The End of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syrian Scam

fsThe Free Syrian Army had one purpose. To fool America. Now the con is over.

In the deserts of the Middle East, political mirages appear easily and disappear just as easily. There are countries and armies that exist only on paper. And there are invisible tribal nations that have no flag and never appear on a map, but that have their own militias and govern themselves.

The Middle East as it exists neatly laid out in the pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post has little relationship to the messy realities of a region with few clean borders, only messy collections of tribes, families, ethnic groups and quarreling variations of Islam clinging to a few miles of dusty land, a handful of olive groves, some oil wells and their children and machine guns.

Out in Syria, the mirage of the Free Syrian Army, its camps full of soldiers defecting from the military to form a secular liberation force, has dissipated, vanishing into the sand. And all it took to knock down the Potemkin villages of the FSA that never existed was an attack on the only part of the Free Syrian Army that did exist—its warehouses full of American and European military aid.

The Free Syrian Army never existed. What did exist was neither free, nor Syrian, nor an army. The FSA was sold as an army of Syrian soldiers who had banded together under defecting officers to fight against the Assad government. The real FSA mostly consisted of Islamic brigades, indistinguishable for the most part from the other Salafist brigades in the war.  Some of these brigades were affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood whose local allies, Turkey and Qatar, were the war’s biggest backers.

Perhaps even the war’s inventors.

And yet even this FSA, the one that was later being described as a collection of “moderate” Islamic militias, was just as much of an illusion. Like the attempt to draw lines around tribal encampments and call the whole thing a country, the Free Syrian Army was really a collection of militias with little in the way of an organizing structure except a willingness to identify casually with the FSA in the hopes of scoring some loot from those warehouses of American aid … and the promised American air support.

The units in the Free Syrian Army were not monogamous. They operated with the Al Nusra Front, one of the Al Qaeda groups in Syria, and any of the wannabe Caliphs and Emirs of the other Islamist militias. Their commanders and their men were out for themselves, switching team alliances as easily as reality show contestants, but with much bloodier results.

The FSA’s real purpose was to fool America by propping up a fake military for the real governments that were assembled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s activists in places like Doha and Istanbul. These interim “governments” won official recognition and received money and weapons that they could distribute to the Islamist militias in exchange for their support. Once Assad was defeated, their internationally recognized ”government” representing the patchwork of militia-controlled territories would be able to stage phony elections and control the billions in foreign aid which would be donated to rebuild Syria.

The FSA con existed for and depended on American support. Without American weapons and American military intervention, the Free Syrian Army no longer had a reason to exist.

And the air support and weapons weren’t coming.

Benghazi had made the United States nervous and the secret negotiations with Iran were overriding the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda in Syria. When Russia pressured Obama and Kerry into the Syrian chemical weapons deal, any hope of American military intervention in Syria ended.

And so did the Free Syrian Army.

Some of the militias that had been pretending to be the FSA joined other Islamist alliances. And those Islamist alliances went after the only real asset that the FSA had; its trucks and warehouses of foreign aid. The FSA’s warehouses full of foreign aid fell to the Islamic Front with only five casualties. Its leader, General Salim Idriss, fled to his masters in Turkey and Qatar.

Shortly thereafter a correction was issued.

General Idriss had never fled Syria because he hadn’t been in Syria. Idriss, who commands nothing except the attention of gullible Westerners, sets foot in Syria when he needs to accompany a VIP like Senator McCain for some photo ops. Idriss’s Islamist “deputies,” who command actual militias, have power. Their job is to fight the actual war. Idriss’s job is to tell American senators that if the imaginary moderate legions of the Free Syrian Army don’t receive more American aid, then Al Qaeda will win.

Unfortunately quite a few of his men actually are Al Qaeda. The rest make very poor warehouse guards.

In the wake of the warehouse debacle, the media is echoing the same warnings that if we don’t throw our weight behind the FSA, then Al Qaeda will win. But Al Qaeda has already won. And lost.

Al Qaeda dominates the Sunni opposition. Its foreign fighters have the best weapons and gear. The media tells us this all the time … but never bothers explaining where the weapons and gear come from.

