The Zimmerman Verdict is Still a Win for the Race-Baiting Left


The verdict is in and it appears that the jury did a better job of following the law than the judge or the prosecution did. And despite a few last minute stunts by the prosecution and judge, it’s about over.

It’s not inconceivable that Attorney Generic Eric Holder who helped kick this farce into motion could still bring Federal civil rights  charges against Zimmerman. But possibly even Holder knows where to draw the line because the goals of the race-baiting left have been achieved.

Yes locking up Zimmerman would have been a nice prize, but Zimmerman, the beleaguered White-Hispanic Obama supporter, was just the means, not the end. The end was to make the case that the justice system is racist and needs more control and supervision by And that mission has been accomplished. Zimmerman’s acquittal, if anything, aids it.

As I wrote a number of times, this was never about the real George Zimmerman and the real Trayvon Martin. This was about the race-baiting left’s use of race for political power. They don’t have Zimmerman in jail, but they weren’t out to just put him in jail. They were out to put all of us in jail.

The jury’s verdict reminded them of the limits of their power and the power of the media, but such humbling moments never last. They just redouble their efforts.

It’s what totalitarians always do.

The real goal of the Zimmerman case was to promote racial division. Mission accomplished.

It was to warn locals that the Federal government would be more active than ever in stepping in. Mission accomplished.

It was to pave the way for the next wave of legislation. Mission accomplished.

  • AmericaFirst

    Let’s wait now to see how many innocent White people the negro street savages kill amidst their rioting…

    • 8ball

      This is not the way to address the black racism which initiated this prosecution.

      • CommiesAreEvil

        This is the ONLY way to address it, by letting go of all this ridiculous PC nonsense. People are so afraid of being called racist that they’re closing their eyes to real racism, injustice, and violence. Did you know Alabama wants to use lower standards in its schools for minorities? How is that not racism towards whites? Blacks commit 90% of violent crimes (against other blacks, interestingly). Vast majority of them admits voting for Obama simply “because he black”. Hundreds of blacks are killed every day in Chicago, black on white crime is through the roof, yet you won’t hear about it on the media, how come? When was the last time you saw a KKK rally? Never. Yet it’s OK for Black Panthers to stand on the street and spew their hatred and call for the mass killing of white babies? There should be ZERO tolerance for stuff like this. Instead, we have a government that either ignores or appeases it, or worse yet, is involved in it. Enough is enough.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The jury’s verdict reminded them of the limits of their power and the power of the media, but such humbling moments never last. They just redouble their efforts.”

    Agreed. So must we.

  • Todd Amend

    Hell this is what obama wanted, when he put his nose in it. He’s pushed this all along knowing there was no evidence. He wants a war so he can try to claim martial law. All he’s going to do is cause a lot of deaths, hopefully he’s one of the 1st to be planted.

    • Inane Rambler

      It’s not about creating a war, it’s about creating outrage.

      It’s been achieved.

      • ziggy zoggy

        WTF? Outrage because an innocent man was exonerated or becsuse he was persecuted by racist leftwing scum? (Is there sny other kind?)

    • David O’Donnell

      evidence? fact? marshall law? really?

      • ziggy zoggy

        “Marshall” law? Really?


    I who have had my own head bashed over and over on cement by a crazed and angry person am jubilant.

  • beezwaxing

    I’m extremely disappointed to see that so many blacks today hate and despise their white neighbors. This case was sickening to watch. The streets filled with racial hucksters and race-baiting “preachers” who appealed to the most base instincts and the most ignorant of black citizens who apparently really, really, believe that America is somehow, decades after the civil rights movement, a place where whites (or “white Hispanics”) can simply shoot someone dead and claim self-defense to “get away” with murder. The truth is that Trayvon Martin was a drug using, racist thug who HATED white people, and was so arrogant he thought he could smash someone’s brains out of their skull on concrete because it offended him that someone would follow him. TM is dead because he was a racist punk with an attitude from hell, a drug-addicted, stoner just like millions of young blacks today all because people like Al Sharpton are still believed and admired by so many in the media. I could just puke after this circus has finally been shut down.

  • Conrad2010

    It’s crap such as this that makes me sorry
    for being a member of the Human race.

    • ziggy zoggy

      I don’t get it. Are you sorry that Zimmie was exonerated or because he wasn’t railroaded?

  • ElizabethMC

    If they can’t beat him in civil court, they’ll beat him one way or another, because haters are lawless.

