UK Gov Springs Into Action Unveils New “Moderate” TERFOR Strategy


… because nothing frightens Muslim terrorists like misspelled acronyms.

TERFOR is the new government solution to fighting Islamic terrorism with moderate Islam. It stands for Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force. Could they have thrown another R in there? And get out the F. Unless the acronym is supposed to reference Therefore. As in Therefore We Will Go On Doing Nothing. Or I shrink my obligations, Therefore I am PM. Though I imagine it’s supposed to make people think it’s a Terror Force, when it’s a Terror Farce.

But the UK government was just too busy to have the time in between arresting a whole bunch of Brits who said offensive things about Muslims on social media.

And then, like every other pseudo-conservative government, promised to really crack down on hateful preachers this time.

The Prime Minister wants to stop extremist clerics using schools, colleges, prisons and mosques to spread their ‘poison’ and is to head a new Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Task Force (TERFOR) made up of senior Ministers, MI5, police and moderate religious leaders.

The high-powered group will study a number of measures, including banning extremist clerics from being given public platforms to incite students, prisoners and other followers – and forcing mosque leaders to answer for ‘hate preachers’.

It will also urge Muslim ‘whistleblowers’ to report clerics who act as terrorist apologists to the police.

So this strategy will involve “studying” what to do. I’m all for thinking before leaping, but it’s been almost 25 years since the Rushdie case. How long does it take to work out this strategy exactly and start deporting terror clerics?

For that matter there’s no mention of actually deporting them. Just proposals to, presumably keep them from speaking at unis and somehow holding mosque leaders accountable. Considering that some of the worst offenders rely largely on social media and public gatherings, the proposal is worse than toothless.

And what happens when someone reports an Imam who supports terrorism?

Government insiders say Mr Cameron’s new TERFOR group is intended to ‘disrupt’ the activities of extremist clerics wherever they preach their ‘hateful message’.

Here’s one basic disruption method, deport them.

“We have to encourage clear condemnation from groups that those vulnerable to radicalisation may listen to. Terfor will want a better assessment of the size of the problem so they know what they are dealing with and can counter it.

Good. 25 years on and they’re still studying the size of the problem. Let’s get a few more committees on it. And roll out something called TERFOR to give the public the illusion that something is being done.

And then arrest an extremist 85-year-old British lady for shouting “Go back to your country” at Muslims.

Mission accomplished.

  • BS77

    Britain has lost its way.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Have you checked lately, Republicans and Democrats alike are both totally incompetent too when it comes to protecting America from the threats of jihad.

  • Michael Copeland

    Cameron is misinformed. “Extreme” Islam and “moderate” Islam are Western inventions unused in Islamic countries. The doctrines preached are those in the Koran, the Hadith, and Islamic law. There is not an “extreme” Koran.
    “These terms are ugly and offensive”, says Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, “There is no moderate Islam or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that’s it.”
    The teachings which Western media call “extreme” – warfare to establish the religion, stonings, amputations, slave-taking, and so on – are all plain old normal orthodox Islam, as set out in the source texts, and as practiced for the last 1400 years.

  • Michael Copeland

    The Koran really does say “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” (9:5).
    It really does say the “excellent pattern” to adopt towards non-muslims is “between us and you animosity and hatred for ever until you believe in Allah alone” (60:4).
    “Fight the unbelievers and kill them until Islam is the only governance” (8:39).
    Non-muslims, the “kuffar”, are “unclean” (9:28), the “vilest of beasts” (8:22). Allah is the enemy of the kuffar (2:98) so muslims must be, too.
    These elements are the ROOT elements of Islam, the RADICAL doctrines: they cannot be separated from the orthodox because they ARE the orthodox.

    What will be done?
    “The high-powered group will study a number of measures”.

    The West’s Nice Peaceful Spiritual Islam bearing Goodwill and Kindness to All, is, as Robert Spencer would say, a unicorn: everyone has to believe in it, but no-one has actually seen one.

