The Truth About Law Enforcement & Gun Violence Prevention

In Washington D.C., the office of the Honorable Joseph Biden was busy phoning up everyone from Mothers Against Pointy Things to the Gay Communist Gun Club of America to Wal-Mart to invite them down for a serious no-holds-barred discussion about doing to the Bill of Rights what his boss had done to the economy.

Meanwhile over in Chicago, the latest corpse was being scraped off the sidewalk. In just nine days, Obama’s hometown was already 15% ahead of last year’s whopping murder rate. In New York, one of the city’s liberal judges gave civil rights activists a late Christmas present with a verdict against the NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” program in the Bronx.

The Bronx is one of the smallest of the five boroughs, but it’s number one in murders, rapes and robberies. NYPD officers commute to work from Staten Island, where the homicide rate is less than half that of the Bronx. In the 40th Precinct (you may know its neighbor, the 41st Precinct from the movie, Fort Apache, The Bronx) last year there were 12 murders, 21 rapes, 476 robberies, 387 felony assaults, 1,337 misdemeanor assaults, 62 shooting victims and a partridge in a pear tree.

That’s not too bad considering that there were 72 murders there in 1990. In 1998, after 4 years of Giuliani, 72 murders had become 15. The two forces that transformed the 40th from a really bad place to just a bad place were aggressive police work and gentrification.

Stop and Frisk, which is just what it sounds like, allowed police to stop suspects and frisk them just on suspicion that they might be up to something bad. Civil rights groups have been protesting against Stop and Frisk for years because it’s racist, in the sense that it tends to take place outside dilapidated Bronx apartment buildings rather than Upper East Side high rises.

Bronx crime, like most urban crime, is driven by gangs. The Black Assassins, Majestic Warlocks and the Black Muslim Five Percenters are one of the 70 street gangs in New York’s own Detroit. While civil rights activists call for fighting gang violence with peace treaties and afterschool programs, there are really only two things that work. Either a police state of the kind you will find in the Bronx where the cops monitor the Twitter and Facebook postings of gang members, and their text messages, or an armed population that is capable of defending itself against them.

Liberals invariably choose none of the above.

What goes on in the 40th isn’t just a New York issue. It’s nationwide. Even while Obama preps a new nationwide gun ban, as if the rest of the country were Chicago or the Bronx, his Justice Department has waged a private war against local law enforcement. The NYPD and its Stop and Frisk policy was just one of the targets.

In the 90s, the Democrats learned that they could be tough on crime or they wouldn’t even be elected dogcatcher. It was a lesson that the humiliation of Michael Dukakis drove home, and no matter how often Democrats denounced the Willie Horton ad, they took its lesson to heart. At least until now.

While Obama pitches gun control, his Attorney General has undermined local law enforcement at every turn. It would seem that the only crime that Obama wants to fight is the crime of owning the type of rifle that those experienced hunters, Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein, have decided that no hunter needs. But the idea that gun control is a substitute for law enforcement is laughably insane, even by Chicago standards.

Urban mayors like to believe that cracking down on rural sporting goods stores will end the killing. It won’t. The real gun culture isn’t at gun shows and Wal-Marts, it’s down in the 40th where kids grow up listening to 50 Cent and where pointing your own gun sideways is a rite of passage. There’s no place in the United States where you can legally sell heroin, but heroin use is still off the charts in the Bronx. Gun control nationwide will be just as effective as heroin control in the Bronx.

Gang members go to school, deal drugs, step outside, recover a gun from an underage female groupie, shoot down a rival, and then the process repeats. You can crack down on it with a police state where cops make arrests to keep down reports and match a Compstat quota. Or you can shut down enforcement and hope that terrorizing rural gun owners will somehow fix what’s wrong with the Bronx. That’s Obama’s Plan A. If there’s a Plan B, we haven’t heard it yet.

When you scuttle both law enforcement and gun ownership, then what remains is the hell that the country descended into in the seventies when civil rights lawyers got their way and major cities, including New York City, became unlivable.

