Turkey’s Islamist PM Claims Israel Behind “Occupy Gezi” Protests

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with Turkey's PM Erdogan after a bilateral meeting in Seoul

Israel has been very busy lately. According to Syria, it’s behind the Sunni vs Shiite civil war there. Yemen’s president claimed that Israel was behind the Arab Spring. The Libyan rebels claimed that Israel was behind Gaddafi. Gaddafi claimed that Israel was behind the rebels.

And now in the spirit of every brutal Muslim tyrant facing popular opposition, Turkey’s Erdogan is blaming Israel for his problems with the Occupy Gezi protesters.

The Hurriyet Daily News reported that Erdogan, during a meeting with the chairman of the Confederation of Turkish Craftsmen and Tradesmen, said that foreign elements were involved in the two-week old Gezi Park protests.

“Those against whom we said ‘one minute’ are now delighted,” he was quoted as saying.

“One minute” is a reference to when Erdogan verbally lashed out at President Shimon Peres at the Davos Economic Summit in 2009 following Operation Cast Lead, before angrily stalking off the stage in a move that catapulted him to enormous popularity in the Arab world.

When the moderator of the panel, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, tried to cut Erdgoan’s comments short, the Turkish Prime Minister angrily said, “One minute… one minute… one minute… Don’t interrupt me. You are not allowing me to speak.”

But don’t worry, there’s a reasonable explanation for all this. It’s not a case of large numbers of educated young people who are sick of being repressed by a corrupt thuggish bunch of Islamists. It’s a vast Zionist conspiracy.

According to Hurriyet, Erdogan said on Thursday that “we had foreseen these events [the protests] as a series of conspiracies three months ago,” even if the way in which the events unfolded was not predicted. “We had received some intelligence reports,” he said.

Yes, everything was foreseen ahead of time. That must be why Erdogan looks like a murderous clown, even to his Eurocrat pals. But Erdogan blames everything on conspiracies. At least report, half the country was named in a vast conspiracy to topple him.

  • DavidREvans

    Erdogen is right. This is the plan that Israel has pursued since it successfully launched the Lebanon civil war in 1975:


    Israel’s compliant AIPAC-controlled Congress has since been employed in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria as these countries on a long list are scheduled for destructtiction by Israel:

  • Larry Larkin

    thank you for the laugh of the day, tears running down my face typing this :D

  • UCSPanther

    This, people, is a crazy man…

  • Gee

    Back under your rock. Racist morons are not appreciated here

  • Ken Kelso

    Israel didn’t launch the Lebanon civil war in 75, Arafat did.

    During the 12 year Civil War in Lebanon, caused by Yassir Arafat’s assuming power through terror, his terrorists committed mass murder. Whole villages of Christians like Damour were massacred, chopped into pieces with machetes. Out of the 30,000 Christians, 10,000 were slaughtered by Arafat’s PLO. The town was then occupied and kept as Arafat’s stronghold. David Shipler of the New York Times wrote the story of Damour June 21, 1982. There were individual murders.! One horrific, but typical, example is when the Muktar (leader) of a village refused to be cooperative with Arafat and his terrorists. The Muktar’s teenage daughter was abducted and raped. Her breasts were cut off and she was delivered to the doorstep of her father in a sack.