The Never-Ending Clinton Sex Scandals

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton attend church service at Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Waterloo, IowaIn 1992, an obscure Arkansas governor came out of nowhere to defeat blander and more mainstream candidates using a combination of dirty tricks and bravado. Campaign books like Joe Klein’s Primary Colors put it down to brilliant and ruthless tactics, but the key ingredient in the rise of Bill Clinton is the same one putting Anthony Weiner, another member of the Clinton Mafia, ahead of the pack in the New York City mayoral campaign. 

Scandal. Notoriety. Publicity.

In a field of charisma-less establishment figures like Jerry Brown, Tom Harkin and Bob Kerry, men who seemed to have been born in politics and died in politics and kept on running undead for office out of sheer habit, he stood out. And what really made Bill Clinton stand out was the name recognition that his scandals gave him.

Gennifer Flowers should have buried the prospects of any presidential candidate. Instead she gave an unknown politician a national forum to ply his brand of fake sincerity and self-righteous promises of having finally learned the error of his ways. He hadn’t of course, but like Weiner’s scandal, the fame it gave him propelled him to victory.

The next eight years treated the country to a series of Clinton sex scandals culminating in impeachment proceedings. And the party may only be getting started.

While Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Brotherhood aide, uses Clinton contacts to propel her husband into Gracie Mansion, more sex scandals are gathering around Hillary Clinton.

A State Department whistleblower has claimed that Hillary’s people covered up multiple scandals, including the sexual abuse of minors by an ambassador who donated money to Hillary and Obama, as well as sexual assault and sexual harassment cases worldwide. And then there are the reports that Hillary’s security detail routinely hired prostitutes on international diplomatic visits.

Even as Hillary prepares to run for the White House by using her time as Secretary of State to remake her image as that of an international diplomat, rather than the woman who stood by Bill and lied for Bill because it kept her close to the center of power, the scandals suggest that she filled the same role at the State Department that she did in the White House—covering up the peccadilloes of powerful men.

But it’s no longer just Bill Clinton she’s covering up for. Hillary has gone from covering up the sexual offenses of her husband to covering up the sexual abuses of her underlings and her campaign donors. Hillary Clinton has not achieved anything on the diplomatic front, but she has shown that she is willing to cover up even worse things than Bill did for anyone who can offer her money or whose actions would reflect badly on her political ambitions.

Back in New York City, Huma Abedin, her closest adviser and aide, has taken on the same task, with a Weiner standing in for a Clinton. Huma made the same bargain that Hillary did, marrying a politician who can do the campaigning that she can’t and letting him carry her onward to higher office while she assures voters that he really is a family man.

But the scandals haven’t entirely left Hillary alone. In the merry month of May, the National Enquirer claimed that Hillary’s upcoming book would reveal her lesbian affairs. June’s National Enquirer reports on the State Department sex scandals and features Hillary and Huma Abedin on the cover, reviving the old rumors that their relationship is more personal than professional.

The revelation that Bill and Hillary and Anthony and Huma are in a four-way fake marriage would be a spectacular piece of Scandal Theater, even by Clinton standards, but the expectation that it would take down the respective candidacies of Weiner and Hillary might be wishful thinking. Indeed the revelation of such an affair might be the only thing that could save the Hillary 2016 campaign.

Hillary’s great challenge is her blandness. Like the apparatchiks of his own party whom Bill Clinton swatted in the primaries on the way to the White House, no amount of fake trendiness can disguise her standing as a perpetual government employee.

Hillary Clinton began her political career while in college and has never stopped crawling up the ladder of big government. Her political connections are vast but her political appeal doesn’t exist. Playing the scorned wife got her into the United States Senate, but couldn’t get her past a younger version of Bill with an even more exotic leftist bait resume than Oxford or Vietnam War draft dodging.

Gennifer Flowers got Bill Clinton through the Democratic primaries and into the White House and Huma Abedin may be the only thing that can get another Clinton into the White House. Hillary’s advisers have been urging her to cut ties with Bill. They argue that letting her be defined as Mrs. Clinton, the woman who played the obligatory supportive wife role for a philandering politician, makes her unelectable. And they’re probably right and wrong at the same time.

Bill Clinton is Hillary’s best asset, but he’s also the glass ceiling that limits how high up she can go. Reinventing herself as Huma’s girlfriend would make for months of headlines and months of sympathy. The entire mess would be ghastly and tawdry, and just like the Jodi Arias trial millions would tune in, watch and take sides. And a Post-Bill Hillary would emerge out of the ashes with a new pantsuit and a new identity.

There’s no way to know whether Hillary will take that route. It would be a big gamble and she isn’t a big gambler. Bill Clinton may cheerfully roll the dice, but Hillary is more of a five-year-plan kind of politician, preparing for the campaign she thinks that she will have to run, while getting blindsided by the actual campaign that she encounters.

Bill Clinton introduced himself to American voters with a sex scandal. Will Hillary Clinton follow that venerable Clinton political tradition and reintroduce herself to American voters with her own sex scandal?

