The Issue is Not Chechnya, It’s Islamic Terrorism

A combination of handout pictures show the suspects wanted for questioning in relation to the Boston Marathon bombing

Now that we know who the bombers are and one of them is dead, and that they are Chechen Muslims, the media has gone into “Palestinian” mode insisting that we need to talk about the conflict in Chechnya.

We can talk about Chechnya, but the issue there and everywhere else is Islamic nationalism or Islamism. The bombers could have been from Chechnya or Mali or Bosnia or Iraq or Egypt or Afghanistan or any Muslim country where Islamists are active. And that’s most Muslim countries, especially after the Arab Spring.

There is a conflict in Chechnya and Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Thailand and Nigeria and the Philippines and India and Israel and France and a hundred other countries.

Where there is a sizable Muslim majority or even sizable minority, there is conflict.

Any talk about pressuring Russia into “resolving” or “appeasing” Chechen Islamists (at least the ones not allied with Russia) is a silly waste of time.

Russia isn’t Israel. It’s not going to be intimidated into making deals with terrorists. And talking about the demands of Chechen Islamists is a waste of time. Their demands are the same as the demands of all Islamists.

Islamism is Transnational. You cannot solve it locally. The situation in Israel has proven that. Giving in to territorial demands always fails because a transnational movement wants more than a few miles here and there. They want a regional and then a global Caliphate.

America had nothing to do with the conflict in Chechnya. That didn’t stop Dzhokar Tsarneav and Tamerlan Tsarneav from carrying out the mass murder of Americans.

To understand Dzhokar Tsarneav and Tamerlan Tsarneav is to understand that Islam is transnational.

“World view” is listed as “Islam” and his “Personal priority” is “career and money”.

He has posted links to videos of fighters in the Syrian civil war and to Islamic web pages with titles like “Salamworld, my religion is Islam” and “There is no God but Allah, let that ring out in our hearts”.

It’s Allah Akbar all over again.

  • Michael Copeland

    Walid Shoebat's question for the West, "What part of "Kill" don't they understand?"

    Kill unbelievers wherever you find them. Koran 9:5.

    • matt

      it doesnt say that, it says kill polytheists wherever you find them. polytheist is someone wo believes in the worship of more than one god.

      • Saty13

        Not only is what you're saying inaccurate and contradicted by many other phrases in the Koran, it's also ridiculous. Is it okay with you that the Koran orders its people to kill anyone who believes in polytheism?

  • Liberty for Captives

    Can you comment on the role of brainwashing? I concur that we should not label people from a particular country as terrorists simply because of their nationality. I also concur with your assessment about radical Islam and its desire for a global Caliphate. Do you see Robert Lifton's 8 symptoms of thought-control present in some of these systems (i.e., Milieu control, mystical manipulation, doctrine over person, etc.)? I find that normal people can be influenced in very negative ways by religious brainwashing. Is there a solution? Thanks.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Islamists do use some forms of brainwashing, You can see some examples of that here

      But at the same time much of this takes place over the internet. In some cases it's programming but often people choose to program themselves

      • sheila

        Islam is total brainwashing. From birth to the grave they are taught to hate and destroy all who are not Islamic. That is brainwashing.

        • defcon 4

          I'm certain mosques and madrassahs don't concentrate on teaching the abrogated peaceful Meccan verses, but rather the violent Medinan ones.

    • MariettaGator

      Nothing close to the liberal brainwashing/enema we get everyday from our so-called media.

  • Michael Copeland

    “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam,”
    Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt, http://www.Citizen 20 June 2011.

    “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those are witless."
    "Islam says: kill all of the unbelievers as they would kill you all.”
    “Killing is the same as mercy."
    Ayatollah Khomeini, Logan’s Warning,

    • defcon 4

      I wonder whatever happened to Lara Logan? Is she still active in journalism? Or has her brush w/islamofascism tainted her w/the MSM?

  • Dogkoota

    Some frightening assumptions here. 'Russia isn’t Israel. It’s not going to be intimidated into making deals with terrorists.' Nobody's asking Israel to make a deal with terrorists, it is being pushed to make a deal with the Palestinian people which is completely reasonable unless of course you think all Palestinians are terrorists. I also think you'll find that it is important to understand Chechnya otherwise you will never understand why someone might be pushed to blowing things up

    • gee59

      Actually the international community isn't asking – it is demanding. Not once, not twice, not even hundred times, but hundreds of thousands of times Israel has been pushed not to defend itself or do anything in the face of massive terrorist attacks.

