UK Gay Muslim: “Sharia Law in This Country Would Take Away All My Civil Liberties”

Liberals say that only Islamophobes are concerned about the imposition of Islamic Sharia law. Perhaps they could explain that to Omar Kuddus. Omar is a Muslim gay rights activist in the UK who promotes asylum for  homosexuals from the Muslim world. And he quite emphatically does not want to see Islamic law come to the UK.

“The Koran tells you that when a man mounts another man, the thrones of Allah shake.

My name is Omar Kuddus. I’m a Muslim. I’m also gay. Sharia law in this country would take away all my civil liberties…

Homosexuals are persecuted not only by death and torture, but are treated as second class citizens in most Arabic nations. Britain is a multicultural state. I would hate to see Sharia law being imposed on me because as a homosexual and a gay rights activist, my civil liberties and my civil laws come above anything else.

Sharia law has nothing constructive to contribute to modern day Britain. Religion is not law. Religion has no part in civil law…

Our religion is about peace and love. It is their duty to promote peace and love, not to prosecute or judge. Have they lost the plot along the way? That is the question that needs to be asked. “

Apparently Islamophobia is very real when Islamic regimes will hang you for being gay.

  • JacksonPearson

    "Is there a place for sharia law in Britain"
    NO…Sharia law is enslavement. Any Muslim that leave, are under an automatic penalty of death.

    Nobody, or person[s] on this, or any other planet should be enslaved, or ball and chained, under the guise of any religion whatsoever.

  • Cat K

    His religion is about peace and love? But not for infidels, Christians, Jews and not for respecting women, etc. etc. I'm confused. What is his religion?

    • AdinaK

      Shariah Law is emblematic of totalitarian rule, via repression of all individual rights, particularly for women, infidels and gays –

      In fact, the reds and greens have one basic commonality – totalitarian grips. Of course, anti-Americanism/western ethos is their "guiding" rule.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • Cat K

        Yes, Adina, I was trying to be tongue in cheek there. I somehow doubt the sincerity of this "gay man" as I doubt the sincerity of so-called moderate Muslims. I think such people are either making money selling books to Americans (desperate to find a moderate Muslim to cling to so that they can feel good about themselves as non-prejudiced) or its just simple Taqiyya.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "“The Koran tells you that when a man mounts another man, the thrones of Allah shake."

    ……what does it say about GOATS?

    "Does it suggest that if a man mounts a goat in the hills; ……. the Earth Moves?…….."

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "……what does it say about GOATS? "

      The goat must be flogged for enticing the follower of Mohamed. After multiple offenses, the goat must be veiled or killed. Usually the goat is veiled because killing such an attractive goat would be a waste of resources.

      "Does it suggest that if a man mounts a goat in the hills; ……. the Earth Moves?…….."

      Yes, with pleasure.

    • stephen tweed

      What does it say about bacha bazi?

      • JacksonPearson

        "bacha bazi" is despicable. It's the Arab's rich, dirty little secrets.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "What does it say about bacha bazi?"

        Boys, goats, women, anything with one or more orifices is equally accountable if a Mohamed follower is attracted to it and anything goes awry.

  • RUI

    Defending sharia and islam is like trying to grab a turd by the clean end.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Defending sharia and islam is like trying to grab a turd by the clean end."

      That's a great analogy and makes you wonder why so many people don't know that there isn't one. There's a lot of effort to use perfume, but in the end, the turd is not changed by the temporary distraction.

    • kafir4life

      I like how you managed to get President Stinky (bo) in there!! When they dance later at an inaugural ball, you'll see the mooch queen try to grab that turd, but there *is* no "clean end".

  • Mary Sue

    well that guy sure is in a bind.

  • Yedigun

    Our religion is about peace and love…….Yeah, right. In that case it isn't Islam.

  • PersonOfTheBook

    Our own apologist fifth column will respond with one of only four predictable responses, each of which are easy to refute: 1) silence 2) denial 3) deflection (a tricky one, because it distracts) and 4) demonization (personal insult such as the tired insult "racist" or "bigot").

    The greatest threat is the aiding and abetting from our own countrymen in the blind drive toward "diversity" with no discretion of who we invite into our house. Critical mass of apologists has consequence at elections, as we have seen from the present condition of the US.

  • johnjoe

    I've got news for you, Omar – You're not a muslim.

  • British Patriot

    The fact that Britain has become a multicultural state is precisely why sharia is creeping into British society like a slowly spreading cancer. Multiculturalism is a fraudulent lie peddled by hypocritical leftists and fork tongued Islamists and must be abolished if freedom of speech/religion/conscience is to triumph.

    • Chiggles

      Enough of Britain. Bring back England.

  • Sarah

    "Islam is about peace and love". Indeed, Islam teaches to not hate the people for what they are and not to judge them and definitely not to harm them in any way. Those who do so are actually not following the Islamic teaching. Homosexuality is considered by Islam as a personal matter which remains between a man or a woman and his/her Creator. We might hate the behavior itself and ask the person to control it as he can, but we can definitely not harm him or treat him badly.
    I would like to add that true Sharia law is not what is practiced in several countries causing injustices and barbarian judgment. Omar Qudus has nothing to fear of the true Sharia law, which was practiced by the Prophet of Islam. He is a Muslim and should know this by himself and be more specific, against what he is acting? true Islam or some false interpretations made by so called mullahs. I invite every person to search the truth about the real Sharia.