UK Muslim Patrol: “This is Not a Christian Country… We Will Implement Islam Upon Your Necks”

Before becoming Prime Minister, David Cameron wrote, “If we want to remind ourselves of British values – hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name just three – there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what those things really mean.”

And the Muslim Patrol is busy reminding everyone of the traditional Muslim values of hospitality and tolerance in their latest video.

Many of the younger Islamists are wannabe rappers and their Islamist ad-hoc militias fuse thug culture with Islamism. It would be an awkward combo with any other religion, but Islam was born out of violent thuggery by Mohammed and his followers who raided and raped their way across the desert.

There’s lots of pre-recorded gun sounds and what looks like the world’s worst vlog as our intrepid Islamist hero leers behind his mask while attempting to scream his message of hate down at the camera without falling into it or having his mask fall down.

There are the usual cheerful messages of tolerance and hospitality like “Islam is here in London… this is not a Christian country… Christianity can go to hell…Allah Akbar”


“… the Kuffar can go to hell… we need the Sharia…the Kuffar cannot stop us… we are coming to implement Islam.”

Followed by a warning to Prime Minister David Cameron, “anyone who tries to stop us, we will take their alcohol, we will tell the naked women to cover up and implement Islam upon your own necks, David Cameron.”

Before the election, Cameron said, “No Muslim I’ve ever met is offended by Christmas, or supports its replacement with ‘Winterval’. But many Muslims I’ve talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ to describe the terrorist threat we face today.”

Perhaps David will care to take that up with these Islamists.

“It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around,” Cameron said. And that’s all the Muslim Patrol is doing. It’s integrating mainstream Britain with the Muslim way of life.

  • JacksonPearson

    Memo to Prime Minister, David Cameron:
    You're a blithering &^%)ing idiot.

    ISLAM: The Religion of Peace (and a big stack of dead bodies)
    Islamic Terrorists Have Carried Out More Than 20,354 Deadly Terror
    Attacks Since 9/11. Source:

    Psst David: Wherever Islam Spread, are followed by Darkness, Death and Destruction

    • AdinaK

      Dhimmitude is rushing at warp speed and it will continue until ALL of Europe is subdued. It is coming to a US city near you too –

      Sharia Law enforcers are working feverishly to submit all to Allah. Islam LITERALLY means submission –

      NO time to lose to start to re-assert your western rights. The Islamic wolf is blowing down your doors! Once western freedoms are lost it will take generations to regain, if then.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • JacksonPearson

        * The very sign of Mohammed is darkness, indicated by the crescent moon.

        * The dogs of war with their goatee beards are ready to silence any dissenter with guns or daggers.

        * All decent Muslims (who secretly reject the murderous message of the Quran) live a life of fear of ever showing doubt or denial.

        * All Muslim women live out their lives unable to express their feelings.

        * The ones who did express them have all been murdered or maimed.

        * The real victims of Mohammed's evil are his own followers.

        * We must confront these dogs and the Internet is the way forward. Use it wisely, bravely and quickly.

        * Because of Islam, love has been replaced by lust and family life replaced by patriarchal control.

        * There are no winners. Satan takes all.

        • Drakken

          Soon, nobody is going to care about the peaceful so called muslims, it will be open season on them all. They will have brought it upon themselves.

        • brian c hunter

          We the real people of Britain (anglo saxons) should eradicate this cancer we have on these isles..This is a serious situation what right do these people have walking these streets and implementing their Jihadists patrols are the police frightened of them is this government as well it seems no one has got any balls to stop this threat… The Western governments are appeasing these people thats why their achieving their goal of taking over all the countries in Europe…

    • Karen

      What….just what?
      Dear sir-although you condemn "Muslims" as being ignorant,hateful and violent people,you and most other people on this post seem to be woven of nearly the same cloth. Please do not forget that terrorism can occur from any source and any ethnicity. Anyone who justifies the use of violence and harm to satisfy their own bloodlust and selfish motives is a terrorist-and by definition,CANNOT be muslim.
      Islam is a religion of nothing but peace-no,im being serious. Take the time to research from an honest,reliable source. Try and Imam. Pick up a qur'an and bring evidence of one passage that allows terrorism or even violence. Or even if you find these to be beneath your time,just observe the Muslims around you in the community. How they interact with others. Is it with violence? A sneer? Rudeness? No.Quite the contrary- Muslims are the victims of such treatment. When a Muslim gets harassed,ridiculed or bullied-eight times out of ten they wont raise a hand against you,if only to protect themselves or those around them. Islam demeans and rejects violence in all cases. Any form of it is only suitable in war,and even then not for sheer bloody victory. In fact,the prophet (pbuh) discouraged the act of cutting down trees in warfare-only in grave necessity.
      The acts of terror perpetrated by these people-these sick,twisted people-i can never come to call Muslim,my own "brothers" and "sisters". In Islam,the killing of ONE human is worth the crime of killing ALL of humanity. That is the TRUTH,if you would have been bothered to educate yourself.
      Anyone can throw on a head scarf,attend a mosque and act the part of being Muslim.When in truth they are far from being one.These are such people.Hypocrites.Anyone who has the heart to maul endless numbers of women and children and innocents are,simply put,not human at all. I don't care from what gender or ethnicity or race. We all have to share god's gift of earth. It's a shame we put it to waste by wars and hate and pride. I sincerely hope that you too,can overcome the baneful confusion and prejudice spewed by the media. In reality-and this is another fact of Islam-a Muslim's best friend besides his own Muslim brother/sister is the devout christian. Muslims would actually go and consult the priests of churches in cities where there was no viable support form a Muslim community.
      Please-message me on yahoo if you have any questions and or issues you would like to discuss about the matter. :) I'd be happy to help you,bro ^___^ I'm a fifteen year old Muslim American,born and bred <3 And i love this place,my friends,school,home,neighbors. O.O I'm proud of being Muslim,just as I am proud to be an American. (I'm also a girl….btw. And NO,muslim girls are not oppressed.)
      Peace from the mid-east guest :D lolz

