Valerie Jarrett Every Bit as Popular with Obama Insiders as You Would Expect

Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett

This doesn’t come from some conservative book, but from a liberal portrait of the Obama White House and it sketches Jarrett as controlling, vindictive, arrogant and incompetent.

That seems about right. And this is the woman who has Obama’s ear.

Valerie Jarrett: Alter writes that Jarrett, a big sister figure to the Obamas, is “so close to the family [met Barack and Michelle in 1991 before they were married when she interviewed Michelle for a job in City Hall] that she went on vacation with them.”  Others, envious of her access, called her the “Keeper of the Essence.”  Alter describes her as “the defender, protector, and avenger for the first family.”  She was also called the “Night Stalker” because she “could and often did wander up to the family quarters after hours.”  She regularly accompanied Obama on travels abroad and, although foreign policy was not a particular interest or responsibility of hers, “she would frequently take one of the half-dozen seats alongside the president in bilateral meetings, which meant one less seat for a policy expert.”

Staffers feared her, but didn’t  like or trust her. At meetings she said little or nothing, instead lingering afterwards to express her views directly to the President, creating anxiety for her underlings and insulting them by saying, “I don’t talk just to hear myself talking.” Staffers engaged in “a nervous pastime” of “interpreting sighs, glances, cleared throats, even terms of endearment.” People who had not performed to her standards were terrified of receiving emails from her, even emails that contained the line, “I forgive you, sweetie,” which, Alter explains, is “supposed to mean you’re back in,” but doesn’t really. He quotes one former staffer as warning, “If she calls you `sweetie,’ run!”

Jimmy Carter was infamous for deciding such nitpicky details as who could play on the White House tennis courts; for Obama, Jarrett made those decisions, controlling, “who got invited to everything from state dinners to the small party for family and inner staff at the White House swimming pool on the 4th of July” and “what gift to give to a foreign leader or who should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom…”

Portrayed as a woman who was “often uncomfortable with people she didn’t know,” Alter writes that Jarrett “put out the word early on [that] ‘We’re not making new friends.’” (There were a couple of exceptions, such as Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife.)

One of Jarrett’s White House responsibilities—among her official titles is senior counselor to the President—was to be the administration’s liaison with business leaders, but some of these men (Alter specifies they were all men) were unimpressed. Alter quotes one unidentified CEO as saying, “When we go to the White House we talk to people we wouldn’t hire.”

Unfortunately Democratic voters did.


  • truebearing

    If she wasn’t being protected by Obama and Holder, she’d be indicted by now for her criminal activities in Chicago. Jarrett is a snake, which makes sense in a Whitehouse where a forked tongue is a prerequisite of participation.

  • Katie Smith

    I fully believe she has dirt on the Obamas, big time, especially as she has known them for so long. There is no other explanation for why and how she remains so close to them and is tolerated by them and everyone around them. Jarrett absolutely reminds me of Grima Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “I fully believe she has dirt on the Obamas, big time, especially as she has known them for so long.”

      Co-conspirators always “have dirt” on each other. It’s the nature of organized crime.

    • knowshistory

      there is an alternate explanation. perhaps jarrett is just obama’s kind of person. the dirt that she may hold over obama would not be recognized as dirt by either of them, who view any crime, no matter how horrible, that is committed to further the interests of the enemies of our country, to be justified.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Exactly. Obama has surrounded himself with fellow traveling scum.

  • pennalto

    The Wicked Witch of The Left…..

  • VHG1

    “When we go to the White House we talk to people we wouldn’t hire.” and that includes the most unimpressive person of all Barry Obama!

  • Steeloak

    It is my contention that Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s handler.

    She is the person assigned by the Chicago Alinskyite Marxists to manage their creation. I think it is through Frank Marshall Davis and his connections to Vernon Jarrett (Valerie’s Father-in-Law) that Obama was recruited to the cause and carefully groomed to eventually make his run for president.

    I believe these people greased the skids for Obama at every step in his life, which is the reason all of the important details of his background have been hidden. It has been reported that Obama consults Jarrett before making almost any decision.

    I think it is likely that many of the scandals traced back to “High White House Officials” were really operations being run by Jarrett and her hatchet man – David Axelrod. Axelrod likely knew Jarrett through meeting her father-in-law while working at the Chicago Tribune.
    I believe also that Frank Marshall Davis and Vernon Jarrett had connections to Thomas G. Ayres – Bill Ayers father, which is how he became connected to Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn.

    • ziggy zoggy

      I agree with most of your insights but let’s be realistic. Not even Obama’s sleazy handlers ever thought he could become President.
      His anointment was a fluke. The media wrongly thought they had finally found a Black Democrat who wasn’t an obvious liar, crook and moron so they used their unparalleled influence to carry him to the Presidency.

    • Marshabar

      I quoted this at National Review just now for an article by John Fund about Jarrett being Obama’s Berlin wall. I agree with you on this.

  • ziggy zoggy

    “When we go to the White House we talk to people we wouldn’t hire.” “Jarrett (is) controlling, vindictive, arrogant and incompetent.”

    Jarrett sounds like a typical American woman. Authority is like respect. Only exceptional people earn it. When it’s handed to mediocre or incompetent people they cant handle it and abuse it.

    • alichat

      “Jarrett sounds like a typical American woman.” What a warped condescending misogynist thing to say.

  • CowboyUp

    If jarrett is ‘successful’ she’ll have the rest of America as corrupt, dysfunctional, and broke as Chicago. Alter is just trying to salvage his wrecked credibility now that it’s too late to keep her from doing another 4 years of damage.

  • William James Ward

    How such a collection of miserable individuals has come together
    and for the purpose of destroying what little is left of any honesty
    and honor in government can only have been accomplished by
    a compact made in Hell……………………..William

  • Preston22

    She has vowed REVENGE to all enemies when he got re-elected.