Turkish Female Journalist Receives Death Threats for Removing Hijab


According to Hijab, Burka and Niqab apologists, wearing one is purely a matter of choice for a woman. Except the only place that it’s really a matter of choice is in a non-Muslim country.

Rabia Kazan, a Turkish female journalist and author of a book about prostitution in Iran, describes the stifling experience of being forced to cover up and the threats that came after she chose freedom.

Arguing that there is no verse for wearing headscarves in the Quran, Kazan has faced heavy criticism also in her country due to her thoughts. Her own father attacked her house with stones.


“During the first years of wearing a headscarf, I used to feel like my head was stuck up inside a nylon bag, and I heard humming. I had those fearful moments when the needles came loose, wondering if the needle would prick my throat. So I would at times take off the headscarf secretly when my mother was not watching. But one day when I got caught by my mother she subjected me to an unforgettably painful beating.

30 years later, when I decided to uncover my head, another battle started. It was very difficult. Radical Islamists got very furious when a covered and well-known writer decided to uncover her head. I heard harsh insults and received death threats.

When I came to America, first of all I started to swim to my heart’s content… It was such regret for me not to have done it for so long that I didn’t want to get out of the swimming pool before I swam for two hours every night…

I suffered from vitamin D deficiency since my skin didn’t get enough sunlight by then and this normally causes serious illnesses, weakness and mental fatigue. I sunbathed a lot. Then I tied my hair in a pony-tail and played tennis under the blue sky with my white tennis clothes on. I cannot tell you how good it felt. Then I fulfilled my dream of growing nails and putting on red nail polish, which was a personal remembrance to me. I had met a woman in my trip to Iran who was forced to put her hands into a bag full of insects just because she had put on red nail polish… Whenever I put on red nail polish, I still remember that woman with sadness…

Now I am free and believe that God has no problem with the hair on my head, He will not burn me in his Hell for this reason, He holds us with much more mercy and kindness than we think, and that being “a good person” is much more important than wearing a dark veil.

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  • g_jochnowitz

    When I first visited East Jerusalem, in 1974, headscarves were the exception. Today, they are the rule.
    Photographs of women in Egypt, Turkey, etc. taken 50 years ago show that most of them were not wearing headscarves.
    Islam, like everything else, evolves. It is becoming more extreme every day.

    • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

      The Wahabbi influence is responsible for the extreme repression of women, but it is only part of the story. The fact is that Islam, in its true interpretation, is not only repressive but extremely violent. In other words, the religious/political aspect of Islam has become the norm, and therein lies the danger. But the danger is not just to their own who refuse to bow, but to ALL westerners – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/06/islam-barbari

      A religion which sanctions barbarism is a pagan death cult. Simple as that. The threat over head scarves is emblematic of one of its extreme offshoots.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Pulsar182

    If she still adheres to Islam she's not free

  • ShadOsman

    What kind of nonsense is this have you seen women in Turkey lately? Those wearing a hijab are a minority. Take a look at the young women in Istanbul you'd think you were in Italy.

    • Drakken

      Get outside of Constantinople and you see the areas full of them, compared to 20 years ago you saw none.

      • Defcon 4

        What is this "Constantinople" of which you speak? You mean Istanbul right?

    • Norwegian Dude

      No, every time I go to Turkey I see more and more girls with hijab and long coats (to avoid revealing curves).

      Worse, this so-called NATO member is pretty close to being an open traitor. While Americans and NATO members had military operations in Iraq, the Turks produced an anti-American propaganda movie, that is the worst racist and anti-Christian garbage I have ever seen: Valley of the wolves Iraq

      It is so cartoonish and filled with hatred that even Goebbels would have said it was over the top and turned it down. Political and cultural leaders hailed the film and claimed it was entirely based on true events. Total rubbish.

      EVERY American should watch the movie to understand the vile hatred in Turkey against Christians and how the Armenian Genocide could happen. I have always met friendly people in Turkey, but when such a garbage movie becomes an all time block buster, there is something seriously psycho in their culture.

      The movie can be easily found at piratebay with English subtitles and downloaded. It is illegal, so I don't recommend it.

  • ShadOsman

    Women havent been required to wear a hijab since Ataturk formed the republic in 1923. This isnt Afghanistan. Dont know where this article comes from.

    • Defcon 4

      It comes from the same place the genocide of ~2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians at the hands of the Turkish muslimes came from. It comes from the same place the Istanbul pogrom came from. It comes from the same place where the muslime perpetrators of the bombing of two Turkish synagogues and killing of 26 people received three to six year sentences for their crime. It comes from the same place that caused the ethnic cleansing of part of Cyprus of non-muslims by Turkish muslimes.