In 1965, there were 836 murders in New York at a rate of 4.5 per 100,000 people. In 1976, the number of murders had increased to a grisly 1,969 to a rate of 7.2. By 1993, the last year of David Dinkins, New York City’s first black Democrat mayor, they peaked at 2,420 at a 13.3 rate. Only a little below Chicago’s current 15.65 rate. By Giuliani’s second year in office, the city was down to 1,550 murders, a low that it hadn’t seen since 1970. By the time he left office, there had only been 960 murders at a rate of 5.0 per 100,000 people. Giuliani had taken the city back to 1965 and its murder rate today is, incredibly, at the national average for the northeast.

The New York City success story was the triumph of prosperity and the police state. With enough cops on the street, given a free hand, New York City could have the murder rate of liberal paradises like Austin or Seattle. Giuliani made it safe for liberals to move back to New York City and play artist, uptown banker with social justice commitments, aspiring actress, foodie, tech guru or random trendy urbanite. And once they were there, the golden fountain began to flow, crime rates continued falling and the city could be taken off life support.

Reagan cleaned up the economy and allowed liberals to begin safely getting rich again. Giuliani cleaned up the city and allowed liberals to safely walk its streets. Both men fulfilled the traditional function of the Republican as the paternal figure who steps in when baby makes a mess and cleans it up while allowing baby to believe that it was done by magic.

Urban liberals like to believe that it was unthinking city planners and the automobile that destroyed the city, when it was actually them. The city planners are still unthinking and the automobiles are still motoring, but the cities are back only to the extent that law enforcement has undone some of their worst mistakes. Now with an urban liberal in the White House, the mistakes are being repeated again, backed once again by the power of the Federal government.

Down in the 40th, the boys in blue still walk the streets as they do in so many other cities. The old urban lesson of the seventies is that the difference between civilization and the jungle is security. The political left has forgotten the lessons of Willie Horton and the old Times Square that they never visited, but still nostalgically pine for. As they work to disarm the people and dismantle police forces, it is a lesson that they will be forced to learn again.

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  • AdinaK

    Not only is law enforcement undermined by the left, but the fact of the matter is that gangs, "evil-doers" too, will always have weapons. In other words, at the same time that the Radical-in-Chief gives the cops less support, tying their hands into knots, he (and his gang) is trying to disarm law abiding citizens!

    Alas, their plan is total control, and the proof, as is said, is in the grabbing for the Second Amendment –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

    • Asher

      Gangs and Illegal aliens coming into America to undermine security…all part of the Communist plan.

  • truebearing

    You can blame the past stupidity of liberal policy on naivete or inexperience, but there is no legitimate excuse anymore. The Left knows full well the problems New York faced and what it took to correct it. They engineered the problem to begin with. They know their policies failed miserably. They also know what will happen when police are called off the criminals and sent after law abiding gun owners.

    This ignoring of the truth is part of a greater pattern where the Left unerringly embraces destructive policy, in every possible arena. It is symptomatic of the evil that permeates their agenda, ruining countless lives, not to mention nations.

  • Stephan

    The highest crime rate is in the District of Criminals.

  • Mary Sue

    This has me thinking that even when Obama lived in Chicago, he didn't live in Chicago. Gated Community, anyone? Makes me wonder how he somehow avoided dealing with the gang problem whilst he was 'community organizing'.

  • KatePalmer

    Hear what you are saying; yet, not sure if you meant it to sound racist. A large Black demographics is not the problem. In my humble opinion, if a city is populated by any color who has been subjected be being part of the “Welfare family” & new hope in that to a “celebrity” will solve all my problems. It’s love of money & I don’t have any & that someone else fault. Remember the President, the Leader of the Free Nation says so. Blaming instead each individual look at self & seeking self responsibility. Will always create Generation no matter red, white, black or Green with envy Generations who are angry, confused BECAUSE they have no generation to look up: a Generation that lived through the Great Depression & Survived, a Generation that knew how to plant & grow there own food, a Generation whose minds & spirits where not chemically altered by either Street Drugs or what the Pharmacys are offering today. a Generation that did not have an “idle hand” who because they earned their living through the “sweat of their brow” didn’t need drug to get a peaceful night sleep, a Generation that taught their children and did not trust nor leave it up to ANYONE else to teach their children. a Generation that did not have the glamour of Hollywood & all things that propagate that which gives us a generation of “lost souls” all things that confuse & kill: a new Government 4 the Government by the Government. Not all of us have been BLESSED to be raised by the generations of GreatGrandparents*Grandparents* Parents who were born in 1800’s & early 1900’s . The Sowers of Freedom for a Country & their souls, Work Ethic, Survival, Wisdom & Understanding, Legacy of Honesty & Truth & Faith to Persevere in All Things are gone to their Eternal Reward. Now we are reaping what we continue to sow in 60s & 70s & 80s & 90s. I pray everyday for Coming of the Second Eden to live in the Garden of Hope to give & encourage & remember the lessons learned in my Grandma Ruth’s arms. Today if we must use the words “blame” we all need to Repent for we fell asleep in the Garden again and forgot to pay attention that the Devil was roaming & rejoicing over this new Generation of his. Thank you for letting me “share” please do not “follow”. Follow only Christ through the Garden of Gethsemane for He alone has the answer and to no more “blaming”.

