlanta FGMing little girls they found who had not already had it done.

    • A Z

      Khalid Adem?

    • Frosty_The_No_Man

      While that’s something I might want to believe it has all the hallmarks of an urban myth.

      • MarilynA

        No urban myth. I actually read this story either on the Drudge report or WND. It has been over a year since this incident was reported. A couple of years ago I read where Doctors in California were doing FGMs in hospitals. .

  • monkey milkdud

    The sad thing is obummer and the democreaps want to bring in millions of somillians to the communities of the states knowing full well that they will continue their war like activities on the local white citizens of the US of A all the while the taxpayers pay to house and school them while they are being programed to hate kr@kers and breed like rats and live off the taxpayer for generations while waging war on us.

  • deimos19

    I lived in Lewiston for 20 years and left in 2011. Everything Dan says is true. My wife and I stopped at Burger king on Main St a year before we left, got some take out and ate in the parking lot near the back of the store. 15 Somali’s punk kids about 13 or so came out of the bushes and started throwing rocks at our vehicle. I started to go over there and they disappeared into the woods. The city had a population of about 35,000 in 2001 and added about 10,000 Somali’s since. I dealt with them daily and they hate white people and Americans. Its really bad and only going to get worse. The liberal Professors at Bates College and other moonbats love the diversity but have nothing to do with them. the former mayor Kaleigh Tara started it all about 12 years ago and then she left town. It’s a real dump and I will never go back.

  • Homer J

    You old White folks have lost your marbles but don’t worry, Obamacare will take care of that by providing free drugs which are brought to you by Somalis and their hyenas :D

    • iluvisrael

      ignoramus, it’s “old white guys” that will be paying for your socialized medicine

      • Homer J

        Actually, it’s the younger generation who have to subsidize for the older and mostly retired generation who are on Medicare (Bush Jr. helped pass it into law in 2003) :D Nice try. Besides, I already pay for healthcare right here in Canada. It’s my duty to pay for it since I had my appendix removed in 2004 at no cost.

        • iluvisrael

          And medicare is going broke – that’s how ell the government runs things, the post office too. I stand by my comments and you’re an even stupider fool than I thought.

          • Homer J

            Sure, be as stubborn as a mule.

          • iluvisrael

            be as much of a useful idiot obama zombie

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Actually, it’s the working younger generation who have to subsidize ”

          Actually, it’s the working.

          • Homer J

            You’re right.

  • Tray-Jay Martin

    Why not just bring them over to USA cities, like, say, New Orleans…after Katrina it devolved into a Mogadishu on the Mississippi…or how about a Somali colony in Detroit? The skinnies could educate local blacks on best ways to distribute food, health care and collage scholarships.

    Who is Obama mama’s baby daddy?

    • Tray-Jay Martin

      Oops…I mean, college. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Leland64

    Send them back to Somalia.

    • defcon 4

      What about people like Aayan Hirsi? I’d hate to see her sent back to the hellhole that is Somalia, because I think she would be murdered in a hot minute.

  • johnnywood

    Smith& Wesson anyone?

    • Drakken

      I’m a Glock guy myself, with the added flavor of FN.

      • johnnywood

        Works for me:)

    • UCSPanther

      The old 1911 works well….

      I’m more of a Walther P1/P38 fan myself.

  • Hoss

    Soon to be a covered benefit in Obamacare. Your government rep will
    bring the hyena to your home for your treatment.

    I’m going into the hyena importing business. There’s gold in them critters.

    • Biff Henderson

      Once the SPCA gets wind of your intention to subject a hyena to the insane your business will be toast. Now if your area is politics subjecting the insane to a Progressive gets you votes.

      • defcon 4

        NOt if he makes certain they know it is a time honored muslime tradition in Somalia they won’t. All islamic atrocities are justifiable in the minds of the morally dead.

        • Biff Henderson

          You had to go and pull the time honored tradition crapola on me. Think it will be coupled with a deductible waiver? You know, just to be on the safe side so as not to offend.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        I thought it was a certified therapy dog. Oops.

        • Biff Henderson

          Slap on a service dog vest and we’ll have a not so happy meal or two for the kiddies but in the long run avoiding offending the sensibilities of our immigrant communities is the right thing to do.

  • Stuck between flights in O’Har

    Brilliant commentary! I would appreciate some elementary factual background, though. For instance, what is the legal basis for admitting Somali “refugees”? What part of the bureaucracy (State/ICE/whatever) is administering the relevant law(s)? Is anyone in Congress raising hell about this?

  • Sodiumpen

    Excellent source of information regarding USA refugee policies as well the many cities and towns dealing with the influx of refugees. Interesting to note the “humanitarian” groups who dump the refugess on said towns – get a government (taxpayer) paid bounty per refugee/asylum seeker. Barack Obama increased the bounty paid.

