The Unsinkable Hillary

Margaret Brown earned her moniker as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” by surviving the sinking of the Titanic. Hillary Clinton earned hers by surviving multiple scandals, the last of them claiming four lives. During the Clinton Administration, Hillary Clinton was followed around by the phantom corpses of conspiracy theories, but now four real corpses trail in her wake without ever slowing her down.

Hillary’s departure into the lifeboat is another escape from a ship that is too big to sink. Obama hasn’t been very popular in a while and if she’s going to make her run in 2016, she will need some distance from the shambling disaster that the S.S. Hussein is likely to be three years from now. After being cheated out of her captain’s hat in 2008, she’s determined to be the first in line to receive it in 2016.

That was the deal that brought Bill Clinton on board to campaign indefatigably in 2012 while courting future donors for 2016. The leftist uprising over Iraq that drove Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party and undid Hillary Clinton’s careful positioning as a centrist candidate will be out of date by then. And once Obama has spent eight years shredding the country over social issues and partisan quarrels, Hillary’s old alliances with the middle of the party will come in handy to make her seem like a centrist.

Hillary Clinton’s histrionic Senate testimony wasn’t the performance of a cabinet member, but of a candidate. Victimization is her flawed strategy that seems more Lifetime than Lincoln, but while it didn’t pay off particularly well during the 2008 primaries, there’s also no doubt that it resonates strongly in certain quarters.  The theatrics were however particularly repugnant as a tactic for avoiding questions about the abandonment and murder of four Americans.

As a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton finally has some credentials to present for the 2016 race, above and beyond those of a carpetbagger sliming her way into a senate seat on her husband’s name and his connections. But those credentials are entirely worthless.

Hillary Clinton has a slew of photographs as mementos from her time in office, including some taken by cell phone cameras in the streets of Benghazi, but no actual accomplishments. Her reset button with Russia failed from the start and as she heads for the exit, relations with the big bear are far worse than they were when she brought the infamous misspelled button as a peace offering.

China has slid over to the hardliners and is actively courting a conflict with Japan. North Korea has taken its cue from Beijing and is openly talking about using nuclear weapons against the United States. Most of America’s Middle Eastern allies that don’t have oil have fallen into the hands of Islamist regimes and it is now in the situation of being entirely dependent on political and tribal Islamists.

The news doesn’t get better anywhere else. The left has a hard grip on South America and the PRI is even back in power in Mexico. Europe “likes” us better now that one of theirs is in power, but that liking doesn’t actually translate into influence. Under Bush, America led Europe. Under Obama, America is led around into backing the UK and France’s wars while being shut out of their economic sessions. About the only accomplishment that Clinton can claim anywhere is in Burma, a place that is mainly of interest to professional human rights activists.

Hillary can’t really be blamed for Obama’s lost war in Afghanistan or the unraveling of the Libyan War into a regional Al Qaeda conflict, but neither can she be exempted from it as an innocent. She may not have set military policy, but nor does it appear that she had much to offer in the way of diplomacy or useful counsel on the international arena.

Like Molly Brown, Hillary Clinton has picked the perfect time to exit the sinking wreck. The Arab Spring is starting to take on tones so ugly that even the most sheltered liberal warding off the real world with unfurled copies of the New York Times and the Washington Post cannot deny that something appears to have gone wrong. As Egypt burns, Hillary passes the baton to John Kerry, who has never met a dictator that he didn’t fall in love with, and leaves him with the responsibility of dealing with the disaster.

On the Asian front, Japan and China have both shifted toward militaristic governments, and half of Asia is caught between them. At some point the series of minor incidents will get so big that even the densest Democrat will be forced to notice and ask why the smartest man ever and his nuanced boy wonder aren’t doing something about it. By then Hillary Clinton will be dictating her memoirs to a ghostwriter and chuckling while John Kerry tries to explain that the violence is surprisingly complicated.

