UK Cops Explain Why they Handcuffed 85-Year-Old British Woman for Offending Muslims


After two Muslim terrorists beheading a British soldier in London, cops arrested an 85-year-old woman for shouting “Go back to your own country” at mosquegoers. Not only did they arrest her, but they even handcuffed her.

The wording of the original story , “the pensioner was handcuffed and taken away in a van by officers attending the Canterbury Street mosque for Friday prayers” appeared to suggest that the officers arresting her were Muslims, which explains their abusive reaction to a British citizen exercising her rights.

Now the police division has responded to criticism of their outrageous behavior with a defensive email, stating, “I am disappointed to read your views of the police response to the tragic event in Woolwich… our officers are trained to respond to any incident they are called to and regularly put themselves at risk to protect the public and keep the peace.”

Yes, one can only imagine the risks that the Muslim thugs in uniform experienced when dealing with the brutal violence that can only be unleashed by an 85-year-old woman. Considering that she was both a woman and an infidel, they probably had to spend a few hours on ritual washing before they could go back to praying to Allah to destroy the UK.

“A decision had to be made by the officers in attendance whether to make an arrest for the offences committed… the public order offence takes place in front of other members of the public, and there were a significant number of people present due to the time of day. The officers made the decision to arrest based on the situation at that time and with further consideration for further offences being committed by the individual or others if no arrest was made.”

One can only imagine what other horrors the old lady might have committed if the courageous Muslims hadn’t clapped her in irons.

But the justification is typically revealing. It mentions what offences might have been committed by others if she hadn’t been arrested. Which is to say that she was arrested because of potential Muslim violence. This Muslim felony rule is being used to go after people who “provoke” Muslim violence.

But meanwhile it took the police 20 minutes to respond to the butchery of a British soldier.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "UK Cops Explain Why they Handcuffed 85-Year-Old British Woman for Offending Muslims"

    Did you hear the one about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

    Neither did I.

    • MightyBitey

      Probably because there is no Nobel Prize in Mathematics, you mental midget.

      • Edward Cline

        Hey, MightyBitey, don't be so sensitive. The guy was making a point about the inbred low IQ of most Muslims, which is fairly common among clannish tribalists who insist on marrying first cousins, generation after generation.

      • Andy Lewis

        Bite this.

      • Bart

        Yup, no Nobel prize in Maths. Also, it is not part of the prize process to determine the religious or cultural affiliation of people who are nominated for Nobel Prizes, nonetheless, it is simply factual to report that amongst the people who have won Nobel prizes Muslims have been amongst their numbers in Literature, Physic and Chemistry.

        • κατεργάζομαι

          Replying to Bart- Muslims have won LESS than TEN Nobel Prizes!
          Half of these were for "PEACE" (fofl)

          1988 – Najib Mahfooz.

          1978 – Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
          1994 – Yaser Arafat (a terrorist)
          2003 – Shrin Ebadi
          2005 – Mohamed ElBaradei
          2006 – Muhammad Yunus

          1999 – Ahmed Zewail

          1960 – Peter Brian Medawar
          1998 – Ferid Mourad

          There are approx. 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world
          (approx. 20% of the world's population or 2 out of 10 people.)
          ~ Muslims have won 8 Nobel Prizes (not counting Barack Obama for "Peace".)

          The Global Jewish population is approximately 13.2 million or about 0.2% of the world population. Jews received 166 Nobel Prizes.

          If there were a prize for math, the Muslims would have lost that prize as well.

        • jakespoon

          Of course,physics and chemistry,both used in manufacture and use of IEDs. Literature used to pass along instructions in manufacture of same.

      • κατεργάζομαι

        Mighty OverBite, Now that I know this is a test, here are some facts:

        There are approx. 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world
        (approx. 20% of the world's population or 2 out of 10 people.)
        ~ Muslims have won 9 Nobel Prizes (not counting Barack Obama for "Peace".)

        The Global Jewish population is approximately 13.2 million or about 0.2% of the world population. Jews received 166 Nobel Prizes.

        In 1939, there were 17 million Jews in the world. In 1945, there were 11 million. We have fewer Jews today than we did before the Holocaust. Had it not happened, some estimate that there would be approx. 26-32 million Jews alive today.

        There would probably be cures for cancer and AIDS, too.

