The Rise and Fall of New York

Steve Buscemi Endorses Bill de Blasio For Public AdvocateTwenty years ago, New York’s long nightmare ended with a Giuliani victory over Mayor Dinkins. Now the nightmare returns as former Dinkins staffer and terrorist supporter Bill de Blasio will begin wrecking the city where Dinkins and his Democratic predecessors left off.

Bill de Blasio vowed to undo Giuliani’s reforms and turn back the clock on fighting crime and terrorism. Giuliani’s victory was a wake-up call to Democrats that one of the more dangerous cities in the country had rejected their liberal soft-on-crime policies that had made it unlivable. Bill de Blasio’s victory tells them that soft-on-crime is popular again.

Welcome back Michael Dukakis.

Part of the reason is that New York City has changed. The city’s politics have traditionally been middle class. Even Democratic politicians identified with the storeowner in Brooklyn, the fireman in Staten Island and the auto body mechanic in Queens.

Bill de Blasio breaks with that tradition. The former Warren Wilhelm Jr. did pick a name that opens more political doors for him among working class voters, but other than that his causes, building more housing projects, banning carriage horses in Central Park and ending police surveillance of Muslim terrorists are a grab bag of bad ideas from his two bases; liberal yuppies and welfare voters.

The middle class voters in Queens pleading with Joe Lhota to protect them from Bill de Blasio’s red plague are part of the older New York; that city of gruff accents but kind hearts, loquacious taxi drivers and busybody tenement grandmothers that appears so often on television and in movies that even most New Yorkers still confuse it with reality… even though it hardly exists now.

Bill de Blasio, with his Park Slope digs, represents the city’s new Yuckie overlords, yuppie hippies with Subarus, six- figure salaries, leftist politics and Whole Foods reusable bags full of tofu for the kids. It was only a matter of time until the college kids who moved to the city to slum and protest before finding profitable work formed alliances with minority community groups that would allow them to take over.

The Yuckies would probably have moved somewhere else if Giuliani hadn’t made the city safe for their kids. Bloomberg made things worse because he moved the city deep into debt with the dirty deals that he struck with local power brokers and activists. These deals let a cold fish with an arrogant personality win three elections while putting the city on the hook for his payoffs.

Bloomberg wasn’t stupid. He knew that the money had to come from somewhere. Like so many other urban mayors, he focused on attracting the young and the wealthy who would buy things and pay taxes. He understood how precarious the situation was when he warned that there were 40,000 taxpayers keeping the city afloat. Unfortunately the very people he was attracting were also the likeliest to sink it.

Like Obama’s successes, Bill de Blasio’s victory is a defeat for the middle class and a big win for the alliance between wealthy young liberals and welfare voters. It’s not the first time that happened in the city’s political history, but Red Bill makes John Lindsay look like Ronald Reagan.

It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. A single generation is how long it takes for experience to be lost. Many of the New Yorkers who struggled in the bad city of the 70s and 80s have gone elsewhere. They write to me about the troubles they endured in those days. The new New Yorkers are younger and have never lived in that other bad city.

New York’s Black population is declining and its Latino and Asian populations are rising. White flight has nearly reversed as an older middle class continues to drift away while a wealthier younger generation of whites spreads up into formerly dangerous neighborhoods like Harlem and Williamsburg.

Gotham is starting to look more like California with large Asian and Latino populations and small wealthy white elites, trendy industries and a real estate bubble temporarily funding welfare programs and union sweetheart deals that carry with them an unsustainable debt.

Joe Lhota might have been a credible candidate in 1993; but in 2013, New York is safe enough that no one but the older members of the middle class took his warnings about crime seriously. He may have a shot at a comeback in 2017 when the city has grown tired of four disastrous years of Bill de Blasio, the way that it was exhausted after four terrible years of De Blasio’s former boss, David Dinkins.

But then again he may not.

The Reagan Democrats who can catapult a New York Republican to victory, are politically outnumbered by the Yuckies, who came to the city to slum and decided to force the rest of the city to slum with them, and by minority welfare voters greedily fighting to protect their freebies.

Bill de Blasio’s landslide comes from minority votes. A New York Times/Siena College poll toward the end of October showed that he was only up to 55 percent among white voters. It’s the 90 percent support from Black voters and 76 percent support from Hispanic voters that give him his ridiculous lead.

Lhota’s best numbers are in Brooklyn where there are still enough working class voters to make an impact and his worst numbers are in the Bronx and Manhattan. The linkage between the Bronx, New York’s Detroit and its future under Bill de Blasio, and Manhattan is the new wealthy-welfare coalition.

Finally the old muscular tradition of urban journalism has made way for tabloids that are the Huffington Post in print form. Many New Yorkers were barely aware that there was anyone but Bill de Blasio in the race. A few weeks before the election between a quarter and a third of New Yorkers had not heard enough about Lhota to have an opinion about him. Those same people probably couldn’t have named Andrew Cuomo’s opponent in the governor’s race.

New York media outlets have begun ignoring the existence of Republican candidates. When they can’t ignore them, they smear them and destroy them. Many of those who voted for Bill de Blasio not only did not know about his support for Marxist terrorists who burnt and bombed synagogues and churches, but were barely aware that there was even another choice in this election.