    • Reis Kash

      Blacks = 12% of the population, commit 40% crime. And that's not a problem? Also see drug use, illegitimate children, welfare, etc, etc, etc. If the black population and its crimes are subtracted from US crime figures, the US is one of the least violent nations in the world. It's not prejudice if it's based on facts and experience; it is not invidious discrimination if failure to discriminate makes you a victim. Also note that while trying to take firearms away from White people, Obama just signed a law today which gives him life-long Secret Service protection w/guns (not just the 10 years other presidents have had security). Also AG Eric Holder just declared four black muslim men who shot a white woman to death would not be subject to the death penalty. We'll see them again shooting someone else shortly after Eric Holder's "people" are released from prison.

      • Mary Sue

        socialism made all that possible. Plus marxist Identity Politics.

      • MikeGiles

        Street crime has ALWAYS been the preserve of the poor. Very little chance of someone who owns a million dollar condo on the Upper East Side going into street muggings. Now that isn't an excuse it's just a fact. Once upon a time street crime was committed mostly by poor Irish, or poor Italians, or poor Jews. Now the only whites committing street crime are poor whites. It has to do with all of them being poor – NOT THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. It also has to do with the reason why they are and remain poor. Those are cultural. Because they are cultural black Americans, are different from black West Indians and are different from black Africans; although all are black. If it isn't cultural, why exactly do brown skin Latinos behave differently from brown skin South Asians?

        • jacob

          Impoverished people during the Depression didn't commit massive crimes the way the black underclass does. Dirt poor boat people didn't commit massive crimes but tried to flourish.

          It has to do with civilized values and behavior, stupid.

      • Link

        Link the story about the woman

    • Rifleman

      Thank you, I couldn't have said it better if I tried for a month. I too think it's a cultural problem, affecting every race, and its' roots are in the welfare state mentality. BC67 probably doesn't realize he's named the two youngest of the three initial 'ethnic' targets of government 'welfare', they're just a little 'ahead' of the curve on the mentality as racial groups. Like good, evil knows only the human race.

      • bluffcreek1967

        It's more than merely a 'cultural' matter. Rather, it's a reflection of who they are by nature. Their culture did not occur in a vacuum. Instead, their culture sprang from who they are, what they value, what they esteem, and how they see the world. It doesn't mean blacks are less human or that we should harm them. It just means that not all people are equal in intelligence, in morals and not all cultures are of equal value!

        Folks, this used to be common knowledge. But whites have become so politically-correct and uninformed about these matters that to even suggest not all races of people are equal condemns one to a 'racist' abyss!? In spite of this, the facts, the crime statistics, social observations and common sense are all on my side. Can we remove our heads from the sand now?

        • Mary Sue

          they were disequalled when they had the welfare state foisted upon them.

        • Rifleman

          They're human by nature, and tribal warriors by culture, like Europe was, before Roman influence sunk in. Racial differences come from environmental adaptation, and there's no environmental variable anywhere that rewards lower intelligence.