    • David O’Donnell

      No one was beaten within an inch of their life. Martin lost his. Dead – do you actually understand that? Dead. Forever. At age 14. –

      Fact is if ZImmerman didn’t have a gun this thing would have ended in a few bumps and scrapes, black eyes.

      • ElizabethMC

        ((Fact is if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun this thing would have ended in a few bumps and scrapes, black eyes))
        Well, Carnac, Too bad the prosecution didn’t have you for a witness. Everyone could have gone home.

      • Galloping Libertarian

        14? Really? Guess that does prove some fools do still live under rocks…
        The school systems police dept who covered this whole thing up for political reasons prior to the actual shooting.Wrap your brain around this if you have enough dendrites firing which I doubt:

      • CommonSense5201

        And here you lead with a mistaken “fact” in your argument? He was 17. No, that doesn’t necessarily belittle your point(s), but at least strive to be accurate

      • ziggy zoggy

        Are you actually that stupid? You seem like a caricature of a leftist. How can a human being possibly be so stupid?

      • pdavisnwa

        Wrong. Trayvon was 17, over 6 ft tall. Get your facts straight.

      • Steve Gregg

        If Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, he could have been maimed or killed. Martin bears the risk of attacking people, not his victim.

      • LV Agorist

        Martin was not a child, nor was he innocent. The judge refused to allow communications from Martin’s phone to be submitted as evidence, which showed violent tendencies and a propensity toward fighting. He was quite proud of his ability to pick a fight and win. He just picked a fight with someone who fought back. Both made mad choices, but Martin was the aggressor, not the innocent victim.

  • OfficialPro

    I wonder how much this trial may have started the gears turning in Zimmerman’s head about how supporting Obama wasn’t the best idea after all.

    • David O’Donnell

      Obama had nothing to do with this trial. This was a trial in florida court. Do something useful in this country instead of looking for conspiracies that don’t exist.

      • cablegirls

        Obama made his “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” remark while campaigning for re-election, and the soundbite was played to full saturation point. Black turnout in November was indeed very high.

        Conspiracy? These facts and documentation are already available, and it’ll all be fleshed out in the coming weeks for your easy reading.

        Quiz, Mr. O’Donnell: Who is “No Limit N*gga”?

      • ziggy zoggy

        Osama had Holder bring this phony case to trial, you d!ckless ret@rd. Do humanity a favor and huff harder on that glue.

  • ElizabethMC

    obama will be saying that the jury acted stupidly. Go back to Chicago, B.O.!!!

  • YourWorstNightmare

    All u people are racist…instead of thinking about your kids walking to the store being followed or shot y’all still seem to find time to look at the color of our skin…go back to your tanning beds pale faces!

    • =)

      Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks.

    • 8ball

      My kids were taught not to attack other people. Martin is dead because he attacked Z and beat him up in MMA style and did not relent while Z screamed for help for 40 seconds.

    • philcic

      Why are so many blacks in America growing up in “families” where a woman has children by several men and is supported by 50 kinds of welfare? Why are so many blacks in America so unable to grasp the opportunities they have to be educated and move up in life? Why are so many blacks in America involved in criminal activities and wind up in prison? Why are so many blacks in America so violent and uncivilized?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Get a job.

  • YourWorstNightmare

    Oh I forgot white folks don’t have to worry about bring followed or shot because their NOT BLACK!!

    • =)

      Are you implying one case represents a nation of 300 Million people? If that was true what about Black on Black crime?

      • ziggy zoggy

        He clearly stated that 91% of all crime between Blacks and Whites is perpetrated by Blacks against Whites. They also commit the majority of crime against Blacks. You must be so proud.

    • 8ball

      Martin had 4 minutes to go home. Instead, he returned to lay a beating on whitey and paid with his life. People have a right to follow strangers who come into their community – particularly strangers who match the type who have been burglarizing homes in their community.

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Atlanta 7/2: 4 black guys randomly pick white guy at gas station – beat him, throw him in the road and run over with their car killing him. Atlanta Journal Constitution says “not racial”.

      91% of white/black crime is black ON white according to FBI stats.

      Seems white people get profiled as being suckers that blacks can prey upon with impunity.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Tell that to the thousands of White people murdered by Blacks every year. I am your worst nightmare, boy. A White man who can and will defend himself.

  • Schuitman Jeroen Laurens

    selfdefense ? Zimmermann never defended himself , he simply shot a young unarmed black man. All Zimmerman was kill , not defend , if you claim to defend yourself , at least you should have tried to take the subject out without killing. But since he fired just 1 shot right at his heart from close range , it can never be selfdefense. It makes me wonder how much the jury was paid for this verdict.

