UK Arranged for London Beheader’s Release from Kenyan Prison on Terror Charges

Michael Adebolajo

Would be nice if UK diplomats worked nearly as hard for the release of British women held in Muslim prisons for being in the same room with a man as they did for a Muslim terrorist who happened to hold a British passport.

British diplomats recommended that a British man detained in Kenya 2 1/2 years ago on suspicion of attempting to join Islamic fighters in Somalia be freed, the lawyer who represented him said Thursday. The man was let go and last week allegedly helped butcher a British soldier on the streets of London.

Michael Adebolajo’s lawyer, Wycliffe Makasembo, said a letter from the British High Commission in Nairobi recommended that the man be released because there was no tangible evidence to link him to the crime.

“They noted that the suspects had not yet crossed over to Somalia and thus, there was no cause to charge them,” Makasembo told a reporter.

The good news is that there is finally cause. All it took was one dead British soldier. And that is what happens when countries tolerate Islamists and wait around until they finally go from talking to doing to doing something really bad.

  • AdinaK

    This is what happens when a nation becomes infected by multicultural psychosis. It becomes an Orwellian world, where cultural relativism becomes the norm, even when said norms sanction beheading and cannibalism! As such, moral rot seeps in and then innocents pay the ultimate price –

    How is it any different than calling a "soldier for Allah", who killed fellow soldiers in Ft Hood, guilty of "workplace violence"? In other words, jihad under the banner of Allah becomes confused with those who are mental and go postal!

    There is a Jewish dictum which truly applies here: Those who are merciful to the cruel become cruel to the merciful!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • onecornpone

    The Kenyan angle is interesting. I'm wondering if we could get a DNA sample to compare to our POTUS…
    but seems I read the perp was Nigerian.

    Shouldn't we in the west have assimilation tests for immigrants? If after ten years people fail to be sufficiently interested in becoming acculturated into the society they inhabit, we should send them back to their country of origin. No, it will never happen, but I remember reading of stringent rules for those applying for U.S. citizenship. What happened?

    • gerry

      They don't assimilate.They assimilate us as you can see it everyday!

      • puzzled

        So why don't the UK behead them in public? Tit for tat, and all that.

  • UCSPanther

    You can take the islamist out of a violent and lawless area, but you can't take the violence and lawlessness out of the Islamist…