UK Soldier Converts to Islam, Gets Surgery, Becomes First Transgender Gay Muslim Woman


I don’t think there’s a more apt metaphor for what the UK is doing to itself with Islam than the story of Mr. Laurens Vallender.

A former trained soldier swapped his Territorial Army beret for a veil and became Britain’s first transgender Muslim woman.

Laurens Vallender now calls himself Lucy and says he is finally ‘true to herself’ after a sex change three years ago. He is now married to a Muslim man he met on an online dating site, but he did not know he was once a man when they wed.

I just bet. Look at that face. Who could possibly suspect Laurens/Lucy is a man?

But finally the UK has its transgender gay Muslim soldier. If it were the US, the Democrats would already be encouraging him to run for President.

He now wears a full veil outside her Swindon home to show the world he is married.

This is the rare case where everyone can unite around a Burka.

Mr. Vallender told his GP he was ‘in the wrong body’ and three years ago had his sex change. He then went back to work as a Ministry of Defence kitchen porter.

In another major life change, he then converted to Islam because it promoted peace last September.

‘I had thought about it for a while but it is such a taboo I thought,’ he said. ‘But I did it because it is a nice religion – so peaceful.

If there were any doubts that this man is completely delusional, they have just been resolved.

His conversion to Islam followed last Autumn and then he married Murad at a small ceremony at his home in London.

“I’ve seen him twice since the wedding. When I do we have sex.”

So it’s a proper gay marriage then.

He has run into trouble with the local mosque in Swindon, Wiltshire, as they would not let him pray with the women.

“They asked me questions about my bra cup size, asked about my Adam’s apple, about my period and asked to see my birth certificate.”

Mr Vallender says he has been victimised by worhippers, who he says have asked himr personal questions and banned him because he is a transexual, and he wants to ‘get justice’ for transgender and Muslim people.

Try Syria. They’re serving up heaps of justice there.

  • Kristine Hayes

    Wow what an arse hole the writer of this article is, constantly saying “he”, “his” etc when the writer should be using she, hers etc.
    I fully support Lucyas a transgender woman but what was she thinking converting to Islam.
    And I am disgusted with some of the comments on here, you are no better than the writer of this article.

    • trangbang68

      Hey Kristine, do you go out every Friday night in a clown suit?

  • Gamal

    At least he or she looks better than most Muslim women

    • Freeway1

      What does a typical Muslim woman look like? They are from every race and country.

      • chris2146

        What does a typical Muslim woman look like?

        I don’t know, they are normally forced to wear bin bags from head to toe so no-one actually knows what a typical muslim female is actually meant to look like, my guess they look like inbred fuckers

        • Freeway1

          What about Miss USA 2010?

          • chris2146

            No idea, I try to learn as little about the fucking yanks or whats happening in their country as possible, its because of them that we (the UK) entered an illegal war in Iraq due to the yanks making false claims of WMD just so they could remove saddam.

            Besides you cannot judge a typical muslim women who was born in a western country, for a true typical muslim you have to look at islamic shitholes like afghan, iraq, iran, you will find they are forced to wear bin bags so once again you cannot know what a true muslim women actually looks like.

  • Christian

    HA HA HA HA HA HA.. HA HA HA HA HA HA.. boy will be dead soon enough.. moslems do not allow transgenders PERIOD

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If anyone had any doubts that Leftism is a very severe mental disease, after reading this they shouldn’t anymore!

  • Anto de Chav

    This guy and islam deserve each other.

    • Freeway1

      What does that mean?

      • chris2146

        Marriage made in heaven, satan (Islam) and wife (transexual), perfect match, spot on to the original commenter, I think that is what the original comment is meant to suggest.

  • reese

    ha ha ha ha! Unbelievable. We are living in The Twilight Zone. I can’t believe America or the UK anymore. What the hell is going on? Well I know what’s going on. The Bible foretold it all. This guy is possessed by demonic spirits that make him completely delusional. He will be sodomized with a rusty rod or tree limb and killed by those “peaceful, loving” Islamic Supremacists and you’ll see his picture here: and

  • rocio

    SHE and HER , NOT HE OR HIM!!! is that so difficult??? How would you feel if someone refers to you incorrectly???

    • Chris Williams

      Well sorry but he’s a guy. XY chromosomes broski.

  • alissa

    You people are heartless and think of ur own world and lives as a joke and one big party. Hes still a human being. May gods curse be upon those surgeons who perform these ilusion gender changes
    I would treat him like any other being but I would still take him as a man as god created him a man

  • Rasha Trumbo

    I’m sorry, it’s not victimization. He may have had surgery, but he was born male and his genes and hormones are still male. Gender segregation is extremely strict and necessary especially during prayers, and he ought to respect that, especially if he wants to be Muslim. Do the other worshippers not have the right to follow their beliefs and to pray in the way that is best for them? Why should the women be forced to pray with someone they are unsure of?

    • Amanda Hunter

      she get over it.

  • Paul Eddings

    So good of you to share your great and comprehensive knowledge of this subject with us. Your incisive comment is obviously the result of much academic study in the field rather than the ignorant bigotry it might appear to those of us less educated in these issues. Thank you!


    Calls islam peaceful, gets harassed at mosque. LOL!

  • Rob

    Hope she does better at the NFL Scouting Combine than Michael Sam. Maybe the Lions can draft her.

    • trangbang68

      or maybe they can take her to the Detroit Zoo and the lions can eat her.

  • Snoopy

    poor guy, buried in so many delusions. he basically threw his life and mind away.

  • kartikreal

    this is called as Hara-kiri in Japanese.

  • George Parker

    Religion attracts nutters.

  • laura r

    you may not recall but i did say say last year that transgenger muslim rights were right around the corner. new cause? will they step foward? will they migrate to the US for obama care? will someone get a spot on MSNBC? newest media yakyak trend?

  • David

    Iran does sex-change operations surprisingly enough.

  • Vrickyi Ebagby