The Poor Palestinian People

How poor are they? Really, really poor.

Per capita aid money

Just look at all that sweet aid money going to one place. A place run by a corrupt dictatorship that engages in terrorism, promotes terrorism and claims that no one will ever have any peace until it gets everything it wants.

Is this really foreign aid or Jizya?

  • Isabel Herron

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  • Leonard Krol

    Jizya, of course. Did you have any doubts?

  • Profit

    And with willing submission until the infidel Americans feel themselves subdued. Yup, good ol jizya money.

  • glpage

    Another cool graph would be to see who is sending all that money. I bet next to nothing, if not nothing, comes from the surrounding Muslims countries.

    • Gee

      You would win that bet. Of the top 20 donors – Kuwait is the highest Muslim country at 19th

  • Edgar Davidson

    Based on the charity ‘Muslim Hands’ a Palestinian Muslim deserves far more than any Muslim living anywhere else in the world. Officially – using the charity’s own instructions for donors (see – Muslims are asked to donate to Palestinian Muslims 44 times the amount of a Muslim in Malawi – one of the poorest nations in the world. Moreover, taking account of population size and per capita income a Muslim in Jerusalem is valued nearly two hundred thousand times more than a Pakistani Muslim.

    I guess that, at least this is restricted to Muslim donations. The problem is that the US and Western powers are donating (from their tax payers’ income) similarly disproportionate amounts to the Palestinians. I doubt if, in the hisotry of the world there has ever been so much money given to a least deserving cause.

  • CapeLady

    And how much of that money goes to helping the people of Gaza…. and how much goes into weapons, bombs, rockets… and Swiss bank accounts for the leaders of Hamas (as Yasser Arafat did!).

  • Naman Pratap Singh