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The Timerman Legacy for Israel and Argentina

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 9, 2013 @ 2:04 pm In The Point | 9 Comments


It is now becoming apparent that the bankrupt Argentinian government has decided to dive into bed with Iran in a cover up of Iran’s bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center which killed 85 people and wounded 300.

Leading the sellout is Hector Timerman, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, who also pushed his country to recognize Abbas’ undemocratic and kleptocratic terrorist Palestinian Authority as a state. In response to criticism of the sellout of the AMIA victims, Héctor Timerman has accused Israel [2]of “causing anti-semitism.”

Hector Timerman has once again proven that he is a true son of his father, Jacobo Timerman. Jacobo achieved leftist sainthood due to his supposed torture by the Argentinian government for his left-wing activities [3], in a region where the line between the left and the leftist terrorist is often blurry.

That would not be interesting in and of itself, but Jacobo Timerman wrapped his claims of martyrdom in the cloak of anti-semitism, claiming that he had been singled out because he was a Jew. He even compared what was going on in Argentina to a new Holocaust.

Timerman moved to Israel where he wrote his martyrdom biography and then he wrote another book denouncing Israel for being just like Nazi Germany. “We’re all Palestinians,” Argentina’s worst export ever screeched. “I have discovered in Jews a capacity for cruelty that I never believed possible … I fear that in our collective subconscious we are not perhaps repelled by the possibility of a Palestinian genocide.”

Jacobo Timerman had proven himself to be a cynical cretin, a leftist with Communist associations who cried Anti-Semitism when it was convenient and even tried to depict himself as a Zionist, only to show that underneath he wasn’t blue, he was red.

Hector Timerman has proven to be every bit as cynical, dishonest and shameless as his father. The professional leftist victim has given birth to a professional leftist tyrant. And both father and son are filled with hatred and hostility for Jews and the Jewish State.

Jacobo Timerman rocketed to fame by claiming he was tortured for being a Jew. Hector Timerman is now playing a key role in the cover up of the mass murder of Jews in a dirty war fought by Islamic terrorists with the complicity of the left.

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