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  • DogmaelJones1

    Really, Daniel, I can’t write as calmly as you do about the scum of the earth. I’ just rather bitch-slap Hillary than contemplate her political strategy.

  • Bamaguje

    If as you assert Bill Clinton’s affair with Jennifer Flowers propelled him to the White House, Hillary’s own sex scandals should similarly help her presidential campaign in 2016.

    I’m just wondering why illicit affair scandal didn’t work for Herman Cain who was a saint compared to Bill Clinton.

  • OfficialPro

    I’ve heard of using sex to get what one wants, but this is ridiculous.

  • jakespoon

    Hillary isn’t above saying or doing anything to achieve her ultimate goal. The Oval Office. If it’s politically expedient for her to “come-out” as a lesbian,she’ll do it. If she thought becoming muslim would help her,well,just show her which direction Mecca is.The end justifies the means.

  • Adam

    After all What difference does it make!

  • bj affordable

    And where’s Monica when you need her. Does Hilary like cigars?

  • Bamaguje

    If as Mr Greenfield asserts Jennifer Flowers sex scandal propelled Bill Clinton to the White House, Hilary’s sex scandals should also help her in her 2016 presidential campaign.
    But I can’t help wondering why Herman Cain’s illicit affair didn’t help his presidential run. Cain was a saint compared to Bill Clinton.

  • montbrun

    This contry must have been real desperate electing somebody as useless as
    JIMMY WHO, later on rectifying with REAGAN and putting in its big foot with
    another unknown quantity such as OBAMA and even reelecting him and , if
    coming the next election,GOD forbid it goes for HILLARY, then may really

  • kafirman

    no outside substantiating links.

  • Kafir911

    The Muslim Brotherhood works in mysterious ways. While Islamic doctrine condemns homosexuality,it will be condoned as long as Abedin is able to get higher up in the DC food chain.

  • Blaine Simpson

    Referencing National Enquirer??? David H., could we have some “editing” here please? It used to be easy to distinguish FP articles from opponents’ because FP articles had some integrity and wouldn’t make baseless accusations. Are we this desperate for evidence now? I’m sure that Greenfield would consider it dishonest and juvenile if his enemies quoted the National Enquirer for proof that Neptunian aliens, not Islamists, are responsible for 911.

    • WhiteHunter

      True, the Enquirer is an embarrassing, often whacko scandal-and-nasty-gossip supermarket tabloid. On the other hand, they did break the story that John Edwards fathered a bastard while his poor, long-suffering wife was dying of cancer (“but Elizabeth was in remission at the time!”)–a story that no “respectable” paper would touch, until they were all forced to acknowledge the unavoidable truth.

      The thing is, when a Democrat is caught in a squalid, even perverted, sex scandal, “that’s just his private life” (or as Bill said, “mah prahvit lahf,” by which he meant “my private laugh”), and the MSM dismisses such misbehavior–or crime–as totally irrelevant to his “superb qualifications” for public office.
      One perfect example of many was the claim that Thomas Jefferson had (allegedly) fathered a child by one of his slaves (DNA analysis showed that that MIGHT have been possible, but couldn’t be proved), yet was undeniably one of our greatest presidents. Bill Clinton was known with certainty to have been a fornicator, a serial adulterer, and in at least one case a rapist (“You better git some ice on that”). Ergo, Clinton = Jefferson, and is just as great a president. Q.E.D.

    • glpage

      In many cases the Enquirer is probably doing more investigative reporting than the MSM. Unless the target is conservative. The MSM is nothing more than a shill for the political left.

  • CurmudgyOne

    Nothing surprises me anymore, d**n it!

  • Rostis

    Being an experienced Russian, I have no doubts today about our presidential candidates: it’s the scariest who always wins here, thanks to the decades of fear in our voters’ genes. But I’m absolutely at a loss about your candidates’ chances: one begins to think that in yours it’s simply the worst who always wins since 2008, and I can’t find anything in the centuries of the U.S. history to justify such a suicidal trend… With Hillary’s clear trace of blood, arrogant lies, and open disdain to Constitution, Congress, to her own citizens (well, in fact, to anybody but herself) all the talks about her future presidency over the Land of the Free look to me a sheer blasphemy… Sex scandals as a sure way to the Oval Office – what can be more blasphemous and more suicidal even for some tiny country, to tell nothing about the world leader! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • WW4

    FPM–Daniel Greenfield apparently is in dire need of something, anything, to write about. Please give him an assignment!

    • Andy_Lewis

      He’s a Shillman Journalism fellow, doncha know? Shilling for the RNC as always.

      • pdxlady

        …and you’re reading FPM why?

        • Andy_Lewis

          For the few good articles that can’t be found elsewhere. “OMIGOD Clinton” sexposes are not among those. In fact, they’re a dime a dozen.

  • The Dead Critic

    Like this doesn’t happen in EVER political circle….in EVERY country. EURO trash is right, Americans are sexual PRUDES. Hell, read the Bible…it’s loaded with sex! LOL

  • glpage

    There are basically two reasons for the idiocy of USA politics nowadays. One, the left has been actively dumbing down the populace by making the public education system inefficient and ineffective. Two, they really understand the old political truth that if you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on the vote of Paul.