        Put that in your Ubangi lip plate and chew on it. lol

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Keep pretending we haven't been infiltrated at all levels.

  • Billy

    So now the British police are afraid of an 85 year old woman that told it like it is? They must have been muslim cops. We're they afraid she might take out her false teeth and throw them at the cops? If the cops spent more time watching out for terrorists, maybe we will not feel threatened or killed.

    • jacob

      With all due respect to you, I wouldn't bet the British policemen arresting this lady were Muslims

      You see, there is a "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" hoof in mouth disease infecting the so called
      Western nations governments and therefore, I wouldn't doubt said policemen were not Mujslims but actually Christians….!!!!!!!!!!

  • mah29001

    David Cameron should be thrown out of office for supporting the enemy.

  • Viet Vet

    These Limey cops are chicken s*h*i*t , they arrest innocent 85 year old women, while slinking away from the jihadists.

  • Viet Vet

    Arrested for offending muslims, have you ever heard of anything so damn stupid before.

  • @DIDJA

    The cops were pissed because a woman was mouthing off to Muslims. One big no no.

    • Raymond in DC

      Right. The cops weren't enforcing the law, they were "defending Islam".

  • John

    I wonder what the cops found more offensive: some little old lady yelling in front of people or someone cutting off someone's head in front of people. These cops are piss-weak little turds and people have to remember: Cops work for you, the citizenry give the cops the power to do what they do, if they are doing it wrong then tell then in no uncertain terms.

    • jacob

      As an ex-cop and knowing the score, I wouldn't blame these British cops….
      You have no idea the kind of hot water they would get into if enforcing the law the right way on
      these animals, even getting fired and jailed themselves and since what is going on there would
      not happen without the government blessing, if it is OK for the rulers, why wouldn't it be OK
      for the police…??????
      The British accepted such stupid statu quo and made their bed this way, now let them sleep in

  • onecornpone

    That Granny is a throwback to a time when Brits had some gall. Someone should set up a speaking tour for her to travel that nation, explaining to her countrymen that complacency and apathy are not survival strategies.

    • GaltFan

      Christians hold heaven as their goal, and Muslims seem to value "martyrdom". Why are they so obsessed with what takes place on this Earth? Seems neither has much use for this place except as a means to reach some other…

      Meh, so many answers, none would be satisfactory anyway. Why ask why?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Christians hold heaven as their goal, and Muslims seem to value "martyrdom". Why are they so obsessed with what takes place on this Earth? Seems neither has much use for this place except as a means to reach some other… "

        Christians care about living moral lives, and about what they leave behind for others. The world is the place where future Christians learn about Christ.

        • GaltFan

          I find that when I phrase things a certain way I get two types of responses: Informed and polite ones such as yours, and then the stuff that came from others afterwards.

          Some would tell you that I am anti-religious or worse. Not true. I spent four hours yesterday as a volunteer for a local Christian school helping with an end of year class party. Everyone had a great time and the kids just loved me. What I don't care for is the overly self-righteous types that are blind to their own hypocrisy…

      • Looking4Sanity

        "…thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven…"

        Beg for a quarter and then use it to buy a clue.

        • Looking4Sanity

          I thought his comment made that quite obvious. It revealed a complete lack of understanding of either belief system. No wonder he idolizes atheists.

          • Looking4Sanity

            You should learn to relax. You're largely among friends here. The presence of one or two twits is to be expected, and I've had a couple of my comments deleted by admin myself. It don't mean nuthin half the time anyway. The site admins here are a remarkably level headed group of folks.

          • OedipusGalt

            'Does seem to be a pretty good crowd here.

          • Looking4Sanity


          • IveBeen Banned

            It normally is, until you figure out how to slip back through the cracks. I'll make a prediction. Onecorn made the original post above. Galt responded to her. Both coments pertained to the topic.It could end with that. But it won't.

            Fact forward, Enter L4S, 4Con and you, with your numerous multiple aliases. YOU people are going to ruin Front Page Magazine. You set up shop and camp out, hijacking a thread. Mark my words, by the time the day is out, you clowns will have three hundred posts on this thread, none of them with anything of relevance to do with the topic.

            If the Administrators can't figure out how to remove you permanently, this website will go down the tubes, just like all the others that you people have torpedoed.

          • OedipusGalt

            Paranoid much? Quit projecting.

