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US Warned About Muslim Boston Bomber 2 Years Before Attack

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 20, 2013 @ 10:13 pm In The Point | 10 Comments


Tamerlan Tsarnaev was convicted of domestic violence and there were warnings that he had become a dangerous Islamist [1]. The authorities had two years worth of warning to give him the boot. Instead they chose to do nothing.

The F.B.I. disclosed in a statement that in 2011 “a foreign government” — now acknowledged by officials to be Russia — asked for information about Tamerlan. The request was “based on information that he was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer, and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups.”

The senior law enforcement official said the Russians feared he could be a risk, and “they had something on him and were concerned about him, and him traveling to their region.”

But the F.B.I. never followed up on Tamerlan once he returned, a senior law enforcement official acknowledged on Saturday, adding that its investigation did not turn up anything and it did not have the legal authority to keep tabs on him.

Why not?

We appear to have the authority to strip search children at airports and lock up people for uploading movie trailers to YouTube. But there’s no authority to investigate a Chechen Muslim who was suspected of being involved in terrorism.

According to the FBI they interviewed Tamerlan but got nowhere [2].

In response to this 2011 request, the FBI checked U.S. government databases and other information to look for such things as derogatory telephone communications, possible use of online sites associated with the promotion of radical activity, associations with other persons of interest, travel history and plans, and education history. The FBI also interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev and family members. The FBI did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign, and those results were provided to the foreign government in the summer of 2011. The FBI requested but did not receive more specific or additional information from the foreign government.

But bloggers were easily able to google him and find his Jihadist playlist. The playlist only dates back 7 months, but if law enforcement had kept tabs on him that would have been a pretty decent early warnings that another Muslim was about to get Jihad on.

Four months ago, Tamerlan was adding hard Jihadi stuff. And all it would have taken is 5 minutes in Google to find. While the IRS can troll through the social media of taxpayers, apparently Muslims can’t be troubled in the same way even when there is suspicion that they are a threat.

We need to end the double standard on Muslim terrorists.


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