    • lindascharff

      Ataturk is slowly but surely being removed from Turkish society…day by day replaced by the glorification of the Ottoman Empire! This is truly unfortunate!
      What is also unfortunate is that this same islamic leaning government is re-writing the Turkish constitution!
      Hundreds of Military brass are in jail as are journalists!
      Remember what the islamists have done to any other religion? Well, do you also know that Turkey has more Biblical History within its borders than any other country? Already the islamists have taken over and turned the Church of Nicea into an active mosque. AND they are threatening to turn the Aya Sophia Chuch back into a mosque!
      There are real problems with this present akp government!

    • Lan Astaslem

      go sit on a minaret – we are islamosavvy and know all about your taqiya

  • Pookieamos

    Surely living in America she doesn't adhere to that madness ! I saw many Muslims in Disney World fully decked out and wondered why would they choose to live like that ?

  • Bathsheba

    @ Shad Osman..Who gives a fig about a veil when far worse conditions exist for Turkish women–see url below. Indeed, a veil of silence exists among the Turk govt' over treatment of the average woman.

    'They say women’s progress is being undermined by Turkey’s flagging prospects for European Union membership and a Muslim-inspired government that is increasingly embracing the conservative values of the Arab world IT SEEKS TO LEAD."
    "So bleak is the situation that this year one outreach group suggested that the state should simply arm women and provide shooting lessons."

    Sounds good to me..when imams teach men on youtubes How to Properly Beat Your Wife, I dare say, she should have a gun handy. She has every right to keep herself a mother for her children, not face death!

  • Bathsheba

    Continued from previous……….'Last year there were 207,253 cases of deliberate injuries to women across the country, compared with 189,377 in 2010'………..
    …….'.A United Nations report published last July indicated that the incidence of domestic violence against women in Turkey TOPPED BOTH the percentages in the United States and Europe…………..Basically what we see here is the brute-might-makes-right Turk misogynist male. Since they are unable to master their own sexual or aggressive urges, women should be able to level the playing field with weaponry too.
    One small gun to two large fists sounds like level playing field to me..and, oh girls, ala sux.

  • Virginia dare

    G J….I believe you meant to say that Islam devolves…when something evolves it moves forward, but Islam has this wretched propensity to want to return to the cave..or at least the dark caves of their minds. Thank god this woman realized that no god wishes women to be sick 24/7. Depriving a woman of Vitamin D on her skin is a virtual death sentence. It leads to depression, excess weight, skin problems, problem pregnancies, babies born deformed or mentally unstable. Further who the hell needs or wants a rag on their head 24/7. The sheer insanity of it baffles intelligent minds, but then from what I have learned about Islam there is NO Intelligence. This is done by the fatal fostering of forfeiture of one's mind. In turn this mitigates against freedom, against health, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Horrid!!

  • tanstaafl

    This is Islam.

  • Virginia dare

    Until more women do what this brave woman has done, Islam will remain the arm pit of the planet, stinking it up with the odorous mandates of madness. When you spend 1,400 years keeping women as slaves along with all the blacks that arabs enslaved for 14 centuries, what do you expect. It is my opinion that the men have not moved forward as many of them are simply a lazy lot of men given to no ambitions at all. Further they lack the real love, care, concern, respect and feeling responsible for having a family and doing their best by them. Believing in Christ could turn that scene around in a millisecond for when arab, turk, african men finally realize that they must sacrifice their laziness, their fears, their need to terrorize or to intimidate women or rule over them, they will remain losers on the worlds stage. It is only in the West where Christianity has allowed men/women/children to thrive and move forward that we have seen the best that humanity has to offer…ditto with the Jews who get educated and love their families.

  • Anamah

    Is impressive the strength and courage of women thirty of freedom and some virtues spirits must face in the darkness of intolerant regions of Islamic fundamentalism and brutality.
    My sincere admiration for you, and others like you Rabia Kazan!

  • flaccido

    she has no headscarf but she is still slave of a god invented by men… she will be free only when eher mind wil be free not hair only!

    • ItraDeenluva

      Taking off a piece of cloth doesn’t make anyone free, she makes no sense. and the religion she practices “Islam” was not made by men. Being a slave of God is still better then being a slave of people..

  • ItraDeenluva

    The reasons this lady gives for taking it off, is just ridiculous. I’m not saying its okay for her to get death threats, but she shouldn’t be speaking about her religion in that manner. Hijab means more then just to over your head with a piece of cloth. It’s modesty and having integrity. Just as you’re free to show your body, i believe that other women should have the freedom to cover it. Freedom is being judged by your intellect and whats in your brain. Not to show off your skin for the world and be judged by your body. You’re worth is more then some tight pants & styled hair. Hijab gives us honor and worth. If you believe you “feel” more comfortable waking up every morning worrying about how you look, then its really your choice, but don’t put religion into it. God clearly states in the Quran that women should cover & many hadiths state the same. No one will treat you bad for taking it off.. its your choice at the end and we’re taught to respect everyone’s choices in Islam. but don’t speak for our religion by saying God hasn’t made it an obligation for us. Thank You.

  • flaccido

    only if god exists!! LOL
    religions are all invented by men! ALL!