United Nations Human Rights Truther Claims Egypt is Plotting Genocide Against… Muslims


Inside Richard Falk’s head is a bird’s nest with one very hungry pigeon. It’s hard to know what exactly passes for Falkian thoughts. Picture a piano falling down the stairs into a pile of jello where it’s towed away by a submarine and you get some idea of what’s wrong with Richard Falk.

Falkinism wouldn’t be much of an issue, but Richard Falk is also the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestine. His main qualification for the job is hating Israel to the extent that only a crazy person could.

As a sideline, he’s also a 9/11 Truther.

But Egypt may have completely broken whatever was left of his brain leading him to pen an article claiming that Egypt is planning genocide against Muslims.

Falk has obviously missed all the burning churches. Or maybe they don’t exist on his planet.

The Orwellian features of the military takeover in Egypt have received attention, although the use of language to evade unwanted truth continues because incentives to do so persist.

Orwell, who wrote essays on the importance of clear political writing, would rise from the dead and punch Falk in the face for associating him with this clumsy sentence.

At least as insidious, is resurgent Islamophobia on the part of the el-Sisa junta that runs the country with an unconcealed iron fist.

Al-Sisi is a Muslim and an Islamist, which makes the accusations of Islamophobia a bit confusing. But wait, the crazy man has an explanation.

It is hard to grasp this kind of extreme Islamophobia in a country that is itself overwhelmingly Muslim, and in which even its military leadership affirms its private adherence to Islam. Such an inner/outer confusion is more distressing even than the Orwellian manipulations of our feelings by Inversions of language

Falk keeps using Orwellian to mean confusing or irrational or surreal. That isn’t its meaning. Just because Falk can’t reconcile his ridiculous premise with his latest conspiracy theory doesn’t make it Orwellian.

In the security codes operative these days in Egypt, ‘Islamist’ is increasingly being used as a synonym for ‘terrorist,’ and neither is seen as entitled to the protection of law nor even treatment as a human being.

1. Al-Sisi is an Islamist

2. Some Islamist parties have aligned with the new government

3. Islamist is a synonym for terrorist

4. Richard Falk is an idiot

This inner/outer demonization of Islamists gives a sanctuary to the virus of genocide. We urgently need further insight into this disturbing discovery that the worst forms of Islamophobia seem currently emergent within the Muslim heartland.

Wait. Egypt is going to commit genocide against Muslims? Egypt is almost entirely Muslim. Is it going to genocide itself? Who is going to kill whom?

The repressive policies and practices of the el-Sisi leadership are rarely identified, even tentatively, as a genocidal undertaking where affiliations with the most popular and democratically most legitimate political organization in the country is by fiat of the state declared an outlaw organization whose membership become fair game.

Falk, a UN expert on human rights, is insisting that outlawing a popular terrorist organization is genocide and an act of Islamophobia.

  • Biff Henderson

    In his blind furor Falk is acknowledging the cult of Islam is at its core self-destructive in nature. A Muslim cannot draw a breath without someone accusing them of being deficient in their religion. In their hearts all are takfirists but few can brandish a big stick. The average Joe takfirist’s big stick is the mob and on occasion they get their way, but not as each individual member would have it. For it is said that Mo’s mob cannot agree on error. Mo’s mob has agreed to disagree with one another. Is there such a thing as collective genocide? You decide.

  • dougjmiller

    At the UN the lunatics are running the asylum.

  • ntt1

    You don’t get a nose like that without massive imbibing of cheap gin.

  • Veracious_one

    Falk has obviously missed all the burning churches. Or maybe they don’t exist on his planet.

    Bwahahahahahaha….Another idiot playing the Muslims victim card….

  • Smoking Hamster

    This is very sad. We really shouldn’t be laughing at a mentally ill man.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I don’t won’t to give myself anymore brain damage than absolutely necessary so I must confess that I didn’t read this article about Richard Falk. Nonetheless, had the Muslim Brotherhood remained in power in Egypt, the eradication of the approximately 24 percent of Egypt’s population that are secular and Marxists and that came about as the direct result of Mubarak’s rule, was inevitable in a matter of time, similar to the eradication of the Marxists in Iran that followed the 1979 Islamic revolution. Marxists are always very gullible useful idiots and Muslims are very adept at exploiting their ignorance to gain control and to assume power.