UN Claims Legal Immunity After Killing 8,000 People

Oddly enough any lesser country lacks that legal immunity that is only assigned to morally superior transnational organizations.

The UN has taken the rare step of invoking its legal immunity to rebuff claims for compensation from 5,000 victims of the Haiti cholera epidemic, the worst outbreak of the disease in modern times and widely believed to have been caused by UN peacekeepers importing the infection into the country.

More than 8,000 Haitians have died from the epidemic and 500,000 people, some 5 per cent of the population, have fallen sick since the disease entered the impoverished Caribbean nation’s water system in October 2010.

The UN says it is immune from such claims under the UN’s Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the UN.

Citing a convention laid down in 1946, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, telephoned President Michel Martelly of Haiti to tell him that the UN was not willing to compensate any of the claimants.

For the UN to claim immunity for a crisis that most experts are convinced it unwittingly caused through its own disaster relief mission is highly contentious.

The UN has never acknowledged responsibility for the outbreak – which has infected more than 600,000 people – saying it is impossible to pinpoint the exact source of the disease, despite the mounting evidence the epidemic was caused by poor sanitation at a camp housing infected Nepalese peacekeepers.

It’s fitting that UN peacekeepers not only can’t clean up the messes in other countries, but can’t even clean up their own messes. But here’s an interesting approach. What about working to end the UN’s immunity?

  • Dallas

    Does this mean they will claim immunity for the rapes of 11 years old girls who had sex with UN peacekeepers for food.

    • Mary Sue

      but of course!

  • Clara S

    What about working to end the UN?

  • Elaine

    What about ending the UN? It is nothing more than an organization for the most corrupt, greedy and insane people on earth mostly funded by the U.S. It hasn't ever lived up to its mission and has in fact, made the world more dangerous and lopsided that prior to its existence. A worthless national organization, as most are, is a sad commentary on how ignorant and stupid modern man truly is.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    The UN is, and has always been, a cesspool and a kleptocracy. Not only shouldn't they have immunity, but should be dismantled completely, and immediately hauled off U.S. shores, if Washington really cares about the besieged in the world – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/12/23/what-happens-

    The above is the real face of the UN.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • Arlie

    One of the top persons that set-up the UN? Alger Hiss; a Soviet agent/ anti-American. Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy In Media, filed a FOIA which took several years for him to receive. He then posted the 215 pages of internal State Department documents with a story of US political involvement:

    There are no words harsh enough to describe the despicable deeds of this corrupt institution and all of it's sub-groups. If there is one body to point to for mass genocide and crime against individual freedom it is the UN in collusion with the IMF and World Bank. The very ROOT of all evil today!

  • Spikey1

    The Global Warming crowd supports the UN in the killing of these people.
    Less people = Gaia happy.

  • rodger the dodger

    The UN is the most corrupt, despicable organisation on the planet.

  • FPF

    Law without moral is worse than no law at all. It will just become a tool for immoral people to suppress moral ones. UN is the evidence of immoral people running the show. By despising the Christian heritage, the US law makers are legalizing killing by abortion, robbery by increasing tax on middle class people and redistribute to those who vote for the politicians and demand the handout. She is gradually becoming the next UN, maybe worse.

  • figment

    Not trying to support the UN, but what was the % of cholera BEFORE the Haitian earthquake and the UN's arrival?

    Article states that the UN imported cholera, however, cholera is rampant in unclean water supplies in third world countries, ahem *cough* Haiti.
    Knowing Haiti's lack of infrastructure, and whatever was in place damaged by earthquake and the amount of people living in squalid conditions outdoors, the cholera likely a result of earthquake. I'd suggest Haiti to sue Mother Earth for her lack of consideration with bringing an earthquake to their area.

    (my comment is sarcasm, as it's obvious that when lawsuit against the UN is most likley going to result in the US paying reperations in the form of aid, as the Haitian government is one of the most corrupt in the world)