The Leftist Hijacking of Black Identity

MARTIN-BASHIRWhile you might think that it would be impossible to run an entire cable news network around accusing people of racism, MSNBC has taken your bet and now expects you to buy it coffee for a month.

On Wednesday, Martin Bashir declared that IRS was the new N word; which would mean that IRS is now the unpronounceable I word. “Three letters that sound so innocent, but we know what you mean,” Bashir said. I don’t know anyone who associates those particular three letters with innocence, except Obama’s media defenders for whom a giant ruthless government agency is the innocent victim of a Republican hate crime.

As supporting evidence Bashir quoted the widely misrepresented Lee Atwater interview. In the interview, Atwater said that politics was becoming deracialized because even racist voters were backing non-racist agendas, even if for racist reasons, making racist politics abstract.

That quote has been endlessly misquoted to “prove” that when Republicans support lower taxes, it’s really coded racism. Atwater clumsily said that racial politics were becoming abstract, and the left responded by racializing all politics, including the politics of the IRS.

Atwater was right that racism in politics has become abstract, but he was wrong in assuming that it was going anywhere. Real racism in politics is hard to find, but the political abstraction of racism is everywhere. Any attack on Obama is immediately racist, whether it’s calling him a Socialist or demanding an investigation of IRS abuses, because Obama is, in Bashir’s words, “the black man in the White House.”

That and nothing else.

Rather than bringing the racial healing that some expected, the Obama years so dramatically racialized national politics that even IRS is now a racial slur. And that racialization reveals how dependent on race the entire liberal program has become.

Liberalism racialized itself by defining its big government programs entirely in terms of social justice. To oppose its expansion of government was to be a racist.

The process has gone so far that it is hard to remember that at one point it stood for big ideas. Today the only big liberal idea is big government and that idea is armored with a system of racial subsidies and privileges that uses black people as human shields against government critics. But the racial privileges and subsidies aren’t the point; they just provide the moral legitimacy for the trillion dollar deficits that end up in the bedroom communities around Washington D.C.

Racism has become the mask that liberalism wears. And liberalism has become the mask that big government wears. Underneath the mask of the social justice crusader is a government bureaucrat with a photo of Martin Luther King on the wall.

The abstraction of political racism from real racism and social justice from the actual interests of the black community has gone so far that an administration that has presided over record black unemployment is always defended in racial terms.

Liberalism has not only become identified with racial politics, it has swallowed racial politics so completely that they no longer exist on a national level. National racial politics is just liberalism misspelled and when an MSNBC anchor equates IRS with a racial slur, it becomes clear that there is no longer any race in racism. Racism in politics has become so abstract that it no longer has anything to do with black people.

The latest administration boondoggle, illegal alien amnesty is expected to economically devastate the black community. If there was ever a policy that deserved to be criticized on racial grounds, it’s the proposal to bring in huge numbers of unskilled workers at a time when 1 in 7 African-Americans are unemployed. But it won’t be, because racism no longer refers to policies that disadvantage black people, but policies that limit the power and scope of big government.

If there’s anything that ought to be equated with the N Word, it’s not the IRS; it’s Amnesty. Amnesty is the code for the economic and political disenfranchisement of African-Americans. But it’s also a code word that can’t be spoken. The IRS can be decoded to reveal the abstract inner racism of its critics, but a bill that would put millions of black people out of work is being passed off as the greatest civil rights achievement in a generation.

Amnesty is a disaster for African-Americans, but it is meant to protect the political fortunes of the Democratic Party and large numbers of African-Americans have accepted that they should be willing to make any sacrifice for the welfare of the Democratic Party.

African-American leaders mortgaged their history and their interests to the Democratic Party and got back affirmative action and a few community grants. And now their history has been foreclosed on. It has been so detached from them that it can be used as PR spin for any government organization. Even the IRS.

It isn’t the Republicans who have abstracted racism. The Democrats built up a politics of racism and then adopted the mantle of racist anti-racism when it became convenient, pivoting from States’ Rights to Federalism and then claiming credit for the century-long Federal civil rights project of the Republican Party. And when that was done, they stole the history of the people they had enslaved and oppressed.