They come from the same countries that are warning us that we must support the Free Syrian Army.

Al Qaeda’s arms dealers are warning us to arm the Free Syrian Army or Al Qaeda will win. But if they really didn’t want Al Qaeda to win, they wouldn’t be arming it. Al Qaeda in Pakistan or Mali isn’t nearly as well equipped as it is in Syria. They were arming Al Qaeda while setting up the Free Syrian Army as the moderate opposition so that we would be dragged into the war and overthrow Assad for them.

They had every reason to expect the plan to work. It worked in Libya.

But now the plan is shot to hell. The United States isn’t joining the war. The Shiite axis has thrown enough resources into Syria that it’s likely to win. Qatar and Turkey are facing a backlash in Sunni countries like Egypt where their Arab Spring plots failed to hand over rule to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As long as the United States keeps sending some foreign aid, the FSA scam will be kept alive. But the scam will consist of warehouses with a handful of men paid with proceeds from the sale of that foreign aid. And those warehouses will fall the moment that ISIS or the Al Nusra Front or the Islamic Front or anyone with enough fighters and guns rolls up in their dusty Japanese pickup trucks and takes it all.

The scam is over. So is the Free Syrian Army.

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  • camp7

    “Who hath sent forth the wild ass free? or who hath loosed the bands of the untamed?”

    just saying..

  • blert


    I made all of these point many months ago at the Long War Journal.
    Potemkin Army just about covers it.
    It was only ever a working cover for the infidel proles and their minders — entirely concocted in the West.

    Ones very first clue being its absence from Syria, itself.


      Concocted in the Kremlin by KGB Putin.

      • Omar

        Russia needs to go back to the Yeltsin years. Back then, the Russians were a Western ally and the Communists were put on a leash. The second Cold War has been going on since 2000 with the rise of Putin and his United Russia Party (the modern-day Communist Party of the Soviet Union). I wish the people of Russia would rise up and overthrow neo-Communism in their country.

        • Drakken

          I am not going to defend ole Putin, but I will say this about the man, he is a patriot of Russia and looks after Russia’s interest and doesn’t give a damn what anyone has to say about it, Russia is not our enemy folks, do you think Putin would be doing the things he does if there was a Republican in office? No he wouldn’t, he is doing it because we have a feckless weak leader who gives in to any type of threat and folds up like a lawn chair in a hurricane under pressure. So I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no cold war going on, Russia is playing chess and is ten moves ahead while obummer can’t figure out how to put the pieces on the board.


            Putin plays chess.

            Obama plays basketball.

          • defcon 4

            I trust Putin a lot more than the lying scumbag in the Presidential Palace in the District of Corruption.

          • lapin.grove

            ZERO BAMA plays with himself ….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Being in Syria is too hard.

  • camp7

    Free Syria and proceed the war against Christianity, not to mention Judaism. How diabolical to further presume and finance a fallible Islamic spring at the cost of innocents. American Marxists at work in the Middle East – despicable.

    Obamaism in motion. Sending arms for the Islamic cause, fuk’n puke.

    • qualityrkc

      The only reason we are giving arms to people in Syria is because Israel wants us to. Why else do you think they keep bombing Assad? AIPAC was pushing for this war hard in Washington DC. BTW in 2009 Obama gave Israel all raw NSA metadata of Americans. Your narrative that he is anti Israel is ridiculous. He betrayed us all for Israel same way 95% of our politicians do. I think you underestimate how much power the Israeli lobby has in DC. Educate yourself.




        You let the cat out of the bag.

        Jews may control the world.


        Anyhow, get back to your bunker and play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. THAT’S ON ORDER.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        And you share all of this information because you have such high contacts in the intelligence services, right?

        Actually, there are two possibilities:

        You’re still angry that Ron Paul lost, or …

        You simply don’t like Jews.

        Both possibilities are likely true …

        • David Firester

          Good call Wolf.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Israel was not at all in favor of the Sunni opposition. It was pushed into making some favorable statements, but few Israeli generals are on board.