          When infants are raised in a different culture, with no knowledge of their parent culture, they adopt that culture and perform to their individual abilities. We've seen that throughout history. I'm not the one with my head in the sand.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, I hear what you're saying. But there's a problem with it. Before the welfare state even began and before any 'soft' version of reparations were ever afforded blacks, they conducted themselves in much the same way in much the same way as now (albeit not to the depth of recent days). Their communities had always been deeply affected by crime and drugs. Blacks were known to greatly target their own people, and even whites when the occasion presented itself. Whites RIGHTLY avoided blacks and were concerned when they were seen in white neighborhoods because blacks EARNED their criminal reputations. In contrast, whites may not have preferred the company of Asians, but whites were not cautious and fearful for their lives when among Asians. But it was quite different when blacks cane around – and the blacks, by their repeated and willful criminal conduct, earned every ounce of suspicion they got! Guess what? They still do!

      • Mary Sue

        before the welfare state, there was slavery, which is a form of the welfare state. (or rather, the welfare state is a form of slavery, as is socialism)

      • Mary Sue

        there's nothing more dependifying than being a slave.

  • Asher

    Violence and Crime has increased, especially in Chicago, California, and Detroit, as well as other big cities, and Police Department budgets have been cut. This means your safety and security may be up to you…. the individual…thats why the government is trying to disarm you, whatever happens, your stats of survival go down without defense, which will help to decrease the surplus population, same with the disease and viruses that have been unleashed. Wake up people and look at past governments who have used alot of different means of gradual genocide, not to mention all the taxpayer funded abortions going on.

  • Larry Robinon

    Say what you will about large cities but if you want to hold your life in your hands visit Jackson, MS. White flight started in the 80's and is basically complete. The only mayor, Frank Melton, that really turn it around was hounded by the liberals and the democratic attorney general as he went into seedy establishments and shut them down, rode with police officers almost nightly, ran the Katrina gangs out of town, shut down drug dens and tore down crack houses. The honest people of Jackson aprreciated and supported him but the liberals were constantly on his case.

    • artslap9

      Larry, you are correct. There are areas here in Jackson that no sane person (or the police) would enter voluntarily. The suburban cities all around Jackson have a "zero tolerance" policy on funny business, which confines the majority of crime to Jackson itself. I only go into the city because my office is located there, but I get out of there as fast as possible once I'm done and I am extremely vigilant about my surroundings when I'm leaving when it's dark (like now).

  • misternatural13

    Since we’re playing the “some Bill of Rights amendments are better than others” game let us try this out, it’s guaranteed to make the anti-gun zealots (more) crazy.
    Step 1= Pick a city with strict gun laws and a high rate of gun violence. How about Chicago?
    Step 2= Select the section of the city that has the highest numbers of shootings and/or the section in which the largest # of convicted shooters lived prior to conviction
    Step 3= Do house to house/apartment to apartment searches of every residence in that section to seize illegal weapons
    Step 4= Warrants? We ain’t got no warrants. We don’t need no stinking warrants! (We do have these badges, though.)
    To hell with the 4th amendment if it’s for the good of the community. What’s so unreasonable about that?
    Step 5= sit back and enjoy the spectacle emanating from the lib universe

    • Felix Montmorency

      Communities used to "take the law into their own hands" … which I thought was the general idea in the first place. When a peaceable community had a gang causing a problem, the Sheriff formed a Posse of able bodied citizens and they cleaned out the rat's nest. Once society became "gentrified" (sissified) they hired "Goons" and "Trouble Shooters" to take care of problems for them, usually ruffians with the cahoonies, weapons and inclination to do so. Eventually, those hired goons and their administrative bureaucracies became our masters. The "No Rules Mate", anything goes liberalism has set the stage for a serious backlash. That's why our "owners" are DESPERATE to disarm us.

  • tagalog

    I guess the courts made it their job to actually turn the Constitution into a suicide pact. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Robert Jackson said it isn't a while ago, but I guess the current pack of justices decided that he's wrong.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    If not for gang infested urban ghettos, there'd be little crime at all…especially gun crime…



  • The Goon

    Everyone should be on board to stop this onslaught on the 2nd amendment, everyone down to the last liberal.

    Whether you happen to like the 2nd amendment or not is irrelevant, because it's attached to the Constitution, and a Gov't that can run rough-shod over one piece of the Constitution, can do the same for any part of it, or all of it. It is the nervous system of the Country.

    • Mary Sue

      the liberals aren't really liberal. They're totalitarians in sheep's clothing. That is why they hate guns.

