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The NAACP Makes a Great Argument for Abolishing Driver’s Licenses

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 23, 2013 @ 10:25 am In The Point | 13 Comments

ap_voter_id_120913_wg [1]

Ever since the NAACP became a generic boutique of leftist causes, it has become even more of a clown show than usual. The old NAACP at least tried to wrap itself in the mantle of civil rights. The NAACP just spews the latest irrational Think Progress talking points on the usual collection of causes on abortion, gay rights, illegal immigration and now tranny rights.

And being a clown show, the NAACP found a way to combine illegal immigration and tranny rights [2]. That’s the kind of out of the box and out of your mind thinking that the left values.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Benjamin Jealous threw out a bizarre, new reason Friday for Voter ID laws to be banned in the U.S. – transgenders.

At a Netroots Nation panel Friday on “voting rights,” Jealous argued that in addition to all the other reasons he thinks Americans shouldn’t have to show a photo ID when voting, Voter ID laws should be abolished because they put transgender Americans at a disadvantage.

“As many people know, I have an adopted brother who’s transgender and he typically doesn’t dress the way he does when he hangs out in the Tenderloin when he goes to a government office,” Jealous said, referencing a notorious LGBT community in San Francisco. “And so if you show his ID you know and he would hold it up to his face, it looks like two different people.”

That’s a great argument. But it can’t stop with just Voter ID. Civil rights demands that we outlaw all licenses because of Jealous’ crazy cross-dressing brother whose notions of gender cannot be confined by a single photograph.

That means no more driver’s licenses or passports or photo id’s of any kind. Mr. Obama, tear down that photo ID requirement everywhere.

Oh no, but wait. Uh driver’s licenses are fine for some reason. It’s only Voter ID that presents a problem, for some reason that doubtlessly has nothing to do with encouraging voter fraud.

Oddly, when Holder appeared at the NAACP Nation Convention, a photo ID was required to get in [3]. Jealous’ cross-dressing brother was no doubt hardest hit.

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