UK Warned that Ban of Popular African Muslim Drug May Cause Terrorism


The UK is experiencing an interesting reversal of the Opium War. Now Africa is forcing the UK to buy drugs. Some have blamed Khat for destroying entire societies. But on the plus side, it supposedly doesn’t make its users violent so maybe a plus for social harmony.

Multiculturalism now comes with drug use tolerance included.

Britain’s plan to ban khat, a leafy plant chewed as a stimulant in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula, should be dropped because it could alienate immigrants and damage counter-terrorism operations, lawmakers said on Friday.

How could banning a drug damage counterterrorism?

Banning the use of khat, or qat, would create tension between the police and immigrants, particularly Somalis who have settled across Britain, the committee said in a report.

“It is baffling that potential friction, between already disadvantaged communities and the police, has not been fully considered,” said committee chairman Keith Vaz. “We cannot afford for those who are already marginalized to be pushed towards criminality or extremism.”

Vaz was the guy who got out front to call for a Satanic Verses ban back in the day. While he’s all for banning books that offend Muslims, he warns ever so subtly that banning a popular African drug will lead to Islamic terrorism.

It would also be seen as a betrayal by Kenya, where growing khat is a big source of income in some areas, the panel added. Any damage to bilateral relations could undermine the two countries’ joint fight against militants.

Why not legalize heroin? Afghanistan will see it as a betrayal if the UK doesn’t and it will push the Taliban toward extremism.

Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May said in July that the ban would help prevent Britain from becoming a hub for the illegal trade in khat to countries where it is banned. She also cited evidence that khat has been linked to “low attainment and family breakdowns”.

Otherwise known as multiculturalism.

In Somalia, 80 percent of the men are on Khat. (Why yes we do need more immigration from Somalia. And as a bonus, 4 out of 5 Somali immigrants will be junkies.)

The US Drug Enforcement Agency website ( report that khat seizures increased from 17.6 metric tons in 1996 to 37.2 metric tons in 2001 indicating substantial amounts of khat are consumed in the US.

Khat is illegal in the United States of America, cathinone is a Schedule I drug (the same as heroin and cocaine), and cathine is a Schedule IV drug.

Khat is considerably more expensive in North America than in those countries where it remains a legal drug: in the US street value is $400

It’s like importing immigrants from junkie societies increases drug use… and terrorism. Does Khat fund Islamic terrorism? Oh yes.


  • v markwell

    so wat ,it should be banned ,Equality for everyone

  • A Z

    “would create tension between the police and immigrants, particularly Somalis”

    There were no substantial Somali communities in Britain or the U.S. before the presstitutes, the UN and the West decided to help starving people in Somalia in 1991.

    We had one less problem before 1991. Now they tell us that we cannot buy alcohol, cannot have service animals for the blind and their sons are going on Jihad.

    Foreign aid to a corrupt regime is like applying a band-aid to gangrenous wound.

  • logdon

    In that case is Vaz, for whom the term oleaginous could have been invented, discriminating against our West Indians whose never leave home without staple is ganja?

    Or is it that he’s an MP in Leicester where Muslims call the political shots?

    Got to keep the pecking order right I guess.

  • Boots

    So… the immigrants are stoned? Sounds like the perfect new liberal voter.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    But… but… Obwana says RESPECT IT!

  • Abdul Keddou

    Islam is a toxic drug

  • Softly Bob

    “But on the plus side, it supposedly doesn’t make its users violent so maybe a plus for social harmony.”

    If only…..

    We could calm the terrorists into docile submission. That would be taxpayer’s money worth spending. Instead of spending millions on counter-terrorist measures, we could pay for their khat and watch them as they become slothful and hippified.

    • UCSPanther

      Khat is a stimulant, and overuse often carries the same effects that are seen in drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine…

      Unlike weed, it actually makes its users “ready to rock” so to speak, and I have heard of it being used as a “Combat enhancement” drug over in Somalia and the surrounding areas…

      • Drakken

        You should see what these skinnies are like when they are all whacked out on this stuff, it takes quite a bit to put them down. We call them walking zombies.

        • UCSPanther

          I read the US army faced off with a pack of rebels in the Philippines near the beginning of the 20th century who were using local stimulants as “combat enhancer” drugs. Due to the rebel fighters’ resistance to damage from their drug use, the old Winchester 1897 shotgun became a favorite weapon for the troops in that area.