  • truebearing

    What does it take to convince the UK that they are in a life and death struggle? What does it take for the morons of America to see that what is happenong elsewhere is starting to happen here, thanks to Imambama?

    There is nothing easy about the solution to Islamic aggression, but it isn't complicated: fight and destroy the invaders or die. The second option is worse than death, so I won't waste your time by suggesting it.

    • Informed

      Right? No one has any idea what Islam is all about. Islam is here. And it is radical. In our Armed Forces, schools, government, media. Pouring over the borders. Look up the CAIR website. Allah is not God. That is for certain.

  • Mary Sue

    Naked women? Someone tell them to take off their X ray goggles!

    • JacksonPearson

      For the Western mind, perhaps the most disturbing fact about Islam is that its founder had a sexual relationship with a nine year old girl. Because of this, it has become increasingly popular in some circles to refer to the Prophet of Islam as a "pedophile." This is, of course, extremely offensive to Muslims, who view Muhammad as the ideal servant of God and as the greatest example of what a man should strive to be. Nevertheless, Muhammad’s relationship with a young girl presents a problem for Muslims, especially for those who want to share their faith with others.

      • Mary Sue

        Someone should tell them it is extremely offensive to Westerners to call a fully clothed woman who just doesn't happen to be wearing a tarp "naked".

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Their faces are uncovered.

      • Mary Sue

        face uncovered = naked? Man someone should send them back to school.

  • Clara S



    • Daniel Greenfield

      The video is still up.

    • John

      Could'nt have put it better Clara…..Who do these two bob tossers who produce nothing but hatred think they are? They seem to have more rights than us……..I hate them and what they stand for.

      • A Bod

        Agreed. Do those idiots have any idea about where this could lead?
        Of course not, they are too stupid.
        If they don't like it here sod off, no one is forcing you to stay.

    • artem

      The only reaction that will affect them is to act like them. If you are offended go out and kill some mouzzies. This is what had happened in Gujarat , India. The Hindus as also the non muzi minorities got sick of the constant pin pricks of the mouzis in the shape of rapes, beatings, kidnappings etc. Godhra wa the turning point. After which more than 2000 of the vermin were exterminated. Gujarat has not had any problems from muslims for more than 10 years now.

    • herems

      At last people are no longer sitting down under the demands of these interlopers. The above words, if not able to be spoken, are in the heads of all thinking people. Cameron and the stupid woman who runs Australia and who opened the floodgates of ill
      gals into this country are outdated and need removing very quickly. We need some strong leaders to emerge and send those who rant about our culture back to where they have a culture that pleases them, albeit with LESS HANDOUTS !!!!

  • Clara S

    Thank you, Daniel. I just check back and see that is so. I don't know why it was missing a few minutes ago…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      YouTube has its hiccups.

  • Edward Cline

    Britons ought to begin making their own videos. By Britons, I mean non-Muslim Britons. These videos should be as challenging and in-your-face as the one delivered by the mumbling chap hiding behind the dish towel mask. They ought to be as defiant and proud as the Muslims are arrogant and thuggish. They ought to dare Muslims to meet them in Parliament Square for a knock-down drag-out. You want to threaten us? Think again, McAhmed. You creed is evil and we won't submit to it or tolerate it.

    • Mary Sue

      they need some baseball or cricket bats, but I dunno how they'll fare without guns (THANKS ALOT, DUNBLANE A$$HOLE!) and to boot, how much do you want to bet the muzzie patrol will call the cops and arrest the Britons and accuse them of being skinheads?

    • Larry

      They did, the leader of that organisation is now in gaol after the British Govt tried and convicted him of a crime against US immigration laws.

      The full story is scarey.

      • Edward Cline

        Mary Sue, Larry: I know about Tommy Robinson and his being sentenced to 10 months in jail (and in solitude, yet, with few or no privileges taken for granted by the Muslim jail population). Still, his people should develop a video campaign that can be watched by other Britons that would rile them up and pester the establishment for action against the Muslims and their Sharia-inspired vigilante patrols. They should keep hammering away. It's cheap enough and I'm sure the EDL and other patriotic organizations have a surplus of Internet savvy members who could make it possible. It's either that, or just sit back and let the Muslims define Britain.

  • rodger the dodger

    At some point, they will encounter the ‘non-muslim patrol’. That’s when things will get interesting.

