The Only Thing Worse Than Being Homeless is this $175K Memorial to the Homeless


Since it’s Austin, you would assume that it would be a Starbucks memorial or a memorial to the ghosts of transgender avante garde performers past, but no it’s a homeless memorial.

A really awful homeless memorial.

A really expensive awful homeless memorial.

That empty coffee can looks like someone just spray painted an actual coffee can. And the face looks like it was sculpted by a preschooler.

One of Austin’s leading advocates for the homeless, Richard Troxell, say’s the statue captures an accurate image of homelessness in the city.

“We thought we needed to really humanize it, so we need to put a face on homelessness,” he said.

Homelessness called and it would like another face. One that doesn’t look like a cartoon. But you know a city doesn’t have a real homeless problem when homelessness has to be captured by a 175K dollar statue.

What’s next? Mugging statues?

Council Member Mike Martinez says the statue highlights the need to find permanent homes for the estimated 4,000 homeless Austinites.

“Until this issue is solved, we have a problem with homelessness in this community,” Martinez said.

That 175,000 thou could probably solve a bit of that problem.

The statue is planned to compliment the city’s existing homeless memorial—a plaque, bench and tree along Lady Bird Lake.

There’s an existing homeless memorial. Of course there is.

Troxell, whose project this seems to be, runs a group called House the Homeless, whose platform is calling for a living wage which involves the government paying everyone money.

Think of the tax savings. Small businesses that rely on these workers may finally be able to address their start up failure rate of 64% after 4 years and 90% after 5 years by no longer having to rely on destabilized workers. Carpe Diem!

Maybe we should build a Small Business Memorial. We could put it anywhere in California.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “One of Austin’s leading advocates for the homeless, Richard Troxell,
    say’s the statue captures an accurate image of homelessness in the city.” It isn’t completely accurate, however. Missing is a shopping cart. And, as Greenfield points out, a real face. Probably the reason the alleged sculptor skimped on the face is that he was told the face couldn’t be “racist” or identifiably ethnic: neither white, nor Hispanic, nor black, nor Asian. It had to be a generic face. Just a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth. Your basic Charles Schultz face.

  • jakespoon

    175 Large for a statue of a homeless person…I can’t decide if that is just plain stupid or terribly obscene. That would have bought a lot of groceries if they were wanting to help the homeless,but I think it was more like “see how much we care about the poor, we spent a hundred seventy five thousand dollars to honor them.” No, it’s stupid and obscene.

  • midnightyell

    Typical of Austin.

    A bad idea, poorly executed, at great expense.

    I’m glad I left.