        • Drakken

          That is completely correct. So sit back, grab a good bourbon and watch as they tear each other to pieces, and when the jihadist go back to the western countries they came from all over Europe and begin to conduct jihad there, maybe this will wake people up.

          • nood2

            It’s just a matter of time before these jihadis commit an atrocity so bad that even the blindest of the blind PC leftists can’t deny.
            The denial stage is always the worst stage of addiction, and the Leftists are sure addicted to believing that Islam is a religion of peace

          • defcon 4

            Millions of Hindus were slaughtered by muslimes in Bangladesh in the 1970’s. A million or more najjis kaffir (mostly Christians) were slaughtered by muslimes in the Sudan-Darfur in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, if the lieberals haven’t woken up by now, they never will. As Mr. Greenfield once wrote: you can’t wake up those who are pretending to be asleep.

          • nood2

            But that happens over there and not over here.
            The over here wake up call is on the horizon.
            Just a matter of time.
            The lieberals are now trying to distance Tzarnaev’s mass murder on something wrong with our way of life.
            He said it was Islam, and they are doing their best to prove him wrong.
            Go figure eh

      • Omar

        You are a Communist/Islamist propagandist. Do you know how much power the “Palestine”/Iran lobby has in academia? Do you know how much power the Communist Cuba lobby has on the world stage? You are probably an agent of both Communist Cuba and Islamist Iran.

      • Drakken

        You effing flunked lunch didn’t you? Here let me educate your leftarded dumbazz, Israel is scared to death that the jihadist from the free army take over and make a caliphate, they recognize the fact that while Assad hates Israel, he will keep the peace, unlike the FSA who will go to war with Israel no matter what. See, I made this so easy for a window licker like you to comprehend and understand it. You are obviously a poster child of what is wrong with our schools today, no bloody critical thinking skills to save your life.

      • camp7

        I disagree. And I’m not going to try and analyze the paradigm of political theory. Too many dynamics, one of which (may) be a destabilized Syria could be to Israel’s advantage, for now.

        All I’m saying is the ‘administration’ sacrificed collateral Christian community innocents, and others, in an inane attempt to arm moderate (oxymoron) Islamists to somehow gain influence with the successors, IMO rooted in the troubled psyche of the executive in chief whose father and step-father were both Muslim, and whose mother and grandfather were both followers of Marxism, who already allowed the murder of our countrymen in Benghazi while incessantly violating the integrity of our Constitution. A vile decision in vain.

      • nood2

        Every time that Islam is unsuccessful(almost always for this backward ideology), it’s the Jews or Israel’s fault.
        Perhaps your entry into the modern world lies in getting rid of that cancerous ideology that preaches supremacy, submission, hate and hostility.
        Have you ever considered that the perverted prophet(PBUH) is not really worth following?
        Educate yourself

        • defcon 4

          Your words would be a crime in any islamic state and it’s not by accident.

          • nood2

            If the OIC has it’s way, it will be a crime for speaking the truth in the West too

      • dartson

        Two points. First, Israel does not keep bombing Assad, Israel bombed (twice) some warehouses with the latest Russian anti-ship rockets that Assad intended to deliver to Hezbollah. Second, it is not in Israel’s interest to have another Muslim brotherhood-controlled state on its border. Actually, the best case scenario for Israel is if no side wins and Syria disintegrates into several countries a la Yugoslavia scenario. As for AIPAC, it was Obama who asked AIPAC to support the war to gain support in Congress. Then Obama changed his mind about bombing Syria…

        • qualityrkc

          Why would Israel bomb a government who is in the middle of a civil war if Israel wanted to see them maintain power? Answer: they wouldn’t. Israel and Saudi Arabia strongly supported this war. You need to watch general Wesley Clarke speak on for a tv in 2003 and explain how the US would attack Syria. Obama didn’t go to war because the American people wouldn’t let him. See “aipac-on-an-island-politico-report-says-israel-lobby-alone-in-pushing-for-war-in-Syria”. Your assertions that Israel did not want to see war in Syria is provably false. They want Assad gone which is why they were bombing him. Also…”Israel bombed (twice) some warehouses with the latest Russian anti-ship rockets that Assad intended to deliver to Hezbollah.” should be corrected to read “Israel bombed Syria twice and claimed that Assad intended to deliver to Hezbollah.” Unfortunately for you this information has never been verified and we should be taking Israels explanation as evidence seeing as they are the guilty party. Still your assertion that they would bomb a government they want to see stay in power is ridiculous.