Obama represents the culmination of that abstraction of race and its identification with the left. His race, like so much else about him, is symbolic. His role isn’t to usher in racial healing, but to further hijack a racial legacy that he was never part of and turn it into political fodder for the party of big government.

Race for Obama is abstract. His identity isn’t racial, it’s political. Race is only a tool for his politics, it doesn’t define his politics. In this he is no different than the rest of the left for whom race, gender, class, profession and any other aspect of identity are tools to be used to promote the ideas and policies of the left, but can never be allowed to truly define those policies.

Obama represents the symbolic union of racial grievance and leftist politics; but there is no doubt which one of these is in the driver’s seat.

The left played the black community, bribed their leaders, tossed a few trinkets to the masses and then plundered their heritage and history. The economic potential of the black community was destroyed to leave them with few options but to serve as the cannon fodder of big government. Black history and politics have been so thoroughly hijacked that a media personality on the propaganda channel of big government can claim with a straight face that IRS is a racial slur.

Unpacking Bashir’s meaning leads us to the inevitable conclusion that the real victims of racism are big government organizations. And that reduces the civil rights movement to an apologetic for the uncontrolled expansion of government. It turns “I Have a Dream” into “I Have a Government Office” and the Selma to Montgomery March into a commute to a Washington D.C. bedroom community that most of the black population of the city can’t afford to live in.

Black history has become a commodity. It was mortgaged to the Democratic Party which turned it over to the IRS. It was reduced to an item of intellectual property to be exploited, developed and then finally discarded. In this state, the soul of a people grows stifled and unable to change.

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  • ElizabethMC

    I think the article writer is over thinking this. The simple explanation to why liberals constantly label us racist is that they are desperate to silence any dissension and criticism of their behavior and ideology.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “I think the article writer is over thinking this. The simple explanation to why liberals constantly label us racist is that they are desperate to silence any dissension and criticism of their behavior and ideology.”

      Well yeah, and they need a veneer of plausibility. At least enough plausibility to satisfy their own kind.

      • ElizabethMC

        (Well yeah, and they need a veneer of plausibility. At least enough plausibility to satisfy their own kind)
        They don’t need a ‘veneer’ to satisfy their own kind. I think that’s what Welfare is for. It keeps the lay-abouts compliant and keeps the powerful self-satisfied and powerful.

    • Justin Moore

      No, the right just want to take people eyes off their intentions and sneak in a trojan horse. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize the intentions of the right.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s racist to propose that “blacks” are less accountable than “whites.” The leftists have jumped the shark on this one with a president who can do now wrong on the basis of the idea that a black president only has to be black. We can’t expect more.

  • sheikyermami

    “Martin’s” real name is Muhammad.

    Bashir may be a leftist by default but his unhinged babble and the vomit he spews gives his game away.

    A criminally possessed Muselmaniac like him will not remain behind when the call for jihad comes.

  • CowboyUp

    High Black unemployment is desirable for the dp/left, to keep them on the dp plantation.

    • Seek

      You’re naive. It’s we whites who are stuck on the black-owned plantation. We pay; they collect. Blacks aren’t “victims” of Democrats. It’s white Democrats and white Republicans alike who are victims of blacks.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Living off the government is a crappy existence. Only a foolish black person could think they have some kind of advantage from it. They live under rules that hold them where they are because they lose it all if they try to better themselves financially. It is they who have allowed themselves to be enslaved by the government. Unfortunately the government is razing the “projects” and using section 8 to move them into neighborhoods that were once nice, safe and secure. Personally, I think it was worth my tax money to keep them in their place. Away from people who actually want to rise in life. Let them rot on the vine if that’s all they want.

        • CowboyUp

          When I was growing up, black folks had a term called “chump change,” and I always called welfare giving up your potential for chump change.

      • CowboyUp

        There are more whites on welfare than blacks, and the same dynamic applies. Black people didn’t invent the welfare state, and every race, indeed even animals (don’t feed the bears, or they’ll lose the ability to feed themselves) are affected the same way.
        The dp/left is glad if black people are blamed, it takes the heat off them, and helps keep America balkanized and black folks on the plantation. No who’s being naïve?