    However, right now, these blokes are enforcing in areas full of students, lefties, creatives and so on who no doubt think it’s wonderful to live in multi-culti Tower Hamlets borough in London, the mayor of which is an Islamic supremacist and member of an organisation calling for shari’ah law Europe-wide. He also was elected off the back of massive voter fraud, which the police refused to investigate. “Nothing to see here but cultural enrichment, Guv…”, they said.

    I’m just waiting for someone to say it’s our fault the patrols are happening because we’re such racists etc.

    • Drakken

      When the leftist sympathizers find out what the muslim enrichers have in store for them it will be too late, the muslims will continue to push the infidels until we say enough is enough and pay them in their own bloody coin.

    • S Skola

      My thoughts exactly regarding the "non-Muslim patrol". Isn't there a working class area of London where soccer hooligans would start a riot if this happened? I may just imagine Britain differently than it is in reality. As an American Britain is a place I don't want this happening. Britain has been our best friend/ally, most dangerous enemy, given us our language, and we love the British Isles and their people… as English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, etc. Not an Islamic caliphate. Crack down on these Muslim Patrol fascists. Appeasement won't work Mr. Cameron.

      This garbage better not start happening frequently in the US. It would be ugly very quickly I'm afraid. I know I'd deck the guy in the face. There will be no Sharia law in Western countries. Period. Ever.

  • Michael Copeland


    By Beleaguered Briton

    Immigration, immigration,
    Unrequested inundation,
    Demographic transformation,
    Force-imposed – no consultation –
    Barely heeded protestation.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Cultural annihilation,
    Whole replacement population,
    Denigrating those Caucasian,
    Making European Asian.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Natives led to desperation,
    Refugees within their nation,
    See their laws meet immolation –
    Poppy-burning demonstration.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Causing strife and confrontation,
    Lacking proper explanation,
    Much conspired by machination
    From that Brussels domination.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Source of daily great frustration,
    Working class’s relegation,
    Local council infiltration,
    Welfare budget exploitation.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Watch in growing consternation,
    Hostile foreign deputation
    In defiant motivation
    Build illegal demarcation.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Governmental obfuscation,
    Endless weak accommodation,
    Spineless cringeing subjugation,
    British law’s subordination.

    Immigration, immigration,
    Wilful deafness situation,
    Open up this conversation,
    Urgent reconsideration,
    Better still, complete cessation.

    • MikeWood

      Hi Michael, that's great. I really liked the one you did on Sharia too.

    • S Skola

      Very nice. I doubt the Europeans would be okay with this idea but there are the tremors of a small but growing exodus from the US back to what many Americans rightly consider their ancestral homelands in Europe.

      I really don't think Europeans want any immigrants from any where but I suppose there could be worse places to receive immigrants from. I.e. Asian/MEast. One of the tenets of the movement is no political involvement for one generation after returning home to Europe. Interesting idea but as much as I would like to eventually move to Europe from the US I do not think that it would be appreciated by the Europeans who generally dislike Americans.

  • rodger the dodger

    ” Many of the younger Islamists are wannabe rappers…” etc.

    Yes, I see more and more young black males in London are converting to Islam, and it makes perfect sense as you point out – the parallels between it and the black rap culture are evident with violence, racism, and misogyny all well represented by both. Perfect fit. What better way to get back at The White Man?

    • HEREMS

      the white man who feeds houses and educates him !

  • Michael Copeland

    “More and more black males are converting to Islam”. These are descendants of blacks abducted – by muslim Arab slave raiders – from their homelands and sold to merchants at the coast. Islam authorizes slavery. The abductions and sales continue under the radar.

    Mohammed was a slave-owner and trader. His is the “beautiful pattern [of conduct] to follow” (Koran 33:21). In one hadith (tradition) he bought a new slave and paid for him with two black slaves. In another he instructed his followers to obey their master “even if he is an Ethiopian black whose head looks like a raisin”.

    Islam has never abolished slavery. It continues in Mali, Mauritania, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Recently a Saudi offered his black slave, helpfully castrated, for sale on the internet.

    • kafir4life

      Did you know that Barack Obama's family was on the "other side" of the "slave equation" from most Black people in the US? Apparently, His ancestors "met" Michelle's family back in the day, when Barack's family arranged for jobs and their transport to the New World. There's a genetic relationship between the Prez and First Lady, as Barack's family found comfort in utilizing female members of Michelle's clan as "belly warmers". That may explain the President's contempt for African Americans, and why He's done nothing for them. He knows that His color is the only reaon he received over 95% of their votes.

    • artem

      Blacks have a history with the mozzies. Mussies have been keeping blacks as slaves for the last 1400 years.

  • kafir4life

    We don't hire moon god worshippers. We don't shop in the stores of muslims. We walk out of stores that employ them, and politely explain to management as to why. It's just a safety issue. You can't tell if an unfamiliar dog has rabies, so you'd stay away from unknown dogs. It's like that with muslims. There's no way to determine which ones are the splodeydopes, until it's too late. Best to avoid and ignore them. I don't care what they say. I don't care what they think. My only concern is with what they do, and they rarely do well.

    allahu snackbar!

