The Pathetic Powell

"Sorry man, it's not happening."

“Sorry man, it’s not happening.”

Back in January, I wrote that Colin Powell isn’t embarrassing the Republican Party, he’s embarrassing himself. Since then, despite the revelation of an affair with a radical leftist politician from a foreign country, Powell has kept on beating the same tired old drum.

The Colin Powell we see on the Sunday morning shows is a bitter man, angry over not getting as far as he wanted to go. It isn’t racial bitterness that Powell projects, but personal grievance. Colin Powell didn’t get what he wanted by being a Republican and he hasn’t gotten it from the Democrats either. This is his last chance and the door isn’t opening for him no matter what he does.

Powell is a sad man. A man who didn’t take the right opportunities and is now taking the wrong ones. An angry man willing to do what he never did before. A man who, like so many in Washington D.C., traded his honor for careerism, and now has neither honor nor career left.

Watching Powell go, you can see him ramping up the bitterness, spewing more bile, destroying his reputation as a dispassionate and moderate figure, and ultimately coming to seem no different than the other political hacks clogging up the morning shows.

Colin Powell now seems to almost revel in his divisiveness. But it’s not really a racial anger. It never was. It’s possible that Powell attributes his career failures, the collapse in the Bush Administration and his failure to move on, to race. But if so he’s a bigger fool than anyone would have thought.

But mostly I suspect that Colin Powell is transposing his own bitterness into a racial context. He can’t go on the Sunday shows and rant about the opportunities he missed without seeming petty. But he can use race as the fulcrum of his own private rage.

  • edlancey

    The most over-rated man in American public life for half a century.

  • amspirnational

    fitting that the pro Iraq War Greenfield didn’t criticise Powell on why he should be

    so critiicised. For lying about the non-existent WMDs at the UN.

    • truebearing

      The WMDs were not only existent then, they still are…in Syria.

      • quousque

        And at that time no one wanted to believe that assessment. Iraq’s vanishing or ‘nonexistent’ WMD.

  • truebearing

    Powell’s undeserved claim to fame was for the “Powell Doctrine,” which was really the Caspar Weinberger Doctrine, with the added touch of emphasis on “overwhelming force” — hardly an original idea in military history. What is the alternative to overwhelmong force…just enough troops to lose? That is the Democrat’s Doctrine.
    Now Powell is applying overwhelming force to his new career as a whining, disloyal ingrate. Well, he’s loyal to his race, if nothing else.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Basically the “Powell Doctrine” was a nice wonky way of saying that Vietnam was fought stupidly. Let’s not be stupid this time. That’s how original it was. Not that he was wrong but it doesn’t make him a top ranked genius to figure that out.

  • Gee

    Powell was unqualified when he was promoted over senior and better qualified personnel for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and he was a total disaster as Secretary of State.

    Affirmative action at it’s worst

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I don’t hate Powell. But I did not see him as a Republican at all. I saw him as a “reach across the aisle” guy. I think Bush was set up by him and others. Seeing him try to handle the “Palestinians” was…not funny as in humorous…but his leftist pedigree was revealed at the time.

      OTOH ever since Clinton promised the world to them, it’s hard for any politician to climb down from that insanity and Bush moved away without articulating just how delusional the “Clinton Parameters” were. I think Powell was fully on board with the left’s insanity though.

  • bob e

    another race pimpin’ sore looser..

  • handsomedan


  • Giles Blyzzard

    Powell, like Bush, was totally clueless about the enemy he was facing in Iraq. He didn’t know beans about Islam and wasn’t interested in learning. He didn’t read his Sun Tzu. Which just makes him another liberal totally detached from reality.