The Problem Isn’t Just Welfare Abuse, it’s the Enablers


At the National Review, Charles C. W. Cooke writes on the Walmart EBT rush, “Whether or not local authorities had legal cause to arrest the shoppers on the spot, there really should be no doubt that widespread theft took place — or, perhaps, that widespread fraud took place. Neither that the beneficiaries evidently believe that they could get away with it, nor that the victim was the unsympathetically anonymous mass of Louisianan and federal taxpayers alters the plain fact. This was a crime…

We are not talking here about a moral grey area, in which starving people saw and took a rare chance to feed themselves. Instead, we are talking about people who, over and above their normal allowance, elected to steal from the millions of people from whose paychecks the food-stamp program’s funds are forcibly taken — and on whose beneficence they rely.”

We could of course go on some more about the character failings of the people on generation welfare. But the real criminal here is Walmart.

“At Walmarts in the towns of Springhill and Mansfield, employees called corporate headquarters to ask what they should do. They were instructed to “keep the registers ringing.” This they did — and with a vengeance.”

I expect very little from the looters. This is how they live and how they have lived for generations. They have no sense of right and wrong when it comes to government aid.

I have no idea what it would take to change their character.

But Walmart, a huge corporate entity, certainly knew what it was doing. How much of Walmart’s income comes from food stamps? That’s interesting question.

I grew up in New York City and that means I grew up surrounded by the infrastructure of food stamps. My family never had them, but I still saw them around so often that they’re as familiar to me as currency.

They just were and are that ubiquitous. Looking through pictures for my Redkins photoshop yesterday, I recognized three different types I saw growing up.

Yesterday standing in line at the supermarket, I saw a woman actually buying some sort of black sea fish delicacy with an EBT card, hopefully not caviar.

But the woman in some ways interests me less than the supermarket which would probably go out of business if food stamps really were shut down. It wouldn’t be the only one.

How many of the bodegas and local supermarkets in minority neighborhoods would survive? How would the banks that cover their loans do? What about the Walmarts in those areas?

It would not surprise me too much if the impact of taking away food stamps would wipe out a huge chunk of what we might even think of as the legitimate economy.

There’s a reason we have a welfare state. And it’s not just because of Louisiana Walmart shoppers. It’s because there’s an equally parasitic economic infestation on top of them. And another one on top of them.

That’s not just true of food stamps. It’s true of every area of the welfare state. There is an infrastructure of

1. Government workers to administer the whole thing in the public sector,

2. Non-profits cashing on community service grants

3. Corporations and businesses making money from it on the other end

It’s not just that we have a welfare state. We also have a growing welfare economy backed by for-profit and non-profit lobbies.

There’s not much that can be done about people as degraded as these. But companies like Walmart should be held accountable for their complicity in this mess. Because they know exactly what they’re doing.

So do the grocery stores and supermarkets slapping EBT stickers on soda machines and deli counters.

  • john spielman

    eventually this gross negligent massive deficit spending on entitlements will come to an end with or without the US govt cooperation. It will end when China stops lending us money( which will be when they see no hope of repayment only default.)
    Then there will be rioting and looting on a nation wide scale by those who feel entitled, so perhaps all those bullets being stockpiled by the US govt will be of some use.

    • knowshistory

      those cartridges are reserved for the taxpaying population, not rioters, who the government has proved over and over it will not oppose.

    • limeliberator

      China won’t cut us off. What do you do when someone can’t pay back their loans? That’s right. You put a lien on their property until you can recoup your losses. I hope they take Florida and Texas first.

  • Veracious_one

    just wait until the US becomes North Mexico..or .the Americastan states…

    • knowshistory

      I can hardly wait. mexico has severely restricting immigration laws, which are rigidly enforced. if we must import the entire population of mexico, at least we should import mexico’s immigration enforcement, so we can stop importing muslims. Hispanic invasion has been extremely harmful to our country, but muslim immigration will kill us all, including the brain dead cowardly evil liberals who have illegally and immorally and traitorously facilitated the foreign invasion.


    Liberals want the parasites of our society to live large on our society….

  • unionville

    I had heard that there were fears that a riot might break out if they didn’t let people buy what they wanted.

    • DogmaelJones1

      You are using the incorrect term, “buy.” These people weren’t “buying” anything. They were looting you with plastic food stamps and paper food stamps and they probably drive very nice vehicles and own wide screen TV’s and computers and, of course, cell phones. And, Daniel is right. If Wal-Mart was denied the right to accept food stamps in any form, you’re shopping bill would plummet. Because, you see, you are in competition with your own money.

      • Atlasshruggedmyass

        You obviously don’t know the meaning of the term “looting”.
        These people didnt still anything from walmart. Walmart
        Gave them authorization, and now walmart will have to
        Pay the diffrence for every customer who spent over 50 bucks.
        So taxpayers arnt on the hook this is now walmart s problem
        Ad it was walmart decision. There was no shoplifting or
        Looting. But we get it, there black right?

        • StuckinDirtyJerzy

          No, I think its fair to call it looting. The system went down, and they took advantage of every penny they could get their hands on. Its one thing to go over the limit on a glitch, its another entirely for people to fill up to 8(!) shopping carts with everything they could get their hands on. They broke the law that states a $50 maximum and chose to do so willingly. That, by definition, is looting. It should be obvious that its wrong and illegal, but these people don’t care. Its like blowing off a speeding ticket because the radar gun didn’t work. You were still speeding and breaking the law, you just didn’t get caught.

          • Atlasshruggedmyass

            WRONG! The 50 do.lar maximum is rule for the
            Stores to follow NOT the card holders, especially
            If the retail giant agrees to cover whatever they
            Want to get as result of the system shutting down.