          • IveBeen Banned

            Well hello there Opie.

            Slink in under the cracks?

          • 4_Constitution

            YOU'VE been banned here WeeToad. Again, quite projecting.

            I think FPM should make the posters here get an account with ID. But, that's just my opinion.

        • GaltFan

          Well chosen. I think that was the first prayer I memorized as a child.

          I won't bother nor disparage you or 4C here or elsewhere. We can get along fine by either ignoring each other or being civil. Water under the bridge so far as I'm concerned…

          • Looking4Sanity

            …said the slanderer after he's committed his crimes. You're welcome to crawl back into your bottle and peddle your potatoes elsewhere if that is your inclination. It's no concern of mine where you choose to make a fool of yourself.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Try fixing your OWN country before you go slandering your allies, pinhead. You've got a President who thinks he's Adolph Hitler and the IRS is his own personal gestapo. He's got his own private kill list in the Oval Office and he's shredded your Constitution with no opposition whatsoever.

      How long ago did you lose your "gall"?

      • 4_Constitution

        The only gall she's had is on the internet with her friend "Galt."

        • Looking4Sanity

          Her hypocrisy is staggering.

          • 4_Constitution

            So is his.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Indeed. He spent an entire year harassing us and now he's begging for safe conduct because he's been run out of everywhere else. Let him go to the growl. They deserve him and his little doxy.

          • 4_Constitution

            He and OCP never said ONE kind word to us since day one on the Bigs. I have a good memory and I remember that very well. I can remember her say mean stuff like, "4C is a psychopath who needs to get off her pills and her homeschooled kids need my prayers." Never mind the stuff he called my kids the other day.

            He's just back peddling b/c they don't have CL and their huge posse here anymore to help them out.

            What a couple of cowards.

          • Looking4Sanity

            It never was a “huge” posse. Just a ton of parallel profiles run by two or three narcissists. They made a lot of noise though.

          • 4_Constitution

            That's true.

          • GaltFan

            I hope you read this all since it is actually pertinent to this wildly off-topic discussion.

            First: I apologize for calling your kids brats. It was wrong. They are innocent children. I am sorry.

            Second: I did have kind words for you a long time ago. We had a brief discussion over the course of a few days back in 2010 around the end of June/beginning of July. I referred you to a natural healer for some of your ailments and described some of my own along with the results I got from doing it "God's way". I had sincerely hoped you would try the same approach and get similarly positive results. His name was Richard Schulze, in case you forgot. Read and judge for yourself as to the efficacy of his approach. Oh, and he is a big believer in God…

            Third: Your friend L4S really only came onto my radar when he proved to be a persistent bully toward me for expressing TEA party views against the RINO establishment. He messed with the wrong person and garbage followed thereafter. We seemed to have put it to bed except on rare occasions, and I do think HPD/multiple alias 'man' was quite an effective instigator. I have more thoughts on that, but my purpose is that we all get along through either mutual respect or just plain ignoring each other. Both can work just fine.

            Fourth: You, OCP and a few other ladies had a morning ritual for quite some time over at the BB OT that was quite enjoyable. I remember Hobbes, Sisty, TP1234 and a few others were there most days. I have no evidence, but I think a subversive did his best to cause problems there as well. You are free to guess as to whom I think it might have been…

            Fifth: I am not "back pedaling" in the least. I don't need ANYONE to back me up. In the interests of peace I will stop there…

            Last? You think me to be some godless atheist? Fine, whatever…I'm more of a skeptic that questions religious dogma and can't abide the contradictions I find. It doesn't mean that there is no value there… Perhaps some reflection on your part (as I have already done so far as you and L4S are concerned) on the "deadly sins" of Wrath and Pride are in order. Since we differ on how this all started it might also be useful to consider that whomever cast the first stone is less important than it is for all to stop throwing rocks.

            I have offered peace with both of you all throughout this thread and never once used 'guest' or any other alias to disparage either of you. Your own conversations have not met that standard where I, OCP or CL are concerned. I have no control and little influence over either of them, but I highly doubt either of them cares to waste precious life arguing over inanities with either of you. People differ, oh well…

            Let's share this place without ruining it for others. It can be done if we are all willing…

          • IveBeenBannedAgain

            Trying to have a rational conversation with an irrational does not work. it is befitting of Einsteins definition of insanity.