    • good post!

      allahu f-ckbar!

    • S Skola

      Good start. Must staunch the flow of these extremists by finding your immigrants somewhere else or do without immigrants.

  • Rifleman

    A Brit Christian posting a similar video would probably be charged with a hate crime.

    • DRB

      Dead right! To hell with political correctness!

  • tagalog

    You may take the women, but if you take my alcohol, there's gonna be trouble…

  • ziontruth

    Colonization, setting up enclaves that are no-go for the indigenous, apartheid… everything the Left has always claimed to be dead-set against, in short.

    Except that, here, the Left is for those things. The Progs are the main enablers of it. And the irony and gall of it all? They call you a "racist" and "colonist" if you dare to breathe so much as a word in resistance.

    Marxismus delendus est.

    • Mary Sue

      well because the Left actually believes that two wrongs make a right. Since the West was Colonizationalist, now it's our turn to feel it, apparently. You're not allowed to resist because it's your turn to learn what "oppression" feels like. That's the only way to make things "fair", don'tcha know! :p

  • PAthena

    Christianity is the official religion of England. The Church of England is the official church, founded by King Henry VIII when he abolished the Catholic Church as the official church, in order to divorce his wife Catherine in order to marry Anne Boleyn. The Queen is the head of the Church of England. (There is, of course, freedom of religion in England.)

    • Mary Sue

      yeah but a great many of them have gone all Richard Dawkins.

    • S Skola

      In an Islamic country there is no freedom of religion for Christians. No argument can be made that England is not 100% a Christian country (even if many do not practice). Ironic they demand the right to implement their archaic theocratic legal system in a clearly secular but historically/majority Christian country but vigorously/brutally oppress Christian missionaries/minorities elsewhere in the Islamic world.

      What efforts is your government taking to ensure the integrity of England's (Britain for that matter) heritage and culture from Eastern influences?

  • DilloTank

    Yes, Islam is a religious cover for evil.

  • Gee

    The Limeys deserve Islamofascists – they're so alike


    Never Forget that the UK/scotlandia released the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 on "comassionate" grounds, for Libyan oil contracts for BP.

    The UK has been hijacked by socialists and islamists.

    It won't turn out well.

    • S Skola

      Good point, what has happened? Why do they roll over?

  • mekus milkdud

    once again Christians are at a disadvantage and many here that are trying to do the right thing, we are taught to turn the other check while Muslims are to taught to slap it and murder you. obummer and the black leaders are promoting hate to whites and jews and obummer is taking away christians rights while promoting Muslims? this country has been lost for christians and has turned into a warzone

  • mekus milkdud

    when you have diverse cultures you have hate within and the wars are on, Americans have been taught diversity is great but it is just the opposite, what has diversity every done for the United ?States other than made our cities unlivable because of crime and thugery

  • @pangallion

    Islam & Zionism are the twin evils of our time. One insidiously controls Parliament using the Jewish lobby, infiltrates political parties and promotes a 'liberal' agenda which is really Trotskyite in nature and seeks to break down the fabric of society using mass immigration. The non-muslim immigrants impregnate our women and we are meant to be glad of this 'diversity'. The muslim immigrants that arrive rail against an alien host culture and flex their muscles to try to assert their values upon the host nation. England is indeed the host to them, and they are truly parasites. England provides housing & benefits so that their birth rate can accelerate past that of the indigenous population. Until we recognise that Zionists and Muslims, combined with British quislings masked as liberals and socialists, are all facets of the same problem, we are destined to continue down a path to our own annihilation while being called 'bigot' for not wanting to be colonised and being called 'racist' for preferring the company of our own people. Nationalism can and will be our only chance to save ourselves, our country and our way of life.

  • Bobbsterr

    The first thing we have to do in this country is to rid ourselves of the egregious EU. It is because of this outfit that European countries have become emasculated in respect of what can be done about these Islamofacsists in our midst (The Enemy Within).

    I can't see much being achieved until then. A couple of hundred years ago these scum would have been executed for treason – and rightly so.

  • Drakken

    As you can tell from the comments to this vile islamic filth, there is going to be civil war and frankly I believe that the native Brits and the native Europeans are about to turn on these islamist colonizers and their leftist enablers, all it is going to take to se the whole thing off is an incident and then there will be no stopping it.

    • New edl member

      How right your were.

  • Ghostwriter

    The Muslim Patrol are just a bunch of obnoxious pinheads. That alone should put them up to ridicule.

  • Michael Copeland

    This is a direct In-Your-Face challenge to the rule of law – English Law – enforced with menaces. It may appear to be some unimportant matter of local gang culture but it is not: it is Islamic Jihad policy. The outline of it is in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Project” (see internet).

    During the War part of Britain was invaded and taken over by the Nazis. This was the Channel Islands. The inhabitants were told, “This is now a German area: German rules apply. You cannot go beyond this point.”

    In Britain the invasion has already happened: it was facilitated by the Labour government. What we are seeing now is the Conquest under way.

    Nazi or Sharia – what is the difference ?

  • almarri

    In the background are the Wahibi/Salafist imams sent from Saudi Arabia to spread their poison.