  • Avi

    Thank you for this interesting and funny article.
    The question I would like to see an answer to is what motivates our politicians, media, etc. to doing their best to destroy Western civilization through import of Muslims? Why do they do this? Don’t they realize what it will result in? Seriously, how can this behavior of theirs be stopped?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      There is a lot of deep background that could take years to go over thoroughly but in essence the left believes that Muslims are victims of historical colonialism and “neo-colonialism” and further agitated by our “bias” in the middle east towards a democratic nation like Israel (ie, non-Muslim sovereign). The “solution” is to move away from Israel (lying relentlessly as needed) and to continue along with their “social justice” programs of attacking the “oppressor” and empowering the “victims” or “victim classes.”

      They see what we see, but it’s all blamed on white supremacist colonialism and so forth. It’s all based on half-truth and outright lies.

      How they arrived at all of these lies and why they think lying is perfectly acceptable to serve a “larger truth” (without realizing that lacking integrity means you’re side never actually knows what’s true) requires some knowledge of the history of modern Western philosophy starting perhaps at time of the French Revolution or no later than the mid 19th century. Then see how the Soviets planted agents and allies all throughout our society and how those ideas became embedded and even outlasted the Soviet regime itself.

      How can it be stopped? In the short term, electing politicians that at least are not ducking the issues and in the long term we need to restore our schools to the age of reason and objectivity and purge leftist dogmas and propaganda. Teach students how to reason rather than how to find the political correct answer.

      • Avi

        Thanks. I agree with what you say. But I am still baffled. How can we reach the leftists as human beings, speak to their soul somehow, and make them see they are taking us all, including themselves, to destruction? What really motivates them to do this?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “How can we reach the leftists as human beings, speak to their soul somehow, and make them see they are taking us all, including themselves, to destruction?”

          You have to first understand where their instincts and ideas come from and then help them wade through and purge fallacies.

          “What really motivates them to do this?”

          Envy, and the view that destruction is organic to the process of “progress.” They believe in Darwinism at an instinctive level. Destruction is inevitably constructive and progressive in their minds. Just look at the “progressive” Occupy movement. Or the “environmentalists.”

          Most people are not that radical but they’re not convinced who is right and don’t do anything to stop the radicals either. We have to speak to them first and build a broader consensus about which American values are truly constructive and progressive, and that is our constitutional values.

          • Avi

            Thanks. Of course, what you say is true.
            Reflecting further, I remember from my youth how important is the factor of complying with the values of one’s peer group. People tend to imitate so as to fit in. The leftist narrative has for some reason been dominant in Western countries (Europe and North America) for a long time, except for isolated pockets of resistance. This dominance seems to have increased over time, reaching the absurd dimensions we find today.
            Really, what I was asking is how to reach an individual who does something as stupid as described in the above article, importing Somalians, how to make clear to him the madness of his act, to make him see how very many people will be terribly hurt by it in the long run. It seems hopeless when people are determined to do act willfully to try and dissuade them. Have a nice weekend.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Really, what I was asking is how to reach an individual who does something as stupid as described in the above article, importing Somalians, how to make clear to him the madness of his act, to make him see how very many people will be terribly hurt by it in the long run.”

            I was trying to prepare you for the probability that it won’t be quick or easy. The better you understand the underlying causes, the more capable you are of inserting points in to conversations and making small progress that way. These people were indoctrinated from their youth. You can’t force an awakening, but you can help facilitate it if you are patient and learn to recognize fallacies and facts, and how to explain them all coherently.

            “It seems hopeless when people a re deter mined to do act willfully to try and dissuade them.”

            It does seem hopeless and would be if there were only a few of us, or a few hundred. You need to decide how much time you’re willing to invest in teaching the fact-based arguments.

            If you’re worried about Islam, you almost need to go back to the Jewish Babylonian captivity (if not further) because that’s where most of today’s evidence begins that refutes Islam. If you understand the major events that drive our American exceptionalism, you can defend our values much more convincingly but you won’t feel like you’re making a lot of progress most of the time.

            And you still won’t understand today’s deranged leftists until you get to modern Western philosophy and you understand why they are so angry. They think we are frauds and that all of our successes came from perfidy.

            You have a nice weekend as well.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            There is someone I can think of that has a pretty good blog in easily digestable articles regarding philosophy and some modern political movements.


            She comments here fairly regularly too. I’d recommend browsing and seeing if any articles are interesting to you and then you can come back here and elsewhere and talk about the things that come up. She’ll probably respond to your comments on her blog but I don’t know how active she is there. Usually there are only a few comments as opposed to the longer discussions we have here.