When Afghanistan implodes and the Taliban march into Kabul, dragging the corpses of little girls behind them, she won’t be associated with the failure of the coalition deal with the Taliban. It’ll be John Kerry haltingly explaining how it all went wrong even though it was all done right.

Voters will have trouble remembering what, if anything, Hillary Clinton actually did during her time as Secretary of State. And that is exactly how she wants it. If Hillary has her way, she would rather that voters, especially the low information kind, remember images of her shaking hands. She doesn’t want them to remember her on television explaining why some part of the world had gone to hell.

That is why Hillary Clinton did her best to avoid testifying about Benghazi, not because she was afraid that it would expose her complicity, but that it would associate her with a disaster. And once again she resorted to becoming the victim of a right wing conspiracy of senators who had some basic questions about the murder of four Americans and the lies told by the administration about those murders.

Rather than answer those questions, Hillary did what she had always done, she obstructed, she blamed others and she made it about her, rather than about the dead. That shallow self-centered approach is what she shares in common with Obama. The dead have never slowed Hillary Clinton down. Her gaze has always been on the horizon of her ambitions. That horizon once lay on 2008. Now it shines on 2016.

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  • UCSPanther

    I sound like a broken record, but history will not be kind to Hillary Clinton, nor Obama.

    • thomas_h

      It all depends who will write it. There will always be Oliver Stones around…

      • wsk

        … and Michael Moore

      • mekus milkdud

        your right when blacks convert to Muslim and rewrite the history of the United “states then obummer baluga will the be most and greatest person ever in the world

  • Chezwick

    HILLARY: "What difference does it make, whether it was a demonstration or just people taking a walk and then attacking?….as long as we get to the bottom of it it and prevent it from ever happening again."

    Getting to the bottom of it and preventing it from ever happening again is precisely why it DOES make a difference exactly how and why this tragedy occurred.

    • EarlyBird

      Thanks for that, Chez. That's exactly what I was thinking when I heard her say this.

    • Jim_C

      But the question she was answering was another tired inquiry about the reports about the "protests," a trumped-up conservative media-based attempt to create election year controversy. It was not in response to a question that would have led to a constructive truth about whether the deaths could have been prevented. Whether the adminstration indeed knew early on that it was a terrorist attack or whether they took too long to disavow the early reports of a spontaneous riot over a film, it makes no difference to whether people died or not.

      The ONLY thing that would have made a difference was the level of security at that compound, and that has nothing to do with the early reports about the "whys" of the attack.

      • Chezwick

        If the attack occurred spontaneously, it was perceived as a less egregious display of negligence than if it had been a planned attack…..which is why the Admin contrived the cover story.

        And shame on you Jim, for referring to the Administration's lies and obfuscations – carried on for more than a week after the attack – as a "trumped-up conservative media-based….controversy." I knew you were liberal, but i thought you were more fair-minded than that.

        • Tiberius

          Leftist/liberals/progressives are first to add a disclaimer to their guys on the hot seat

          • Jim_C

            You think it's any different for rightwing/conservatives? Remember Iran/Contra? Remember the case for the Iraq War?

        • Jim_C

          I think the "lies" portion has yet to be seen. You are trying to make it appear as if Hillary's remark proves indifference. Reports from the incident overwhelmingly had people involved saying the film drove them to it. So it would appear the film was used as a cover for the attack. Was it put out beforehand–or did terrorists simply sieze the moment? Maybe if you were investigating what happened, you might not want to give the public impression that you knew it was indeed planned before the trail got cold.

          This is not the first time a US compound was attacked, nor is it the first instance of tragic death of people in the service of our country that may have been preventable. But I do find it more than a bit disingenuous of conservatives to be so up in arms over this one incident, while remaining mum about the whole house of cards that was the case for the Iraq War.

          • Chezwick

            "Reports from the incident overwhelmingly had people involved saying the film drove them to it."