    • Rostis

      Sure, but then – what happens with the robbed Peter’s vote? R.

      • glpage

        The lefties figure if they have enough Pauls they don’t need to worry about Peter’s vote. Witness this past November.

        • Rostis

          Yes, I sadly do witness, and it looks like the army of the robbed Peters is quite obedient (or maybe quite content?) with the process of further robbing, forgetting my favorite lines of Walt Whitman:

          TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,

          Resist much, obey little;

          Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

          Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever

          afterward resumes its liberty.

          • glpage

            I’m not sure the Peters are content. With any luck the lefties will find they are awakening a sleeping giant. But I fear there is going to turmoil and pain before the Peters respond to the threat of the left.

          • Rostis

            Ah – the typical Russian reaction to your wise words would be: Let’s drink to this “any luck” – I believe it would be a perfect 4-th of July toast!

  • glpage

    Bill had the MSM on his pocket; Cain, even thought he is probably a much better human being, got slammed by them.

  • victoryman

    Shrillery has already been anointed POTUS by the pimps and whores in the state run media. Their campaign for her has already begun with the mantra, “It’s TIME, historically, for a woman president.” Who will challenge her? Plugs Biden, the horse’s ass with a necktie? Nillary’s already had some “Work” done on her face and she now uses the same supplier of Botox as Pelosi. They both get a “Special discount” since they buy it by the 55 gallon drum. Yes folks, be ready form President Shrillery an B.J. to be back in the White House. You ask, who will the repubs run? Does it really matter?

  • Goyo

    ……new york city, like d.c. & chicago, has the best politicians money can buy

    • Feisty Hayseed

      You mean the Best Criminal Gangstas money can buy. Consider Mayor Marion Barry, caught in a fancy hotel room snorting cocaine (or cooking up crack) with a prostitute! After he did a little bit of time, I think he has been elected to the City Council.

  • Johnconrad

    Is this a fake question?

  • sotheby94

    DemonRATS = cesspool dwellers. They celebrate it. They celebrate vice as virtue, and revile virtue as vice.

    Meanwhile, from their cesspools, they content themselves with flinging their filth at decent passersby, while shouting “look at all these filthy hypocrites!”

    • Feisty Hayseed

      You nailed it. The Leftists / Progressives / Collectivists / Statists / Authoritarians / Democratic Socialists CELEBRATE evil, depravity and perversion and then accuse us of hypocrisy for failing to live up to our Judeo-Christian standards of morality (standards that they do NOT have).

  • johnnywood

    After two terms with Obummer I can not imagine anyone voting for Billary Clinton.

    • William James Ward

      We still have sicko’s but people will vote their pocketbook
      and looking what the Democrats have done with the help
      of the rotten RHINO’S Clinton is done……………..William

  • Feisty Hayseed

    Sure Glad that you are Dead. Wish that you would have the simple courtesy of STAYING Dead.

  • William James Ward

    Shrillery is toast politically as is the left in America, with the deplorable
    record of what a true leftist, Islamist, Socialist Progressive loon
    administration can do America will never have another. Although
    it may be that we will never have another Presidential election, the
    way the World is going we may not be here………………….William

  • Tusense96761

    Hillary Clinton has done nothing for the rights of women, for as the secretary of state she helped bring Sharia Law and the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Libya and Egypt, she is responsible for the persecution of women and Christians that the people of those countries are living with today. Shame on her, how does she look her daughter in the face or herself in the mirror. Anyone who would profess to be in favor of a Hillary 2016 run is a lost soul. She also used CIA mind controlled women sex slaves to pleasure her when she was in the White House, see Cathy O’Brian book Transformation who work for the CIA by force through the MK-Ultra program in which Miss O’Brian was tortured from childhood into being complient mind controlled victim and speaks in her book how she was sent to the White House on several occasions to service Hillary sexual. Hillary should be in jail and never be allowed in a government position. She is a sick pervert.

  • edgineer

    Who the hell is kidding who? The Marxist MSM and Marxist Democratic Party made Willy Clinton and that sad caricature of a human he calls his wife.

  • USARetired

    The Clinton;s have far to many skeletons in their closet to ever successfully run for anything again! Her U.S. Army handle of ‘Broomstick One’ sticks!

  • youandme2

    No mention of the background of Huma Abedin, Saudi daughter of two Muslim Brotherhood bigwigs. I’d like to think a Saudi honeytrap as Hillary’s personal assistant and BFF (if not lover) all these years, thus providing “insight” on any matters pertaining to Islam is more damaging to Hillary’s candidacy. Sadly, it may be that that’s over the head of too much of the electorate.

    • autdrew

      Agree. I was also wondering why no one is appalled at the thought of muslim brotherhood & their operatives…er. family, being elected mayor of one of the most desirable targets in the country. Who doesn’t think wiener will get in & dismantle some of the anti terrorism apparatus that has kept the city safe?

  • Steve Stunning

    The Clintons, just like herpes they never really go away and you hate it every time they keep coming back!