          • 4_Constitution

            Oh, and the minute someone here criticizes OCP and calls into question what she says, those two will be ALL over the posters here like rabid dogs.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Let them have at it. The people here are smart enough to see through it. After all…this site was created by a reformed liberal. Everyone here is thoroughly familiar with Alinsky already.

          • 4_Constitution

            OT but I'm learning this song on the piano: Clare De Lune by my favorite composer Debussy.

            For you listening pleasure! Say hello to your family. We're getting the pool set up today once it cools down. Gotta have ya down for some BBQ!

          • 4_Constitution

            I put in an order to Jesus for a 9ft Steinway for my mansion in heaven LOL!

          • 4_Constitution

            They ONLY cost around 150K so He can afford it since he owns a cattle on a thousand hills, amen!

          • YukYuk

            You put in an order for a 9 ft. Steinway, and He sent your pal a Cadillac Hooptie.

          • 4_Constitution

            I have a beautiful American made piano here on earth that I'm content with. God is good Wee unlike your MooHammhead. P*iss be upon him.

    • gerry

      Well,in view of her age,she certaily went through the "blitz"!She got more balls than all the cops and politicians put together.

      • onecornpone

        I should have dubbed her "Magnificent Granny"!

        You are right about her having gone through "the blitz"… there is no substitute for fortitude.

    • jakespoon

      You're right,John Bull died and was replaced by John Bulls–t. A once great country now grovels at the feet of oppressors.BTW I was raised on cornbread.

      • onecornpone

        … raised on cornbread ???
        <a href="” target=”_blank”>


        • GaltFan

          Was that Country or Western? I can never tell… ;-P'''

          • onecornpone

            Neither, it is pure Jackson!

        • jakespoon

          HELL YEAH!!

  • Nico Bester

    The London murder of a soldier by 2 Islamists is a reminder to the Left that Nick Griffin, Geert Wilders, Melanie Phillips and Enoch Powell are visionary and not reactionary. They have consistently warned of this kind of event. We must continue to support their message, and vigorously attack those of the Left who seek to equivocate about Islam. See

    • jacob

      Wanna bet these two animals will get off with the equivalent of a slap on their wrists…?????

      Why go all the way to England…????
      We have a palpable example right in our own backyard…!!!!
      Our President qualified the action of the Muslim monster perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre
      "Workplace violence" and 3/4 years after, he still hasn't been judged and sentenced….

  • Charley

    England has become a Muslim strong hold. It was "lost" many years ago. Glad I can say of bicycle adventures in Britain many years ago….been there done that. How many more years before I can look forward to being treated in a similar way right here in the USA, when I speak the truth about Muslims and their satanically inspired Koran.

    • Mario

      so 1.5 Billion Satan Worshippers? Possibly 2 billion now…right

      • ziggy zoggy

        Show proof that there are more than a billion islamopithecines. That claim defies demographic reality.

  • Mario

    Haha. The woman does have a point…if you are going to come a foreign country…you better respect that foreign country's customs and traditions….that means having a mosque in your house…I guess. But flaunting your Muslim side in a foreign country is not only's dangerous…a lot of racist trolls are just looking for an excuse to beat up a foreigner…so these Muslims need to be careful and be discrete with their practices and I think everything will be fine for both parties..

    • ziggy zoggy

      Yes, that old woman was a racist troll hoping to beat up some islamopithecines based on their "race." Those sub-humans obviously have it so tough in Britain. The poor dears had to touch unclean kuffar flesh when they manhandled her.

      • Looking4Sanity

        They never give those 85 year old women their patented "virginity test", do they? Funny how it's always the young attractive ones who get that treatment.

    • jacob

      The difference, dear MARIO, is that, for reasons nobody can explain, Westerners bend over
      backwards to please their every whim instead of telling them to go fly a kite, jump into a lake
      or advice not fit to be published and proof of it we have GALORE right in our own country…..
      RIGHT …??????

    • jakespoon

      I think Luigi is smarter than you.

  • john spielman

    I hope the British people remember this. They should put up posters of this courageous woman being handcuffed beside a photo of the muslim butcher who killed the soldier and the words VOTE ENGLISH DEFENSE LEAGUE

    • Looking4Sanity

      I like the way you think.