            Please corroborate this assertion.

  • Edward Shick

    I thought when you were under oath, you tell the truth!! , I think this Women is Guilty of Perjury,,, At least We Know where she stands on protecting our service People,, Who is paying the Liberal news Media to take trash and brag them up ,, like 60 minutes last Night , It's like they live in there own World and the Hell with the 50 states,,

    • I'm Having a…

      In politics, truth is a matter of convenience.

    • mlcblog

      Some people are constitutionally unable to tell the truth.

    • EarlyBird

      How did she commit perjury? Exactly what lie did she tell? You apparently know about the whole event than even the senators and congressmen grilling her about it. If you were a good patriot, you would write right away to your local congressmen with the details that nobody else has been able to figure out.

      • Tiberius

        Ironic that you missed the part where she was adamant about a silly video made by some schmuck for the so-called riot at Benghazi where an ambassador of the US died. I bet if this happened under GW Bush you would be screaming the loudest like the rest of the leftist harpies. My eyebrows really were raised that you can not see why she delayed in the Benghazi hearing. Again, right=bad, left=good foor people like you.

  • Edward Shick

    I thought when you were under oath, you tell the truth!! , I think this Women is Guilty of Perjury,,, At least We Know where she stands on protecting our service People,, Who is paying the Liberal news Media to take trash and brag them up ,, like 60 minutes last Night , It's like they live in there own World and the Hell with the 50 states,,

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Yes, Hilary does the victimization routine real well. But come to think of it, she's all about victimization, and not necessarily hers. I knew that when I read "The Strange Death of Vincent Foster," by Christopher Ruddy. Wherever the Clintons are, people begin to die, not very far away. This time, she knew the ship was sinking, so she packed her clothes, and got into a life boat(the victimization routine). Four Americans dead? Just window dressing to her.

    • Questions

      Ruddy's book wasn't taken seriously even by The American Spectator.

      • AnOrdinaryMan

        Maybe so, but It was taken seriously by the Washington Times, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and World Net Daily.Besides, there's a new book on the death of Vincent Foster, that's received some very good reviews. Its by a female author, whom I heard on the radio. Don't remember her name offhand. In addition, there's the death of Ron Brown,(or should I say murder?); and the deaths/suicides of a few others associated with Bill and Hilary.

  • I'm Having a…

    Excellent article. How is that those who are the most full of turd always manage to float?

  • Rostislav

    Falling in love with the maritime history, I see at least two big differences between both of our Unsinkables: Molly's efforts were saving human lives and Hillary's efforts were destroying human lives from Egypt to the USA; and then, Molly never tried to board her sinking ship again, while Hillary, as Mr. Greenfield rightly mentions, is eager about "some credentials for the 2016 race" to the sinking ship of America. Ah – but I've probably missed the main difference: the good lady from Denver had nothing to do with her beautiful ship's disaster, while Hillary was preparing her beautiful country's sinking with all her might. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Excellent points

    • wsk

      Nicely stated.

  • RON


    • Demetrius M

      Some would say that title has reference all the way back to the 80's in Arkansas, plus Vince Foster later on.

    • EarlyBird

      Turn off your CAPS and learn how to construct complete sentences, and learn how to spell.

  • Misfit

    and to think of it that after all of this, she for sure will be elected as the first "woman President of the United States" in 2016 by the American People! What a travesty.

  • Edward Shick

    Just who in Security room gave the Stand Down order,, ? who's pass word is EYE CANDY??,, Hilary, Obama, Panneta??? Why not more than 5 hours of testimoney ?? They waited for 7 hours for help on 9/11

  • pierce

    She-Hilary, and he-Barack got away with murder, because they were to busy, too busy to attend to minor details. They care, but they don't care. What price glory?