      • Glenn Partridge

        your an idiot

  • Lanna

    Scam after Scam is being revealed. All does not favor Islam or their ideologies, including the Black flag of AlQaeda that was flying over Benghazi when our troops were murdered, and our government did nothing!

  • johnlittle

    Nicely written, Mr. Greenfield. Your writing here begs the question regarding who engineered “Arab Spring.” My thought is that it came from he who wants a world class legacy and she who wants to win the next presidential election. Follow the violence trail from Benghazi, to Cairo, and to the FSA disruption game, you will be led to elements within American clandestine forces.

    Failure by the media and a cadre of elected officials to be aware of what is and what has happened in Mid-East is a tragedy of mass proportions.

    Go figure, friends. Cordially, John Little, Sr.

    • al_kidya

      Spot-on, johnlittle!

    • Drakken

      It came from the bowels of the muslim brotherhood in league with elements of al Qaeda with support from muslim elements in the obummer administration. Our military and clandestine services do not condone this in any way, shape or form.

      • defcon 4

        I’m sure some elements of the US federal government had something to do with it, after all, islam0nazis of the MB haven’t infiltrated the US government for nothing.

        • Drakken

          Yes there are Quislings amongst them.

    • defcon 4

      Yeah, it has nothing to do w/the islam0nazis busily slaughtering people — it’s all the fault of the US gubmint.

  • knowshistory

    it is a mark off Islamic incompetence that they could not deceive an American public who’s majority, as well as “leaders”, and media, are just begging to be deceived. bill Klingon, who could have known better if he has chosen, joined the side of Islamic jihad in the Balkans, and actually sent our armed forces to bomb those evil Christians (always referred to by our media as evil serbs), with the expectation that a ignorant and lazy viewership would not know the difference. our esteemed George w bush, in response to the greatest act of war ever committed by an enemy of america, declared the known evil, islam, “a great religion of peace.” then we elected a known muslim to take up the torch of betrayal, and stick it to the American people. if there was a nobel prize for stupidity, the American public would surely win it, but even the stupidity off our population and the treason of the media and government could no make us buy into the Syrian idiocy.

  • David Firester

    This is a clash within their civilization. They battle for dominance in what they hope will become of their region. Manipulating Westerners is merely a tool that Political Islamists use to bolster their brand, while masking it simultaneously. Sultan Knish is perhaps one of the most insightful authors in demonstrating this point. Few dare to say what he says. For that I am a huge fan.

    • logdon

      There is a raft of stellar commentators rising from what used to be called the right and Daniel Greenfield represents the very best.

      He is honest, incisive, never hollow or bellicose and his writing could not be bettered.

      I say ‘used to’ quite deliberately because from what I see of the old guard, establishment right, they have swallowed the pollster sorcerers magic vote winning potions and by listening to these practitioners of voodoo politics have triangulated themselves into such amorphous knots that it is difficult to tell right from left anymore.

      The sharp edges of definition seemingly are anathema to these human blobs and for them the only way forward is to slither into the cracks and crannies of meaninglessness.

      Cameron is such a shallow beast and this opportunist in his greed for votes, any votes has sacrificed what Conservatives actually stood for.

      Just like America, the sheeple don’t care. They’ve been bought by the new opiates of the masses, celebrity news and a new iPhone to tell all of their similarly minded friends what the Kardashians are up to on a minute by minute basis.

      That leaves the rest and I see this group split by the takers and the growers.

      The leftist takers consider entitlement as a given, the growers plough their own furrow and for them the less government, the better it is, all round.