  • Expat Sceptic

    These "Muslim Patrols" are just another manifestation of how ridiculous religious dogma in general is, and how much better off all of us would be without religion. The only reason modern Christianity isn't similarly afflicted (despite similar edicts existing in the Bible) is that it's been exposed to centuries of secularisation. One can only hope that humanity in general sees reason and gets past this stupidity.

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Expat Sceptic,

      You preach hatred of religion even though Marxist Atheism killed up to 300 million people in the 20th Century and consigned countless others to misery. Forget it. You lot had your chance.

      One of MILLIONS of reasons "Christianity isn't similarly afflicted" is because it has never had tenets of jihad or thought control. Jihad is islam's core tenet, much like "by any means necessary" is atheism's core tenet.

      If atheists are allowed to institute an "Age of Reason" it will be built and maintained on mountains of corpses.

      • Expat Sceptic

        "Marxist Atheism killed up to 300 million people in the 20th Century and consigned countless others to misery."

        Setting aside the problems inherent in mistaking Communism for Marxism, the USSR and China were cults of personality, not Atheist states.

        "One of MILLIONS of reasons "Christianity isn't similarly afflicted" is because it has never had tenets of jihad or thought control."

        You mean the Cathars were never killed for thinking differently? You mean Pagan Europe and the New World were never violently force-converted to Christianity? You're ignoring a lot of Christianity's history.

        "Jihad is islam's core tenet, much like "by any means necessary" is atheism's core tenet."

        By that logic, forced conversion at swordpoint, gunpoint, or economic coercion is Christianity's core tenet. Also, Atheism is simply a lack of belief in any god or gods. No tenets required.

        "If atheists are allowed to institute an "Age of Reason" it will be built and maintained on mountains of corpses."

        I have no idea what to do with such a stupid statement, Ziggy.

      • Expat Sceptic

        Ziggy Zoggy,

        There's no such thing as "Marxist Atheism." I assume you're referring to the Soviet Union and China, both of which were (and China still is) cults of personality, not "Atheist regimes." I've heard that silly meme more times than I care to remember.

        Really? No jihad or thought control? You mean the Cathars were never killed for thinking differently? You mean Pagan Europe and the New World weren't violently force-converted to Christianity? Stop ignoring your religion's history.

        Atheism has no core tenets. It's not a religion. It's just a lack of belief in deities. Learn this now.

        As for your last statement, I have no idea how to reply to such an ill-founded statement.

      • Expat Sceptic

        Ziggy Zoggy,

        First of all, "Marxist Atheism" doesn't exist, to say nothing of your mistaking Soviet Communism for Marxism. Communism and Atheism aren't the same thing, no matter how much you think they are.

        Also, Christianity has the very same tenets you claim it doesn't have. Why else would the Cathars have been killed for thinking differently? Why else would Pagan Europe and the New World have been violently force-converted to Christianity?

        To address another point, Atheism isn't a religion and it has no tenets. It's simply a lack of belief in gods. Learn this.

        As for your last statement, it's so baseless I'm not going to bother with it.

  • harry h

    this is not an Islam country, you lot moved here, there will be a time when enough will be enough. my message to you is to go and live is a beyond the dark ages country and kill each other like you have been doing for years.

  • bensolomon

    I saw the video on Al-Jazera, the stream. The Indian Muslim ( British Citizen) has accused Ms Kelly of being racist, while kelly says she is not racist but disagrees with islamic ideology. Well let me remind the Indian Muslim British citizen, that in India, Hindus have many problems with Radical Indian Muslims. Remenber the demolition of the Babri Mosque in India and the riots against Muslims in Gujerat India. The point i am making is Kelly is right, its not a racist problem but a problem with Islam. Asians who are Christians/Hindus/Buddhist dont have a "value"problem living in Britain. Now my second point is the Bearded Man says he will not condemm the Muslim Patrol because they are his Muslim Brothers. I beleive deep in the hearts of true Muslims, they will not condemn the Muslim Patrol just as they wont condemm Osama bin Laden. Every devout Muslim beleive that Shariah Law is divine law given by Allah and the Muslims have a moral responsibility to bring it into reality.

  • bensolomon

    Western viewvers should know that the Koran encourages Muslims to deceive Infidels in order to acheive the objectives of Islam
    The Final point I like to make is that a minority Fanatical Muslims can even destroy a whole country or the whole planet when they get the right weopons. The problem of Muslim Extremism must be nipped in the bud. Remenber that Osama and his small group of people were able to carry out large scale violence so the argument that "its just a small group" is not valid when dealing with people who have a deep desire to use violence to achieve their goals.


    Dear Friends,

    I left England in 1988, lived in Australia where in Perth a highly Westernised country city existed with hardly any Muslim extremist people and everyone got on well.Nowadays it seems we have many more muslim immigrants with dubious domineering sneering values and i see down trends to alike England of nowaday’s.So open season and replacement of Muslim extremists back home to Muslim extreme countries would be the only way forward.The fighting front supporters of Islam has to be seen to be peaceful and benevolant for protection.In Australia Sharia law is being demanded here too, locals are not happy about this and is this how WW4 will start ?I hope not it would be very locally based.The extreme Muslim terrorist’s may awaken a sleeping public who will set up the treason gallows on every street corner.Im not sure why it hasnt happened yet?Western public are so nice to a fault.