  • Burlington

    Hillary has fallen several times; the last time injuring her head. She testified wearing glasses with a left Fresnel lens to correct dipolpia (double vision). That would only be caused by a stroke or injury to a very precisely located small area in the brain stem, the sight of the origin of a cranial nerve supplying eye muscles. That is not caused by a clot in a saggital venous sinus. The drop attacks could be caused by basilar-vertebral artery insufficency rather than syncope from dehydration. That's a possibility but very rare in a female under 75 yrs.

  • John

    Secretary of State travels a Million miles & the world is aflame.

  • mike elmore

    Would someone please try and find out just how much money Bill was given by the Saudis to build his library? There's the story to this duplicitous duo. She and Bill have skirted this issue far to long.

  • Ar'nun

    Unfortunately Republicans will be directly responsible for her election in 2016. They can either get out of the way of the Obama freight train, or continue to be blamed for the results of unbridled Progressive policies that are destroying our country and world. The more all our woes can be blamed on Boehner and McConnel, the more likely we will be to a President Hillary Clinton.

    • patron

      Kruschev's next advice after blaming everything on the predecessor was to resign.

      How are Republicans getting in the way, especially on foreign policy? Obama got his tax cuts and debt ceilings. No one will ever remember McConnel and Boehner in 2016. Four years, the issues will change greatly.

      Obama got by on blaming everything on Bush, but he was the predecessor who wouldn't fight.


    The grooming of the next President of the United States: SUSAN RICE.

    Obama handing off the keys to the White House to Susan Rice is the only LOGICAL PATH for him to ensure another eight years of Democrat Party rule. This pick will guarantee another 92%, or more, of the Black vote, who spit on the ideals of Martin Luther King by voting only due to the color of a person’s skin and will gladly do it again. There will be gender racism too from women whose Dream is the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT.

    THE SAVING OF SUSAN RICE: Now it’s racism to question her just like Obama. The Congressional Black Caucus was quick to label that any criticism of Rice was rooted in racism. The media is now blaming the Republicans as "picking on Rice" and people are believing them since they are masters at repeating their message over and over till the people are brainwashed on that point. So what if she lied!

    The Republicans will again be criticized as the White and RACIST PARTY and, of course, their “War on Women.” She will also get the minority vote. More importantly, a Black woman fits perfectly with advancing Obama’s BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY.

    JOE BIDEN: With every gaffe, he is proving that he’s getting absent minded. His debate with Paul Ryan proved that the man needs a psychoanalyst. The rigors of the job will also be too much for his age. Obama could throw him under the bus too and replace him with Rice, her stepping stone to the Throne. (Notice that I haven't mentioned Hillary.)

    “R & R.” Romney and Ryan were a great team but Romney needed another “R”: RUBIO, who would have taken a greater percentage of the all important Hispanic vote. Even better, an Hispanic woman.

    How do we defeat SUSAN RICE? It surely won’t be done with a Chris, Paul, Rand, Rick, Sarah, or anyone that is being talked about now.

    Of course, VOTER FRAUD must be addressed, voter ID required, and all suspicions of cheating must be eliminated.

    What about RICE VS. RICE? How much of the Black/Women vote would Condi Rice take and how much of the Hispanic vote would Rubio take? THOSE ARE THE NUMBERS THAT WILL DEFEAT THE HILLARY!

    • wsk

      Sorry, don't think so. By this time next year, nobody will know who Susan Rice is. Wecome to Amerika aka "short attention span theater".

  • Glennd1

    The comments on this thread are a display of the truly inane nature of so many right wingers and their inability to deal with reality – and I'm on the right. The real story of the Hilary's hearings is that the likes of McCain and Paul failed to actually do a good job interrogating here. McCain was barely coherent (no suprise there, he's a freaking idiot) and Rand Paul overreached in a way that made him look silly. Many of the others were so consumed with getting their soundbites in that they didn't focus in on the real issues. There were really only two broad questions that needed to be answered by her, as follows:

    1. Did Hilary's State Dept intentionally adopt a lower profile of security in Bengazi to support the pretense of the current Libyan govt's legitimacy?