        • Seek

          There are more whites than blacks on welfare only because we outnumber them by five to one. The RATE of welfare as way of life is far, far higher for blacks. And yes, they see it as beating the system, not as helplessness. Stop making excuses for blacks. Nothing is more pathetic, and naive, than a white Tea Party type desperately looking for the trophy black — Our Obama, if one will — who will Broaden the GOP base.

          The Democrats should be opposed because they are anti-white, not because they are anti-black. They’re too busy loving the blacks to realize that they’re wrecking the country in the process.

          • CowboyUp

            I didn’t make excuses for anybody, said nothing about the Tea Party, black republicans, or broadening the GOP base. You’re so fixated on hating a skin color that you can’t read or think straight. You’re as pathetic as it gets.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Bashir = Bashit

  • John Davidson

    One thing is apparent: We’ve progressed back in time.

  • hud3

    thanks for sharing, I like read

  • Seek

    The article is okay so far as it goes, but it misses the larger point. The central problem is not the “Leftist hijacking” of black identity. It’s black identity itself. That is, blacks, by their very nature, are inimically opposed to whites and white interests. That includes, by the way, the late overrated shakedown artist, Martin Luther King Jr., of whom Greenfiled speaks admiringly.
    Let the Democrats reach out to the blacks. Republicans should reach out to the whites.

    • JoJoJams

      I disagree. I think Republicans should reach out to human beings, based on conservative and libertarian views, to show people they can be all they strive to be, no matter the melanin content of their skin, provided the federal government just get the #$%^& out of the way!. the “American Dream” – and pride in this nation and all her people.

      • Seek

        Pure naivete worthy of a CPAC or Tea Party speech.

        We’ve been “reaching out” to blacks for more than 40 years. Exactly where has this effort gotten us? How much more do we have to pander to them, whether it’s trying to outdo the Democrats in the welfare state expansion department or going through the annual January ritual of revering MLK as the Greatest Human Being Who Has Ever Lived?

        Face it, JoJo: Blacks just aren’t that into us and never will be. We can prattle on about “values” and “the American Dream,” but the fact remains that blacks are utterly consumed by race — their own. Other races? They see them as enemies. When they see whites, they DON’T see human beings; they see weaklings to rob, sucker-punch, swindle, carjack, rape, beat or murder. It’s about time the Republican Party recognized as much and went hunting where the ducks are. Those ducks are white.

        • JoJoJams

          I would agree that, unfortunately, a very large portion of high melanin content people are as you describe. I’ve seen them myself. But your blanket condemnation of “those blacks” is just as bad as any of their blanket condemnations of “whitey”. Here’s a sociological note for you: It’s the CULTURE, not the people, per se. Thomas Sowell is the man I most admire and respect in this world, for his knowledge and wisdom. Certainly, I shouldn’t have to put forth a list of successful and decent high melanin content humans, do I? And I still stand by my logical (as opposed to emotional) response regarding “race” – because scientifically, there is only ONE race. Human…..with many sub-cultures. And quite often we’re ALL capable of being a bunch of azzh0les. I’ve seen that first hand as well.
          Yes, a large portion of (mostly) urban “blacks” are as you describe – but I know far too many good and decent “blacks” (including one of my dear girlfriends) to let hatred and bigotry get in the way.

          My call and statement wasn’t as you think. Read it again. My call was for the party to reach out to human beings, espousing conservative and libertarian views, ideas and ways. And whomever – from whatever culture – embraces that, then fine. Take the message to the human race, not to any specific sub-culture – be they “white”, “black”, “purple” or “pink”, what is best for the good of us all? (some combination of conservative and libertarian, IMHO). And those who agree will be there – regardless their color. Of course, people with your mindset keep others from joining, and too often their “own people” (*sigh*) call them “uncle toms” and such (ignorance on BOTH sides….). But I will always be there to embrace them as brothers and sisters in this human race.