  • Jakareh

    The problem is having the Somalis there in the first place. They’re not that great even when sober.

  • m4253y

    “In Somalia, 80 percent of the men are on Khat. (Why yes we do need more immigration from Somalia. And as a bonus, 4 out of 5 Somali immigrants will be junkies.)” AND…don’t forget…”World Health Organization: 1 in 3 Somalis are Insane”

    Perfect mixture for the perfect new citizen. Pardon me whilst i vomit.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    If they knuckle under for fear of violence, then the patients are running the asylum.

  • BagLady

    Khat? Chewing Khat leaves? Same as heroin? I hardly think so. I’ve a better idea, ban Prozac and all those other uppers and downers obtainable in your nearest pharmacy.

    • defcon 4

      Then move to Somali baghead bitch. Better pack a burqa though.

      • Drakken

        Now I would love to see this batshit crazy commi go there and see the skinnies and what they have to offer, I’ll get the bourbon and watch the show and Darwin gets his due.

  • Citi

    Why would you use “Muslim” in your title? The drug doesn’t have a religion. That’s very ignorant. I don’t support religion bashing. I know you have no knowledge of Islam and bash Muslims but grow up. I registered just to make my point.


      We learned all about Islam on 9/11 and the Muslim worlds reaction to 9/11.

  • malcolmkyle

    Prohibition has finally run its course; the lives and livelihoods of hundred’s of millions of people (users and non-users) worldwide have been destroyed or severely disrupted; many countries that were once shining beacons of liberty and prosperity have become toxic, repressive, smoldering heaps of hypocrisy and a gross affront to fundamental human decency. It is now the duty of every last one of us to insure that the people who are responsible for this shameful situation are not simply left in peace to enjoy the wealth and status that their despicable actions have, until now, afforded them. Former and present Prohibitionists must not be allowed to remain untainted or untouched by the unconscionable acts that they have viciously committed on their fellow human beings. They have provided us with neither safe communities nor safe streets. We will provide them with neither a safe haven to enjoy their ill-gotten gains nor the liberty to repeat such a similar atrocity.

  • solidspine

    Well the obvious will not be done, they should outlaw the drug, and not let muslims into the UK. Send the Africans back to Africa. Black Muslims, come on this has to be nothing but trouble, why even consider letting them in the country.

  • EamonnDublin

    I am sending the following just to give you all a laugh! And, by the way, it is TOTALLY true (Google it and see). An Irish judge yesterday threw out a case in which a man was charged with possessing in excess of €1million of heroin in his house. The heroin was found by the Gardaí (Irish police) on foot of a search warrant. Judge Mary Ellen Ring dismissed the charge of possession because she said the search warrant did not stand up legally. She said that the warrant had been issued to the Gardaí by a Judge on foot of intelligence that many drug users had been seen visiting the house. Judge Mary Ellen Ring said that was not a good enough reason, saying “drug users also visit drug clinics”.!!!!!! I kid you not!! Armageddon must be almost upon us!! There is NO hope!!! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And Obama didn’t even appoint her

      • EamonnDublin

        Daniel – Sadly, even Obama has some stiff competition on this side of the pond! BTW, I was thrilled to see that my story generated a comment from your good self! Keep up your truly magnificent work. Best Wishes to All. Éamonn.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          thank you, I haven’t seen you around here in a bit, I think?

          • EamonnDublin

            You are correct! Work (and a few recurrences of a bit of a health scenario) inhibited my involvement. All is well now – and I love reading “Front Page” and passing on the message. Sincere Good Wishes, Éamonn.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Welcome back then. Glad you’re around

          • EamonnDublin

            Thank you! Éamonn.

  • kevin bjornson

    The Taliban in Afghanistan do not want opium legalized, because that would end what has become for them a cash-cow. Prohibition tends to finance drug gangs, the most violent and organized of which are terrorists.

    If Khat were also banned, don’t you think that would raise the price? Wouldn’t the most violent and organized tend to dominate this blackmarket?

    • BagLady

      What a shame opium produced in Afghanistan isn’t sold to the legitimate medical market as it is in New Zealand.

  • Marylou

    So, let me get this straight: Heroin and khat aren’t un-Islamic, but alcohol and polio vaccine are?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Also respecting women is un-Islamic, but marrying six-year old girls is.