UK Anti-Islamophobia Group Defunded for Making Up “Wave of Islamophobia”

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Is it Islamophobia or Islamophonia?

After the brutal London murder of a British soldier by two Muslims, newspapers rushed to print stories about the usual “backlash” against Muslims based on the claims of a Muslim Anti-Islamophobia group. That group was exposed as a fraud. And now it’s losing its sweet pile of government money.

A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

The organisation has received a total of £375,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) since last year.

That’s over half a million dollars in Yankee money.

Mr Mughal was giving data on attacks to DCLG which wasn’t stacking up when it was cross-referenced with other reports by Acpo [the Association of Chief Police Officers],” said one source closely involved in counter-extremism.

“He was questioned by DCLG civil servants and lost his temper. He was subsequently called in by Don Foster and told that he would receive no more money.”

There go the Islamophobes again.

  • Michael Copeland

    At last, a tiny sign of dawning sense.

  • Jsjk

    There should be a stiff penalty for those who lie or concoct stories to drum up a claim of islam hatred. It’s not sufficient to just lose funding — that does nothing to repair the damage that has been done. Maybe a penalty would act as a deterrent.

  • DogmaelJones1

    There are “creative writing” courses, and “creative politics,” and “creative” knitting, and now we know all about “creative theater” of the Islamophobia kind. Maybe Mr. Mughal can pick up a Hollywood option and sell his “cycle of violence” script for a movie. That would be right up Hollywood’s alley.

  • quillerm

    The troops sent into Boston after the Bombings were there to protect Muslims not help find the bombers. Islamo-fake-fobia is as rampant in the US as it is in the UK,

  • William James Ward

    Eradicate Islam and there can be no phobia of that which does not
    exist. I find it a sign of insanity for a Nation to infuse it’s population
    with people that have a regem of felonious conduct antithetical
    to thier morality, hate them and wish them harm. You can not live
    with muslim colonizers as in the end it brings bloody conflict and death.

  • VapidVienna

    If all that happens to such people is that they lose their funding then there’s no real disincentive to trying it on. Such fraud should be investigated by the fraud squad and arrests made. That might make them stop making things up.

  • john spielman

    This extensive lying about by Mohammedans is simply explained as Islam sanctifies lying to unbelievers to help gain victory over them. Remember that Mohammed was a demon possessed liar murderer thief adulterer and pedophile and as the Islamic “perfect man” is the role model for all their crimminal activity. l

    • Roberta Precious-Robocop Marti

      actually he was all that cept he was riddled with gonorreah (I can’t spell forgive me)

  • Drakken

    The more these Islamic savages cry about islamopobia, the less people are going to believe them, like the little boy who cried wolf once too often, hopefully the wolf gets to eat as well as the old fairy tail.

  • Rudi Stettner

    Although wine is haram, whine is not.

  • TheSilverRanger

    The Muslims are savages! Barely even human! Killers at the core!

  • emma
    a song about islamophobia – you guys should have a listen!

  • Roberta Precious-Robocop Marti

    Finally someone had the gall to check out these reports. To say that people are islamaphobics is like saying islamists are antichildrapistaphobics…. if you want to make up a fear at least make it worth the medical world’s time to research. I’m happy to hear that they will no longer be funded maybe now the british can fund some good charities like the wounded warrior charities in their cities.