Media boycotts of the opposition are turning New York City elections into Soviet elections where there is only one choice.

Bill de Blasio’s victory isn’t an endorsement of his program, but of the manipulation of the political system by the powerful special interests bringing the city to the brink of bankruptcy and of the short memories of city residents voting in more of the same two decades after the Dinkins nightmare ended.

New York City’s meteoric rise from the slums was a national story. Its descent back to the slums will be local crime coverage.


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  • knowshistory

    thanks, new york city voters. america is being overrun by muslims invited by our antiamerican government to conquer, enslave us, then genocide us. we are so afraid of being accused of “islamophobia” that we will stupidly stand by and lose our nation to the invaders UNLESS the more violent of the invaders are able to score a really, really big act of war against us again (like 9-11, which was tragically wasted by the archfool george w “islam is a great religion of peace” bush). i cannot think of a better place for 9-11-1x writ large, possibly a nuclear attack, than new york city, whos’ citizens have volunteered to host the big show. thanks, new yorkers. we really need that nuclear wake-up call, but i really hate the idea of having it anywhere near where i live. thanks, new yorkers. i love you. your sacrifice may save our country. it may be a little problematical for your city, though. thanks.

  • Cold_Drake_80

    The article itself was garbage by FPM’s own dubious standards. Just childish name calling and whining. That’s all right because the only purpose this article serves is to allow the little tin pot fascists to do some chest thumping in the comment section.
    Greenfield whines about how unfair the election was because his boy didn’t get all the coverage Greenfield wanted. WWWWWAAAAAAA!
    I wonder when Greenfield will write an article about the horrific results of Republican gerrymandering in states like Texas or Ohio? I doubt it since that would take integrity. So what we will continue to get is what we get now: butthurt on a truly epic scale.
    Love how he yammers on about white voters like their votes count for more while almost admitting the fact that New York City’s ethnic and racial make up has changed so much. de Blasio won because he won the majority of the votes. If they happened to be Asian or Latino then that is a testament to his ability to appeal the burgeoning majority in the city.
    So, in closing suck it tea party. Such it FPM. You lost deal with it!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There’s plenty of horrific gerrymandering in New York City

  • Cold_Drake_80

    Funny thing about research is it tends to show the world how lazy and dishonest FPM writers really are. This required on a quick google search so any FPMer could have done the same. I doubt any did nut not falling far from the tree after all. The motivation for de Blasio’s name change should be pretty obvious:

    De Blasio has stated that he was 7 years old when his father first left home and 8 years old when his parents divorced.[7] In an April 2012 interview, de Blasio described his upbringing: “[My dad] was an officer in the Pacific in the army, [and] in an extraordinary number of very, very difficult, horrible battles, including Okinawa…And
    I think honestly, as we now know about veterans who return, [he] was
    going through physically and mentally a lot… He was an alcoholic, and my
    mother and father broke up very early on in the time I came along, and I
    was brought up by my mother’s family — that’s the bottom line — the de
    Blasio family.[8]” In September 2013, de Blasio revealed that his father committed suicide in 1979 while suffering from incurable lung cancer.

    So, yeah, his early life was a mess and he ended up formally adopting the name of his mother and her family who raised him. Look I know empathy is completely absent in good FPMers but this is how humans react.

  • warpmine

    All I can say is that with God’s blessing, the victims of the crime that will emerge will be the a-wipes that voted for this Sandinista including the media.

  • nomoretraitors

    NYC deserves whatever happens to it

  • 3billy123

    Good. Let them sleep in their own bed.

    • Ergo

      but they will get covered in bedbugs /sarcasm

  • rubagreta

    I understand the last name change, but what’s with the first name change from Warren to Bill? That’s right, there are no Italians named Warren.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well yes and no. It’s not as if Mao Tse Bloomberg was ever going to do thing one for the middle class. NYC is the least affordable city in America and Bloomberg famously went on record just a week or two ago at how happy and proud he was of that. To him it meant NYC was in high demand. So between Bloomberg’s hollowing out the city leaving it a city of very wealthy, the poor, and the civil servants struggling to get by, and, de Blasionites who want to turn the city into an endless series of free art galleries, squatters and urban goat farms the whole thing is going to implode pretty soon. You know they all smirked and laughed when we told the Dinkins crowd that the high paying jobs are the most mobile and they can just go across the river to Ft Lee and Lodi. But guess what, that’s what happened. 50,000 of the best jobs flew out the door. Flash forward to today and that’s all you hear – this self congratulatory babble that because NYC is the greatest place on earth it will never see a bad day again and de Blasio will herald in a new era of free everything for everyone.

    Yeah so good luck with all of that.

  • Rich Lnu

    I remember the Dinkins administration. Incompetence, corruption, etc, nearly crushed the city. It was filthy, dangerous, businesses were running away, really expensive. Giuliani brought it back from the brink. Seems history shows that the mouthbreathers only depend on conservatives in times of trouble, then once the trouble is abated, they go back to endorsing their socialist slave masters.