      • Roger

        It's about control. They can't stand people wanting to care for themselves.

    • pagegl

      They don't care about the Constitution except when they can twist its meaning to control people.

  • Western Spirit

    The whole Constitution is in trouble from these haters of the pesky Constitution that has been nibbled away by the Supreme Court's stupid decisions.

    But guns are still available because no loop hole has been found to get rid of them and more importantly the people are adamant about self defense.

    What we are dealing with here, however, is much more than a self defense issue or a Right or Left imbroglio.
    What we are dealing with is structured like a pyramid. At the base, where most of us live, the politics of the Right and the Left are miles apart. While at the top, where the elite
    holds court, there is little to no difference in their politics or in how they think.

    By the elite I’m referring to the CEO’s and politicians who run the country and this elite, in my opinion, deliberately lightened America’s pocketbooks in 2008 to serve a purpose.

    They wanted change and to accomplish, this change they wanted, the fat and sassy American had to be brought down to the level of the rest of the world and thereby make Americans, as a group, want change too. So much so a presidential candidate might even win an election promising change.

    Unfortunately, the change we’re experiencing is going from the independence money brings to dependence on the government to meet our needs. This has become necessary because the means of providing for ourselves is drying up via the elites sending our jobs overseas and stealing our money from the stock market.

    So our problem isn't just guns but goes all the way to the top of the pyramid where the greedy power hungry elites dwell. We need to find them out to fight them, after all if we don't know what we are fighting how can we win, win with gun control and with everything else going wrong with this country, a deliberate operation of our enemy, the elites.

  • drjeffreyp

    A Giuliani fan I am, however it was largely then PC William Bratton that reduced the violence (and crime) not Giuliani. No question that Giuliani, as mayor afforded Bratton the opportunity to put his plan into effect.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Bratton used statistics and science to deploy police and it worked. Giuliani got the credit but Bratton was the brains behind it. Of course Bratton was replaced by Kerik whose major claim to fame was getting indicted for corruption.

  • Mary Sue

    Winnipeg has the SAME problem, but it has few black and latinos. What it does have in spades, is Natives. (Native Indians).

    It's not a skin color problem. It's a WELFARE problem. Indians get money from the government, don't have to pay tax of any kind, and they live on reserves that would be the ghettos of Canada if most of them weren't in the middle of nowhere.

    • bluffcreek1967

      The Native Indians have many of the same social and cultural aspects as blacks, including resentment of whites, dependence on government, generally lazy and not driven to advance further in life. But perhaps more than that, Native Indians, like Blacks, have low IQs, culturally are still in the Stone Age, impulsive, and possess loose morals. The 'noble savage' is a myth if anyone objectively reviews their history. Like blacks, we must not focus solely on the Native Indians' government dependence and welfare. They are in their current condition because it's a reflection of who they ARE as a people!

      • Mary Sue

        No, it's a reflection of what happens when a people exists in a bubble of Socialism. Natives can't own their own property on reserve; blacks and latinos often exist in "public" (government) housing in USA.

        Anywhere where "blacks" = "problem" is a problem of socialism, not race.

  • Roger

    The Russians understand this and warned us. Of course our media didn't report it…
    Shocker, isn't it?

    • NV_Rancher

      Not really a shock….the MSM is obama's right arm….without them, he wouldn't be able to play golf constantly, oblivious to the destruction his policies cause.
      Everyone ( communists) in DC lives in an ivory tower, so high, the screams of their subjects go unnoticed..

  • Ghostwriter

    You never tire of bashing blacks,do you bluffcreek1967.

    • Reis Kash

      Neither do I – they deserve bashing so much. Change behavior, then no bashing.

    • bluffcreek1967

      There's a vast difference between 'bashing' and telling the truth. Sites such as this one frequently talk about black crime within our inner cities not because it's fun to 'bash' blacks, but because blacks continually place themselves in the public eye by virtue of their criminal conduct. All sorts of justifications and half-truth reasons are given for this by well-meaning conservatives, but they often miss the important and glaring truth before their very eyes: A very large percentage of blacks are criminally prone because, as a race of people, they possess low IQs, impulsive, high levels of testorone, little interest in formal education, somewhat slow and dull-minded, and a culture that, historically, has continued to breed these sort of things into every new generation. Blacks DO what they do because this is who they ARE!

