Top Muslim Brotherhood Imam Who Vowed to be Master of the World, Arrested Hiding in Women’s Clothes

Safwat Hegazy, top Muslim Brotherhood Imam, who last year said, “Yes, we will be masters of the world, one of these days” has been forced to postpone his dreams of ruling the world through a Caliphate, when he was arrested by Egyptian authorities while hiding in women’s clothes.

He was going to be a king of the world, but he had to settle for being a queen of the desert.

On August 21, at a military and police check point a few miles from Egypt’s border with Libya, border patrols searched a private car and the people in it. Their stop-and-frisk included the removal of a woman’s niqab – Islamic face veil, headdress and robe – which covered a suspicious form. Hiding beneath it was Bedouin-garbed Safwat Hegazy, wearing a dark brown goatee disguise in place of his traditional full-cheeked, grey beard. The high-ranking longtime preacher of the Muslim Brotherhood was captured trying to slink across Egypt’s border.

How Islamophobic of them. They wouldn’t allow lifting a Muslim veil in Illinois or Michigan. Sadly Egypt is a rather intolerant place.

Known for jihad rhetoric repeatedly stressing his own martyrdom to defend Shariah law and Morsi’s constitution, Hegazy instigated many to their deaths through acts of jihad.

Once in captivity, Hegazy denied his association and role with the MB saying, “I don’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood” — a direct contradiction to his machismo on August 8th from the Al Adawyia MB sit-in, “I will leave this place only as a dead body.” On the same date, during his interview on one of the Egyptian TV channels in a program called, Time of Ikwan, Hegazy boasted, “MB will lead the world and will be masters of the world.”

Apparently by dead body, he meant drag.

“If you read the literature of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will find in the literature of the Brotherhood, that which they can never abandon: The Islamic Caliphate and mastership of the world. Yes, we will be masters of the world, one of these days,” Hegazi said.

One of these days is suddenly looking a lot further away.

Hegazy, a cheerful sort, was barred from the UK, for his contribution to world peace through statements such as, “Dispatch those sons of apes and pigs to the Hellfire on the wings of Qassam rockets.”

And he helped initiate Morsi’s campaign with a promise that it will lead them to a world caliphate.

Safwat Higazi : We can see how the dream of the Islamic Caliphate is being realized, Allah willing, by Dr. Mohamed Morsi and his brothers, his supporters, and his political party. We can see how the great dream, shared by us all – that of the United States of the Arabs… The United States of the Arabs will be restored, Allah willing. The United States of the Arabs will be restored by this man and his supporters.

The capital of the Caliphate – the capital of the United States of the Arabs – will be Jerusalem, Allah willing.

Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca, or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing. Our cry shall be: “Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem.” Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem.

Indeed, all the lovers of martyrdom are Hamas. I say from this podium, from Al-Mahalla, from the heart of the Delta, the heart of Egypt, so that the whole world may hear.

We say it loud and clear: Yes, Jerusalem is our goal. We shall pray in Jerusalem, or else we shall die as martyrs on its threshold.

This was probably a good plan. Transvestites like Safwat Hegazi aren’t locked up in Jerusalem the way that they are in Cairo.

  • Phil K

    No doubt the hypocritical self serving politically correct heterophobic vermin who protect muslim extremists and terrorists in the west will protect THIS cowardly pile of dog turds too

    • glpage

      Why are you insulting dog poo? :-)

      • Phil K

        Like all Jihadists – wants others to be killed, while he rants to create the evil and murder of non-muslims, but not pay the price while protected by the corrupt middle class dykes and queers

  • bob e

    he shoulda’ used halal make-up & eyeliner…he may never have been discovered…

  • sherwool

    Golly, this sure came as a shock to me. I just never imagined that the Caliph in Waiting – Allah’s Emissary on Earth who would lead humanity to a Higher Plane- was a Queen in Drag. Yeah!

  • faithmcdonnell

    Next thing you know, he’ll be hanging around in bars!

  • Gee

    Ah yes he was willing to fight to the death – only he failed to state whose death.

    The poor stupid schmucks the followed his orders.

  • truebearing

    When the veil was lifted, a soldier blurted,”eee-gad!”, to which Hegazi whined, “no jihads, no jihads,” I am peaceful Muslim.”

    They say he has an amazing resemblance to a bald Lady Gaga.

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  • Veracious_one

    Typical Islamic mouthpiece…quick to urge pious Muslims to take the road to martyrdom while he takes to the road as a cowardly cross dresser trying to evade martyrdom…..

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Arafat is reported to have escaped an IDF force back in the late 1960s dressed as a woman. Unlike Hegazy, and unfortunately, he got away.

  • Watcher

    sHE man, master of the universe lol