    The Koran can be consulted online

  • AdinaK

    The UK is gone, and the rest is not far behind. The fact that Cameron and wifey jetted off for vacation proves how non-serious he takes the barbarism in his midst. And it is a tragedy of western proportions that there is not a leader to be found who has the mettle to take back their nation, other than perhaps Gert Wilders, but he is not yet his nation's leader –

    The clash between civilizations has reached a cataclysmic point.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Michael Copeland

    It used to be the official orthodox view that the Sun goes round the Earth. When Galileo challenged this he was branded a heretic by the Church, and confined to house arrest.

    The well-established Western media view that there is a “moderate” Islam and an erroneous “radicalized” extreme Islam is similarly flawed. Islam is Islam. Those who have studied the ideology and point this out are treated as heretics. What the media fails to do is to FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES. They rely on being informed by imams, and fail to ascertain that Islam AUTHORISES DECEPTION of non-muslims.

    Wake up, media. Open your eyes, politicians. Inform yourselves. We are at the precipice.

  • Randy CA

    Yeah, right — rat out Islamic hate speech and stand accused of hate speech yourself.

  • onecornpone

    I'm thinking of running for PM of Britain. My platform will be DEPORT & DRONE!

    And on that theme, have you noticed Generalissimo o-Bozo's recent major genuflecting on the topic of drone strikes in foreign nations?

    I asked myself, WHO, other than R Paul is raising this issue. Frankly I was enjoying the idea of cremated Islamist via Hell-fire missiles. "Rule of Law"???… pfffttt!!!

    So Whom was our esteemed POTUS speaking to with his long drawn out screed? Remember he has once again raised the topic of his conviction to close GITMO.

    Could it possibly be that he was speaking to the terrorist he is about to release? Could it be that they, or their attorneys were reluctant to go home, for fear they would be blasted to smitherines?

    Who knows, but we know the head duck damn sure doesn't give a rats rear what WE the People think.
    That is a given…

  • Matt

    It is their own fault, you got a guy going to fight Somalia,low level, (probably would have got knocked anyway, Jihad is a one way trip, not like mercs) so he is tortured, questions are put to him, some of which would come from the UK security services, then he is deported back to the UK.

    Do you want to radicalize or deradicalize people. Each has it own purpose at a specific time, as does torture Sheik Khalad Mohammad, being one example high level detainee. This low level guy another.

    Early on you want to radicalize or raze up the enemy in the AO to draw them in so they can be liquidated, you fight them off-shore so you don't fight them at home. So early on you cuts their heads off, stick them on pikes, burn their bodies, facing away from Mecca, cut their livers out, burn the Koran, use it as toilet paper. Cut their gentiles off and stick them in their slit throats with pages of the Koran stuffed in their mouths. Hit them with Heavy metal music on the loud speakers. Come and get. Let's party.

    There is a reason for it you want them to act irrationally, rationally guerrilla warfare, you are not going to come down form the mountains and strongholds an get some. People that would act as sleeper cells or act in their host countries get off the couch come to the AO's and box on.

    Gitmo served many purposes and that was one, Abu Grab similar once they are turned lose you will see them coming the other way, if you are looking to waste people it's cool, if you are not, then it is not so good. That is now the problem with Gitmo and releasing the 15%, you will see them coming the other way

    The AO's are drawing down. Similar question with Boston what happened in Russia, that made this guy come back to the States and kill.

    You have tortured a chap, got no intelligence from it, no charges for terror and turfed him back onto the streets, they snap or become pussy cats. Who can say, never can tell.

    That is why we have prisoner of war training, one to hold out for 24 to 48 hours, two when you start talking in is filled with disinformation, which takes a lot of manpower to get any of the jam. Three to deal with the psychological pressure during and post interrogation.

    You have to know who and when to use which method, look at the deradicalization programs in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. They can be brutal, but they also know when not to be. That is the questions with these matters is it better to use a deradicalize program, they are involved in Islam on the fringes, go the other route and see what happens.

    It is a similar argument to criminal matters do unofficial and official cautions and restorative justice reduce crime or zero tolerance.

  • ziggy zoggy

    When Britain has its 911, maybe things will change. The cities there are teeming with anti-islamic Chavs, and the towns and shires don't like having islam imposed on them by the urban political elites.