The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill once reportedly said, “I would rather have my children starve than have white people buy my albums.” The authenticity of the quote has been disputed, but there was no disputing her quotes during her sentencing on charges of massive tax evasion.

“I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them,” Hill said before U.S. Magistrate Madeline Cox Arleo. “I had an economic system imposed on me.”

As a millionaire, Hill had her choice of economic systems anywhere in the world. Her parents were a computer programmer and an English teacher. She grew up in South Orange NJ where the median household income is $123,373 a year. She went to Columbia High School, one of the top schools in the country, and then enrolled at Columbia University. All these are the hallmarks of a privileged life.

And that too is part of a pattern of fake radical black musicians with middle class suburban backgrounds.

Compare that to Ja Rule, who just finished his own sentence for tax evasion, and has the background you would expect a rap star to have.

At his sentencing hearing, Ja Rule said, “I in no way attempted to deceive the government or do anything illegal,” he said minutes before being sentenced. “I was a young man who made a lot of money – I’m getting a little choked up – I didn’t know how to deal with these finances, and I didn’t have people to guide me, so I made mistakes.”

You can sneer at his claims of innocence, but it’s a more conventional and far less arrogant plea. And tellingly, Ja Rule was sentenced to 28 months in prison for failing to pay taxes on 3 million dollars. While Lauryn Hill was sentenced to 3 months for evading taxes on 1 million.

The difference is the privilege. Hill’s upper class privilege carried her through, despite or rather because of her obnoxious behavior.

Black radicalism these days is largely privilege. It’s the privilege of entitled men and women from middle class and upper class backgrounds, trying to get in touch with their inner black panther. Jeremiah Wright and Toure are the embodiments of that brand of entitled radicalism.

  • Jim Williams

    I respect Ja Rule for being an honest, honorable man. He admitted his mistake and did his time for it. Ms. Hill on the other hand, deserves no respect. She displays herself as the spoiled, rich girl that she is. She "demands" special treatment just because she's black. She attempts to drag her "reason for rebellion" to an age that she had nothing to do with. Her parents made something of themselves without the stigma, why can't she? She, sadly, is why people use the "N" word.

  • tkellybal

    I think that 'slave' card will be played for the next several centuries. I'm not exaggerating.

  • Questions

    I owe this woman not a dime of reparations. My prosperity isn't due to someone else's slave labor. Frankly, I'd like to know of anyone in the world, past or present, who ISN'T descended from slaves on the mother or father's side of the family tree.

    Lauren Hill can sell her own albums to some other sucker.

  • cosplayconstruction

    I wouldn't buy that woman's vile music if her albums were the admission ticket to Heaven.

    • patron

      Don't. Over rated crap.

  • Chris

    Isn't that an old file photo of Prince?

  • Michael Copeland

    Black villagers in Mali, Mauritania, and elsewhere are today having a "system imposed on them" – slavery – by muslim arab slave-takers, as has been happening for centuries. How about a protest pop song?

    • Mary Sue

      Don't expect a "We Are The World" type deal for that sort of thing.

    • ikia

      this insnt at all fair,to go back into slavery shouldnt even be a thought to anyone no matter who they are or what they look like.

  • Mary Sue

    I'd not heard much about Lauryn Hill, except that she existed. I wasn't sure which songs were hers on the radio. So it would appear, like so many others who grew up with cushy backgrounds, that her foray into University sent her straight to the reeducation camps of Identity Politics. And that's why she's an idiot who thinks she's entitled to evade taxes because Da Man owes her for someone somewhere 300 years ago being a slave.

  • kafir4life

    I have to admit I agree with Ms. Hill 100%. I'd rather her children starve rather than me buy albums. That doesn't make me a hater or racist. All it says is that I agree with her.

  • Rifleman

    Hill's a bit young to be the child of American slaves, and she's always had the money and freedom to migrate to whatever system she prefers. Yet here she is, spoiled, arrogant, angry, and hateful to the country and system she chose.

    It takes years of leftist 'education' to train a mind to be that convoluted and messed up.

  • tagalog

    Lauryn Hill committed wrongdoing when she evaded her taxes. Some of her excuses are just flimsy nonsense, but one of them is praiseworthy from a conservative point of view: she claimed that she earned the money and that she is entitled to keep it for herself.

    It's true that we need government and it must be paid for, and paying for it through taxes is the way we've been doing it for a century or so, but on one thing Lauryn Hill is right: she earned it and she should have the default say in how she spends it.

  • bookburner

    Upper class privilege? Poor Blacks routinely get better treatment from our courts than middle class and poor Whites do.

    Hill enjoys female privilege and Black skin privilege. Ja Rule? That guy had an extremely crappy attorney, and he was stupid enough to think his judge was an honest professional.

  • patron

    Don't worry Lauryn. Your tax liens make you eligible for food stamps and welfare. You can spawn a dozen kids from a half a dozen fathers, and get Bernanke bucks for letting them terrorize once beautiful neighborhoods built by Northern industrialists, 350,000 of whom died freeing your American ancestors who were original enslaved by your African warlord ancestors.

    You can eat yourself into a grotesquely obese disability, and watch your kids grow up and start a murder spree while you eat potato chips and drink wine while they die in a shootout with the police. Or you can see them run this welfare political machine to the Whitehouse where they encourage al-Qaeda to murder our allies and spend the Western world into collapse to fund criminal schemes.

  • BLJ

    A no talent ingrate speaks. Get the hell out of this country if you don't like it.

  • lorenzo

    I think that Lauryn Hill has said a big stupid … look bad for sure!
    Studio Legale Ramadori

  • tagalog

    If Ms. Hill feels so negative about United States that she'd rather see her children starve than suffer a white person buying her albums, and sees the U.S. economic system imposed upon her against her will, then please permit me to suggest that she register her disapproval of being so exploited by relocating to some nation whose economic system she approves of. I would recommend that she consider someplace like Kuwait and avoid nations that have command system economies.

  • Rush Rhees

    Ha ha! Nice! It isn’t everyday that you hear staunch conservatives defending the government’s tax codes and criticizing rich people for not paying their share of taxes. Ya’ll sound like a bunch of liberals to me!

  • Rush Rhees

    I mean, if liberals were racists, that is.

  • Rush Rhees

    And then we have the inconvenient fact that Lauryn Hill never said that, “I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums.” Here, see for yourself:….

  • Neil Gravel

    I don’t like Ms. Hill, and think she must pay taxes like everyone, but she never said that: false quote about white people buying her album:….