      There’s another element and that is sucking a gullible electorate into buying the social hypocrisy on a grand scale and whether it’s creepy political correctness or climate change, these self absorbed preeners waft like narcissistic willows, blown this way and that by their own self perceived solipsistic goodness.

      Only when the cost of such suicidal folly hits them in the wallet do these idiots realise the scam and those money growing trees don’t seem so abundantly green after all.

      They used to say that America and Britain were nations divided by a common language but even that isn’t true anymore as a universal and bewildering patois edges into common useage.

      You’ve got Obama, we’ve got Cameron. One is an unknown islamo marxist intent on one worldism, the other an Eton educated toff yet in essence there’s barely a cigarette papers difference between the two.

      That Mandela selfy (there’s another one) revealed far more than the surface image. Preening, self satisfied and devoid of any gravitas or morality these cretins are now running the world.

      So that’s what we’re up against and it is quite horrifying. Political lightweights yet with huge power. Moral and cultural relativists outwitted this way and that by people who take things seriously.

      As Lenin said, what is to be done?

  • Infidel4Ever

    Of course it was only a scam to fool gullible westeners, in other words, liberals. It was clumsy but liberals fall for clumsy scams all the time. The current “occupant” of the White House comes to mind…

  • garyfouse

    Humanitarian aid to true refugees is fine and take in Christian refugees fleeing for their lives. Aside from that, we should stand aside and let the warring factions kill each other. Al Qaeda, Assad, Iran, Hezbollah all killing each other? Why intervene?

  • 01PT

    This article is rubbish. The author offers not an iota of evidence to support his claim that the FSA never really existed, but was really Islamist all along. This article is the sort of conspiratorial trash that ‘informs’ so much of Muslim thought about so much.

    In fact, evidence points to the opposite. A number of defected Syrian officers said at the beginning of the revolt that if the west didn’t help the FSA then they would seek support from anyone; even Islamists. Unfortunately, the Islamists have now become involved, but it’s not a done deal, the FSA still controls some areas. But it’s all very complicated, more complicated than this crummy article would suggest.

    Syria has been a thoroughly, even aggressively, secular state for decades. It’s ridiculous to suppose that that sentiment has completely departed, especially as secularism served so many people so well. If the West believed in anything, or had the courage of its convictions and had intervened earlier, then the Islamists may not have achieved a foothold.


      Hey Twit Brit. Don’t look now but the UK is collapsing under the “glories” of Islam.

      Remember Lee Rigby, the 7/7/05 bombing of London transport, rape gangs..

      • logdon

        Yes we do and I also remember the ‘workplace violence’ of Fort Hood.

        Following this obvious jihadi slaughter I believe your very own General Casey commented that a lack of diversity in the US military would be a far more heinous crime that the massacre of thirteen of his own soldiers.

        We are not alone, Sunshine

        • Drakken

          We are cousins by blood, brothers by need and comrades with common purpose. Those are the things that one should never ever forget, what affects you, affects us. It is that bloody simple.


          I’m not gloating about terrible things happening in the UK, but British “entertainers”, journalists have politicized themselves – threatening fellow entertainers who refuse to join the socialist britiain boycotts of Israel.

          There was the demonstrations outside of Ahava.

          Where are the GOOD Brits who oppose islamicisation, fascism (not the UAF who actually support Islamofascism?)

    • Drakken

      It amazes me that you Brits now are the most ignorant folks on the block, you have been fed a steady socialist diet for a couple decades and won’t believe what is clearly in front of you. You deserve your fate coming, hopefully there are the strong amongst you to pick up the pieces after all is said and done.


        The Twit Brits are willfully ignorant – and EVIL.

        They see what is going on in their country, and ignore it to slam Israel.

        Muslims are beheading British soldiers in London, bombing London buses and underground, (fascist iran) hijacking British sailors, kidnapping British journalists in Gaza, then issue statements condemning Israel, release convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 on “compassionate” grounds.

        I boycott anything british until the day, if ever, the “uk” finds its balls.