  • john spielman

    Also SUE the police for not arresting those muslims when in the past they held up signs calling for "behead those who insult Mohammed"


    Today the U.K., tomorrow the world, that's what the "Religion of Peace" is all about

  • lankester2

    'Attending' means going to the scene of a crime in British police speak-truly an example of two countries divided by a common language.

  • Rifleman

    I want to see them try to arrest on the spot one of the "Don't fear the kuffars…They are pigs." public haranguers, like the one in the video featured on FPM earlier this week, or one of the "behead those who insult islam" sign holders. Unlike hauling in an 85 year old woman, that would be dangerous for them.

    • jakespoon

      That would be dangerous.

  • Dennis

    I think what everyone is seeing in Britain as well as the U.S. is a result of several factors:

    1. Disrespect for Police on a wide scale basis

    2. A hatred of the Military

    3. A deliberate distortion of history by the Socialists / Marxists

    4. A dumb-down of students at all levels

    5. Confusion between what is EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES vs EQUAL OUTCOMES of Races, Cultures, Nations.

    6. Respecting "unearned respect" equally as "earned respect".

    7. A complete loss of Objectivity and Critical Thinking Skills.

    8. Acquiescence to instead of Confrontation of outrageous behavior.

    9. Failure to rid oneself of guilt for actions of previous generations.


    Please everyone, open your eyes and realize what is happening.

  • Dennis

    Since my original Comment was rejected, my new Comment is "NO COMMENT"

    The picture of the 85 Year-old lady speaks 1,000 words.

  • mohdanga

    And yet the esteemed London constabulary did NOTHING when thousands of Muslims marched through the streets of London yelling 'Death to the West', 'Death to the Jews', 'Another 9/11 is coming', etc. Guess this didn't qualify as a 'public order offence'.____The West is finished because of PC idiocy like this…'s death by suicide. Future generations will wonder what liberals and leftwing handwringers were thinking when they advocated multiculturalism, mass immigration, cultural relativism and all the other nonsensical bumpf of the West hating left.

  • Rayann

    "…and with further consideration for further offences being committed by the individual or others if no arrest was made."

    So let me get this straight, part of the reason they arrested her was based on what offences this woman or others MIGHT committ if they didn't arrest her? Just let that sink in for a few moments.

  • kafir4life

    I wonder if / when the Brits are going to ask for their guns back.

    As to the 1.5 billion muslims. That’s quite an impressive number, but also means there are over 4.5 billion non-muslims. Despite there being no Nobel prize for math, I’d still say that’s 3-1.

  • Looking4Sanity

    How do you know that I'm not “them”?

  • GaltFan

    Nope, not gonna happen. I still have them, but that is mostly to prevent HPD from hijacking them. You and I had our go-rounds years ago and then ignored each other for the most part. That seems to work well. This can be a nice site for all of us.

  • IveBeen Banned

    "Them" would not have you, or your ilk.

    "Them" (the "them" in this case being the folks running Front Page Magazine) are business people. In reality, you and your ilk are interfering with interstate commerce, and jeopardizing their business model.

    One need only glance at your comment stream to view the rabidity and volatility of your comments, and it can quickly be deduced that you are not playing with a full deck.

    • Looking4Sanity

      At least I HAVE a comment stream. Anonymous idiots don't deserve the consideration due the average passing breeze.

      • IveBeen Banned

        "Anonymous idiots don't deserve the consideration due the average passing breeze. "

        ……and yet here you are. Posting away fast and furiously to me.

        How many sites have you been banned from, or asked politely to leave? Let's list them.

        The 912 Project.
        The Growl.
        The Blaze.
        Navy Gentleman.

        ……..and soon Front Page Magazine.

        • Looking4Sanity

          You could have at least got ONE correct…but then anonymous liars aren't too concerned with accuracy. I like how you list sites I've never even posted on though. That was a nice touch. Kind of like padding a moldy resume.

          • 4_Constitution

            LOL….Floozie banned EVERYONE from CQ. There's no one left there.

            And you and I never posted at Navy's site b/c we both KNEW what was going to happen there with the trio OCP, Galt and CL posting there. It was the same thing that happened at the Bigs.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Small wonder everyone is dumping Intense Debate, huh? Sometimes I think Disqus is running a guerrilla campaign against them using these obnoxious hacks as pawns. They might even be Disqus employees for all we know.