      • davarino

        Wrong. Blacks are not inherently of lower IQ. If so then how do you explain the vary bright and talented blacks? No, blacks have not done well because the left have helped to keep them down and to believe they cannot get ahead on their effort. The race hucksters, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, …..etc. have convinced blacks that all their problems are a result of racist America, of which you just helped make their case.

      • artslap9

        You've been reading too much of the KKKs literature from the late 1800s when the Democrat party implemented the Jim Crow laws in the Deep South after the Civil War and the rebuilding of the South by the Republican administrations subsequent to Lincoln. Actually there were quite a few integrated towns in the South with black mayors and racially mixed City Councils in the 1870s and the first black Congressman was elected during this time. If we were to take your premise to it's logical conclusion, you should be extolling the virtues of asians since they outperform whites in academics and achievements overall. Or are you going to regale us with warnings about the Yellow Menace too? I categorically reject your racist arguments!

  • Ghostwriter

    We're going to have some difficult years,made even more difficult with people like bluffcreek1967,who have no problem using race to define who a person is instead of their character.

    • jacob

      Trouble is race and character correlate so highly.

    • Drakken

      So, being a pacifist, just what are you going to protest?

  • Western Spirit

    No wonder the elites want gun control they know they deserve a pot shot or two as they deliberately bring down the freest and thereby greatest nation the earth has ever seen.

    I've said this before but it bears repeating because the elites next step is to move to a global government.
    George Washington likened government to fire. He said that government like fire makes a useful servant but a fearful master so he collaborated on making a Constitution designed to contain the fire of government.

    The elites, however, want to change Washington’s, and the other founders, contained government for a purpose; they want to follow up on their global economy with a global government. A global government that is nothing more than a power-grab. Power seems to be humanities path to utter destruction because power begets the desire for more power, there is never enough, and absolute power makes for absolute corruption as we’ve witnessed by Rome’s example. And if you like the U.N. you’ll love a world government that’s also run by petty dictators, the elite, sans a pesky Constitution. And unfortunately such an oligarchy is harder to get rid of than a mere dictatorship.

    Making everybody equal and being inclusive is the new morality of today, that’s replaced Judea-Christian morality and the Buddhist’s morality too for that matter, a new morality that has also been designed for a purpose. For according to this new morality Americans aren’t any better than the rest of the human race so shouldn’t have more. The fact we have had more was solely based on our morality and Constitution doesn’t make a dent in the secular mind. But, of course, some will be more equal than others is a reality that should make a dent on the secular mind in time—maybe.

    This new morality also flies in the face of duality that is the structure of the universe where the male has his opposite in the female, where night follows day and where the examples of duality go on and on along with the inequality that’s implicit in duality like where there is rich there is poor. Also to make me equal to my 6 foot three brothers they would have had to be cut off at the knees. Thus correcting an inequality I didn’t mind at all because it was an inequality based in nature where the female is smaller than the male and not something to be gotten rid of because its unfair.

    And this new morality isn’t morality at all but is a lie in keeping with Jesus’ teaching that Satan is a liar and the father of lies, a deceiver of the nations. A deception that leads to enslavement and that’s where we are headed because the war between good and evil is real.

    The Judea-Christian God is the one our founders claimed would guarantee our freedom and Judea-Christian values are the values designated to maintain our freedom. But to the secular mind they both need to be swept away because, like the Constitution they are pesky and get in the way of doing whatever we want. Unfortunately freedom and the rest of what we hold dear will be swept away with those believes.

    • Guest

      We were given the second amendment so that we can defend ourselves against a centralized fed. govmt. that might want to take on the part of being our KING and making us his SUBJECTS which is happening. Our guns were not merely to defend ourselves against burglers and wild animals. The better our weapons are, the safer we are from having a dictator. Not only is king "O" wanting to rewrite the constitution re: our rights to bear arms, but also wants to change the 22nd amendment that limits a pres. to two terms…and with enough fraudulent votes like we had in the last election, it will be very easy to win all future elections. Google "1963 Communist Goals" while you can….you'll see exactly where we are in fulfilling those goals. God have mercy on America.