      • 01PT

        What did I say that is ignorant?
        62% of the US Federal budget was spent on various welfare and social security programmes: medicare, social security programs, benefits to veterans and other retirees and ‘Safety net programs’.
        54% of the UK Government budget was spent on similar programmes: health, social security and pensions.
        Which is therefore more ‘socialist’? Besides, I said nothing that could be construed as ‘socialist’.
        Who are the ‘strongest amongst us’? The ones who let in more Jewish refugees from Hitler while congress enacted legislation to prevent Jewish refugees from entering the US? Or who admitted more than any other European country? Or maybe they’re the ones who were the first to fight Fascism in 1939 while America only entered when Hitler declared war on them? Or the ones who were the first to stand by America after 9/11?


          Your former “uk” is suffering from socialism, estrogen poisoning and extreme Dhimmitude.

          British police are scared of Islamofascist mobs.

          Muslims spit on British soldiers in luton – and your police prevent counter demonstrations.
          Muslims behead British soldiers IN the uk.

          Muslims bomb the London transport system.

          Your compromised country released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 – claiming it was on “compassionate” ground for the “dying” bomber. That savage lived almost 3 years. Longer than any of the people he killed. Oh yea, and your money hungry country traded the convicted bomber for LIbyan oil contracts.

          That’s Blood for Oil contracts “mate”.

          Islamofascists post “sharia law” encampments in london.

          Considering all that, your failed country ban Americans from coming to your stupid country because they say uncomfortable truths about Islam.

          You have Islamofascist savages on “the dole”.

          Muslims threaten Eurabia with 9/11 scale attacks.

          Yet you savages hate America and Israel.

          I hope the uk ends up with a civil war – Syria style. You bums deserve it.

          Hopefully good Brits will wrest control from you socialist savages.

          • Drakken

            As bad as things seem, things are about to get far worse, and that is when you will see the cream of the crop rise above it all.

        • defcon 4

          I’ve read that a country that looks back to its glorious history rather than its present and future is already dying.

        • Drakken

          My country is in as dire straights as your is, that is the brutal reality of it all. One way or another, we are going to have to rely on one another for support and aid. Prepare yourself, things are about to get a bit bumpy but you are not alone.

      • logdon

        Our worm is turning. Obama’s US has yet to reach this point…..

        Dutch Parliament Resolution passed last month:

        “The [Dutch] parliament… noting that
        since 2011 the Palestinian Authority has been giving money to convicted
        Palestinians in Israeli prisons… calls on the [Dutch] Government in
        its contacts with the Palestinian Authority to demand it stop this

        British Parliament:

        MP Henderson: “A culture of hate has wormed its way into the very fibre of Palestinian society… No
        peace agreement will be able to guarantee peace… if a generation of
        Palestinians is growing up indoctrinated to hate Israel, Jews and the

        Norwegian Parliament:

        MP Morten Høglund: “We must use the power we have, and as a major donor to the PA, we must fight fire with fire and say that we will stop the aid unless the PA takes immediate action to stop this type of hate message.”

        Four Norwegian opposition parties signed this statement, just before they won the recent elections:

        “[We] find it unacceptable that Norwegian money goes directly or indirectly to fund financial aid for terrorists.”

        After their election victory these parties formed a new government and significant changes in Norwegian policy are expected.

        Danish Parliament:

        MP Søren Espersen to Foreign Minister
        Villy Søvndal: “Norway has started [investigating its funding of the
        PA], the UK has started… What will the Foreign Minister do to ensure us that our money is spent on [the intended] purpose, and not on terrorists?”

        • Drakken

          Yes Sir Log Don!
          Things are slowly turning in our western countries, when the Dragon of western enlightenment finally awakens from its slumber of leftist poison, the Dragon will turn its fury on those who have wrought this abomination upon us, it will consumer those who brought this upon us all. I have no doubt that once that Dragon is turned loose, there will be no doubt on who is right and who is wrong.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That army of defected Syrian soldiers does not exist. The Islamists aren’t “involved”… they are the opposition.

      There’s nothing here that hasn’t leaked by bits and pieces into the mainstream media.