      Since Israel signed the Oslo Accords over 2,000 Israelis have been murdered by those 'innocent Palestinians". That would equal to the United States having 332 more 9/11s. No most "Palestinians" are not terrorists – but most do in fact support it (well over 70%). So your analogy doesn't work at all

    • Daniel Greenfield

      By Palestinian people, you mean regional population groups under the control of Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups

      No one is pushed to blowing things up. They choose to do so because Islam tells them to.

    • kasandra

      So, then, the U.S. hasn't been pressuring Israel to make a deal with the P.A. And the P.A. wasn't headed by Yasser Arafat and now by "Abu Abbas" neither of whom are terrorists or support terrorism. Nevermind that. The Israelis are not being pressured to make a deal with the official representative of the Palestinians on the West Bank but, rather, with the Palestinian people. Well, in a recent poll from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey (PSR), nearly half of all Palestinian people (47.5 percent) support terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians inside the 1949 armistice lines, and 55 percent of Palestinian people reject the recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people alongside a future Palestinian state. I guess I just live in another universe from you.

    • Joan

      A person is not "pushed" to blowing up INNOCENT PEOPLE (not THINGS as you call them). A person chooses that. Just to clarify, by "pushed" you mean CHOOSE, by "blowing up" you mean MASS MURDERING, and by "things" you mean INNOCENT CIVILIANS including CHILDREN. Wow!

      Understanding the terrible violence that is deeply woven into the Chechen Republic's past and present history may enable us to see why people from this region may be more susceptible to a mind that lacks empathy and is tempered with destruction.

      It's time for people to wake up to the reality of Islamism.

    • Lan Astaslem

      most paleostonians would like to kill every Jewish man, woman and child and destroy Israel – this has been proven in numerous polls – get a clue moron

    • ziontruth

      "…make a deal with the Palestinian people which is completely reasonable unless of course you think all Palestinians are terrorists."

      1) They're not a people, they're part of the Arab nation pretending to be one for propaganda purposes.
      2) They're not Palestinians–the Jews are the only true Palestinian nation.
      3) For the sake of prudence, one ought to assume they're all terrorists or sympathizers with it.

      They, like the Chechens, are an integral part of Islamic imperialism. Defenders of such evil like you need to ESAD.

  • BLJ

    All I know is these animals are Muslim jihadists. Does not matter where they come from they are still evil doers. The MSM here will do all they can to take the focus elsewhere.

  • Michael Copeland

    "Prophet said: 'The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all other nations'"
    Placard in Oxford St. march 25 Mar 2011
    Exactly, it does not matter where they come from: the agenda is the same.

  • alrightalready

    We (our USA government) must be nuts. Obviously, we have some "Liberal-based 'feel good' immigration policy" in place. And when Republicans are in charge, its not much better!

    • Pat

      Our 'feel good immigration policy' dates back to 1965 and the Great Society. Within three years of its passage, Robert Kennedy was dead at the hands of someone who might not have been admitted to the USA otherwise. (The irony is that he and Ted were huge proponents of this law that ultimately enabled his killer to come here.)

  • james r

    well written and of course very true.

  • dev

    greenfiled is absolutely correct, islam is the main cause

  • Fred

    Too bad the Russians didn't totally annihilate Chechnia after Beslan. Turn it into glowing glass. Innocent Muslims you say? There is no such thing. Anyone that is a member and supporter of a terrorist group is guilty of that groups crimes. Islam isn't a religion. It's simply a terrorist organization and always has been. It is pure evil. And we need to eradicate it. But will anyone wake up to that reality?

    So much for it being a white American. 

    "It’s Allah Akbar all over again."

    And no it is not Islamic Terrorism that is the problem. It is Islam period.we need to do to the Islamic world what was done to Nazi Germany and Japan in WWII. We need a world wide de-islamification program.

    • defcon 4

      Sounds good, when do we start?