    • 8ball

      Zimmerman was physically overpowered. He screamed for help for 40 seconds before defending himself in the only way he could. I don’t wonder how stupid you are. You proved it with your claim that the jury was paid off.

    • philcic

      If someone jumps out at you and overpowers you by punching you in the face and knocking you down, and then gets on top of you and starts raining punches down on you and slams your head into a concrete sidewalk and screams that he is going to kill you, then you have 2 seconds to decide if he means it, or will be satisfied to leave you unconscious with brain damage.

      The idea that you are supposed to let the attacker decide how far he wants to take it is not one that I would agree with. The mentality of some of these people is unbelievable.

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Remember that the next rainy night that a black kid sucker punches you, straddles you on the ground, beats your head into the pavement and your cries for help go unanswered.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Sch!tman, Zimmerman shot an unarmed man who was beating him to death. I’m sure you wish he were kulled instead of defending himself but nobody cares what a scum sucker like you thinks.

  • Marsh626

    I don’t think the Left wants to promote racial division. At least not in the sense that you’re implying: Whites and blacks hating each other. They certainly want blacks to hate Whites; but not the reverse. What they really want is for White countries to be flooded with non-Whites and for Whites to remain complacent and submissive as they suffer under brown and black violent crime and systematic discrimination. They want to protect and uphold the paradigm they’ve carefully created of White heterosexual Christian Males being the evil oppressors of everybody else. They want White people to be completely defenseless from the brown and black criminals who prey upon them. That’s why they want to ban guns and self-defense laws like “Stand Your Ground” and concealed carry. They want to send the message that you better not stand up for yourself and fight back against the predominantly brown and black criminal dregs of society, or else they’ll ruin your life.

    • David O’Donnell

      uh…can someone say race baiting?

      • Galloping Libertarian

        From one Irishman to another: Shut the fuck up you stupid Mick!

        • Anthony Guthrie

          Yep….I agree with Marsh on this one…..and philcic. And Galloping Lib. All good post.
          White Americans: prepare to take it up the “arse”, since this is the intent of darn near everything O’bummer and Holder are doing to this country. They want to further divide the people of this nation….to divide and to conquer. If I were a “betting man” I would put money on O’bummer not leaving office after this term!

        • ziggy zoggy


      • philcic

        Don’t like race baiting? Complain to the REVEREND Al Sharpton, and the racial grievance, poverty pimp gangsters running wild in the sick US media.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Obangi, Holder, that FL state prosecutor, the county prosecutors and the crooked judge already did enough race baiting for all time, you worthless scumbag.

    • quousque

      That is one astute analysis even is somewhat unpleasant. After domino blocks of ‘stand your ground’ and concealed carry fall, what’s next? Logically, it will be defense of your domicile. I am sure there will be a stoned hoodlum in training with dark skin complexion that will get through the back door of someone’s home. The options will be, submit or 30 years in a slammer.

    • LV Agorist

      Race-baiting politicians and pundits are dancing in Martin’s blood trying to twist this into a race issue. The fact is that Martin was the aggressor. He picked a fight with an armed man. He hit first, and he didn’t back down. Zimmerman might have lost his life had he not been armed, and was known as a man who could not fight his was out of a paper bag.

  • 8ball

    The jury did a better job of understanding what was an open and shut case for aquittal than Horowitz and Ahlert,

  • bugjackson

    What is a white Hispanic?

    • cablegirls

      His dad was white, his mom Hispanic. Probably better indicated, if necessary anyway, as “White/Hispanic,” or “White-Hispanic,” rather than “white Hispanic.” For one thing, the lower case, upper case thing looks clumsy.

      • Look_A_Squirrel

        His mom is also 1/4 black. So maybe he’s an African American white Hispanic?

        • cablegirls

          As long as we’re at it, we should break down the Hispanic component; there’s Peruvian, at the least… :)

      • bugjackson

        Where do you factor in his black heritage? Does it count? It does for Obama.

    • ziggy zoggy

      A minority who has no affirmatve action privileges.

  • David O’Donnell

    Where is the race baiting?

    “the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group.” – Merriam Webster.

    This case went before the court and couldn’t make the reasonable doubt hurdle – not because Zimmerman didn’t unnecessarily harass a young man but because there were no reliable witnesses. Fact is if Zimmerman hadn’t assumed a young black resident of his sub-division was a criminal and didn’t have a gun this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. The comments on your article are examples of true race baiting.