          • 4_Constitution

            Could be. I remember clicking on the profile of the ID owners five years ago on the 912 Project and one was a homo from Europe. I don't know what happened after that.

          • Looking4Sanity

            I'm not sure whether that ruined my day or not…but I'm certain it didn't help. Gonna go wash my dog and try and get that little tidbit off my mind. Then I'll wash the Caddy. I'll keep scrubbing until that thought leaves my head!

          • 4_Constitution

            Sorry to ruin your day! I heard at one point that ID was defunct, but I don't know.

            It's so dang hot out there, you could wash your dog and your car at the same time LOL! I'm so fair complected, I'd need 4500 SPF to be out in the sun today. My father had a heat stroke on a cloudy day in Canada in the Fall, true story. My heat pump is running almost 24/7.

            Stay cool! :o)

          • Looking4Sanity

            I decided to have a couple Heinekens and mow that 3 acre yard instead of washing the car. Done now and chillaxin, fo shizzle. Jake looks like he's 5 again!

          • I'mNot Banned

            If you have a Caddy, undoubtedly it has three different colored fenders, and probably two doughnut tires on it.

          • Looking4Sanity

            You keep telling yourself that, you little green envy monkey! 4C has seen it and it's beautiful and pristine. Not a scratch, even though it's kept outside. God has been berry, berry good to me!

          • 4_Constitution

            Sheesh. I'm sure he's OK with drug dealers having them but not someone like you who has served honorably in the military and gotten two degrees in college. You're right. He's bleeding with envy b/c he drives a piece of crap.

          • Looking4Sanity

            Who really cares what some anonymous sniper has to say? He's out of ammo and is lighting firecrackers to give the impression he still has a presence.”Thunder is loud. Thunder is impressive, but it's lightning that does the work.”

  • GaltFan

    Not taking the bait. L4S and 4C have mostly ignored me and OCP, and we have done the same. It's obvious that the four of us can be adult about it while trolls like you only want division and mudslinging.

    What will happen if this site eliminates the "guest" option for commenting – as so many others have? People like you will go away…

    • IveBeen Banned

      Well before you worry about taking the bait, you ought to check you email.

      • GaltFan

        No thanks. There will be peace – or at least detente'. Maybe some of the good people that got driven away by the BS at other sites will come here if they see that it is one where we respect those we disagree with and ignore those we truly don't care for. Three-plus years of garbage is enough…

        • Oedipus Galt

          The adults thought that four years ago.

          • IveBeen Banned

            What would you know about adults?

            I have an odd observation.

            You are exactly within 100,000 posts of Reggie.

          • GaltFan

            He also apparently has a defective memory since I have been at this for less than three and a half years. Or perhaps I am being exonerated?

          • IveBeen Banned

            He always a master at baiting.

          • Oedipus Galt

            Instead of burdening all the "geriatrics" with your Find myself/What is the meaning of life/Is there really a God? rite-of-passage kind of BS, Galt, maybe a sabbatical would do you some good…or professional help to get over your Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

          • 4_Constitution

            I thought he wasn't taking the bait?

            Morning. I know you're a couple of hour behind us here at the Right Coast. It's already afternoon here.

          • Oedipus Galt

            It's not in him not to. Far more willing to bait than be baited, though.

  • http://aol malc


  • Mitchell Grant


  • Fed up completley

    America and Britain needs a revolution! And I think it is coming soon to a town near you.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Did you hear the one about the Muslim president who won a Nobel Prize for Peace?

  • chimoio

    let's keep a sense of proportion here,lest we forget, not so long ago a blind man was tasered
    in the street ,when police in the u.k. mistook his white stick for a samuri sword !
    hancuffed!? this old dear had a lucky escape!!
    btw try to imagine for a moment what would have occurred had this been a muslim 85 year old……….

  • burke

    UK Public Order Act:
    The offence is created by section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986:
    “(1) A person is guilty of an offence if he:
    (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or
    (b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
    within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.”

  • burke

    Rifleman said: “I want to see them try to arrest on the spot one of the “Don’t fear the kuffars…They are pigs.”

    Rifleman, the Public Order Act is only used against the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES of the UK. It was intended to protect the millions of hostile immigrants who hate them.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Typical British filth an easy arrest over a hard one any day .