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UK Gay Muslim: “Sharia Law in This Country Would Take Away All My Civil Liberties”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 20, 2013 @ 5:32 pm In The Point | 19 Comments


Liberals say that only Islamophobes are concerned about the imposition of Islamic Sharia law. Perhaps they could explain that to Omar Kuddus. Omar is a Muslim gay rights activist in the UK who promotes asylum forĀ  homosexuals from the Muslim world [2]. And he quite emphatically does not want to see Islamic law come to the UK [3].

“The Koran tells you that when a man mounts another man, the thrones of Allah shake.

My name is Omar Kuddus. I’m a Muslim. I’m also gay. Sharia law in this country would take away all my civil liberties…

Homosexuals are persecuted not only by death and torture, but are treated as second class citizens in most Arabic nations. Britain is a multicultural state. I would hate to see Sharia law being imposed on me because as a homosexual and a gay rights activist, my civil liberties and my civil laws come above anything else.

Sharia law has nothing constructive to contribute to modern day Britain. Religion is not law. Religion has no part in civil law…

Our religion is about peace and love. It is their duty to promote peace and love, not to prosecute or judge. Have they lost the plot along the way? That is the question that needs to be asked. “

Apparently Islamophobia is very real when Islamic regimes will hang you for being gay.

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