    • guyjones

      There was never any evidence produced at trial to support the notion that Zimmerman “harrassed” or “confronted” Martin. On the contrary, the bulk of the evidence supported Zimmerman’s narrative that Martin — perhaps annoyed at Zimmerman following him — initiated the violent contact between the two with an unprovoked attack upon the latter.

      Your suppositions carry no legal relevance whatsoever. You can critique Zimmerman’s decisions and choices all you want, but the legally relevant question was who initiated the violence, and there was no substantive evidence to support the notion that Zimmerman did so.

      Ironically, after all of the racial histrionics and race-baiting
      engaged in during this trial by Martin supporters and their political and media allies, it was revealed that only one of the two actors involved in the incident on that night used racial epithets in a casual and flippant manner to describe the other, befitting a racist outlook: Trayvon Martin. Only one of the two actors had a self-documented history of starting fights with people and then boasting about it afterwards to his friends: Trayvon Martin (which evidence was laughably deemed inadmissible by the judge on a bogus issue of authentication). Inconvenient facts for the pro-Martin crowd.

      The pro-Trayvon zealots — just like the idiotic pro-Mumia abu-Jamal and pro- “Tookie” Williams crowd — decided long ago that blind solidarity with fellow blacks based on skin pigmentation, and fealty towards the black “cause,” were more important than a dispassionate and objective appraisal of the facts and evidence in the case. They are
      incapable of being objective and conceding any facts which may run contrary to the pre-ordained narrative which they have already accepted as truth in their minds, that of Trayvon Martin as a blameless, angelic saint and “victim.”

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      I guess your the other person who watches CNBC.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Martin tried to kill a “creepy @$$ cracka” just for looking at him. Is your hypocricy for real? Even stupidity has limits.

  • I_PDK

    George found innocent!

    Thank God justice prevailed over the buffoon trial.

    I can only hope Obama and Holder, the dynamic mulatto Negro duo, do not besmirch and transmogrify American justice any further with some, Negro in high places, trumped up, bogus civil rights charge.

    Wonder if the American Negro will try to protect, defend and support the Negro illusion that said Negro is only a loser because the evil white man persecutes the Negro, by rioting like the animals that they are.

    Well what can one expect, the white liberal let the Negro animal out of his cage, in the white man’s higher culture of civilization.

    The more animalistic Negro may want into the white man’s higher culture of civilization, but he cannot fit in.

    I can well imagine the profit to be made down in Florida as a spear, and spear chucking entrepreneur this week.

    Good luck George. Thank you.

  • KB

    This SOB said hi head was bashed over 25x.. He wouldve ben unconscious.. I say its racist becuase its obvious you ppl wanted a not guilty verdict when you threw common sense out of the equation

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Only and Obama voter could take an hispanic Obama voter who mentored black kids and took a black girl to the prom and turn that guy into a white racist.

      Go ahead, eat your own low info voter.

    • jackwoodson

      That must be the ‘ebonics’ everyone was talking about.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Stop drinking the bong water. I know racists are dumb but are you trying to win a stupid contest?

  • KB

    Lol.. Whites suffering from black & brown violent crimes??? White ppl have ben the biggest murderers & theives threw out the history of mankind.. & still is… Wtf is wrong with you ppl

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      Read the FBI crime stats much? Can you name one white area anywhere in the world that has as much violence and as many deaths as black on black crimes in black areas – this country or any other?

      Blacks murder more black babies through abortion in less than a year than all the blacks lynched during 70 years of Dem supported Jim Crow. (and more whites were lynched during that time than black, for the record).

    • ziggy zoggy

      How are you able to type your semi literate racist diatribes with your head that far up your @$$?

  • spin43

    If the roles were reversed we never would have heard about this incident.

  • Schuitman Jeroen Laurens

    the fact is that Zimmerman fired just 1 ( !!!!!! ) bullet straight to his opponents heart. In my mind that makes him a killer nothing more nothing less !

  • Bunny

    The Huey P. Newton Foundation issued a news release denouncing the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Their release reads in part:

    As guardian of
    the true history of the Black Panther Party, the Dr. Huey P. Newton
    Foundation, which includes former leading members of the Party,
    denounces this group’s exploitation of the Party’s name and history.
    Failing to find its own legitimacy in the black community, this band
    would graft the Party’s name upon itself, which we condemn… [T]hey
    denigrate the Party’s name by promoting concepts absolutely counter to
    the revolutionary principles on which the Party was founded… The Black
    Panthers were never a group of angry young militants full of fury
    toward the “white establishment.” The Party operated on love for black
    people, not hatred of white people.[42]

  • LV Agorist

    How about an objective, impartial, rational perspective on the tragedy and case?