Turkish Muslim Who Murdered Catholic Bishop While Shouting “Allah Akbar” Gets Reduced Sentence

Let’s quickly recap how disgusting the behavior of the Islamist Turkish government has been in the case of the murder of Bishop Luigi Padovese.

Bishop Luigi Padovese was the Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia and President of the Turkish Bishops’ Conference. The Bishop’s driver and murderer, Murat Altun, had claimed to be Catholic, but prior to a trip to Cyprus, the Turkish government warned the Bishop that his driver was an Islamist and potentially dangerous. The Turkish government was worried about the murder of the Pope resulting in a major international incident.

The Bishop chose to stay home to protect the Pope from an assassination attempt and instead Murat Altun beheaded Bishop Luigi Padovese while shouting Allah Akbar.

The authorities claimed that Altun’s motive was personal and not political, but Altun claimed that Allah had inspired him to commit his crime and recited Islamic verses during the trial. The Turkish authorities tried to claim insanity on his behalf. When that failed, they came up with an even nastier tactic.

A court reduced the sentence of a man who killed a Roman Catholic bishop in the Mediterranean port of İskenderun in southern Turkey in 2010 on the grounds that he was offered a homosexual affair by the bishop.

Altun was standing trial at the İskenderun 2nd High Criminal Court and facing a life sentence. Concluding the case on Tuesday, the court handed down a 15-year prison sentence to Altun instead of a life sentence because Altun claimed that the bishop had asked him to have an homosexual affair. Altun received a reduced sentence due to unjustifiable provocation.

The prosecutor said although there is no evidence showing that the bishop offered such a relationship, the suspect still has the right to benefit from unjustifiable provocation.

The court had in fact handed down a reduced sentence of 18 years to Altun but his sentence was reduced further to 15 years for good conduct during the trial.

While Muslims wail about Islamophobia, this is the true bigotry. This is what justice for Christians looks like in the Muslim world. This is what life for Christians and non-Muslims is like in “modern” Turkey. And as a small gesture, the next time you see a product that has “Made in Turkey” on it, put it back on the shelf. The murder and further degradation of Bishop Luigi Padovese after death was also “Made in Turkey.”

  • Michael Copeland

    Appalling. Put that vacation back on the shelf, too.

  • Mary Sue

    Wow. Taking advantage of the whole 'gay' priest rumor thing. It's like they were going "Yeah priests are gay, right? They'd have to be to have them forbid marriage and have that work." I'm surprised they didn't call the priest a pedophile on top of all that.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Gay is a problem in the Muslim world. Pedophile not so much.

    • Mimi

      Lies. Pedos are rampant in the ME because it is part of the Arab's desert culture. Arabs are an ACE people, not a BCE people. Religion sucks.

  • slider 96

    Yup , our NATO Ally Turkey .

  • flaviavatares

    E além de ser um cristofóbico ainda acusou o morto de ser gay. Verdade ou mentira ele também é um homofóbico assim como todos o que faziam parte do julgamento.
    "And besides being a dead cristofóbico still accused of being gay. True or false it is also a homophobe and all who were part of the trial."

  • CanAkturk

    muslim-bashing, turko-phobic, biased, fallacious crap from frontpagemag as ever, nothing remarkable.

    • aaron snyder

      CanAkturk – Your comments are hollow, void of logic or reason or anything that resembles the rational human mind.

      Please do us all a favor and try to refute a fact, question a conclusion, or at least something that would give us a reason to believe there is a kernel of truth in your words. What is fallacious? What is crap? What is wrong? Tell us please, do not hide behind emotional outbursts and accusatory tactics aimed at destroying the author's credibility without any reasonable justification.