  • Michael Copeland

    When you look closely you will find that “Islamism” is, in fact, Islam.

    • Daniel Greenfield


      Islamism is the implementation of Islam.

      • defcon 4

        Anwar Sheikh was a muslim Pakistani immigrant to the UK who personally was involved in the murder of Sikhs during the '48' partition of India (murders that went unpunished of course). After he got to the UK he converted to the Hindu faith and became a ardent critic of Islam (for which he received numerous death threats). He later wrote Islam, The Arab Imperialism.

      • Lan Astaslem

        islam is the theory, islamism its practice

    • sunmoonstars

      What trips people up is that they go by so many names. Palestinians are mostly Muslims, Islamist are Muslims, so are Arabs, Sunnis, Sunnites, Al Qaeda and who knows what else. We need to read up on their culture and history.

  • fiftyone50

    All terrorism experts were saying at the onset that this was typical Al Qaeda Modus Operandi. These terrorist demons were funded by Al Qaeda who have a stronghold in Chechnya. They were not working alone. Takes lots of cash to concoct such a deadly terrorist attack. I am afraid, however, that wasn't enough of a disaster to wake up the appeasers and the apologists…what is it going to take? Islam is not a religion, it is a ideology of destruction, mayhem, and death. As I write this those most highly trained, in what seems like terrorist warfare, are going on a house-to-house search for the second brother. Explosives littering the streets of Watertown…really, what is it going to take for some people to get their heads out of their behinds and realize that "Islam" is at war with the world.

  • deborh

    i think they are losers, lone wolfes, like the uncle said, although the younger one was educated, he was probably the little bro looking up to big bro. But they were cut off from society, family broken up, and perhaps at least one of them (the one who strapped a bomb on himself and died, the older) wanted to go out in with a huge bang. I think they are more unhappy miserable people and very angry, but still, in the end, it is frightening that these guys got away with it. There will be others no doubt, copy cats, and then, the real thing, political terror, because we are primed for it, we opened the doors for it,

  • Earthling

    Each time we open the door to immigration we open the door to risk; particularly when people immigrate from war torn countries. They’re minds are often damaged; many suffer from mental illness PTSD, alienation and so on. The risk is even greater when immigrants are Muslims. What I’ve noticed is that regardless of where Muslims go, they always make trouble; stress out the established host country. They hugely benefit by the civilized society we Christians have create, by our laws, and life style. But …. we do NOT benefit by their culture. They rarely fit in – they operate out of a tribal mindset, underpinned by religious fanaticism. As I see it – they are the greatest threat to society. We should never have allowed them to immigrate here.

  • psyvant

    Actually, it is partly about Chechnya, Mr. Greenfield.

    Also, you state: "That didn't stop Dzhokar Tsarneav and Tamerlan Tsarneav from carrying out the mass murder of Americans." How many were killed again, Mr. Greenfield?

    Yes, your articulation of key Islamic and Jihadist predilections is sound enough, but you end up impeaching your credibility, Mr. Greenfield, at both the beginning and end of your article.

    So, that’s my first point: While there is no condoning the horrific actions of the Tsarneavs, at least let’s get facts straight.

    Clearly, too, this latest incident of terrorism will probably be found to not deviate in either it’s prodromal stages, nor in its ultimate manifestation, from what is often the case: Here we have 2 young men, already brutalized as children by the traumas associated with war in their home country of Chechnya. Then, they are brought to the United States, and most likely fail to become fully integrated. Along the way, it is rumored, they perhaps met a radical Muslim cleric, poised and ready to more fully indoctrinate them. The classic family and sibling relational patterns were probably also adhered to as well: The younger brother follows the lead of his older, and either feared or idolized brother. Subsequently, the two of them develop what is known as a “shared psychotic disorder.” The result is the horrific attack on the very country that befriended them. It still seems unthinkable to you and I, but the underlying mechanisms I just described are doubtless repeated on a daily basis in our country. That they are not carried out more often is a tribute to our growing alertness as citizens, and to the quite remarkable system of intelligence and law enforcement personnel who serve to protect us.

    Frankly, though—while none of this is particularly difficult to understand, what remains imponderable however, to Westerners – indeed to most who practice one of the Abrahamic religions–is the flagrant disregard for human life displayed by Islamic fundamentalists – the truly orthodox and dogmatic adherents of the Quran.