  • http://westnet herems

    Cameron…integrating Britons with the MUSLIM WAY OF LIFE. Is this man MAD. Shouldnt it be the other way around…..If muslims dont like the western culture what is stopping them going back to their 200 year backward countries? NO, they love the handouts and all else that is our western culture along those lines. Poor England, Poor Brits !!!!!

  • herems


  • Go Jira

    I thought I was the only one who noticed.

  • GFRF

    Read: Sharia Law for the Non-Muslim.
    Find it online in a PDF file!
    You must read it!

  • robertwatson

    fkn brainwashd by years of inbreeding they no no diffrent its in all ther genes and can never be reversd cause of fukingfamily inbreeding,all theyno is to fighteach other,evilness and terror,now takeover of countrys by means of biological by having 10 12 kids some of them,maggie thatcher please comeback i apoligize for not liking you,,cameron you coward wat are you leeving our grandkids and ther kids i hate you so much, edinburgh

  • Islamisfake

    Islam is a complete waste of time, who wants to spend half the day stood facing east muttering like a simpering halfwit, there is no god, no allah, no heaven, nothing.
    In this day and age its absolute madness to base your life around the ideas of a primitive, superstitious middle easterner from around 1400 years ago who probably invented a religion to control people.

    • Gregular768 .

      But the fact is Islam IS here in our country and it’s growing. And our government is currently doing nothing.

      The whole situation is ludicrous.
      All our laws are being twisted and manipulated. We can do nothing while they continue to have hate marches and hate preachers, in mosques, in jails, all over the place
      And sorry to say it but the Muslim community needs to do more or face being tarnished with the same brush and be dealt with in the same way.
      Muslims and Islam are closely interlinked and have always been so. For 1400 years and they’ve done NOTHING to stop these radicals. Done nothing to expel this type of thinking from their religion.

      And we do nothing now out of fear of upsetting the Islamists and the moderate muslim community.
      The war and politics of Palestine, of Islam is here and it won’t go away unless something is done.

      The moderate muslims NEED to make a much more positive stand against the radicals – it’s their religion that’s being used for extremism and if the western world fails, if civilisation falls, once that happens, these radicals will target the moderate muslims because in the eyes of an islamist – there is no moderate muslim, there’s only one type of true muslim.

      • Anto de Chav

        “The moderate muslims NEED to make a much more positive stand against the radicals” if they believe the ridiculous koran is the word of an alien named allah then they are radicals and can’t be trusted,the only moderate muslims are those they know deep down that its all bullshit..

        • TotallyDisgusted

          Well said !!!

      • Meggles

        I disagree.I don’t believe our country is doing nothing – I believe our country’s government is doing whatever it can to promote islam and to put down the indigenous population. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only thing they’re doing really well at.

      • kiljoy616

        And your all unarmed so what would you do but pray to your Government that it not be taken over.

        • Gregular768 .

          So you admit that their aim is not to coexist and integrate? Not to cherish other cultures? Not to rejoice in the diversity of humankind?

          “Taken over”. Nice sentiment that shows your true colours.

          Besides, who says “we’re” unarmed?
          Most sensible people are armed with the greatest weapon available…. A brain!
          You can’t indoctrinate people that think, that question into a mindless backward uncivilised false evil cult
          And let’s not forget all “material” weapons are invented by the brain..

          Why would I pray?
          I believe in a morale code, in science, in laws and rights that been established over the evolution of human society.
          The renaissance, the industrial revolution, women’s rights, gay rights ( I’m not gay and don’t understand it – but I understand the right for decent law abiding citizens to be whoever they want to be). A culture that learns, grows, evolves, adapts, enriches and looks to help those who are in need.

          And why would I pray to a government?
          Politics is not religion. The 2 are completely separate entities – another problem with Islam which seeks to have them as

        • Gregular768 .

          Just to clarify….. You schmuck!
          What happened here is a verbal beat down.

          And you jest we have no weapons ;)

          If your attitude emulates that of the Muslim majority there will be dark times ahead. It will take time for the peaceful accepting people of the western world to rise up, but they will in the face of adversity, and when they do, there will be a reckoning. The likes of which I hope will end this evil cult forever.

          And on a personal note, if I ever have the misfortune to meet you and you talk to me in that way – telling me I will be taken over by Islam…… Well, for your sake I hope it does not happen.

          Go try a pork sandwich, it’s nutritional. Protein is good, helps build muscle when you’re doing all that exercising bending up and down

    • tonny

      Christianity Is A Satanic Religion Establish by Paul To Deceive Peoople From True Religion Of GOD. Dont Let Anybody Mislead You, Jesus Is Not The Funder Of Christianity. (The Word Christian Or Christianity,Jesus Never Heard It Before, He Never Talk It Before). The Real Funder Of Christianity Is Anti christ

      Bible is a fake book. nt word of GOD.

