Tony Blair’s Daughter Mugged by Armed Gunman in Gun-Free UK


If you listen to Piers Morgan, the UK is a utopia where guns were banned and as a result everyone spends all day hugging each other. The reality is that in the UK, as in Chicago or New York, the difficulty in obtaining a gun only means that the gunmen are all criminals.

How safe from gun crime is London? So safe that former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s daughter got mugged in London by an armed gunman.

The 29-year-old barrister came face to face with the thieves as she and her boyfriend were walking their dog shortly after the wedding of her brother Euan.

The two men, one armed with a gun, demanded cash and jewellery before suddenly fleeing empty-handed.

The former Prime Minister’s daughter and her partner were shocked but unhurt.

It is believed Ms Blair and her boyfriend were threatened near her townhouse in Marylebone, central London on Monday evening.

Marylebone is described as affluent. Home prices there appear to be in the millions of pounds. Crime rates appear to be fairly low. But less than half of the residents seem to be white British and a significant number are Muslim.

Nevertheless gun crime can happen there too even to the daughter of a former Prime Minister.

Gun laws don’t protect victims. They protect criminals.

  • Softly Bob

    Ha, ha. Some utopia the UK is. After the Dunblane massacre of 1996, handguns were banned. Nevertheless gun crime has still continued to rise. It may be a lot lower than the U.S. but the trend is still upward.

    The trouble with politicians is that they have to be seen to be doing something. They have no real power over criminals so they just ban something. Guns are dangerous? Ban them. Mercury is poisonous? Ban it. Too much sugar is bad for you? Ban sugary drinks. It’s the same old story, and it applies to politicians everywhere, not just the UK. The United States is the same.

    Back to Britain though. How far would Lee Rigby’s murderers have got if the Brits were armed? Somebody would have shot them.
    In Britain in 1987 we had something known as the Hungerford massacre. A man named Michael Ryan took a gun and wandered the streets and various park areas in broad daylight taking pot shots at passers-by. In the space of an hour or so he managed to kill 16 people and injure 15 others. The death toll could have been a lot higher but Ryan took his time and fired at his own leisure as there was nobody to challenge him or shoot back at him, because by-and-large Brits don’t carry guns as the laws even at that time made it very difficult for anyone to do so.
    Ryan could have been stopped earlier if Brits were armed, because somebody would have killed him.
    What was the government’s response to the massacre? Ban more guns, of course. Semi-automatic centerfires were banned.
    If there was ever a civil war Brits would have to arm themselves with longbows and crossbows. Thankfully, these are still legal, but for how long? It only takes one nutter to take pot shots with a bow and arrow at schoolkids in a playground and I suspect that archery will become unlawful too.
    Don’t do-gooder politicians, just make you want to throw up?

    • Gerald Loeb

      Great points, Bob.

    • dogface

      I’m waiting for someone to kill a bunch of kids with a golf club then I’m going to raise hell until golf clubs are banned and confiscated. Baseball bats have got to go too..

  • Rosalee Adams

    Good example of what will happen here if the happy gun control lobby

    gets their way

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      They may get it on paper, but they will NEVER get it in reality.

      • Don’t Even Try It!

        Lock and Load!! Stand your Ground!!
        Do not comply with unjust laws!

  • USARetired

    I have lived in a country with British gun laws, and can attest to the worst crime rates in the World. Only the innocent, law abiding citizens, are unarmed in these countries!

  • Blues Lovr

    This is great news. Anything bad that happens to tony Blair, or his family is fantastic. After all it is tony Blair that has destroyed England by flooding her with 3rd world criminals

  • TexasJester

    As with Chicago and other gun-free zones, an unarmed population has a nickname: TARGET.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Well, well, well, how’s that gun control thing working for you Brits now?? Since you so handily disarmed the English population only the criminals now have the guns. How is that possible with such strict gun control laws??? Shouldn’t it be harder for the criminals to get guns with such strict laws??? Perplexing isn’t it? Actually, no, it’s not so perplexing, when you take the means for self defense away from the people, law-abiding people that is, you open the door for the lowlifes to come away on top of everything and they are the only ones who are now armed, isn’t that correct?? So, how’s that gun control thing working for you now??? L&L

  • yaki534

    Good grief. A criminal did not obey the law??? Oh, my! What a shocker. Anti-gun idiots.

  • John Stratemeyer

    Too bad it didn’t happen to Piers Morgan.

  • chamuiel

    Way to go, Piers. Your utopia is slipping.

  • Denver Kitty

    The “robbery” sounds like a set-up. No cash or jewelry taken, and the “victims” were unharmed? That’s not the way muggings/robberies go.

    • Johnny

      @ Denver Kitty. I seriously doubt that.

      I suspect that at least one of the assailants RECOGNIZED the Prime Minister’s daughter for who she was, PANICKED, and ran before they got possession of any loot.

  • wwlee4411

    What’s the difference between London and Chicago?


    Well then I would say it is time for England and the Queen to “WAKE THE HELL UP” this is not the days of olde when swords were the chosen weapon and men had honor and
    Chivalry,these are times to PROTECT AND DEFEND YOUR FAMILIES AND HOMES AND COUNTRIES.!!!! not some mis-guided nonsense from the COWARDS AND SUBVERSIVE TRAITORS OF THE WORLD,hey tony get some BALLS AND COMMON SENSE.!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    Here in far southeast Texas our school district, in grade and secondary schools, long ago did away with recess and physical education baseball and softball because of the hazards of bats.

  • enrique

    Well said “gun laws don’t protect victims , they protect criminals “