    Toward that end, studies are already underway in the nascent field of neurotheology (ironically a term first introduced by Aldus Huxley), but the exploration of religion must go far deeper. For example, It should be clear to anyone that for a youth like Dzhokar, an honor student and sophomore in premed, the renunciation of his American life and ambitions in favor of killing innocent people instead, is both antithetical and-more to the point- singularly insane. This was not religion. This was psychosis—a horrible perversion of religious doctrine.

    I tend to agree with the author here, though, on a key point: Radical Islam is worldwide; it can’t be bombed out of existence by Obama’s precision-targeted drones nor can it be eliminated by wars – particularly against the wrong country (Bush’s Iraq debacle—a country even HE admitted had nothing to do with 911).

    I will go one step further: After reading some of the commentary here, I’m deeply concerned about our ability as either individual Americans, or as a country, to understand—let alone combat—a chaotic force like Islamism. Truthfully, this would seem to require the application of a level of mental acumen and dispassionate reasoning which is not readily apparent in our country. I do know this: The answers do not lie in crazed jingoism, nor will they be found in hate speech, or the agitprop of either left- or right wing ideologues.

    Our nation – the best on the planet – needs to get smart about the forces of chaos in our midst.

    • sunmoonstars

      This is a big topic but it would be helpful if you would shore up the commentary (really long!) and offer some solutions.

  • joe

    Look into the eyes of the younger. What do you see? Nothing? EXACTLY! These brothers are soul less. They are instruments of Satan, who knows that he has little time left on the earth and is running rampant…

    • psyvant

      Gee, Joe–you really ought to work for the FBI. You can tell just by looking at their eyes, huh?

      Look, Joe — I don't know your education level, but have you ever heard of the crusades? We Christians killed an awful lot of people. Were we under Satanic influence? Please, please, do some reading and inform yourself.

      As for the eyes–just to show you how differently people can interpret physiognomic characteristics — what I see is a youth; he may or may not possess a soul; neither of us knows that. But, if you see anything else, it might–just might–be the reflection of your own doubts about who YOU are.

      As for his actions, which are the only thing that matter here, I see a kid who has been brainwashed and indoctrinated so completely, that he incapable of rational thought. In that one regard, Joe, he is not terribly unlike most people under religious or any other kind of brainwashing.

      Please remember this, as well: Shortly after 911, George Bush Jr. delivered several powerful speeches. In one of them, he declared our society to be a 'pluralistic' one. If your unaware of his meaning, what Bush was saying is that, in this country, we accept people of all faiths, all creeds, all beliefs. If you do not like or accept that statement, then you and I need to work hard to determine WHY people are so vulnerable to (esp) this kind of Islamic indoctrination. Calling him Satanic or Evil is pointless.

      For an interesting glimpse at what humans are capable of, with only just a little external manipulation, go to this link:

  • sunmoonstars

    We know that these men are Muslims and have come from a war torn country. If we go on this, solutions seem apparent. Immigration is the first line of defense. We should be very careful allowing immigrants in from war torn countries. Although we want to be charitable, we open the door to importing problems (mental problems of every kind and degree). When children are exposed to violence at a young age it affects how they see the world and does tremendous mental damage on them. Second we can get the Imams on board. In their mosques, they should be preaching peace and non-violence; speaking out against terrorism; speaking out on protecting America; appreciating this homeland. Third – we need a nationwide conversation on this topic. I'm tired of people being afraid to talk about Muslims. We need to have a conversation and the sooner it starts the better.

    • psyvant

      Excellent post!

  • psyvant

    Love your Logo: "FRONT PAGE MAG-"Inside every Liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out."

    To which I would add:

    "And, inside every totalitarian is a frightened, bigoted, intellectually deficient Conservative, posing as a human being."

  • psyvant

    Wonder where Front Page would be w/o the intervention of a "totalitarian" democrat president like Truman? One thing is possibly true: We might all be reading Front Page in Japanese ideographic columns. :)

  • Arthur

    Why dont you try destroying Islam and anninhilating it as a religion? We’ll do the same with yours, promise!