      There are those who will vehemently defend the inerrancy of the Word of God. Christians was deceive that bible is word from God and they completely ignore HOW it was compiled, filtered, put together and named by pagans!
      The Council of Nicea in 325 in Rome DECIDED for christians what books would be included and what would be official church doctrine. Constantine the empror of rome was the ultimate approver or disprover of word of God, not a Spirit led born again believer in Jesus! Most will claim Constantine was a believer, what they don’t tell you is that Constantine didn’t convert until he was on his deathbed! Which means the early church majority did nothing as a pagan compiled and Told US what doctrine was true or false! thats how they change word of God from torah to Bible. while The Torah states that all mitzvot remain binding forever, and anyone coming to change the Torah is immediately identified as a false prophet. (Deut. 13:1-4).

      • islam.teach.wanking

        Shut up you wanker . Quaran is a toilet tissue !

      • R

        are u a convert to Islam,tonny?

      • Anto de Chav

        your koran is a joke filled with errors.. and if your precious allah loves you so much why does he threaten to try you into a fire where your skin will be burnt off over and over again..Unbelievers are like “apes and pigs” (5:60) (8:55) and Muslims must not make friends with them.

        Jihad is a holy duty of Muslims (66:9), who are to “strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” and behead them (8:12) and slay them until they submit and pay the jiyza (9:5), a special tax for subjugated unbelievers.

        If you think this evil book comes from “god” then i have a bridge to sell you.. clown.

      • Meggles

        You really need to seek help – urgently!

      • LAW

        tonny – You words are very violent towards a christian based country like England, yes christian based. Whether anyone wants to believe in God(Jehovah) or not it still doesn’t negate the fact that England’s laws are mostly biblical(christian) based and this country allows freedom to all religions.

        Also it is also strange you knock a book that was wriiten way before yours! The Old testmanet(Torah) was started over 1500bc and finished around 100ad, your book(koran) hadn’t even start! Jesus was actually called the King of the Jews, He was their messiah, but for some reason the majority of Jews rejected Him. The first church in Jerusalam had about 5000 members and were all messianic jews, even the christians living around the mediterranean at the time were all jewish converts! It was the Jews who took christianity to Rome, Paul being the most famous and important one of all, an ex pharisee.

        You say Paul tried to start christianity, which is a word that constantinople probably created anyway(big deal), to control people, but the main message behind it is love, love towards each other and love for God, not much control their! And also free choice!

        In the Torah(Old Testament) whenever they spoke about God, it was always the God of Abrahamm, Isaac and Jacob, Ishmael i am afraid is never mentioned in Gods(Yahweh’s) name!!

        And if you want proof that Our God is powerful, checkout which country exists between Egypt and Lebanon, Israel!!! None of the armies of allah were able to defat them in 1967 or 1973, Israel womped your asses, the sword of Gideon!

        In the bible it stated that in 2000 years God will restore His first born(Israel), not me or you but jews, to their homeland, and whallah there it is, concreate evidence that our God exists the state of Israel.
        Not to mention the worlds calendars are all revolved around the birth and death of Christ, not Mohammed, not hare krishna, not moroni(they are mad!), not vishnu, but Jesus!!
        And England agrees with all the above!! And what a marvelous place to live is the UK!!

        • Sean

          The word christian was in invented in Antioch,book of acts

      • Matthew Dunn

        Starnge how the Koran uses many attribute of the Hebrew bible? Like Abraham, etc. Mohamad is a false prophet and used his creation of Islam to build his own empire. History has proven it!

      • lovetoall

        We all are one eternal soul….why wasting your valueble human energy in mundane
        Material things…come out of this duality and releaized the self

      • AugustineThomas

        You’re a complete nutjob. Muhammad was a warlord and a pedophile who stole from Judaism and Christianity to create his disgusting religion that mutilates and murders women.

        Only Christ can save us and his Church is the One True Church, which he gave authority over to St. Peter.

        It’s amazing that we live in a world full of secularist cowards and Muslim pervert maniacs. We need help from Heaven!

        Sancta Maria ora pro nobis!

      • TotallyDisgusted

        Your a sick motherf***er and hope you die in the gutter once we kick-off to dissolve scum like you

      • I’m Stalking You

        Children, children, children…ALL religions are nonsensical drivel meant to control the masses. If there is a creator out there in the lonely expanse of the universe, that’s a HUGE ‘if’ with no evidence supporting it, humans would never be able to properly define what it is or wants from them. (I’m guessing it would want absolutely nothing from them, because they would likely be entirely irrelevant to it.) No religion is correct, no religion will ever get it right, just live a peaceful life and defend that peace from extremists.

        • Skye

          “just live a peaceful life and defend that peace from extremists.”

          What you mean is, love one another and protect that love. This is what the foundation of Christianity is about.

        • This is England

          Well said the only person on who makes sense, who in the modern world can believe a any book written by a human being after all are we not all human beings, I actually hope all Muslims come to the uk and take over and English not british people move to the Middle East. what we could build with your oil is uncomprehendable, oil which we pay your Muslim countries for, if your so called leAders choose not to spend those billions of pounds on the Muslim people then that’s down to Muslims not the rest of world, by the way England has its wealth because the English (not british)people have payed taxes for generation after generation to make there home country a nice place to live, if you live in England and are a Muslim you are breaking your own laws which state you should punished by beheading, good luck when we wake up throw you out

      • Sean

        So the Torahs given by god and agrees with nt but disagrees with quaran.
        Abraham safaris s who, issac the brother of Ishmael and yet he said this my only son ?
        He talking about Jesus who god will use to bring salvation to all men.
        Let us man man in our image, after our likeness….. Trinity
        The Lord God and his Spirit have sent me ( Jesus )
        How many peoPle board the ark what are their names isaiah 53 psalm 22 the song of Moses all agree with nt not with quaran
        Who warns us about the antichrist , Paul
        Your argument makes no sense its internally incoherent.