          “I have a dream, too…..and it includes you, if you’ll include me……and we’ll all get there together”. — JoJoJams

          • JoJoJams

            And before anyone flames me, no, I’m not a head in the clouds idealist. I’m actually also very cynical – because I’ve seen all that Seek describes – as well as bad and evil in every culture. I’m also a realist and believe in pointing out some of the crap of a culture that is the true “root cause” of problems in said culture. eg: when a certain culture has nearly 80% out of wedlock births, and the fathers aren’t around to assist in raising the child, or when a certain culture has a gangsta rap music – and glories in “killing cops and ho’s and bitches”, or when a certain culture is saturated by “progressives” in grievance mongering, hatred, and not taking responsibility for ones actions, as well as giving free welfare for just popping out more kids to infect the culture even more — then don’t sit back and wonder why the culture that once gave us the Blues and Soul, is now a culture of rot, decay, chaos and violence.

            And I will always speak out against that rubbish, as well as any rubbish in any other culture. Seems I’m hated by humans on both sides of the fence….. ;-)

    • Michael Shreve

      ENOUGH with the REACHING OUT. People of PRINCIPLE allow others to join them. They do NOT compromise their principle to pleas ANYONE. When you compromise your principles, you no longer have any.

  • greatj

    What do you expect from M.S.N.B.C. Bashir is an Obama toady weasel that cant talk about real issues.

  • BLJ

    White people need to stop being so scared of the word “racist”. The libs know this and use it to get what they want. I deal with many black people in my business and like any other race there are good and bad one’s. The biggest obstacle that Black America faces is the bigotry of low expectations that has been gifted to them by the Democratic Party.

  • nimbii

    Bashir should be busted for pleasuring himself on national TV.

  • Josephine68

    BLACK PEOPLE have decimated the black community. BLACK PEOPLE have economically decimated the black community. BLACK PEOPLE have destroyed the black family. Please get this right. Unless you have lived WITH THEM in the authentically black culture, you have no idea how deep their troubles run.

    Please stop blaming us for their failure to assimilate into Western culture. If we moved the population of Portland, OR into Detroit, and moved the population of Detroit to Portland, OR, Detroit would become a wonderful city and Portland would be a filthy ghetto in no time.

    • Ghostwriter

      Not every black person is like what you say,Josephine68. Most feel like you do,but are PRESSURED to keep silent. People like Jesse Jackson,Al “The Loudmouth” Sharpton and their ilk have hurt the black community. It’s a shame that many in Black America keep listening to their idiocy. I hope someday they wake up and see the harm that they’ve cause for their own self-aggrandizement.

      • cecil91

        It’s all about culture. The decline of inner-city minority communities is about behaviors and attitudes that are subsidiaries of culture. Change will come about when attitudes change. Jackson and Sharpton feed the cultural status quo, but even worse is liberalism’s refusal to acknowledge these self-destructive social pathologies and instead focus on racism as the culprit.

        • Justin Moore

          Where do you guys get these conclusions from. its disturbing.

      • Michael Shreve

        Black conservatives and blacks who BELIEVE in individual responsibility and accomplishment are STIGMATIZED by black leaders, the media and the Democrat, liberal conservative communists. PEER PRESSURE keeps far too many blacks in line.

  • Josephine68

    They key to all of this is to keep whites on the hook for slavery. Then reparations can take place via the massive transfer of wealth. If blacks let themselves be used as tools over and over again, that is not my problem. I feel no white guilt for it. The stimulus, EBT, Pigford, 401K confiscation, Obamacare…they are all slavery reparations programs. Once white people start saying “NO!” to this blame, then the threat of being called a racist will die.

    America does not owe black people anything. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Say this three times, every day. White people have to realize that they are a distinct people with a distinct culture and they have a right to EXIST!

    • ratonis

      Whites are not on the hook for slavery. Black slaves were captured in Africa by other black tribes and sold to white slavers. They were also captured and sold to white western slavers by Arab Muslims. The practice of American blacks converting to Islam and claiming Arabic names believing they are making some kind of statement against slavery is ludicrously absurd, uninformed, and stupid, but that is what you get when masses of people regard, as serious leaders, frauds like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Conyers, and the rest of that fraudulent menagerie, while listening to people like Bashir (or anybody else on MSNBC for that matter).

  • Ghostwriter

    Some years ago,Glenn Beck did something called “Black Founding Fathers.” These were black men and women that have been left out of the current telling of black history because they weren’t all victims. It’s a shame. All Americans,including black Americans could stand to learn from that. It would be great if more people would have a look at it.

