Twice as Many Americans Trust FOX News on ObamaCare… than Obama

Obamacare Individual Mandates Debated - Fox News Sunday - 11-3-13

You know it’s bad when people don’t even trust you for information about a law named after you. But the good news for Obama is that he’s neck and neck with insurance companies and NPR when it comes to trust issues.

MSNBC and CNN clock in at 3 percent each.

The latest research from YouGov shows that when Americans are asked to pick the one source of information about the new health care law that they trust the most, Fox News Channel (also known as Fox News) tops the list. Most trusted by 19% of Americans, the basic cable news channel narrowly beats out ‘friends and family’ (17%).

President Obama (11%) is the third most trusted source, followed by National Public Radio (10%) and people’s own insurance companies (9%).

What’s interesting here is that FOX News has such a high trust level that it’s ahead of friends and family and 1 out of 5 Americans trust it more on ObamaCare than any other source.

Liberals might have scoffed at that a few years ago, but after Obama’s “You can keep your plan” lie and a media that has spent weeks falsely claiming that…

1. Only a small sliver of people are affected

2. The cancelled plans were substandard junk non-insurance

… it’s easy to see why people might turn for ObamaCare info to FOX instead of CBS, CNN, MSNBC and BHO.

  • Gee

    People should trust the insurance companies far more than politicians. They are in fact perhaps the most regulated industry in the country. They cannot do anything at all that is not approved by the insurance commissioners of each state they operate in.

    If there is a legal dispute of benefits and the insurance company and the wording is in anyway whatsoever vague – because the insurance company wrote the policy – they automatically lose.

  • worldwatchman

    They’ve made mistakes before BUT, they said they did. You won’t get that from the other news outlets. I trust what they say over other networks and no doubt over Obama and the Democrats any day.

  • Lanna

    Obama and deciples are caught in their lies and deception…..theres no trusting them ever!