UK Paper: Obama an Amateur on World Stage Compared to Bush


Despite Obama’s obsession with giving speeches in Berlin landmarks formerly used by Hitler as photo ops, it appears that he has kinda lost Europe.

Sure, the Euros like him and all. But liking doesn’t get you very far if the people are only doing it because they think you’re a well-meaning, but incompetent fool.

Niles Gardiner at the UK’s The Telegraph points out that Bush’s Coalition of the Willing for Iraq “swelled to roughly 40 countries, and was one of the largest military coalitions ever assembled.”

Meanwhile Obama’s Euro-Syrian coalition consists of… France.

As it stands, President Obama’s proposed military coalition on Syria has a grand total of two members – the US and France. And the French, as we know from Iraq, simply can’t be relied on, and have very limited military capability. It is a truly embarrassing state of affairs when Paris, at best a fair weather friend, is your only partner. John Kerry tried to put a brave face on it at his press conference today, by referring to France “as our oldest ally,” but the fact remains that his administration is looking painfully isolated.

There can be no doubt that David Cameron’s defeat in the House of Commons was a huge blow to President Obama, and has dominated the US news networks this morning. The absence of Britain in any American-led military action significantly weakens Obama’s position on the world stage, and dramatically undercuts the Obama administration. The vote reflected not only a lack of confidence in the Commons in the prime minister’s Syria strategy, it also demonstrated a striking lack of confidence in Barack Obama and US leadership.

The official position on this is to blame Bush, but the reality is that Obama didn’t even bother to try and make the case. He didn’t appear at the UN. He didn’t visit the UK.

Obama just assumed that Cameron would do what he was doing and muscle his country into the war. He was wrong. The UK proved more democratic than the US.

In marked contrast to Obama, President Bush invested a great deal of time and effort in cultivating ties with key US allies, especially Britain. The Special Relationship actually mattered to George W. Bush. For Barack Obama it has been a mere blip on his teleprompter

Obama spent much of his time reaching out Muslim countries in Asia. Meanwhile the UK stepped out for a cigarette.

  • Mike

    Obama didn’t even bother to try and make the case because he has fallen for his own BS, and is also too lazy.

    • wdwrkr

      Obama is bent out of shape because he doesn’t believe he should have to ask congress for permission…..for anything.

  • fmobler

    For years, I teased my European friends that we Americans think of the UK as a kinda retarded middle aged aunt who never married. She is harmless, and you’d feel guilty if you forgot to invite her to holiday dinners. But you couldn’t count on her for much.

    I need a new tease.

  • American1969


  • victor

    Obama invested in another failing venture and a losing proposition, domestically and internationally, Solyndra and Moslem countries. He ignored our friends and catered to our enemies, thinking that ……………., frankly, I don’t think anybody knows know what he was thinking. The guy is an idiot, yet he and his blind followers think he is the greatest thing to walk the earth, and he is the President of the greates countries on earth…….I don’t think for much longer.

  • bleedinell

    Let’s just hope that he respects the will of the people this time.

  • EamonnDublin

    We shouldn’t underestimate Obama. From his point of view, things are probably rolling along nicely on all fronts. Firstly, Islamism is being given a free run by the West, because most of the West hasn’t a clue about what’s actually happening – and couldn’t care less in any case (as long as they have enough beer money every week). Therefore, the Obama pro-Islam agenda is AOK, thank you. Secondly, the black community is being nicely stoked up to believe that racism is as bad as it ever was. That should lead to some race riots down the road, with the resultant possibility of Obama being placed into a good position to introduce some “State of Emergency” measures. That should serve to keep him in power for a bit over the eight years. Thirdly, his legalisation of illegals measures look like they are moving along nicely, thus ensuring plenty of extra Obama support for whatever he wants to do. Fourthly, his move towards making a majority of the people reliant on welfare handouts is also moving into top gear – (“gee, thanks, Mr. President, and we don’t even have to work!!”). Put all of the above together and it’s “Goodnight, Irene”. Time to WAKE UP, America and the Rest of The West. Islamism has already crossed over the brow of the hill, and it’s cominatcha!!! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.