Time Mag: Muslim Terror No, Buddhist Terror Yes

Everything you need to know about the ridiculous media bias involved in covering Muslim terrorism and smearing the victims of Muslim terror can be encompassed in these three Time Magazine covers.




Can you imagine Time doing a cover on “The Face of Muslim Terror”? No, that would be “bigoted”. Every other religion, even the Buddhists, who were, until recently, the favorite pacifists of liberals, can have faces of terror. But saying the same of Islam would just be Islamophobic.

The media has long since exceeded Orwell’s wildest imaginings. News coverage has nothing to do with reality. Instead it is a deliberate inversion of reality in which the murderers are the heroes and the greatest threat comes from their victims.

The bad guys are the good guys. The good guys are the bad guys. The slavery of Islam is freedom. The freedom of America and Israel is slavery because it has to be defended against the slavery of Islam.

The only way to win the war against Islam is through appeasement. When anyone, even Buddhists use force to defend themselves against Islam, they are the enemy.

And ignorance? Ignorance is for the readers of Time Magazine.


  • kml

    thank you for highlighting this


  • DoctorFager

    The left believes that if it feeds the Muslim crocodile it will be eaten last. It also shares an ideological kinship with Islam, with its rancid hatred of reason, individual rights, and capitalism. The overthrow of these Western values trumps everything else for the left. This is why they can scream themselves purple when a baker won’t put two bride figurines on a cake in America, yet never utter a word of protest when homosexuals are routinely beheaded in Muslim countries. It’s why they will never forgive the US for allowing legalized slavery 200 years ago, but can ignore the slavery taking place today in Africa and the Middle East. And it’s why they demand that a female janitor make the same pay as a male firefighter, but have nothing to say when women in the Muslim world who dare to get jobs are flogged, attacked with acid, or just shot outright.

    • Hktony

      You can even find this bias towards muslims in an american buddhist journal. Muslims are given are treated diffrently, the buddhists are the ones who must practice compassion and non violence. The problems muslims cause are completey ignored. The short of it is that it is the responsibility of buddhists to fix problems, muslims, well they are peaceful aren’t they.This is Buddhist thinking in the west- weak and pathetic. It ignores the suffering of its own religiion in order to defend the undefendable-islam. Critical theory has corrupted the wests so called thinkers and other religious leaders.

  • BBop

    What about our folks inciting the ‘other group’?

    Orwell is a good author to quote in this because the entirety of the conflict between America and any other nation almost always has been created by a partnership for profit, and the smoke screen of ‘scary potential foreign invaders’ is thrown up to vilify a bunch of people different from us and visa versa.

    Differences in man, fundamental differences (the want for peace and happiness) are garbage created to fool people into shooting each other while some fat white person and some fat brown person have drinks together, and sell rifles to the two sides.

    • Nabuquduriuzhur

      The usual situation is not to have “potential foreign invaders”. What normally has happened is that we get caught with our pants down and have to get ready to fight.


      Barbary Pirates. The Islamic pirates from North Africa were carrying on their traditional slaving of Europeans and made the mistake of capturing Americans. While not an invasion, the oceans and our trade were not safe with them around.

      The War of 1812. The British invaded to try to retake this part of North America.

      In the Mexican American War, Santa Anna expected a pushover when he invaded with his 90,000 combat veterans vs. the 17,000 (almost a modern division) of the decrepit U.S. Army. They slowed them down until we could assemble an army to fight them and to take Mexico City by a naval end run.

      In the Civil War, the South stupidly thought they could attack a U.S. fort. By doing an act of war, they awakened the North. During the war, Lee invaded the North twice and other commanders of the CSA raided or invaded in several places. It took three years to really get the Union’s act together.

      In the Spanish American War, while we don’t actually know if the Spaniards destroyed the Maine or not, when it blew up, it was assumed to be Spanish actions. Once again, it took time for us to get ready to fight.

      In WWI, the Germans signed an agreement to support the Mexicans in retaking their former territories by invasion if they would support Germany in WWI. The Zimmerman Papers, as they are called, brought us into the morass of WWI.

      In WWII, the Japanese attacked and conquered a quarter of the world. At least two Aleutian islands were occupied, as a direct occupation on U.S. soil. While the Japanese originally thought to invade us after conquering their “SE Asia CoProsperity Sphere”, they learned quickly that the hornet’s nest they stirred up wouldn’t permit them to. Didn’t stop them from trying. We were surprised once again and it took months before we could attack their allies in Europe in North Africa.

      In the 1990s, President Clinton deliberately ignored at least 17 terror events, including Bin Laden’s first attempt on the WTC. He further insulated intelligence agencies from each other and information was thus not shared. As a result of 8 years of that, in 2001, during Bush’s first term, the second WTC attack took out the buildings.