    • CowboyUp

      I’d like to see that, and will search it out. I’ve never been to his web page, I’ll start there. When I was little, and a peanut butter fiend, I wanted to grow up to be a scientist and inventor like George Washington Carver.

  • Insecticide

    Bashir is such a common Arab name

  • Sam Norte

    Racism Explained

    A black kid asks his
    mother, “Mama, What’s a Democracy?”

    “Well, Son, That’s when White folks
    work every day so we can get all our benefits; You knows like free cell phones
    for each family member, Rent subsidy, Food stamps, WIC, Free healthcare, Utility
    subsidy, & The list goes on & on, You knows”.

    “But mama, Don’t
    the White people get pissed off about that?

    “Sure they do, That’s called

  • odypoly

    You’re kidding me, right? A guy named Daniel Greenfield is writing an article on BLACK IDENTITY? You people really are the new McCarthyites. Your readers are just too ignorant/racist/angry/embittered/mentally ill to realize it. And David Horowitz has the credibility of a smeared pile of dog crap.

    • logdon

      But apart from that…….?


  • Michael Shreve

    Maybe they’re right. How man BLACK people has the IRS harrassed.

  • logdon

    Martin Bashir, before he was either forced out or deciding to take
    the Yankee dollar, (think also his soul-mate Piers Morgan) was known
    here in Britain as the man who conducted the Princess Diana

    Pre-divorce she spilt the beans, albeit extremely shallowly coded, on Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

    Her, ‘there are three people in our marriage’, shock, horror revelation blew the lid and as a universal symbol of the victimised and wronged woman, paved the way to her elevation to global Sainthood.

    A combination of her peaches and cream beauty and winsome charm created the perfect ambassador and attended by a prurient, tabloid media pack she was thus rocketed to world super-stardom.

    But a question arises. Following her denouement people were, in that tribal way humans decide right from wrong, forced to take sides and the British Monarchy which stretches back to pre Norman times was placed in mortal jeopardy.

    Was this Muslim leftist, Bashirs aim? Stir the pot with a slightly dim accomplice intent on revenge and blinded by her own intellectual inability?

    The Muslim thing then grows deeper. Had Bashir’s cajoling softened the ground for Diana’s future relationship escapades with two Muslim suitors?

    Remember, she was still a Royal with all the entitlement and privilege which comes with it. She resided in her very own palace in leafy Kensington. And she was still capable of child bearing.

    The first was heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan, the second, Harrods owner, Mohammed Fayed’s playboy son, Dodi.

    Both were serious relationships and offspring not beyond the bounds of possibility. The implication of Islam being inserted into Royal lineage was therefore right there before our eyes.

    Now it could well be that Bashir is no Mystic Meg and those future relationships, to hijack the immortal words of Donald Rumsfeld, were unknown, unknowns. But equally, to carry on the Rumsfeldian thread, they may well have been known unknowns. Or possibly, to complete his triumvirate, even known, knowns.

    My point? Islam, at all possible levels is intent on global hegemony. Allah decreed it and whether pauper, peasant or prince they all believe in that manifest destiny.

    They use every method, overt, covert, honest, dishonest, legal, illegal it’s all permissible in a means justifying the end manner.

    Their ridiculous non sequitur of leftist alignment is such a ploy and despite their Royalty, imperialistic demand and distinct rejection of any form of equality the left has swallowed their lies hook, line and sinker.

    To return to my original premise, Bashir is both a lefty and a Muslim. The first persona would rejoice in the destruction or defamation of our Royal family. The second would just love to have an Islamic strand, merely to pollute its Christian heritage.

    Either way, for him it would have been a win, win.

    Destiny prevailed and driven by a pilled up, alcoholic chauffeur, both playboy and Princess met their respective makers in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel and that was the end of that.

    Now you may say quite rightly, what’s all this got to do with black identity and the answer is, directly it doesn’t.

    However indirectly it focusses on Bashir’s opportunistic appropriation of causes. They may be the predicament of poor black families in Detroit or a pampered Princess born in a Royal palace.

    That interview pretty much launched his career. And we can see where it’s now headed.

    It’s all the same to them. Whatever is necessary. Whatever it takes.