    2. What exactly was the sequence of decisionmaking that she engaged in once the alert cable came in from Bengazi? The POTUS has a standard operating procedure when something like this happens, the person on his staff is required to interrupt him – no matter what he's doing – and then a series of consultations are held with the cabinet stakeholders involved. In this case it would have invariably been CIA, State and Defense. What did each principle do and when, and who exactly made the decision to not send in military forces which were available and on alert?

    You see, the reason the right is losing is because we elect idiots. We elect idiots because many of you listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity too much, and think you have insight when what you miss is that all they are doing is enriching themselves by feeding you simplistic and naive thinking that appeals to you emotionally. While they both do make some good points, their political analysis, advice and commentary are at about an 8th grade level in terms of knowledge of history, political science and reality. In any sane world, McCain would be running a hardware store and. Rand Paul would be practicing medicine – these guys are the vangard of liberty? These guys are the one's who are going to hold the likes of Hilary and Obama to account?

    If any of you doubt that these guys aren't up to the task, just watch the hearings again – Hilary wiped the floor with them, and she's not even that talented or original…

    • steven chavez

      AND THE DEMOCRATS QUESTIONED HER? Her appearance was more like a "HILLARY CLINTON/DEAN MARTIN ROAST" and every Democrat praised her service and brought up areas of the world that had nothing to do with the PURPOSE OF THE HEARING and she took every minute of their time to elaborate ON NOTHING!

      My Senator from New Mexico, TOM UDALL, praised her for her work with COOK STOVES. WTF???

    • SoCalMike

      You exhausted a lot of words to express Republicans tend to run towards cowardice and stupidity but at least Rush fights back. We need more of that.
      The point you made about the complete lack of Republican preparation and total ineffectiveness to question Hillary perfectly encapsulates the Republican failure here and in general most of the time.

      They don't think. They don't do strategy. They don't stick together but most of all they don't fight.
      Unlike the Dems it never occurs to them this is a fight and it can get vicious sometimes.

      • wsk

        Couldn't agree more. The Repubs don't know how to fight. We need to get rid of the mealy mouthed Boehner and McConnell and any other of the linguine spined Repubs that want to compromise with the Libtards.

    • wsk

      You're right about Hannity. His arguments are far too simplistic and after about a week of listening, you know exactly what he is going to say. Rush on the other hand, is a lot better.

    • Jim_C

      Can't disagree. Those were precisely the questions that should have been asked. It doesn't surprise me that people here or in the media focus on inane sensationalism, but that you'd have a roomful of high level representatives who couldn't get to the gist–is just weird.

    • Tiberius

      your comment about " so many right wingers and their inability to deal with reality must include you because if you have not read some of the comments, people have brouught up the topics that need to be brought up. Yes some of the Republicans do not know how to play hardball but some on the other hand are quick to point out Hillary's inconsistancies. However, most of the Republicans are POLITICIANS first.. They look to polls and electionn results and incorrectly make wrong conclusions from them. Many do not want to be tarnished as a misogynist like Rick Lazio was during the New York Senate debates. THats one thing you need to look when you are dealing with Republicans.The Democrats have the edge in playing hard ball, using race card, uusing entitlement card, and hhaving the mainstream media which most Americans still watch and read.

      • Jim_C

        Race card, gender card, media card–nothing but excuses. But you're right–these are political animals. It's not that they're afraid of seeming to bully a woman–you know they'd like nothing more than to have their soundbites make the news.

        It's that they know that they don't know everything, and they know a certain amount of danger and human failure is inevitable in these areas. They see themselves in the same hotseat that the Secretary of State is in the future.

      • Glennd1

        No, dipstick, I wasn't talking about playing 'hardball' – I was talking about not having one's head up his/her behind, as you so obviously do. Next time you want to know what's wrong with our country's politics, just look in the mirror.