      We are experts at ignoring the obvious until it bites us. Thankfully, we’ve always had the time to get ready to fight. At some point, an enemy is not going to give us that time.

      • Drakken

        Very well said and right on the money. In the same vein of thought, that is why the west, the muslims see us as weak and decadent and think they can do anything to us with little repercussion, you can feel the absolute hate and resentment in the eyes of the native Europeans in regards to muslims, it is now only a matter of when the Balkans on steroids kicks off and how quickly it will spread here.

      • andycanuck

        America started the War of 1812 while Britain was busy fighting Napoleon. And the last thing Britain wanted was to retake the original 13 colonies and its 2 new additions.

        • JackyTreehorn

          Well said, you beat me to it.

    • angel_e

      Regardless of dirty deals being made behind closed doors, Islamic terrorism & supremacism are real and escalating worldwide. The notion that its fabricated “garbage created to fool people” and to “vilify a bunch of people who are different” is absurd.

      Daniel Greenfield is correct that Islamic terrorism is, in fact, downplayed and covered up by the mainstream media in favor of portraying Islam as the victim and the poor, little misunderstood peace-seekers. That Buddhists (who are finally fighting back) are depicted by leftist media as the instigators and the ‘real terroritsts’ is only one example. One of countless examples. The distortion and manipulation of ‘facts’ is despicable.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      So this whole thing about Islamic ideology being opposed to non-Muslims…that’s an invention of the military industrial complex.

      Right? Just like The Soviets really just wanted to live in peace but those damn capitalists could not tolerate that.

      It’s always those dang capitalists. We need to kill all of them so that socialists can rule the world in peace and Muslims will never again have any grievances. Maybe they’ll even stop attacking Hindus.

      • RETREAT

        Hey Dude! Which war are you referring to ? I guess you are talking out of context.

        Socialism / Capitalism / Soviet war etc. have absolutely nothing to do with Muslim – Buddhist clash.

        As far as muslim grievances is concerned; they will have grievances with almost all political matters other than Shariah. Muslims are compatible with only Shariah. Whichever nation is against Shariah; they will destroy it. They won’t stop attacking Hindus OR any other non muslim at all. Rather, they would take that as a mechanism to become a majority. Muslims are a minority in India (the birthplace of Hinduism). If they become a majority there, they will convert it into PAK / AFGHAN etc. That’s what they well known. A very good example is China. China is a well known Marxist / Communist / Socialist nation. It is attacked by muslims many times.

        So, the solution is not to do what muslims want. That won’t solve the problem but would make it completely out of control.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Hey Dude! Which war are you referring to ? I guess you are talking out of context.”

          My leftist doppelganger wrote that. He’s back in the basement locked up again. For now.

  • Frederikahere

    I didn’t realize anyone still read Time Magazine.

    • Gee

      They don’t – the people that purchase do so for the pictures – they’re illiterate.

    • Andy_Lewis

      I didn’t realize Time still had a print edition. I haven’t seen one on display for at least six months. Newsweek and US News discontinued their print editions.

    • nelly2004

      unfortunately the cover is the propaganda and people see that as they walk past the news stand

  • Tan

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20.

  • OfficialPro

    Coming to a parody website near you: Why Time Magazine Has Been Run By Idiots Since Like Ever.

  • Mike

    The slavery of Islam is a kind of freedom – freedom from self determination, freedom from having to think for yourself, freedom from having to be responsible for your actions (not if you’re a woman though).

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    Muslims will always be the left’s poster child for “victims.” The left loves losers. No matter how vicious and barbaric, a pathetic loser will always be a victim.

    The opposite holds, too. The left hates winners: America and Israel.

  • bungopony

    I’m beginning to think that Cockroachistan oil money has bought the mainstream media in America-and,f’rinstance,the Toronto Star here.


    It is time for us to get up. War on Terrorism must restart.

    Those who can’t fight must at least pray (if they are theists) that Syria case repeats in all 59 OIC nations. If you are atheist non – combatant, you must support War on Terrorism by whichever means possible. Remember! the No. 1 oppressor to atheists are muslim lands. PAK, AFGHAN, IRAQ, IRAN, INDONESIA are all tyrant to the atheists.

    Leave aside TIME magazine and other bogus publications. They run on muslim oil revenues. No one can do anything about them. We need Bush once again. We need Ariel Sharon again. We need Genghis Khan / Halagu Khan again. Get up now, otherwise you will only get up in your grave.

  • maikeel

    اقرا القران و ستعلم ان الاسﻻم ﻻ يأمر بالأرهاب

  • maikeel

    Read the Koran and will know that Islam does not order terrorism