    • Ron Lake

      All religion was invented to control people. its like a school playground isnt it these days?…….My God is better than your God and if you dont agree I’ll cut your head off.

    • AugustineThomas

      I think it’s clear that Islam has been bad for the world.
      Christ came and established the true religion though. And Christians built the West and all modernity. So it’s dubious for you to suggest that atheism is a superior belief system, since you live in a place built on Christian precepts and not in North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran.

  • scots soldier

    its time for cameron to go ,remove him from parliament remove his bank accounts and give him a council house in oldham or luton,cameron you are a disgrace to your people,look at whats happening in this country not syria or the middle east

  • marqeeza

    too much of free sex? Now you lost your country. What ever you say in here won’t change anything because you’re afraid of them. Politicians sucks!

  • Reno_Raider

    I sure feel sorry for Brits. Their politicians have given their country to the stinking muslims. Christians will be subjected to dhimmitude. Second class citizens. Those that aren’t executed.

  • DAvid01

    To the author of this article,these guys you are criticizing are an equal and just response to people like you and you deserve them to be around you.How dare you insult Prophet Muhammad PBUH like this and saying awful things about him.Go and spend some time and research on religion and hsitory and you will find a good answer for your sick soul.Do a bit of research before geenralizing your views about Muslims Islam or Mohammad

  • DAvid01

    Islam is fake,just like you have your vies of Islam religion ad God that there is no such thing,there are an equal number in the world who believe in God and His power and His prophets…Only a powerful and knowledgable entity can create humans such as your self and this World..Incase after you die and a God does turn may be in some deep shit at that time..Try not to generalize your views to all of the world

  • DAvid01

    Reno rider dont smell that good either…maybe give the country to you and lets see you perform your miracles..

  • Unkown

    Muslims claim to be a religion of peace! But if you look at all Islamic countries there is no peace but constant wars! Most Muslims migrate to western countries and try and impose their nuisance on people i.e sharia laws and that burqa wearing! If thats what they want why come and mix with the ‘non-belivers’ :/ Most Muslims are hypocrites and wherever they go there is always trouble. Even moderate Muslims they cannot even stand up against their own so called ‘brothers’ who go and bomb people and perform barbaric acts. That just shows you what type of religion is! God is love but muslims makes it out as if God is full of hate and imposing fear in people’s hearts! From when their so-called prophet raped and murdered people and yet they worship him! It explains it all! Islam is a fraud and people need to be aware!

  • muhammad.swallowed.sperm

    This scared boy with cloth on face simply needs something to make him feel less pitiful. This is what islam give to people same as any other sect – feeling of being a part of organised and strong community. But as a unit he is and will always be scared little boy who just wants mummy’s boobie back…

  • sara

    God send your loving peace and mercy to this world let us love each other.

    • iam a muslim and i hate islam

      dude fuck u and god

      • This is England

        You are Muslim but you hate Islam, my friend in the eyes of all other Muslims that makes you a non believer, according to Muslim religion your head will be cut off, what nice people you are

  • i called my pig mohammad

    fuck islam and the pedo mohammad, muslims be warned were watching you and we will fight back, why don’t you and your pig fucker relatives go home back to your desserts, the revolution is coming

  • Meggles

    “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around,” Cameron said. Every time I read these infamous words of’call me Dave’ I cringe at the knowledge that THIS man is the leader of OUR country.

  • L

    k we need to kick camron out

  • mecon0191

    We need to rid our country of these extremist people who preach murder and intollerence.This is a Christian country and our people and government need to stand up and be counted,or beware some day it will end in civil war so act now

  • its time

    These liberals marxists idiots are doing what hitler could never manage to do, destroy British Culture. by 2050 Britain will cease to exist.

  • Parritaman

    It is absolutely vital that “normal” citizens in all free nations pressure their politicians to stop all Islamic immigration. Every country in Europe is about to be over run by Islam. See YouTube video: WORLD POPULATIONS AND MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS.

  • TotallyDisgusted

    The day of reckoning is NOW…….. we’re being forcibly threatened by these Islamic parasites and time to take action rather than empty words. We have let the wild beasts out the cage and now must eradicate and curtail their onslaught otherwise our offspring will live the nightmare in the very near future. I pray as a Christian God puts an end to this Madness .. Amen.

  • Sean

    No christianity is about accepting your lack of righteousness before a holy and demanding god and that your best efforts are worthless before him and you are thus unable to save oneself from the hell all deserves. But a merciful God put on flesh and die for your crimes that his righteous might be transferred to all that put their trust in his sinless and soul saving power. Those that do this are the saved and elect those that do no are damed and not elect. I think your thinking of self-help not christianity.