    • patron

      The hearings are rehearsed. Real questioning is done through backroom deals. It's kabuki theater.

      Rush Limbaugh is no fan of McCain. I would hardly call Sean Hannity establishment.

      I would be more concerned about the apathy to Senator Robert Mendendez getting a pass on his FBI pedophile investigation.

      • Glennd1

        Another delusional dingbat. I never said Limbaugh was a fan of McCain or Hannity a promoter of the establishment. You see stupidity such as your's is the exact problem I was referring to. You can't even read plain english and understand what is being said. Just a like a leftist your head is fully of agit prop (supplied by hannity, limbaugh et al) and you yourself have become so politicized and partisan in your thinking that you are detached from reality – and don't even know it. Do the world a favor and don't ever reproduce or vote again, okay?

  • Greg RN

    One has to wonder how so many people can be blinded to the Simple Truth and correlate actions or the lack of. I am convinced "The Low Information Voter" is The Democrats Mule, for their Treason and Fascism. Perhaps, most perplexing or amusing, is they think they will never be held accountable. But, every dog has it's Day. Maybe not in this Life, But We Will All Meet The Creator and Give an Accounting. There Will Be Weeping and Knashing of Teeth, And A Simple Verdict, Depart Into Everlasting Torment.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: The Unsinkable Hillary…

    Because: Hillary is a BOWL FLOATER……..

    • Aterg

      ….finish your sentence, flloters of good ideas?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    The Unsinkable Hillary BROWN NOSE!

    Apologies to the 1960 Original Broadway Cast:
    Tammy Grimes, Harve Presnell, Edith Meisner, Jack al

  • BLJ

    Hillary has:

    1) Too much baggage.
    2) Is too old and ugly.
    3) The leadership of the Dem party does not like her.

    • Fritz

      I agree, Hillary's time in the sun has likely passed, but that won't stop her from taking a stab at becoming president again. To be honest I don't know what the leadership of the Democrat party thinks of her, there are several factions in that party and her husband is the head of one of them, the Kennedy's another, and the Cuomos another. There is also the end run that B.O is attempting around Debbie Wassermann Schultz with his private "Red Shirts" in "Organizing for America", it remains to be seen what will happen there.

    • Aterg

      Have you looked into a mirror lately? What did you accomlish that is so great? You are so well informed about what the democrats like or dislike? To attack someone's looks takes a true moron, You must be so beautiful that even the mirror breaks if you try to look into. Did you carry her baggage in the airport? Learn , do not attack persons on their looks, disabilities or race, you are looser and bigot . And give God thanks if you reach her age. With age comes wisdom, and judging from your remarks, age won't help you!

      • Fritz

        Oh boy, of all the political figures to become a groupy over you pick Hillary. She had her best kick at the can back in 2008, and even though her husband's presidency was still fresh on people minds the party still chose the junior senator from Illinois over her. In fact they went out of their way to rig the primaries so she could not win throwing out the results of the Florida and Michigan primaries. Hillary will always be what she is now, a Watergate lawyer (that's right she is that old), former New York Senator, and First Lady.

  • gary fouse

    Hillary and Benghazi goes exactly as Eric Holderr and Fast and Furious. Grievous actions, errors and omissions, dead bodies, perjury, hidden documents and zero accountability. Whatever happened to our country?

  • Infovoyeur

    "Well see if as Hillary hypothesized, Benghazi was due onley to a bunch of natives out on a walk decided to Beat up some foreigners, then see we are in moar trouble as where did they get the assault weapons and skill to do this, and it means ever body in that Region is potential our Enemy, so should we nooke them all?"

    The preceding comment actually makes more sense than Hillary's utterly-evasive reply, eh…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Oh, "The unsinkable Hillary" tell me, how do you sink a bottom feeder, attention getting
    glory seekers who have no accomplishments do not float my boat. Maybe because her
    husband Bill was voted Father of the Year she may be in line for a similar award, however
    Bill may have received his award due to having fathered more children than any man alive.
    It is a marvelous world that the MSM creates, only it stinks…..does she recall anything?