      “Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.”

      “The difficulty determining where the FSA’s sympathies lie resides in the fact that it is an army in name only. It is made up of hundreds of small units, some secular, some religious – whether mainstream or radical. Others are family gangs, or simply criminals.”

      • David Firester

        I guess a little evidence to substantiate one’s claim is sometimes in order when a critic offers the unqualified assertion that one’s work is “rubbish.” I smell a Brit who placates the very people who will likely be aiming for his head in the not so distant future. British apologists are a funny thing. I do enjoy their ignorance, but I simultaneously feel bad for what it will bring them. Nice work Dan. Some will hide behind their fictitious handles and avatars. I applaud the courage displayed by you for doing your work openly, under your real name and staked on your real reputation.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          He’s repeating the mainstream view without noticing that the reality has long since moved on.


          Things will get worse, much worse, in the uk. I think a civil war is brewing in the uk. I hope the good guys win. The good guys being the ideological heirs of Winston Churchill.

          No need to slander Winston with the now discredited “sir”.

        • logdon

          I am British and take offense at your comment.

          Do not equate ‘Brits’ with what you hear from Cameron and co.

          Your assumption is simplistic, sloppy and ill thought out.

          If I relied on your Obama enabling MSM I could conclude a similar apologist attitude exists across the board in the US.

          That I am here commenting on an anything but MSM US site indicates that I delve further and do not accept the compromised face value you seem to accept in your inane assumption.


            You’re British.

            Tough luck pal.

            There are some good Brits, but the majority are socialists, anti-democratic, anti-semitic, anti-American.

            Australia and Canada are better friends of the US than dhimmi UK.

          • logdon

            Your third paragraph could be a perfect description of Obama voters.

            And if I’m much mistaken there were more of those than Romney fans.

            And if Hilary gets the job in a few years time your comment could well come back and bite you in the rear.

            Unless there’s a massive sea change, sixteen years of those two will finish the job.

            What a prospect?

  • blert

    BTW, the VERY first tip off: FREE Syrian Army…

    Muslims NEVER use the adjective/ qualifier FREE. Islam does not permit freedom.
    It’s Shariah all the way down to the last turtle.
    With thousands of piratical ‘brigades’ across the ummah — not ONE has ever used FREE in its banner.
    This is an army that was named on Madison Avenue — after suitable consumer test polling, no doubt.

    • defcon 4

      Au contraire, islam0nazi propaganda outlets often hypocritically trot out the concepts of freedom and liberty, e.g. CAIR and the OIC.

  • Leland64

    Allahu Akbar idiots!

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    Concocted in the Kremlin by KGB Putin.

    vé máy bay di Ð?c

  • Anamah

    Franz could you say something?
    In times like the present I miss Kafka terribly.

  • Father Dacius

    Good piece Mr. Greenfield. I smelled a rat from the beginning of this Syrian thing, but you have framed it out nicely.

  • joshuasweet

    But the scam is not over yet Obama is still pushing to remove Bashar Hafez al-Assad to have him replaced by Brotherhood friends and allies just like the other Arab Spring replacements. As a country that is accepting of others: “home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Arab Alawites, Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians, Armenians,Assyrians, Druze and Kurds and Turks. Arab Sunnis make up the majority of the population.” that just can not be allowed in the Obama Muslim Brotherhood view of the world.

  • USARetired

    O’Bozo knew this almost from the beginning, but was still successful in spiriting millions of our tax dollars to his Muslim friends, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. He also had support from people like John McCain. They were also instrumental in blaming the wrong side for using WMD, when they knew the truth!!
    O’Bozo is the most evil person of the century!

  • Azul

    and the inevitable conclusion ….an insightful Russia has now protected the West from itself

  • pupsncats

    Like we live in the illusion that our country is a Constitutional Republic. And the illusion that the Federal Reserve, the federal government, and the president have the best interests of the people who aren’t rich enough to influence them at heart.

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    My thought is that it came from he who wants a world class legacy and she who wants to win the next presidential election.
    Tour du lich Nhat Ban Ha Noi