The Timerman Legacy for Israel and Argentina

It is now becoming apparent that the bankrupt Argentinian government has decided to dive into bed with Iran in a cover up of Iran’s bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center which killed 85 people and wounded 300.

Leading the sellout is Hector Timerman, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, who also pushed his country to recognize Abbas’ undemocratic and kleptocratic terrorist Palestinian Authority as a state. In response to criticism of the sellout of the AMIA victims, Héctor Timerman has accused Israel of “causing anti-semitism.”

Hector Timerman has once again proven that he is a true son of his father, Jacobo Timerman. Jacobo achieved leftist sainthood due to his supposed torture by the Argentinian government for his left-wing activities, in a region where the line between the left and the leftist terrorist is often blurry.

That would not be interesting in and of itself, but Jacobo Timerman wrapped his claims of martyrdom in the cloak of anti-semitism, claiming that he had been singled out because he was a Jew. He even compared what was going on in Argentina to a new Holocaust.

Timerman moved to Israel where he wrote his martyrdom biography and then he wrote another book denouncing Israel for being just like Nazi Germany. “We’re all Palestinians,” Argentina’s worst export ever screeched. “I have discovered in Jews a capacity for cruelty that I never believed possible … I fear that in our collective subconscious we are not perhaps repelled by the possibility of a Palestinian genocide.”

Jacobo Timerman had proven himself to be a cynical cretin, a leftist with Communist associations who cried Anti-Semitism when it was convenient and even tried to depict himself as a Zionist, only to show that underneath he wasn’t blue, he was red.

Hector Timerman has proven to be every bit as cynical, dishonest and shameless as his father. The professional leftist victim has given birth to a professional leftist tyrant. And both father and son are filled with hatred and hostility for Jews and the Jewish State.

Jacobo Timerman rocketed to fame by claiming he was tortured for being a Jew. Hector Timerman is now playing a key role in the cover up of the mass murder of Jews in a dirty war fought by Islamic terrorists with the complicity of the left.

  • Arlie

    Wow, and people are buying his tale of woe and inner decay?

    I would pray individuals would study people's deeds and connections and look beneath the surface to seek truth. I watched this video and learned many facts: The Legal Case for Israel by Professor Eugene Kontorovich at NYU
    and a link to a story about him at

    If Argentina has woes, it also has foes: Soros is up to his good ole tricks in Argentina too:

  • AdinaK

    First of all, two things are usually true. First, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, unlike many cretin offspring. Consider: Soros & progeny, Stone & son too…and too many others to count.

    That being said, leftism is a mental illness and a devout ideology, one which the ends ALWAYS justifies the means. In point of fact, Jewish leftism is lethal to ALL Jews, wherever it embeds itself, and its lock-step with Islamism is a done deal –

    BOTTOM LINE: however this shakes out the FM deserves to be tarred & feathered. Moreover, he should be persona non-grata in all Jewish communities, particularly his own & Israel's, but he won't be…..

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • JacksonPearson

    Argentina has been a country that can't seem to find there true, or false identity. Throughout history, it appears they were always in bed with a dishonest government, or are easily misled by corrupt leaders. At the end of WWII, they opened their doors wide, and were a cozy hideout for Nazis.

    Yes, George Soros was involved in the global elites’ takeover of Argentina which de-industrialized their country, eliminated their middle class and plunged their citizens into massive starvation and unspeakable poverty.

    Yes, Argentina’s President and politicians were “in” with the global elites, and their Unions were “in” with the corrupt government officials… just as America’s President Obama, Congress and Unions are “in” with each other, with George Soros and with the other global elites.

    That said, what happened in Argentina is what’s happening in America right now.

    Argentina was a socialist country whereby the government controlled the means of production and doled out to the people via the “rights” their government granted. Because their government controlled everything, government had the ability to take everything away and sell off the revenue producing sources/resources to the global elites. And that’s just what they did… at bargain-basement prices.

    They stripped Argentina of its assets, sold them off to the fat-cat global elites, and they increased Argentina’s national debt through massive out-of-control government spending that could never be repaid. This took money directly out of the pockets of the people in order to put it in their own pockets, to destroy their middle class and plunge the people into poverty – and of course to set the conditions to justify placing Argentina under International Monetary Fund (IMF)/United Nations‘ (UN) control.

    In America, Obama has nationalized our banks, our car industry, student loans, healthcare, food, etc. These industries are now ripe and ready for sell-off to the fat-cat global elites.

  • JacksonPearson

    Corrupt Argentina have a long and dark history of being in bed with the wrong people.

  • John

    And all of this because the Christians and Muslims both believe the Roman lie about the Jews, and because of which they made the Jews second class human beings and scapegoats for two millennia. Whether a Jew or non-Jew, the lowest someone can sink is to betray his fellow human beings by cozying up to his enemies because of his cowardice. Mr. Timerman – and for that matter all of those stupid Jews in the world who think being Left or pro-Islam might at one time be a life-saver – seem to overlook the fact that none of the Jews that had joined the German Nazi Party have survived the Second World War.

    • Anon

      No, John, Islamic anti-semitism did not originate in Rome. It originated with the Quran and Mohammed.

      Mohammed beheaded every adult male of a local Jewish tribe and enslaved all the women and children.

      He once tortured a Jewish man, Kinana, (had his people light a fire on his chest) to try to find out where some treasure was buried. Then shortly after the nearly-dead man was beheaded, Mohammed married his beautiful wife.

      According to a very popular Islamic hadith, the last days won't come until Muslims kill the Jews.

      According to the Quran, some Jews were transformed into apes and pigs. Some Muslims to this day believe that modern Jews are descended from apes and pigs, or that modern pigs are descended from Jews.

      Most of the Quran commentators believe that it is the Jews who have "earned Allah's wrath" in the Fatihah, the opening of the Quran which is repeated in Islamic daily prayers multiple times a day.

      So Rome is not to blame for Islamic anti-Semitism. For that, look toward Mecca and Medina instead.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Actually, Muslims hate all unbelievers alike and aim to subjugate into dhimmitude all of them on the planet. For instance, Christians living throughout the Islamic world, as are Hindus, Buddhists, and indeed all non-Muslim infidels, are all harshly persecuted throughout the Islamic world without exception. In fact, the source of the so-called Arab – Israeli Conflict is because Israel, an infidel and democratic non-Islamic independent country, exist in the heart of Islam, which presents a particularly distasteful affront to the Muslim people. Meanwhile, being Arab has nothing whatsoever to do with anything regarding Israel, other than in the minds of delusional leftists. For instance, Pakistani Muslims from Pakistan and Persian Muslims from Iran are also equally obsessed with the destruction of Israel and are not Arabs.

      • John

        Anon, it is a documented fact that Mohammed gladly accepted the Roman lie about the Jews, and added it to his convoluted vision of reality.

        • Anon

          Oh really? What source material specifically do you rely on for this claim?