UN Bigwigs Eat Filet Mignon and Foie Gras, Tell Everyone Else to Eat Bugs


The United Nations, which is always thinking of helpful ways to make our lives horribly worse, has a new proposal. You’ve probably heard it already.

A new report from the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says Western societies should get over their “disgust” at the idea of eating bugs and join in.

Wasps, bees, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, and, yes, crickets are protein-rich, abundant, and have a small environmental footprint compared to other animal food sources, says the report, titled “Edible Insects: Future Prospects For Food And Feed Security.”

Eating bugs could even help fight obesity, the UN says, in the hopes of getting Michelle Obama on board.

More than 1,900 species of insects are eaten around the world, mainly in Africa and Asia, but people in the West generally turn their noses up at the likes of grasshoppers, termites and other crunchy fare.

The authors of the study by the Forestry Department, part of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), said many insects contained the same amount of protein and minerals as meat and more healthy fats doctors recommend in balanced diets.

People in Africa and Asia eat bugs. They also face starvation and severe malnutrition. They’re not out to fight obesity. They’re trying not to die.

“In the West we have a cultural bias, and think that because insects come from developing countries, they cannot be good,” said scientist Arnold van Huis from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, one of the authors of the report.

Clearly if you don’t eat bugs, you’re a racist. And when the Food and Agricultural Organization isn’t telling people to eat bugs, it’s committed to the noble mission of fighting “to stop the pursuit of Judaism in Palestine.”

So are UN bigwigs eating bugs?

Oddly enough bugs don’t appear on the menu for the United Nations Delegates Dining Room. Despite their incredible nutritious value and obesity fighting powers, there are no ants, grasshoppers or bugs of any kind available to the humanitarian defenders of a better world.

Sugar Cane Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, Skillet Seared Atlantic Salmon, New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Roasted Loin of Lamb, Crispy Red Snapper with Langoustine and Medallion of Filet Mignon.

Meanwhile at the 2002 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization summit on food security, delegates ate bugs. And by bugs, I mean they ate goose, lobster and foie gras. Also on the menu were Salmon with peppers and polenta, Lobster in vinaigrette and Fillet of goose with olives.

The opening day of the World Food Summit, dedicated to combating global hunger, was marked yesterday by a sumptuous lunch for the 3,000 delegates served by 170 Italian waiters.

The summit leaders were offered foie gras, lobster, and goose stuffed with olives. followed by fruit compote.

Then delegates committed themselves to halving the number of hungry people in the world to 400 million by 2015. In the event, only 25 million have come off the list and much of southern Africa is now being engulfed by famine.

The FAO now claims the number of hungry people in the world is at 870 million. And their solution is to tell Americans and Europeans to eat bugs.

  • http://1389blog.com 1389AD

    Reminds me of THIS.

  • Toni_Pereira

    All those UN creeps treat themselves right…

  • F.K. Juliano

    The day a U.N. bureaucrat tries to replace my beef with bugs, because it's got a smaller "environmental footprint" I'll eat him. I'm perfectly serious.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      They taste like they've been marinating in something foul, probably.

  • Herb Benty

    I wonder how Putin eats compared to most Russkies, How well does NK's Dear leader eat while his communist paradise peasants eat cats and grass, and many other examples too numerous too list. Human government will always disappoint and fail, I am getting anxious for our God to say "ENOUGH!" and end this all. People ARE evil and our ONLY hope is the cleansing blood of our Lord Jesus Christ so we can be made right in His eyes, leaving this world behind. Israel will be saved in one day.

  • Rianna Richards

    NO THANKS! They can eat all their bugs and crawlies, we don't need these disgusting bugs on our American dinner tables.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    Statists always seem to treat the 'people' they rule as less than real people.

  • Mary Sue

    This reminds me of a political cartoon I saw years ago. I forget who drew it, but it's been spammed many places. It was of a fat, white, old man, representing the West or the UN or something, in front of a table piled high with food and the old guy is just pigging out so much his mouth is obviously full, as he turns to look with disdain on a small, short, skin-and-bones African (possibly Ethiopian) child who is holding an empty plate at his side, with both arms down.

  • Herb Benty

    When I found out, years ago, that Ethiopia was the main supplyer of white beans to Europe while we in the West were shown non-stop images of pitiful starving kids in that country, I knew something was up. The world elite beat the drum about "overpopulation" and how we are all going to starve, which is crap. The corrupt leaders of these countries are to blame. Growing food is EASY if there is the will and empathy to do it Having a permanent crisis allows them to stuff billions in Swiss accounts while receiving AID from the West We cannot allow ourselves to go broke trying to fix problems that are manufactured. This evil world does this type of thing to us because they know we do care about people. There is a photo. of a tired starving child in Africa taken by a journalist( who later quit the job). The child is kneeling down in the dust, forward and the head touching the ground also. About ten feet behind the child is a waiting vulture. This child was among many, fleeing muslim kill squads. This child was innocent and went to meet his/her Maker. Only Almighty God can fix this evil, and He will soon. We must stay strong, its hard, because the world wants us to be like that child. This child was only a few hundred yards from help.

    • Lady_Dr

      Exactly right, as the saying goes "it sells more newspapers," or helps to obtain more awards for the photojournalist, etc. Actually the only thing that reduces poverty is capitalism. That is why the left hates it – they want to continue to control the narrative.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm sorry but I have no interest in eating bugs. Not now or ever.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I'm sorry but I have no interest in eating bugs. Not now or ever."

      The BBC and others have been promoting it in their "nature" documentaries. So much propaganda floating around funded by tax funds.

  • Joye

    "“In the West we have a cultural bias, and think that because insects come from developing countries, they cannot be good,”

    Eh? So all insects come from the third world? There are no insects in the developed world?? so that makes them all illegal immigrants.

  • kafir4life

    As they are cockroaches themselves (we need to keep shining the light), the UN didn't want to be accused of cannibalism, and therefore didn't want to eat other insects.

  • Cat K

    Not kosher! Also Deeeesgusting!

  • BS77

    If only a fraction of the money spent on armaments, bombs, armies, rockets etc etc were spent on developing agriculture, irrigation, farming and orchards, there would be more food.

  • faithiej

    And it is not only big wigs in New York and Vienna at the U.N. Even in SOUTH SUDAN, my friends who have been there on mission work tell of the UN tent where meals are cooked by a gourmet chef, while, literally, people are starving outside the tent.

  • faithiej

    My friend Fran reminded me, it was Rumbek, South Sudan, not Juba, where the UN meal tent included a chef who was wearing a white uniform and white hat, and there was a seven-course buffet. When she protested how immoral this was, the response was that it was "the only way they could get UN staff/NGO's to come to South Sudan." I guess there will be a circle in Hell where those who ate filet mignon while those outside starved will eat insects for eternity.

  • theccur

    If the people are HUNGRY, let them eat BUGS.

  • Lady_Dr

    “In the West we have a cultural bias, and think that because insects come from developing countries, they cannot be good,” said scientist Arnold van Huis from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, one of the authors of the report."

    Huh! There are bugs all over the West in case this clueless academic hadn't noticed. I bet even the pristine Netherlands has a few bugs.

  • Bacardi

    I'm going to do it, eat bugs. I called into the morning radio show that broadcast this news. I told them I would try it. I'm a cajun and eat mudbugs (crawfish). How much different can crickets be?

  • Paul

    In 2015 you are going to start finding that the food stores will be out of meat and replaced with bugs for sale. While the rich people are eating Lobster, Chicken, Beef etc. When are people going to wake up to what the Elite are doing? Maybe when we have nothing left, then maybe, people will wake up.