            I didnt spend all that time Marquette University
            Law School for nothing.

          • Guy Fromage

            What part of the fact that the EBThieves all knew they were loading up their carts with goods, well in excess of what they knew they would have been able to leave with, had the system been working?

          • CowboyUp

            He apparently believes that if something isn’t actionable, it isn’t wrong. For such people right or wrong depends entirely on what one can get away with.

          • Guy Fromage

            Precisely! It is the consequence of a state morality. In a free society, that which is not forbidden, is permitted. But that is a recipe for misery, without a source of moral guidance which transcends the state. This is why, absent such a source, the civil society eventually transforms itself into one where that which is not permitted, is forbidden.

          • CowboyUp

            They knew that stuff wasn’t theirs and they took it anyway. Whether they get away with it or not, they were still stealing. You can legalize robbery, but it’s still robbery.
            I think that’s what John Adams meant when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

          • The March Hare

            Did Marquette teach anything regarding sentence structure and capitalization or were you creating a poem?

          • knowshistory

            the speeder is not taking anything from the taxpayers, yet there are hordes of cops on every road for the purpose of terrorizing anyone who accidently exceeds the limit for even a moment. compare the huge effort to terrorize the legal public with the nonexistent effort to stop the foreign invasion by uninvited Hispanics and, infinitely worse, muslims, invited, protected, supported, and lauded by our criminal government. ever heard the phrase “enemies, foreign and domestic”? it seems to me that our domestic enemy, our criminal government, is our most dangerous foe.

        • unionville

          Unfortunately, Walmart is on hook to pay the overages by law. But EBT participants know how much they get a month. And unless they are complete imbeciles, they generally know what is left on their card when they go shopping. I believe this was a case of EBT card holders hearing about the glitch and running to the store to take advantage. Walmart being overrun by a mob took the path of least resistance. Regardless of Walmarts “authorization” when you take something you’re not entitled to, it’s called stealing.

          • figment

            >>>EBT card holders hearing about the glitch and running to the store to take advantage

            the free smartphones enabled them to tell their friends even quicker about the free for all.

            and in the states where EBT didn’t work at all, trolls were furiously painting it as an “EBT cards work for the white people, but not blacks” to start the race war.

            we are being played.

    • Robert Lande

      I agree. It is easier to live with the loss of some groceries, than to trigger a riot and have to deal with injuries and property damage. If Wall Mart did anything to trigger a riot, it would be the defendant in multiple lawsuits.

  • A Z

    The U.S. should form an union with Mexico.
    There should be a plebiscite in both countries.

    – I predict there would be a housing boom of high end housing.
    – Our southern border would be secured. The Mexicans keeps their southern border well patrolled.
    – They are here already.
    – If we admitted Mexico as several states it would queer the whole system. the race hustlers like Jackson would be relegate to the dustbin. The new Hispanic senators would not exactly let the liberals lord it over them They would be calling some shots.

    If we do this it would be under the proviso we keep the bill of rights. The harmonize to our law not the other way around.

  • W. Tyler

    Jesus said that the poor will always be with you. I applaud Walmart for helping the poor. Isn’t that what they did? They allowed people to continue to shop anyway regardless of what they had on their EBT cards and they are not trying to press charges. God bless Walmart!

    • feawen

      I hope your comment is meant to be satire or sarcasm? Both parties suffered from one of the deadly sins… GREED. When a person knows they only have .59 cents left on their EBT card and proceeds to speed $700 and several grocery carts full of food, that’s not “feeding a hungry family” so that they can survive… it’s out an out theft, greed, and exploitation. Most of these “looters” won’t be able to store all of their plunder, how much do you suppose will be sold on the streets? Walmart also knew what it was doing and I’m sure fully expects the Government (i.e. Taxpayers) to make up for their losses.. a win-win for them. The product is off the shelves and “someone” is paying for it. Frankly, I don’t think they should get one thin dine. Other stores in the area didn’t accept the card while the system wasn’t working.. Walmart should have done likewise.

      • Guy Fromage

        I fear it wasn’t satire. A new online meme I’ve seen forming, is leftists push liberation theology-style equating of the organized theft of wealth redistribution, as “the Christian thing to do.” Never mind that both the Torah and New Testament are filled with prohibitions against thievery.

        Wal-Mart’s actions were one of pure pragmatism, regardless of the public spin they choose to put on it. Management knew that if they stood in the way of the thieving mob, the store would be trashed, perhaps even destroyed.

      • knowshistory

        satirists usually tip off their work by taking a position more extreme than those they satirize. our liberal enemies are so extreme that they cannot be satirized in that manner. anything that the satirist proposes that is thought to be evil enough to effectively satirize the liberal turns out to be the liberal’s next goal. in effect, satirizing liberals is only giving them ideas. a satirist that proposes that the taxpaying population be chained together and forced to work 24 hours per day on the plantations of the “poor” may well receive what he proposed.

  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    There are no looters you fool! All of those products were
    From walmart and walmart CLEARLY told the Peaople
    There with ebt cards to go ahead and spend and get
    What they wanted. And now walmart will have to make
    Up the diffrence at there own expense. So what on earth
    Is the right wing media wining about?!

    • unionville

      And yet there were people who didn’t take advantage of the situation. KSLA News spoke to two of them.
      “I could have easily walked back and went slap crazy and got all sorts of stuff, but I am conscious of the fact that this isn’t my money.”
      “The first thing I thought of was, rib eye steak tonight instead of ramen noodles, but if we would have done that, I would have felt too guilty,”
      I’m whining about the lack of integrity of those who took advantage the situation. And people like you who excuse it.


    Atlasshruggedmyass went to law school? Does Marquette offer remedial English courses?