  • Aterg

    Secretary of State is unsinkable, becaue she is made of the best materials Amerika can offer. Regardless of all the assaults she rises above. A lady of courage dignity, and an example for all if us. Hard working , forward thinking for the future of our country. The problem is jealousy, constant disgraceful attacks on her person and trying to degrade her. What do you have to offer an uneducated Ms Palin, or a Ms Buchanan that still thinks that the earth is flat. Can you imagine their they woul make a secretary of state? No wonder Hillary sticks out so high above the foggy one cell brains of the above mentioned. You lost, and are losers because of these type of persons. Males are also well represented in your atavistic company (Atkins etc. ) The stupid choice of another brilliant person of your tribe, Mc Caine. He chose Palin , probably because of her looks. Mc Cain should retire, and do not live on his pasts laurels.

    • Fritz

      Someone else got into the Jimsonweed I guess because this makes zero sense. First of all it's Mrs Sarah Palin as she is married, but that doesn't seem to make a difference with anyone suffering from P.D.S. Also who is Ms. Buchanan? No clue who you are talking about there. I notice that you demented lefties drop any pretense of women's equality as soon as someone steps out of whatever you consider the line and become the most vile and chauvinistic pigs. Every women that isn't an upper middle class lib is a stupid uneducated hayseed, the fact that you are still talking about Mrs. Palin over four years after she lost shows some sort of mental disorder. Well one thing Sarah Palin has over Hillary is at least her own party let her run for Vice President, Hillary's own party fiddled the rules just so B.O would get the nomination by disenfranchising Florida and Michigan voters in the primary who did not support B.O.

  • slider 96

    Oh sour grapes and bitter dreggs , I wanna see who is going to be put up against Clinton and win . Say what you will , looking at the Republican Party , in its present state of disapproval , and determined to drive that 26% even lower , odds are Clinton will be the next President . There is a bigger country out their beyond the ultra narrowminded tea party .

    • Jake Tobias

      Not wanting your country to go bankrupt is being narrow minded. And neither is fighting to keep our civil liberties. Besides, liberal women hate uppity women. Not matter what their positions are. And they hate her hair, no matter what she does with it.

      • slider 96

        Jake , you sound like a woman , who else would " not like someone's hair ' AND judge them on that ? BTW what civil liberty have you lost thusfar ? Be specific Jackie .

    • Jim_C

      Right now, those are the odds. A lot can change. Unlike Republicans, I don't know that democrats have many up-and-comers.The Christies, Jindals, and Rubios of the Republican party are making sure no one mistakes them for right wingers, and their relative youth puts them in touch with the changing US demographics. They don't have the "out of touch rich white golfer" problem. They will run as traditional Republicans, and if they offer any innovative agendae and don't sound like they're promising more war, they'll have a decent platform.

      I once thought Ryan would be a great candidate but by 2016 he'll have had too many years as a legislator and too many damning soundbytes built up to be a winner in that arena. I still think he's a decent man and an asset to the GOP. Jeb Bush is also a good candidate, but man–3 Bushes?

      However, if the economy continues to recover (and it may not), Obama will continue his ascendancy and go into history as the guy who tried to put Humpty Dumpty together after the disasters of the Bush years. In 2008, Republicans built their entire game plan around Hillary, knowing "Clinton fatigue" was still a factor. They won't have such an easy time of it eight years on, esp. if Obama maintains.

      • slider 96

        Now Christy's got a shot , atleast the man can think for himself and the greater good of the country , IF he runs and IF the teeabaggies dont try an shoot him down .

        • Jim_C

          Yep, that's their problem–party seems to want one candidate for the primaries and another for the general election.

  • Biff

    Pillory Hillery in 2016!!!