      • Western Spirit

        Yes you are right and as Kruschev said, those many years ago as he banged his shoe on his desk, "we'll bury" you." And even as Reagan defeated the Soviet Union its ideas and principles were succeeding here burying us in its lies and delusions.

        Only God can help us now but we, as a nation, have never been farther from Him than we are presently. Mainly because of the Supreme Court's unfounded decisions that have eliminated God from the public square, and replaced the wisdom of our founders with the Supreme Court's secular nonsense.

        • Western Spirit

          The Supreme Court as it turns out was America's Achilles heel. Our founders didn't think of a way to contain it and its delusional decisions is where many of our woes started.

          When the Supremes ignored the clause in the Constitution where it states the practice of our religion, meaning the practice of religion that promotes our values, should not be infringed. We should have disrobed them by a Constitutional amendment.

    • Bob

      Reply to Western Spirit – Word Count: 562 – nice gig if you can get it.

      • Western Spirit

        Reply to Bob- sorry but I don't know what you are talking about. You're so deep you're going right over my head.

        But if you dislike religion that's too bad because the Constitution guarantees our right to practice our religion even in public places, and even if the Supremes ignored this right when interpreting the first amendment.

        Its freedom of religion not freedom from religion, Bob.

  • Linda Rivera

    Barack Hussein Obama told the UN General Assembly: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    England Warns America: Don’t Let Them Take Your Guns

    England grabbed its citizens guns in 1997. Crime skyrocketed as the law-abiding were disarmed. The English citizens have a message for Americans — Don’t give up your guns!

    • jleinf

      So America's question to Barry should be exactly how do you slander a warlord, torturer,mutilator,decapitator,serial rapist,child rapist,terrorist,sex trafficker,murderer,enslaver,liar and thief?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What can be done by society, educate people to the wrong of crime and violence against
    innocent people by shutting down public school indoctrination centers and demand parents
    raise thier own children with respect for others and law, that might work.
    Another way of ending violent crime has three steps, 1) Look, 2) aim, 3) Pull the trigger.

  • stevef

    But this is not about our guns….It's about how the President can best approach changing the Bill of Rights more or less directly.

    • stevef

      In other words, the DEMS continue to frame the politcal debates with deception and we always fall for it….Remember during the last election the GOP couldn't even deal with the DEMS focus on Ann Romney's horse!

  • polnick

    People that want to visit me call first; under no circumstances do I open my heavy metal door unless the person has a government issued ID which is inserted into a slot. A lady friend opened the door for a little girl asking for water to fill her cup; three thugs behind quickly rushed in, robbed and savaged her. She no longer has a door to open since she lives in a mental institution.

  • cxt

    Its not that I have "issues" with Lefties–although I do.

    Its the the staggering inability of the Left to change its worldview when reality fails to conform to how they. the Left thinks, things "should be."

    People make mistakes–its part of being human. We often err and in all too many cases those errors have very real costs.

    But the Left refuses to LEARN from their mistakes–in point of fact they almost never admit to a "mistake" being made in the first place let alone allowing mountains of the evidence change their opinion in any fashion.

    "Hmmmm we have the strictist gun laws in the nation and we STILL have a frightening level of gun violence–we need MORE gun laws!!!"

    "Yep, no need what-so-ever for an in-depth analysis of our basic assumptions and worldviews–were Leftists–we already KNOW the answers."

    And meanwhile children keep dying.

  • @jhaze32

    If the government was so concerned about saving people's lives, why is this conversation limited to guns?
    There are many other things which kill more people every day, like cars, drugs (both over and under the counter, crossing the street, obesity, etc.
    Something doesn't make sense..

  • polnick

    Gun owners with a short fuse are responsible for 90% of the shootings, most are due to road rage or parking lot disputes. Shooting that occur in the home are rarely against intruders, 95% are between mentally disturbed family members and friends. Only 2% of bullets fired actually hit a person involved in illegal activity. Fifty thousand Street crime deaths result from gang bangers fighting over a bag of dope or the earnings of a hooker. Gun are safer in the hands of cops with long fuses, it will result in honoring not the killing of one’s neighbor.